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July 14, 2009


 sheri howard

Well; Jill's house is almost as fun as yours...just as fun to look at...thanks for wild and free and inspiring!!

Debbie Vierkant

Oh, what a unique and beautiful home your sister Jill has it's wonderful! I just loved the pictures thanks so much for sharing a glimse into her creativity with all of us. Love all the colors and textures so much eye candy!!! Your sister Jill really does have an artistic touch, she'll be such a great teacher, lucky kids.


Thank you Kim AND Jill for allowing us to peek into your homes. Jill, I adore all the color!! In my kitchen and my hall bath, I created the same textured walls and I love them. The perfect answer for old damaged sheet rock walls...and so interesting.
Your pink studio thrills me; I might just have to paint mine pink too! But my favorite in your house are the stairs going up. The colors, the art, the sweet spirit of it all.
Oh, diggin the 'croc parking' too!! :)
Have a great week!!


Wow...what a unique and beautiful home..thanks for sharing Kim and Jill..

Nicole M.

Wow! That's a whole house full of design inspiration! I'm definitely bookmarking this post!

I love all of the color, too. I'm impartial to the red and aqua in her kitchen, as well. I'm hoping to decorate my kitchen in those colors, slowly but surely. :-)

Thanks for a great post!

Mrs. Mordecai

What a beautiful, fun home! Thanks for all the inspiration you offer on your blog.


Oh my goodness I LOVE all of the beautiful colors, and her "thrifty" finds!! Such inspiration for my "fixer upper"!!

Thanks so much Kim and Jill for sharing your lovely homes with us.


Oh what a fun colorful home - love the eclectic feel of it, so much personality!!
Love the stairway and the pictures of Jesus as the Good Shepherd. Grouped together like that is a great way to display them. Thanks for sharing Jill's home!!


Wow! Awesome! I am in love with that house. She has such a great decorating style.

Thanks for the tour!

Nancy M.

Kim and Jill,
You are two peas in a pod and yet your own beautiful selves. Thank you Kim for the tantalizing pictures of your sisters home. I knew Jill was a beautiful soul when she wrote your birthday tribute. Your parents must be so proud and your mother is blessed among woman. Do you and Jill have any siblings?
The crock dock made me giggle out loud. The colorful kitchen back slash and counter tops are cheerful. Also the framed stained glass and your glorious work room (I would call it a playroom) but my favorite is the stairs with the paintings of Jesus and arrangement of beautiful crosses.
Jill what inspired you to decorate your bath as a tribute to Pearl Harbor which is so thoughtful and creative of you?
Thank you ladies for inviting us into your homes.


WOW! I'm swooning all the way from California!

christy in georgia

my tongue is hanging out of my mouth. i, too, am swooning. i loooove her house. oh, and congrats on her graduation.

Christine Drevo

Oh my goodness good taste and splendid color choices run in the family. Jill you have a beautiful home and congrat's on graduation what a feat!

I do have a question how do I get my hand on a book cozie or how do I make one?

Thanks for sharing,


The croc parking is a hoot! I loved the old trunk covered in that awesome fabric - how hard is that to do?

You two are truly inspiring!



Please do Thank your little sis for letting us all take a peek inside her
home what a creative soul she is. Great ideas in every photo.
Thanks Kim
Hugs, Diane


Thank you, thank you to you and Jill. That was a wonderful tour, and I love everything.

That fantastic eye for creating wonderful and inspirational style must be genetic. You're both fabulous.


Wow!! I love all the color! What a wonderful home and what talent!! As an elementary teacher (nearing retirement) with ZERO artistic ability, I can safely say that Jill will have a great time in her new classroom and her kids are going to be very blessed!
I can't wait to see the creativity that comes from that group of kids! Maybe you can talk her into sharing..............


wow!! what a great tour!! love your sister's house! thank you for sharing!! I hope you have a fabulous day!! hugs!! Britt :-)


I love Jill's house and you are the best tour guide. I graduated at 43. My late husband would say, you are going to be that age anyway, you might as well be it with a degree. I saw the pink clock, ONLY b/c I have one just like it from 1960. It makes a noise almost as loud as my late husband snored. Thanks so much for sharing and please thank your sister. Umm, should I mention to her if her red birds go missing, I know where they are :-) Blessings, Jan


Inspiration overload! Love it all!


What a wonderfully fun tour! I absolutely love Jill's house. Thanks for sharing.


Tell Jill thank you for so much for all the beautiful inspiration. I have to love the Pearl Harbor bathroom as that is the day I was born. Tell Jill I graduated from college at 50 and walked with my youngest daughter as we both graduated. For all you ladies who think it is to late to start college. It's never to late.

The Undomesticated Wife

That's my kind of house! I love it!


LOVE it! Thanks for sharing, Kim and Jill!


Wow! There is drool running down my chin! LOL! Your sister's house is just as beautiful as yours. Thanks so much for sharing it with us, and kudos to Jill for getting her degree!


It's easy to see that that is the home of a very creative person. It looks great, you both share a love for COLOR and you know how to mix it all together and come up with something that looks RIGHT. I can't do that, if I tried, it just wouldn't work. I love the way Jill did it though. Hugs to you both, ~cindy s~


I'm a lurking reader coming out...

All I can say is WOW. I wish I were that creative and resourceful and talented.

I really want to know how she made her nice, thick cushion for her wicker settee on the porch. I've searched high and low for one in my budget, with no luck and think I better try making my own, so any guidance would be so appreciated.


Oh my word her home is stunning! Such talent in the family. You and Jill should go into business as vintage decorators you two are amazing. Gorgeous,gorgeous home thanks for sharing it with us.


Wow, creativity sure does run in the family, doesn't it? I love Jill's house and her decor - thank you for sharing it with us!

Elaine L.

She needs to be featured in a magazine!



You girls know how to rock the color. Beautiful!


I love your sister's home. In some ways it is similar to yours but in other ways not. You are living my dream: in your dream house and your sister within walking distance. Lucky you! Thanks for giving us a tour and please tell your sister I love her home. You are right, she is very talented!
Blessings, Rhondi


You girls are two peas in a pod! You are so lucky to have each other and be so close. Your homes are just precious.


Had you not told us, I would have known in a heartbeat that this home belonged to your sister. I LOVE how you both do whatever you want, put things anywhere, every inch of your homes show your personalities, the rainbow of colors and the love that shows through. I actually thought of you today - i bought some vingtage curtains at Goodwill!
If I had your yellow couch and Jill's orange chair in the bedroom~I would be a very happy girl! :) Ladies, your homes are so beautiful and so inspiring.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Well, I see that the decorating gene is strong in your sister too! I love her home, because it has SO much personality, like yours! It must be a joy to walk through that front door, and know you're home. I'd never want to leave!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality

I can definitely tell that you 2 sweethearts are sisters! Oh, how fun that way, felt like I was really there. Y'all are 2 peas in a pod. Tell Jill I love her zebra chairs & her whole house. Adorable! xoxo


Come do my house!!!! It could use some of both of your talents!!


What a HAPPY place! You can sure tell you are sisters!


Kathy Charniak

This made me feel like I was on a mini vacation. I also know now that I CAN use yellow, turqoise & red together - whew I can rest easily now. What a treat to behold both your house and your sis's. I'm so glad u have each other. With a glass of wine in my hand, cheers for u & sis. Love, Kathy fr. Illinois


I love seeing that other people enjoy bright beautiful color like I do. I absolutely love your sister's house. The green paint and red awnings on the outside already told me I would love the inside!


How nice to have a sister with a kindred spirit :) I seem to remember her having a blog (jillywilly?)and having a very talented hubby ...I remember that tile, am I right ??

Will she be teaching art ??? She is so creative !!!

Lucky you, lucky her...

xox Kathy :)

ps today is my b'day and this tour was a treat...


Kim, I really enjoyed the tour of Jill's house, and both of you are both very talented ladies! I cannot believe that she lives a few houses from my first home!!! Oh, how much fun we would have had years ago had you girls been neighbors then! I still miss my house there, but it's in loving hands, the same ones I sold it to when we left years ago.

I love her use of color and neat objects. My favorite thing? Well, there are two... those cooler than cool lamps, and that black and white striped cabinet with the clocks! Bee's knees!

Thank you and Jill for sharing this, and congrats to her on her new job!


Sheila :-)


Love her house too! The dining room was great!

Brenda Kula

What a treat! Such magnificent eye candy! Where have you been hiding her, Kim? It does indeed run in the family, this colorful decorating full of life gene you two have. Why doesn't she have a blog so we can visit her as well? Hint, hint! Double Kim eye candy! Thanks for the tour!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

What a fun house Jill house. You girls are something else! I'll have to come back to this post again and again to see everything.

Elma Riedstra

Oh KIm I love her house to!! I can tell you are sisters:) How fun to have a sister to hang out with and shop:) I love her croc thingy to hang the croc on:)My kids thought that was so cool as we have tons of croc here. What is next to that an old planter? Her kitchen is awesome to! love the vintage canisters that she has and all the vintage enamel strainers. Do you ever see them in pink??There was so much to love in her home and all the wonderful colors. Thanks for sharing. I am sure I will looking at this post for some time to come.Have a great week.

I'm Julia

Kim, you're so lucky that the two of you live close. My super creative sister & I would have so much fun if the road wasn't so long between our homes.

So much to look at. The painted stairs jumped out at me... if I had a second story I'd love to do that in pale beachy colors.

What a creative pair of gals. :-)

Dawne,no...triple Wow!!! This is literally a work of art!!!


What a happy place! Thank you for sharing. Hmmm...I wonder if I could do something with those very 80's pickled-look laminate headboard and shelves of mine?


How wonderful! Another gorgeous and happy home! I love Jill's colors! From the exterior to every little detail she has gone over the top and done it well! She will have so much fun as a teacher! I'm sure her students will love her!
Thank you so much for sharing Jill's home with us! You two are amazing! Is there a book in the making? It would be a best seller for sure!


I can just tell by the looks of this darling home...boy do I love the paintings of Jesus in the stairway...Jill will be a creative, inspiring elementary teacher. I'm interested in what grade she'll be teaching? I teach first grade and also graduated later than what others might say is "normal". Jill followed her heart to reach her dream of being a teacher, just as she follows her heart in decorating her home. Thanks, Kim, for taking us to Jill's house.


Simply charmng and oh so cozy! Thanks for sharing Jill's home with us. Gotta love Goodwill!


it is so fabulous.
for realz.

Patti Suda

WOW! What a visual treat. Thanks for sharing and thanks for your beautiful site.


You & Jill should collaborate on a book! You both are so creative & you, Kim, certainly have the writing & photography skills! I'll bet everyone agrees with me! ~Sue~


WOW! WOW! WOW! You girls rock! Just amazing. Everywhere you look there's something else to love. Thanks for the tour.


Rochelle Gaukel

Thanks for the tour of your sisters fab house!! I am coveting her red fabric stash!! :)

Daisy Cottage

Group ((((((hug))))))!

You are the BEST!!!

Thank you so much for the sister love - she's amazing, isn't she?

I think I'll keep her around for awhile.


Alison Gibbs

Oh Kim, you girls sure have an eye for detail and color.
Both your homes are so cheerful and welcoming.

Jean Eakin

Kim, I LOVED the tour of Jill's amazing home. Her home is cheerful, colorful and welcoming just like Daisy Cottage. A question for Jill, would you perhaps need an extra Mother or aunt or a really older sister? I surely could use your talent and skills in my home. You are a wonderful seamstress and decorator. You and Kim both have a special knack of knowing the perfect spot for a treasure. Thanks for sharing.
Jean in Virginia


I was going to say that I am aching with jealousy but how can I possible feel that for such a wonderful family! Jill, I love what you and your sis have done to your homes! Your sister has a lovely home and she so full of talent! You two are so lucky to have each other! Thanks for opening your home to us Jill! I REALLY REALLY enjoyed the tour!
I even picked up an idea for my dining room...been trying to figure out where to put my son's framed masterpieces and now I know just the spot!

Alauar Parrish

Hey Kim; Wow what a beautiful and colorful home your sister has. You are so right she is a very talented lady, and congrats to her for her graduation and teaching job... thanks for the tour, I really enjoyed it.....



Okay I just realized that I mixed up your names even though I've been visiting (virtually) Kim for at least a year. The first Jill in my sentence was for Kim...the second Jill was for Jill!

Becky from Tennessee

Kim, what a fun tour. Does Jill live
right around the corner?? I admire
anyone who can sew....I can thread a
needle and sew a button on!! Of course,
I stick myself everytime. ;)
Jill, why did you do your bathroom in
the Pearl Harbor motif? My Daddy was a
Captain in the Army stationed there and
standing in line to eat when they were
bombed. He never liked to talk about the
war much. Where did you get the newspaper
clipping? I would love to have one.


You are both so amazingly talented and have such a way with things. That is truly a gift from God that not everyone has. I mean guys are so so talented. Thank you for sharing Jill's home with us and congratulations to her on getting her degree to teach, how exciting for her. I bet you are proud of her!!


What super style! You two are quite the pair indeed. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Sheri and Sophee~a

That was an amazing use of color and texture......I see how you are similar and yet so different. I love that you both are not afraid to decorate with vibrant colors.

Thanks for sharing your sister's home.....congrats on her teaching position too :)


What a great tour! I just squealed and made my husband look at it too! I love seeing people who are no afraid of red. There is something about red that just makes me feel good. Your sisters house is amazing. You are so lucky to have each other!



Oh, how wonderful! I love seeing homes that are so infused with the owners' personality.
Tell little sis "bravo" from me!

cindy h

Love it, love it , love it !! And Kim isn't kidding..she DOES have the greatest sis!!!
Cindy H


Her home is just so HAPPY! Thank you for the tour!


Hi,what a beautiful and eclectic home, like sister, like sister LOL!!!!!!


:) thank you for the tour. it was so nice of your sister to share her home with us.


Wow, what a home! I imagine that there must be happy people living there. Thanks for the tour! You and your sister are really creative, positive and very inspiring people. Now I wonder how your mon's home might look like? :-)


Your blog Never fails to thrill and inspire me. Loved visiting your sister's place.


Hi Kim, This visit to your sisters house was so much fun! You both have so much talent! How inspiring! Have a great day! sherry

Daisy Cottage

Good Morning Everyone!

Jill will be checking in to answer your questions as soon as she can - she's attending some teaching seminars but will be available soon. But for those of you who have asked if our Mom decorates the same way - umm, that would be NO. "Less is more" would be her but she has always had impeccable taste and enjoyed decorating her own homes which were always lovely. But she constantly shakes her head over us and wonders where in the world "we came from."




Wow! I love it! You can certainly see a familial resemblance in your home and Jills with all the bright colors and fun and funky accents. Which leads me to wonder, what was your mom's house like? Did you both get your love of color and whimsey from her?


Lol, ok, I asked that question and then after I hit send I saw the answer directly above my comment. Doh!


A playhouse for grown-ups! I love your sister's house. It inspires me to remember to play and not be so serious when it comes to making house home. Thank you.

Gretchen Gerg


You are so right. Jill's house is really pretty and bright. What a talent she has for sewing and decorating, just like her sister.



Wow!~ What a fun house. So creative and cheery. LOVE it.


Oh my...what fun!! So much creativity all in one family! :)



Amazing! Not only is her family lucky to have her in their life, but her new students are going to be so lucky to have her as their teacher. Creative (and kind)people make the BEST teachers. Thanks for sharing your sweet sister love.


How fun....and I spied Cherry Ames books in one photo. NOW that brought back memories of my childhood. SEW much fun!!! XXX Annie


Ooooooh, gotta love this! You guys are amazing! The croc parking is way too cute! Love the bright colors and the way things are arranged. I could browse around both of your homes all day and never get tired! Thanks for sharing!


my goodness, what a visual treat!!! i'm moving in next week..........

Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage

YOu girls and your love for color are truely inspiring! Thank you so much for such a special treat!


After 6 years, I finally know how to hang the old windowpane (on which I painted our monogram)! Eye and cup hooks! What could be simpler?

I love how similar your styles are. :)


Wow! The colors are amazing. Thanks Kim and Jill, that really brightened up my day.



AMAZING! Thanks for sharing.



WOW...what a cool place she has!

Her house looks like Daisy Cottage's cousin! So colorful and yet so different. Fab! Makes me wonder what your Mom's house is like!
Thanks for the tour.



Love Jill's home too! #2 favorite was the "crock parking" and #1 FAVORITE was the black cabinet with the clock collection. It certainly shows that you two are SISTERS! I hope Jill will consider doing the tutorial on her book cozies.


Hi Kim :)

Jill's home is absolutely wonderful! You can really tell the two of you are related with all the bold colors and even though your homes are different, they're somehow very similar. They both make you feel welcome and cozy. It makes me curious to see what your childhood home was like ;)

Please thank Jill for sharing her home with us!

love to you,

PS give Miss Maggie a hug for me. That picture in the last post just warmed my heart :)

Trish @TheOldPostRoad

WOW!!!! I love it!


Wow, how could I expect anything less though from YOUR sister! Beautiful home and lovely photography. Thanks so much for sharing!


Thank your sister for allowing us to peek into her wonderful colorful world. Lots of inspiration there.
I have silverware for door pulls in my kitchen, too! Now I know I'm in good company.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

I am visiting from the Decorated House blog. How nice that you are so close, both as sisters and location. I do know what you mean about being so alike, there are certain things that my sister and I will both say about something without knowing the other said it. It makes my Mom laugh.

My Dad would love her dining room as he has indulged in his love of painting and thinks he is running out of room. Those lamps se found are gorgeous!

Thanks for taking us to visit your sister!

Mary Lou

Thank you, Kim and Jill, for the tour. I knew when I saw the red awnings that it would be fun!
Now, does this run in the family, or do you two just "encourage" each other?
Mary Lou

amy gayle

WOW! talent sure runs in your family!
thanks soooo much for posting such a fun tour -
i LOVED it : )
you always inspire me blogging -
i think you are truly amazing!
kisses and cupcakes,

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