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  • What I hope for my readers and for all keepers of the nest, is that they embrace their homes with their heart and all of the passion that it holds. I want them to know that they can decorate on a limited budget by seeing things in new ways; by rescuing the broken and transforming the ugly. I hope that they flaunt their favorite color and decorate their life with it. I hope that their homes feel like one giant hug that welcomes them each and every time they walk through their front door. More than anything I want everyone to have their own home-sweet-home dream come true! xo, Kim

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September 19, 2009


Erika Holmes

What a wonderful thing to be able to say! Three maginificent years of making each one of us smile! And what a lovely giveaway it's this Anniversary's honor!

My 3 favorite things about my home:

It's the cutest little blue 40's cottage ever!

It is the first home I have ever owned after years of apartments!

And I share the space with the 3 loves of my life; my sweet husband and our 2 little dogs, Belle and Jack!


Happy, happy anniversary! I just adore your blog, visit every day, but have never left a comment.
Thank you for offering us a chance to win your fabulous giveaway...:) Too exciting!
I have the most wonderful house. Three of my favorite things about it are, 1)lots of windows with fantastic views, 2) a bright and cheerful sunroom where we enjoy our morning tea, and 3)that its full of life with animals and children running all around. My idea of heaven.
Thanks so much for the time and effort you put forth so that we may enjoy and gain inspiration from your delightful blog...xx

Donna, The Decorated House

Happy Happy Anniversary Sweet Kim!
I cannot believe it's been three years since you starting blogging! I loved being with you in your previous wonderful home, but here at Daisy Cottage you have bloomed even more lovely and all of us are so much better for knowing you. It has been the most fabulous treat to share all of this with you for so many years. You are very special.
Good luck to all your faithful readers in your so generous GiveAway.
Lots of Hugs, Donna


Happy Anniversary, Kim! I love to visit Daisy Cottage. The three things I love about my home are 1) the folks who live there 2) the fun we have there and 3) the peace I know there.


I'd love to enter your goegeous giveaway!!!

Happy blogiversary!!!!!!!!!

3 things i love about my home??

1) my gorgeous family that fills it.
2) my big cosy comfy bed.
3)All the possessions that used to belong to my lovely nan that i now own and remind me of her everyday.

Valerie + Madigan

Well Miss Kim it sure has been awhile since I've left a message. computer was out of service, we're back now.
Boy 3 years, You are awesome. If I win I promise to start a blog. Will that blogging for bliss help me?
So what do I love about my 1830's farm house, hmmm you always make me stop and think of what I have and not what I don't...I adore you!

1.) I love that the Lord is always at my dinner table with my hubby, myself and our 3 beauties.

2.) I love my hardwood floors...throughout my home.

3.) My collection of depression Glass.

Thanks for having me stop and smell the flowers that are always here without fail.
I must get busy now I have fall decorations calling my name, the leaves are blowing outside so it's time!
Glad to be back!
Valerie + Madigan


Happy Anniversary!!

The three things I love about my home is:

My family lives there
It's paid for
I get to fill it with the things I love

- Teresa


Hi Kim..

What a wonderful giveaway for such a special event. I must say, yours was one of the first blogs I found in my beginning tours of Blogland, long before I had a blog myself. I didn't have a clue what I was doing and didn't know anything about blogging, but I came back again and again. What fun.

Oh, how I LOVE my little's such a happy place to be. Family would be the first thing I love about's a place for all of us to come together and we do...and often. And, my little pup who loves me no matter what....even on my cranky days.....and it's a place where I create. I'll make things until I'm in heaven. And, maybe there too?

Happy Anniversary and here's to many more.


Carla in Alabama

Hello Kim, I just stumbled upon your blog a couple of weeks ago and I love it! It's amazing that I feel like I know you just by your words, posts, music and pics! It's hard to narrow down the top 3 things about my home that I love but here goes.....1st and foremost would be that my Lord and Savior, Jesus Chris abides there leading me and directing me (when I obey) where I should go and what I do. The love I feel when I walk in the door and my children run to greet me, and the fact that after loosing a house in a divorce several years ago, that my father has bleesed my again with a home that is completely different but is made mine again by all my belongings... saved, passed on, and accumulated in my lifetime. Wouldn't take anything for the memories it holds!

God Bless and Keep You!!


I would love to win these wonderful, fantastic, beautiful things. Your blog gives me serenity. Mona


Happy anniversary!! It is celebration time for all of us who have received so much love and inspiration from this blog! Three things I love about my home:
1. The fact that the second I walk through the door, all burdens of the day seem to be lifted in a tangible way
2. The most comfortable and cozy favorite spots claimed by each family member
3. The smells and laughter that emanate every room


Happy Anniversary Kim...WOW it seems like yesterday we met :

1. I love the way the sun comes into our kitchen in the late afternoon, just at tea time....

2. I love the fact that my hubby takes just as much pride in our home as I do...

3. I love that people always tell me how comfortable and at home they are here....that is IT for me :)

Here's to many.many more years Kim....

Your friend,
xo Kathy :)



Thank you for three years of sharing your beautiful home and beautiful you with us! You're such an inspiration! The three things that I love most about my home is that it's filled with items with a history (the antique side tables from my sister-in-law's late mother-in-law, and vintage Danish and Swedish china from my late grandmother); that we have a yard for my kids to play in; and that it's a fixer-upper--so I can be creative in decorating and fixing things without worrying about ruining anything--I don't like the hollow-core doors anyway, so why not paint them and embellish them with wood trim?

Lynne Ledom

I stumbled upon your blog and felt instantly connected to you. I finally have found someone who loves their home as much as I love mine. None of my friends understand how I can putter away a day moving objects from one location to another, but to me it is bliss. My family might not comment on any one specific thing I do, but the overall feeling I create is what they notice. Our house is not just a building, but a sanctuary where we all come together and feel safe, loved, embraced. It is an art to be able to turn a house into a home and I feel blessed to have been given the skills to do it. I love the way my house smells when fresh cinnamon rolls come out of the oven; I love the way my bedroom looks so warm and comfy; and I love looking at the beams in my sunroom because I know they were placed there by my husband's hands and they represent his love for me.
Continued health, happiness and peace to you.

black eyed susans kitchen

Happy Anniversary Kim! I hope that there will be many, many more. Your blog is such a pleasure to read. Three things that I love about my home? is where we congregate, is comfortable to our eyes and our souls, and is where we regroup and where we are allowed to be ourselves.
♥, Susan

Stephanie Bradley

Dearest Kim,
Happy 3rd Anniversary to you, Ms.Maggie, and last but not least, Daisy Cottage! Ever since I discovered you in the pages of Romantic Living, it changed my life on the internet forever. Your blog was the very "first" blog I had ever seen! The minute I first visited you, It felt like the feeling when you return home after being gone for awhile, you know the feeling. Your lovely cottage, the mary englebreit chosen colors, Ms.Maggie and your keen eye to take such AMAZING pictures that so capture exactly what you see. You've really connected with sooooooo many fellow bloggers out there and that is very unique and special. Now, for the three places I love most about my casa?
1.) The "feeling" of love the minute I walk through the door
2.) my Italian Tole chandeliers,(in every room)
3.) Without a doubt, my masterbedroom and master bathroom. My french caned bed, my Shabby Chic duvet, and antique bedlinens are so cozy and so full of my favorite print... Roses, roses, roses!

I very much look forward to reading your posts for the next thirty plus years Kim!
XoXo~ Stephanie of


So lovely! Well, after years of living in rentals that I couldn't alter, I think the thing I love most about my home is that it is mine! :) With 3 little children and a very large dog, it is often a mess, but it is comfortable and safe and it changes as we change. I can see it developing into something uniquely ours as we work on little projects together. Thank you for sharing your home with us!


Congratulations on three years of blogging, Kim!! Thank you for the encouragement you have been to me through your blog. I have been a full-time homemaker for just over a year now, and it fun for me to see someone else loving their home, too. I LOVE taking old things and making them look beautiful again.

3 things I love about my home:
1. the people that live there. . .my sweet husband and 5 month old son.
2. the restful "I'm home" feeling when I walk in the door.
3. that almost everything in our house came from a tag sale or was found for free!


Congrats on 3 years of sharing your love for Daisy Cottage and all things vintage.
3 Things I love about my house are
#1 The deck with a beautiful view of Lake Hunter.
#2 The wonderful wood floors
#3 and the most important..the wonderful vibe that my house has.The day I signed the lease, my friend proclaimed it "the healing house" and it has been. Everyone who walks in feels the aura of love and goodwill.
Thanks for sharing your charming Daisy Cottage with us.

sabine, la marquise des anges

Thank you so much Kim this blogpost is wonderful !! your blog is like a sunshine in my life ...
3 things I love about my home

-I feel protected in it, like in a cozy nest
- I love the deco I spent so much time on
- I like the fact that people feel "like home" ...


Kim, What a generous and elegant giveaway! About my home? It is warm and comfortable, lived-in and loved, and has my kitchen as its heart -- it is definitely home for my family.


Many many Congratulations! And most of all thank you for your kind words, your generosity and your unexpected appreciation. We come and snoop and you make us feel welcomed and procede to do a complete show and tell over cookies and iced-tea! Oh, genuine hospitality--- May you be blessed for every stray cyber-surfer and walks unto your front porch! :)
1. I love the size of my bedroom and way the light streams in through the trees in the morning...
2. I love my kitchen: It makes me smile every morning when I first see her.
3. I love my sewing room, it's where I feel the most like myself!


Hello Kim, Greetings from the Great State of Texas!! Congratulations on 3 years. I found you, quite by accident, about 3 weeks ago and this is a wonderful site! I visit every day or two and am always surprised and pleased. It is food for my soul! I live in a garden home, and it is a smaller home but I love it.I am at home here. It is just the right size for "empty nesters"!!
1- I love our small brick patio with the pergola and lots of pots of flowers.
2-Also, the little den and breakfast area, it is flooded with light all day long.
3-The house is perfect for my casual, elegant, earthy way of decorating.


HAPPY BLOG-iversary Kim!!! Here's to many more wonderful years!!
What beautiful treasures! We are still in an apartment so there isn't too many things I love about the actual structure itself. However, the three things I love about my "home" would remain unchanged no matter where I lived:
1. My husband and three beauiful children are here with me.
2. Family photographs
3. All of my fun gadgets and tools in the kitchen that help prepare wonderful homemade meals for the people I love most.

Congrats on three years of making friends, making memories and sharing pieces of your life and home with us! I am so glad I found your blog and have gotten to "know" you better!!!



I wasn't in Blogland three years ago, but I was thrilled to bits to discover your blog a few months ago. Your home is so beautiful, it is always a pleasure visiting.

Three things I love about my home - hmmm, difficult to name just three. I love our open fireplaces in the Victorian house here in England. I also love the original Victorian floor tiles in the hall. The third one has to be about our home in France though, and what I love most about that is the location, in the middle of nowhwere, overlooking the valley below us, and so very very peaceful, a little piece of paradise.


Dear Kim, Congratulations on three years! Your blog was the first I read in January 2007....and have stopped by daily ever since:) Three things I love about my home.....watching my family sitting in the dining room to music and candlelit dinners, my porch and Jake's playroom built under the staircase. Have a beautiful week :) xo

Gerry Sharp

Kim - My long time inspiration. You have given me so much, both with blogging and Romantic Country. I have felt so close to you for a very long time. You have been gracious enough to answer my e-mails when I have a question. Here, thanks to you, are 3 of many things I like about my home.
1. My yellow walls
2. My painted white brick fireplace
3. My basket of daisies on the front door,
which happens to be RED !

Alice W.

Oh Kim! This is certainly no small gesture...I was admiring your photos of it all on Flickr and then realized you were giving these beauties away! You have such a generous and kind hearted spirit...which is truly seen in all of your posts...someone will be very lucky...

As for me and my home...I love that my little dog Renoir can find a cozy spot almost anywhere, that my treasures are always around for me to see and enjoy and that when others come over they seem always so captivated by what I have gathered here.

Blessings to you dear friend!


I feel so honored to be a guest in your home each day. My day just isn't complete without at least one visit to Daisy Cottage EVERY day. Three things I love about our home:
1- I love the river that flows behind our home
2- I love dusting each and every thing in it and the things it brings to mind while I dust each piece
3 - I love the challenge of making my home into a place that my children and grandchildren will always cherish memories of spending time in. I have my fingers crossed to win that wonderful collection or goodies you have picked out for one of your soul sisters!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine

Happy Anniversary to you, Kim!! I read your first ever post. It's nice to see how you got your start. : ) I'm relatively new to the blogging world. It's nice to have fellow bloggers, such as yourself, to look to for inspiration. May you have many, many more years in your Daisy Cottage and many, many more years with your wonderful blog. God bless.

~ Wendy


Kim, congratulations on such a "blissful" blog that you so generously share with us.
Your blog was my first introduction to the blogging world. Since then I have made it a point to visit with you daily...I leave the music to play as I go about my life here in my home. A great source of love and inspiration and joy for me...

My home is rustic in every sense of the word. Cedar and stone...a long way from the cottage I so pictured in my mind...I spent a long time feeling sorry for myself...I'm purely victorian...but your blog knudged me along and your words of sweet encouragement about making a house a home..

I've since made it into a bed and breakfast quality've used heirlooms and victorian sweetness to soften the rustic...and children look forward to the warm retreat of mom's house...they kiddingly call for reservations for their bedroom of choice as per the decor...too funny...I have a Santa Fe rustic and a victorian vintage cowgirl was so much fun to express myself everywhere...thanks for helping me see beyond my nose...

3 things I so love about my house?
1.the orginal style of home...rustic Mexican hacienda style...

2.the smell of cedar throughout my home.

3. the look of my adult children as they pull up the drive and jump out of their cars like children...running towards me..waiting on the big front porch... more thing..the silence of our home with just the sound of the birds outside..

anna see

Happy 3rd anniversary!

I love about my home:

Hardwood floors in a 1960's house
Thrift store furnishings and freebies
That I have my own place to blog!

Kaylee Gotreau

Hello, I too visit your beautiful Blog everyday, and I have never left a comment, but today, I too shall say to you .. Thank You! Your a very wondeful inspiration, not just in blogland, but as a person, you have a very DEAR heart, I can tell. Lovely decorating talent, and your simply interesting, I love your wonderful little doll house, what a treasure you have, I also have to tell you thank you for the post you did about having lots of dog hair everywhere, I have the same problem in my home, but after reading your post, it made think about differently as do you. My children adore our pup, and so what if it's a little dog hair? He brings much joy, and that's what is important. We are remodeling a very old home, about a 100 yrs. old, it belonged to my husbands great grandfather, he built this old farmhouse with his own 2 hands.... There are day's when I want to just leave, I get so frustrated with all the works it needs, but I can't give up on it, when I know in my heart, what it can become. So 3 things I love are: The real wood trim, and floors, and doors, and also, the sentimental love, that went into it. I guess I do have a treasure myself, gotta always look for the silver lining. Well, I have rambled on enough, Thanks again for being You! There's never a dull moment here!!
Hapy Anniversary!!!!!!!

Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread

Happy Anniversary especially to you. You still have one of the sweetest most inspirational blogs there is. Congratulations. Three things I love about my home? 1. It was designed and built by my husband with me in mind. 2. It is a sanctuary in the storms of life. I run home to it as many nights as I can! 3. It is an evolving reflection of me and my creative ideas. Best wishes, Kim. Thank you for being a part of my life. ~Kathy


1. my wonderful husband & 2 wonderful children

2. the blessings of having a family

3. it's spacious & safe----no room for complaining...


Happy anniversary! thank you so much for taking the time blog and share with us. you are so sweet and thoughtful. your giveaway is so wonderful :)
1. my kitchen/table. it's not only where i creat, it's where i share a meal with my family, we sit and have seriouse talks over coffee, it's the place we laugh, play board games and do studies . livingroom, small and warm, sports on t.v and yelling for our teams laundry room it's indoors so i don't have to deal with the elements or the dogs


Wow...every giveaway just gets better and better. I love your blog, your home, your use of color, your thrifty finds and the list just goes on and on. Right now there is not much I love about my house, but we are looking to hopefully move in the near future and if/when we do I am sure I will be "stealing" lots of your ideas to make my new house a home. Thank you!!

Elisa Guthrie

As you know I love your blog and your house! I guess three things I like about my house is 1. It's yellow on the inside. 2. I have lots of antiques that were handed down to me and 3. Looking at your blog has made me remember why I love my house. Hope I get a chance I loved Little Women as a little girl. And I have been looking at that Blogging Book for a while! Keep up the good work.

Barbara England

Dear Kim,
Looking "forward" to some surgery, I treated myself to some new books, one of them being Blogging for Bliss and -- voila -- here I am visiting you from Urbana, IL. I'll be back to explore your blog (and others in this great book) soon. In the meantime, I love:
1) sitting by the woodstove with my knitting or book in the winter
2)the changing shadows by day and starlight by night through the bedroom skylights
3)changing the look of the mantle top seasonally.
Looking forward to learning more about the dear daisy cottage,
Barbara England

Ann at the Handley Bungalow

Congratulations, Kim! Your blog is so wonderful. Now for the three favorite things about my home:

1. I love the history of it. The squeaky floor in the front hall is awesome.

2. I think coming home to the smell of a roaring fire is so cozy. We have two woodburning fireplaces.

3. All the vintage and special items it holds.

Our family enjoys the blessing of our home. Thanks for being such an inspiration.

Sincerely, Ann


Kim - your blog is one of my favorites! Your heart IS your home and both are beautiful.

As for my home -
1. I love that it is in town.
2. I love that it is "vintage" (1957).
3. I love that it is light, bright and spacious.

Kris Haskett

Everything is so beautiful! 3 things I love about my home:
1. My kitchen chairs were handpainted with different fruits on the backs, by my grandmother (who passed away when I was 11). They have been in my family since before I was born (I am 42).
2. My antique claw foot bathtub (Standard 1927) that my husband had reglazed for MY use only.
3. That even though my farmhouse is only 9 years old, my husband loved me enough to NOT have the wood flooring nailed in too many places so that I get that "old squeaky" floorboard sound.
Happy Anniversary!


CONGRATS on three years Kim! I had no idea, I'm a fairly new reader. You were one of those bloggers who inspired me to put what I want in my house and not care what anyone else thought. Heck, I even put a dollhouse in my living room after reading one of your posts! I just moved into our first home last week, so here is what I love about it:

1. The fact that we OWN it! We can do whatever we like finally! I cannot wait to see how our little home transforms over the years!

2. The memories we are going to make here, the holidays, the hugs, the children we will have here in the future!

3. Security, no one can take it away from us. I feel so safe and warm in our cozy little home. :)

Thanks for all the inspiration and congrats on your anniversary!




So sweet you are! I love the little tin and all of it.The three things i love about my home is my new chandelier which I just blogged about( we just moved into a new place and I have been decorating like crazy) fresh roses on the wicker coffee table and my hard wood floors! I have always wanted some! xo Andrea

Sara at On Simplicity

Three things? You got it!

1. No matter where I visit, the furniture at home always feels more comfortable.

2. Three words: lime green walls.

3. There are limitless possibilities; it's like a giant canvas!

Happy anniversary--wishing you many more years of happiness and success!


Happy Anniversary Kim!!!
My own home has always been a place of cozy comfort for me & my family. I love setting out little vignettes of pretty "treasures" I've collected, or goodies given to me by friends or family. Now years later, our grown daughters do the same in their own homes!


I love visiting with you, and would love to win your Anniversary Giveaway!
The three things I love most about my home..
the fig tree in the backyard, the afternoon sun coming through the lace in the front window, the family that shares it with me.

Rochelle Gaukel

I LOVE YOU DAISY COTTAGE BLOG! Thanks for sharing so much of your home, life and YOU!

Kathy Hansen

wow such a wonderful giveaway for a wonderful celebration. Congrats on 3 years and thanks for sharing your lovely home. 3 things I love about my home.. My 2 newly remolded bathrooms, my red kitchen and my beautiful backyard. Thanks so much and Ill keep my winning fingers crossed.. Kathy H.


Kim, What a beautiful post, you made me feel important, even though I have been visiting you very long. You are a warm and loving lady. Happy Anniversary.


Barbara again. should have read

haven't been visiting you for very long.

Donna at Mourning Dove Cottage

Happy Anniversary, Kim, on three years of blogging! Thank you for sharing Daisy Cottage. You an inspiration to all. Three things about my house that I love would be...
1. It's my cozy nest, my security
2. I love the warm colors, lots of reds!
3. The antiques that we bought when we were first married.


3 Things I Love About My Home:

1. Furniture from my childhood. My husband and I eat and play games at the same table my mama and daddy bought when I was in the 5th grade. We're using my old bedroom set and my brother made my coffee table when he was in 8th grade shop (1956).
2. Room for family. Our home is very small but both of our extra bedrooms are set up for the overnight visits with our 2 grandsons and our 2 sons. We can even accommodate an extra couple of people with a fold-out couch and an air mattress. We love having all the family here.
3. My husband's music. We have a 1938 Steinway and my husband's music enriches my life. Gospel, hymns, Chopin, Debussy, Gershwin, ragtime, Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hammerstein. It's wonderful.


Sorry, I forgot to put in my url:


The three things that I love about my home:
the computer which brings me YOUR home!!
the pretty reds and golds that always make our home feel welcoming and warm
2 acre lot in the middle of the city which provides rest, water and food for all of the displaced wildlife....
Have a good week...I'm lookin' forward to "seeing" you later.


Hi, Kim. I've been reading your blog for a while now, but your beautiful giveaway gave me the push to get past my shyness and comment. I love reading about your colorful, homey home and I've really enjoyed your dollhouse, as that is something I want to have.

Three things I love about my home:

1. It's a quirky, old house.
2. My mermaid bathroom.
3. The people and pets that live in it.

Thank you,


Congratulations Kim! I do love reading your blog so I hope for many more years of blog bliss for you! Three things I love about my home? Well, #1, the people in husband and my two little boys. #2, I love my toile ottoman. (My hubby hates it, but it is staying.) And #3, my leopard rug in my living room. Again, not my hubby's favorite. Is there a trend here?


Happy Anniversary Dear Daisy Cottage!
Wishing you love, love, love. . . .
Here is what I adore about my home:
1. Peaceful lake views out of every window
2. Light sparkling - water reflections, sunlight, moonbeams, snow glow, rainbows
3. I can find solitude, sanctuary, freedom, and retreat here.
Bless you Kimberly! Hugs to Maggie!

Leigh Ann

Happy Anniversary! Your blog has been such a blessing to me. Thanks for being you!
Leigh Ann


Yeah...3 years of FUN together...I have enjoyed every minute of it.

3 things I love about my house:

1) It has a huge yard for me to create a garden.
2) It has a wonderful front porch and a great pation on the back for visiting, reading, entertaining and relaxing.
3) It is a work in progress...and every project gives me a creative outlet.

Keri Tate

I love lots of things about my home, but my three favorites would probably be the hand planed woodwork throughout the house - very detailed with drown moulding over each door and window. I also love the color - lots of color - bright, saturated color. Third, I love my preschool classroom and studio. I teach a small group of young children in my home and we love our classroom and art studio.


I do so enjoy your lovely blog, and your beautiful photos. Three things I love about my home?
1) The fact that my husband grew up in this very home.
2)Filling our home up with displays of my favorite vintage collections.
3)Sharing our home's cozy hospitality with family and friends.


I recently found your blog and I really love it. This is an *incredible* giveaway, one that I would love to win. What a generous host!
Three things I love about my home;
1. the living room, it has my china hutch that I love and it's where my husband and I cuddle when watching movies.
2. the laundry room, this is the first apartment we've been in that has an actual laundry room! No more washing clothes in the bathroom!
3. I feel safe there.
Happy blogiversary!

Kimberly C.

Look how many people love you! You bring such grace and loveliness to blogland. Thank you for being yourself.


Happy 3 year anniversary. Time flies, doesn't it? Hope to see more of you, and remember to drop by Furniture and Design Ideas sometimes, so we can bounce some great blog ideas around with each other.


cherry are so of a glad to have met you through the blogosphere and been so inspired by your home AND the way you live life! Hugs to you! AND congrats to 3 wonderful magical years. cherry

Helen Nordseth

Happy Anniversary Kim....since you were the first ever blog site I visited (via a magazine article with your site address), it's appropriate that I am now leaving my first ever blog comment...on your site. 3 things about my house I love: my little "office" in the guest room closet,
the dining room red bookshelves lined with books and teapots, and my red and yellow kitchen with little treasures from my mom and mother-in law. This Grandma treasures her past.

Karen Manning

You have a lovely blog filled with lovely ideas, and I enjoy it.
Three things I love about my home?
The husband that shares it with me.
It is where I feel safe warm & loved.
I am surrounded by so many beautiful things:on the inside it is filled with vintage goodies and the outside is adorned with dozens of flowers.


Happy Anniversary!!

I love my home because there truly is no place like it, it is where I spend most of my time, and it is where my husband and I are raising our precious family.


Happy Anniversary! and many more for the joy of your readers! Yours was the first blog I ever found or read, and I fell in love with you and your home. What fun I've had day after day checking in on Daisy Cottage. Three things I love about my home? Well of course #1 is my family and 4 grandbabies who wish they could live with us here and never want to go home, #2 memories of all the family time together here, and #3 I love we've been blessed to have a home! God Bless yours too!


Happy Anniversary Daisy Cottage. I love reading your blog and viewing all of the wonderful photos.

The three things that I love about my home are-
1. the lake view
2. my aquariums
3. my 4 cats

Take care


hi kim and happy blogthday!

your blog is always filled with such heartfelt sweetness. the goodies you have assembled are breathtaking!

let's see, 3 things that i love about my home:

* i love my home because it is my home, the first house i have ever lived in.
* i love my home because it is a cape style with rooms upstairs and downstairs that can change with our family as our need change. play room to study, and things like that.
* i love our home because it is small enough to be cozy but big enough to give us space when we need it

loved thinking of these answers.

happy fall, sweetie!



Congrats Kim on 3 wonderful blogging years! It's quite obvious YOU & YOUR blog touch many lives. You always open yourself and your home to us with love & kindness.
Three things I love about my home....
It's located in a gorgeous historic neighborhood.
It oooz's beauty and charm
It's my happy place full of my vintage collectables and artwork collections.

Congrats again Kim! I look forward to another year of beautiful inspiring post!!!

Elaine L.

You are such a pleasure and I thank you for sharing your blog and home with me.

What I love about my home:
The location on a hillside with a beautiful view of the desert.

That my home is decorated with objects that were handmade and hold the spirit of those who were the creators.

That it's quiet and peaceful.


Linda Stubbs Prairie Flower

I love your blog. I have been here many times. It makes me feel welcome and encouraged.
We just moved to our "new" farm, that has been in my husbands family for over 100 years.
1. I am loving getting to make it in to our home
2. I love all the family that comes
3. I love teaching our daughters in our home what memories we are making.
Blessings to a really fun giveaway and congradulations!


I love your blog and your lovely home.

What I like about my house . . .

1. it has a big yard for a city house
2. it's mine - not a rental
3. it has a lot of potential - may I say I need to update some of it - my packrat tendencies are out.



Dear Kim, Happy Anniversary! What a blessing you are to others! I have been a faithful follower for a long time now and find such inspiration in your blog. You are charming, down to earth, kind, full of love for everyone around you, it comes through with every post. Three things I love about my home are 1) the coziness it brings us all, I love making the touches that make people visiting and each of us at home feel special 2) items carefully chosen in my home to reflect who we are. Antiques and mementos from family members that share such memories 3)that we are blessed to be on 8 acres and use our land for simple and wholesome living Here's to many more years of blogging. Thanks for offering this giveaway, what fun! Hugs, Heather


three things I love about my house...#1 would be my family is in it...#2 would be my living room with my "special" thrifted treasures, it's all starting to come together...#3 would be my bedroom, the one room in the house that has had nothing done to it, but it's where my family can all snuggle together and talk about stuff with no interruptions. So, there are my three things I love about my home sweet home, now, hopefully I can win those pretties :)

Anna Marie

Happy blogging anniversary to you, Kim!
The three things that I love about my home are:
1. It is the place that my husband rushes home to every night to see me and our little one.
2. It is the place that has a very pretty room for a very pretty girl. Full of pink and girlie stuff.
3. It is the place that I so enjoy decorating for fall, Christmas and every day life!


Dear Daisy Cottage,

Thank you and Happy
Anniversary! It's also my blog's anniversary this month too! I will be having a giveaway too this month too. Lot's of love to share in bloglandia. you know you are one of my favorites to visit your love and kindness come shining thru on your posts...

what I love about my home? Well..that is provides a safe and comforting place for my family. it is a place where I can "play" house, cooking and decorating and gardening. thank you again Kim for all of your inspiration and I must say when I found Daisy Cottage that sealed the deal for me into starting a blog.

Valerie + Madigan

Boy will Friday ever come?
I LOVE that hat and have cleaned the front of my fridge off just for those magnets.
Hope your week is beautiful!!
Valerie + Madigan


Just happened to stumble upon your site today and couldn't stop going from page to page... everything is so beautiful! Looks like a great day too... you have a giveaway! ;)

I love my porch swing. The color combinations in my living room of light blue and red. And I'm loving all of the projects that are started, but rarely get finished. I like that I can see where they're going. :)

Thanks for such an inspiring site!! I will most definitely be back!



Happy 3rd blogaversary!!

Hmmm, what I love about my home.
1. It's warm and cozy.
2. My weird, all uphill woody backyard.
3. My fireplace mantel.

It's the first home my husband or I ever owned and the house we came home to after getting married 5+ years ago (we're 40 somethings!). Lots of memories!!

Mark Cottager

I'm a reader of the blog and wanted to wish you a hearty congratulations on the anniversary. Keep up the great work!


Congratulations on your 3 year blogversary!!
Thanks for the give a way, they presents look like fun things to have.
My favorite 3 things about my home are: when I walk through the door, I can take a deep breath and relax in surroundings that I love, our back porch where my family get together at night and share the day and dinner and the things I have collected from flea markets, dumpster dives or gifts, that are cleaned, repaired and painted that give each room personality and a special story.

The American Homemaker

Just three things? LOL

I love my peaceful bedroom.
I love the smell when I'm baking.
I love that everything is vintage :)

Wendy C.

Love, love, love your blog and all the pictures. I too live in an old home and there are many things about it I love. Here are just 3 of them:
1. The great bones it has mean I don't have to keep buying decorations to make it look better.
2. I have a little obsession with bird images and they are peeking out from everywhere in my home.
3. My handsome hubby and sweet kitties fill it with life.


kim,how kind and loving you are towards your friends. I appreciate your kindness and the prayers that you offer to us. I can't even imagine receiving the delicious goodies that you are offering to share with us. I am in the process of making my house a home for me. in redoing my bedroom a friend said that this is "a sarita room"..:^) she is glad that in my new life as a "widow" i am allowing myself to "move on". Memories fill my heart, but i am now making new memories. Thank you for sharing your life and your blog with us..


Happy Anniversary!! Yes, please sign me up for your lovely giveaway. The three things I like the most about my home...lets see...
#1 My family is here
#2 Nice kitchen for baking and cooking in
#3 My craft studio area
♥ Rebecca


WOW! What a generous giveaway!! Three things I love about my home are:
1. The location because it is close to my daughter's school and close to my Mom's house.
2. Having my own office to decorate and create in.
3. Having a 3 car garage because we seem to keep lots of stuff.

Kim Edwards

Dear Kim, I first found your blog two years ago while living overseas. I missed my home SO much, and finding your blog I felt like there was someone who would understand how I felt. Thank you. The three things I love most about my home are that it reflects a lifetime of memories that I have shared with my husband and six children, secondly, that is a palette in which I can be an artist in my own little world, and last of all, it makes me feel safe. Thanks again for your special blog, Kim


I love my home:
because it is small & cozy, decorated just the way I like it and I gave new life to an old home:)


Kim, I can't tell you how much the thoughts and feelings and beautiful pictures that you share here are appreciated. I am so thankful to have found your blog :)

Three things that I love about my home are:

It's cozy and comfortable. (pretend that isn't two things)

It's where my adoring husband and I experience life with our wonderful children.

It's a half mile from the Intracoastal Waterway and I can hear the ocean from my yard.

Thanks for everything :)


Congratulations! What a lovely blog, always a treat. Three things... well, I love that we have taken a builders house and made it our own... I love that our yard is becoming a beautiful haven... I love, love,love all the storage space!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality

Happy blogoversary, dear sweet Friend! It's because of you that I am blogging myself, so THANK you. xoxo


Happy 3 year Blogiversary Kim. You bring such beautiful, kind and creative energy with your writing and pictures. Although I'm a newer reader, I love you and your Daisy Cottage (and don't even let me get started on that sweet Miss Maggie, laugh).
The three things I love most about my house are:
1. Even though it is old and tiny (900 sq.ft.), it is filled with LOVE.
2. Our yard is gianormous and provides a wonderful place for our kids and their friends to play.
3. It is always providing us with endless projects to keep us busy.

God Bless You and may you many more years of blogging happiness.


What I love about my house? Oh my....where to start? Okay...the sunny corner for my desk, in my big master bedroom...the big front porch (even though I've done nothing to it yet, cause I can't figure out what to do with it thanks to OK winds, lol)...annndddddd...the possibilities that exist for things to do with this house over time....

Kim, thank you for sharing Daisy Cottage with us, over these last three years...while I've always loved color, being able to read your blog and see the pictures of a lovingly crafted, colorful, and yet, not "matchy matchy" home...well, it has helped me to be more adventurous in my new home here in while I am still getting my choices made, colorwise, I'm working on it. I've got my sunny yellow dining room, my red and white kitchen, and soon, blue master bedroom...with the pretty yellow curtains...

((HUGS)) to you...


What a beautiful giveaway....

three things I love about my home...

1) It's a haven for my family in this crazy busy life

2) My gardens which are looking more cottagy every weekend.... ;)

3) The streetlamp outside matches the fishermans lantern I have to hang above my dining table!!


Three years is quite an accomplishment! Congratulations, and it looks like you have touched many hearts. . . The three things I love most
1. Sitting with my husband on our front porch and watching hummingbirds defend their feeder
2. My studio filled with everything to inspire me, including vintage dotted curtain to gaze through across the canyon.
3. Welcoming everyone into a home not caring if every single thing is picked up! And loving that family and friends find peace here.
Thank you for all your posts! What fun!


Congrats. Please enter me in your giveaway. I have been reading your blog for awhile now and you have done a great job.

Our home is always changing because it is a fixer upper, but now some rooms are finally done.

1. Our guest room has a sea theme and our Granddaughter calls it her room whenever she comes over.

2. The front porch has a swing that we love to sit on early in the mornings.

3. We finally live in a nice neighborhood and the kids love to come over for a visit and their is lots of room for them all.

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