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July 10, 2009



Lenna, I will add you to my prayers!
Kim, You know a little about me, Lenna hit every word I feel when I set with my cup of coffee in the morning. My beautiful baby girl sleeping next to me, your tunes playing gently, I just BREATH!
Many adore you!
Valerie + Madigan
Ps I will be getting a Maggie dog, Madigan loves her and talks about her like she is her best friend....she can't leave the house to go to school, you even help her!


Oh my...... I will just have to come back later and comment.

Becky G.

Lenna, if you are reading this, I must first say you sound like such a wonderful person! I spent almost a year in depression - another kind of dark abyss. Oh, I pretended I was doing fine, but when I was at home, I always fell into that black hole. Kim and other bloggers have helped me so much to try to find my way back to the living, and I am getting there! What a wonderful community this blogging place is! Blessings sweetie, Becky

Esther Sunday

Lenna and Kim, we love you!!!


Sigh. These words from Lenna are truly beautiful. Thank you Lenna for sharing your heart - your story. I too come here to Daisy Cottage for sweetness and color and rich inspiration; especially when life feels difficult or painful in any way. I will lift you in prayer for all that you are facing each day. I will lift you both {Lenna and Kim} in prayers of PRAISE and Gratitude for what you have given to me and to others as well. *blessings my friends ... Kindred spirits? I say YES*


Dear Kim

Oh my gosh! Goose bumps and tears. What a heartfelt letter. Lenna was in the right place at the right time. Daisy Cottage embraces another agonizing soul in need of extreme encouragement and much sunshine. I like to think she found you by the grace of God. In our deepest moments of despair, He pours out the most abundant Blessings :)

And, my dear friend it's feasible you have no inclination of the depth of inspiration you evoke to those who love Daisy Cottage. You inspire just because you are you.

Happy Tears!!



Oh Lenna! whether you know it or not, you are a bright spot in my day today. I am moving soon into a tiny apartment, downsizing and hoping to bring some cheer and love into a rental and make it my home. It was so amazing to read your courageous words and realize our circumstances, regardless of how challenging, do not have to be ties that bind us. Love and laughter and beauty can indeed set us free. Love and prayers to you!

Elaine Vermette

I don't know what to say... so I'm just sending my Love.


Thank you, Lenna for choosing to step into the light. Wishing you all the best in your fight against the pain that has surrounded you. Instead, let those of us here in Bloggyland surround you each and every day. Women supporting women...

The Blue Ridge Gal

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Oh Lenna, I wish I could give you a hug right now! I am writing this through my tears, because of the things that I take for granted every day, the simplest little things, that might cause you to be in pain. My wish for you is lots of painfree moments, so that you can do those little things, and I will be praying for you.
Kim, this was a wonderful thing you did, sharing Lenna's letter to you. You have such a big heart, and you touch so many people every day, with your words and pictures. You're awesome!




Remarkable! What a tribute to you Kim. Your blog is a ray of sunshine. So bright and full of ideas, love and nurturing. I know this letter means so much to you. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Mary Lou

Thank you, Kim, for posting this. I am glad Lenna found you and your blog. I think she has said what so many find here at Daisy Cottage. I know I keep visiting, and find refreshment whenever I do. I hope Lenna continues to gain encouragement.
Mary Lou


Bless both of your hearts & Peace be with you both


Lenna has a real gift with words! How kind of her to let you share her letter with us. Thank you! Pray her world gets more lovely every day!


Oh Lenna, do join the blogging community! It is easy and the rewards are amazing! My heart and my prayers go out to you.


Dear Lenna, I was in awe when I read your post, then I went on to read what Becky wrote in her reply. I was stunned. i too suffer from depression, I keep it hidden as best I can. I just found Daisy cottage and read the whole thing like a beautiful novel I did not want to end. I wrote Kim a short note to say how much I enjoyed Daisy cottage, all my deep feeling kept back. But This place, this peaceful beautiful cottage has given me a ray of hope . Dear lenna, I can only say how happy I,am to have found this place and so greatful you ahve found it too. Here is to many sunny days for us all ahead at daisy Cottage. God Bless sherry


just beautiful.........


Thank you Lenna. For having the courage to write out your soul's words. To make all of us realize how lucky we are and maybe make us realize how important it is to grasp this life we have and appreciate it while we are healthy and vibrant enough to live it. Bless you and bless kim for sharing you with us!


Oh, Kim, I'm so glad that Lenna allowed you to post her email to you. What a special woman to be able to put such deep things into words. I'm rooting for her and I'm grinning to think that the lace tablecloths are coming out in her home. Here's to the grace, calm, and beauty of Daisy Cottage and all the blogs that inspire us!


Lenna, thank you for sharing from your heart. I hope you continue to find bright spots in your days, that grow and grow into beacons of light.
Please visit my blog too, if you get a chance. :)
And thank you, Kim, for sharing with us too!

I'm Julia

Lenna, I'm in awe of your gift; what a beautiful, heartfelt mail. I think everyone who reads your letter would agree that our day is richer for having seen Kim's blog through your eyes. Daisy Cottage is a sweet place, an oasis of dreams and inspiration. That you have found strength and resolve here, as well as escape... I'm sure that's a huge inspiration to Kim that can't be measured.

A peaceful weekend you both.


So sweet ~ Lenna, thank you for speaking from your heart. You truly blessed mine. Kim's blog is such a sun-shiny place to me...I hope it brings joy to you each time you look at it!

Kim, thank you so much for brightening so many days for so many people!

cindy~my romantic home

That is so touching!!! Good for you Lenna! You can do it! Never underestimate the power of the mind and positive thinking! You're on the right path! I wish you the best!


Dear Lenna
Kim is a treasure! But so are you! join hands with us,open the window,a crack at first with the tiniest bit of light,and then slowly each day abit more until the window is open fully with a beautiful ray of Sunshine to light your day! Once that window is open,look outside there we all are,kiindred spirits waiting for you...take your time,somedays will be easier than others,but we will wait...come on,join us! We laugh and sometimes even cry,but we love the joy,friendship,and kindness as we gather at the Dear Daisy Cottage!

The Decorated House

Thank you for sharing Lenna with us.
Many Hugs to you both,


To Lenna, our new friend and to Kim ... a treasure! Rejoice!


Lenna, thank you for exposing your heart to us. We all go through times of loneliness and pain.
But I cannot imagine the suffering you have endured for so long.
If I may be so bold, I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will flood your heart with peace and that the new-found friends you have made here will lift you up daily to Him.
Dear Lenna, do you have a blog where you can express your soul? You have a beautiful gift in your writing.


Words fail me. Very Powerful. A group hug from all of us...and much love.


This day has been so many things, so many emotions that I must confess I am exhausted from the whole adventure. It's different kind somehow: like the healthy tired after a long walk down a lovely country lane.

Though my body is unable to follow, my soul is dancing with the joy at the many lovely souls that have touched and enriched me this day.

To each and everyone that have sent such healing, nurturing thoughts and prayers, you have planted seedlings of joy in my soul and I want expectantly to see what blooms from your generous gifts.

A simple thank you seems like a poor repayment for such riches, but for now that is all I have to offer. So. . .

Thank you, my dear new friends.


Dearest Lenna, such a letter of hope and renewal...thank you for sharing your life with us....I am both joyful for you and humbled also...such bravery...

Kim, thank you for reminding all of us to look for the beauty wherever we are....

Love to all,



Such a great post! Blogland is wonderful!

Hello Lenna! I wish you the best in health and happiness!!!!


Cindy Meguiar

Lena will be added to my prayer list.


Dear Lenna, You are among friends and we all grow from our friendships. We get better and search for more beautiful lives. I hope that you will find peace and joy among all of us.


Dearest Lenna,
I can feel your every word. I could have written a very similar letter...despair, depression loneliness, disease, all came to live in my life and tear my house, my heart apart. I also found this lovely place and many others that have lifted my spirits and given me hope. I am so glad you found your way here but I do not believe it was by accident. My heart was aching to find yours and it met in this very place. Please know I am here in spirit and strength to help you back on your feet (or foot as in my case!). Together we will help your soul dance again.
Please feel free to contact me: jmwe4(at)yahoo(dot)com


Dear Lenna_
I am so touched by your beautiful, open, heartfelt letter. You are a wonderful person who has enriched our lives by your strength and courage to move forward. I hope you join us in blogging, I would love to visit with you. I wish you nothing but the best in happiness and your health.
[email protected]


What a beautiful and special letter!


God bless you, Lenna!


Thanks for sharing with us and Kim thanks for sharing Lenna with us! Lenna, I am so happy that you have found your way. It is such a blessing to have people around us such as Kim to brighten our days. I look forward to checking my fav blogs each day and it brings sunshine to even the dreariest days! Hugs to all!

Angie =D


Lena, here's a big hug from me to you! I will never be able to adequately describe how incredible your testimony is, so I won't try. Just know I am very, very happy that Kim could inspire you to step into the light with her. She is wonderful, isn't she? An angel on earth.:-) Know, too, that our doors are always open to you. We welcome you with open arms...


Sheila :-)

Kimberly Wells

I send you and Lenna all my love. It not only takes a village to raise a child, but also to raise a soul. We are all here to love and support!! Thank you for sharing your story, so I can open my heart! Kim

 sheri howard

Lenna you are going in the correct direction, toward cheerful and has proven that acting happy like whistleing, skipping, and listening to cheerful music will produce hormones in your brain and start to help you feel better....sounds like you are experiencing that. I hope you can continue to feel happy, even through the pain...HOORRAY for lace and good music, and HOORAY for the Daisy too is my happy place!


Lenna is certainly in my thoughts and prayers. Yes, beauty and hope can be healing and I'm so glad that she is reaching out to those of us that don't know her but care very much. Thank you for sharing Lenna and Kim.

Nancy M.

Dear sweet Leanna,
Like so many responses I am so moved to higher thoughts by what you have shared with us so beautifully. Knowing how you suffer I will pray to God for you and I rejoice that you are coming to the light in His love. Many of us have known suffering but most do not know the suffering you describe. God knows and He cares. I will look for you here at Dear Daisy Cottage.
Your blogland friend,
Nancy M.

Nancy M.

You are so beautiful and I am inspired.
Nancy M.


Lenna, you are in my prayers. You have such a beautiful soul. I'm so glad you found Kim at Daisy Cottage and hope you find happiness and peace here. Love, Vicky


THat is such a touching email...and one can feel the truthfulness and heaviness of her feelings in it... Lenna it is a good thing you found something that eases a bit of your burden...I just whispered a small prayer for you.

Alison Gibbs

Lenna our thoughts are with you and we wish you nothing but the best of things to come


....Wow gotta get a blog. Your letter was amazing. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Prayers for you Lenna.
Kim, we just all love you to pieces! :)

carol hall

dearet lenna! i am so blessed to have the good fortune of finding your lovely message ... you are not not alone ... ever! as long as we share the love and hope of daisy cottage we are forever linked in time and space ! as a mother who lost my 2nd daughter to a violent crime i too felt that my heart would never be "normal ' again ...but god works through people like all of us here who share the many blessings all around us (every -day ) god"s love is shining through the dark clouds that try and make us sad and afraid and alone /but always remember that you have people who really do care how you feel ..and we are all here for you!! we are linked by a common thread that is pure gold sweetie... it is love and the light of god"s love !GODS love is the strongest power there is! (next to the many people who share the love of DAISY COTTAGE !YOU ARE A LOVELY LADY AS WE ALL HAVE JUST COME TO BE BLESSED WITH YOUR GOODNESS!!! i hope that we can always stay close and near for you! just reach out and i will be there for you ! always ! GOD BLESS YOU carol hall


Hello Kim and Lenna -

Lenna, please feel free to drop by my blog any time - I'm not nearly as inspirational as Kim, but I'd love to have you over!


Lena thank you for sharing your heart. Kim thank you for sharing Lena. I am continually amazed at the community and connections formed through blogging with souls that never meet face to face. We meet heart to heart I think. Lena, there is always HOPE. I pray you will find respites of beauty and joy amidst your pain. Lena you have found a whole new family and support among blogland!
I know the other women feel the same, and would welcome a visit from you and a chance to get to know you.



Kim, you know that you are an inspiration to me. We've shared so many things in common, including our sweet doggies who are so alike. Thank you for sharing Lenna's story with us - I needed to hear it as I start my day.

Lenna, I'm so glad you are here. Please come back often. This world of blog is a place to find real, caring friends. I never imagined it possible and they've walked through some very hard places with me and celebrated the joys along the way. You have inspired me to do the things in my home today that I have been putting off. Today I'll do them for you, my new friend, and rejoice that I have met you. Please come back often. You're among friends! Friends who care and inspire - just like Kim.


I absolutely believe in my deepest soul we are all gathered together, through Kim, for a special reason. This post really shows it.

We are all connected together by unseen forces.

I will put you in my prayers, Lenna. And Kim you have been for awhile, and for all your readers.

Lenna you have an amazing way with words. I hope you keep a journal?

This is a powerful blog site, and one I think of often as a true blessing.

For you all, I bid ye peace,


Terri Morse

Lenna, I continue to be amazed by the number of courageous and beautiful souls I have encountered in this community. I too have recently emerged from a dark cave, and though my pain was of a different kind, I understand and applaud your choice to return to the light. You will be in my thoughts and prayers on this journey and I am so thankful that you have shared so much of yourself with us. I do hope you will continue to visit and will allow us to support and inspire you as you have inspired us. May God richly bless you.

Kim, I think this is a good time to tell you how much my visits to Daisy Cottage have meant to me. For the past few years, I have be trying to find my way out of a deep depression. Ultimately, it had to be a choice. When I came to the mouth of my own dark cave, people like you showed me that life can indeed be delicious, no matter what has happened to us. We can replace fear with wonder and we can focus on what we can create, as opposed to what we have lost. God has blessed you with the ability to show others how to appreciate all the beauty that surrounds us. Somewhere along the line I had lost that. I am so thankful for you. You, along with so many others, are showing me "possibilities". Daisy Cottage has become my happy place! Thank you so much for inviting us share it.


Dear Lenna, WOW, you took the words right out of my mouth. I've suffered from depression for many years and hear and feel every word you shared. Anyone who has had the misfortune of this illness knows that you've shared your heart and soul which is not easy as we try so hard to pretend that everything is OK. I too found Kim's blog with all things nice and heartfelt. When I come here I feel warmth and hope and want my life to turn around... and for that I thank Kim for creating such a beautiful place to come and forget about your worries and find inspiration. Thank you Lenna and Kim for sharing and making a difference in my day. Take care always. xo


Kisses, hugs and smooches to Kim, Lenna and blogland. Prayers for all! Nancy from OHIO

Patty Boyd

I always receive a blessing just visiting Daisy Cottage. Love to you both. Kim, you have no idea how many lives you touch each day. Your words and photos are such inspiration to us all. Lenna - you are in my prayers. May God give you strength and courage each new day!


Hi Kim
Wow, what an email! Isn't it amazing how something as simple as a blog can impact a person's life so profoundly. Your eyes must have filled with tears as you read this email. Thanks so mush for sharing it with all of us. I hope that my blog might touch someone's life too.
Thanks for being such a shining light.
((hugs)) Rhondi

Nouveau Stitch

A big THANK YOU to ALL bloggers out there who share every day. Lenna, I hope you'll consider blogging for yourself. You are a gifted writer and you need to share your talent with the world. It all starts with words on the page. You can do it!

Thanks, Kim, for sharing.



thank you for this inspirational post. When we think we can't go on,we find the strength and peace to do it.we HAVE to pull ourselves out of the dark and into the light.That is LIFE. it's been three weeks since my husband died. Life is still good. My sons and their wives have shown me a love and caring that i didn't know was there. My grandsons have brought laughter back into my heart. Our lives NEED to be about something. Lenna dear,you have a way with on a blog for others to read when you feel like you can.
thank you Kim for posting this lovely expression of life and love.


So new to this wonderland of community, I hesitate to repsond, but the richness of each post is like Christmas (in July) as I am touched by each one of you. So much bounty in such brillant hues blaze in my mind as each of you touch my heart and my soul.

I woke this morning with joy soaring in my heart like a grand symphony and I wondered if perhaps my body would be so jealous of my soul that it would throw off it's heaviness of illness and join it's grand, sweeping flight. I rushed to my computer to see if more packages had arrived during my absence. Oh Joy!

What fun exploring each blog sites and gently learning the precious secrets of your joys and sorrows.

Those who have shared your struggles with the shadow world of depression have especially touched me. The darkest evil of a life of pain and suffering is self-absorption and your bittersweet stories of loss and pain gently tug me out of my own narrow world.

How I wish we were all in a lovely, sunny room sitting down to delicous cups of tea sipped from delicate bone china. Each cup a perfect reflection of the true beauty that shimmers within each of us.

One by one passing around the precious treasures buried deep in our hearts arranged on a plate like beautifully bedecked pastries.

Such fantasy and yet perhaps a small kernel of truth for our health is irrevocably linked to our heart's clime. What a grand experiment! I wait breathlessly, hope trembly on the brink of expectation to see if this fantasy has roots in reality. How I long for each of you who share my dark world to join me in this journey into the light.

I have longed for many years to write, but life had extinquished the passion from my heart. But to spin an enchanted land of healing and brightness with my words that would beckon others to share and heal would be heaven on earth. Your many kind words of encouragement has rekindle that long-dead passion.

Once I have conquered the ogre of technology and coaxed my struggling memory to learn the new and wonderous world of blogging, I should love to try.

I hardly recognize the person looking back at me in the mirror today. Thank you each and every, and most of all, Kim for reaching out as only you can do.

Gretchen Gerg


You truly are an inspiration to so many people. You are the one who encouraged me when I first started blogging and I'm sure there are lots more.

Best wishes Lena. Kim is a great role model.



Lena, thank you so very much for your beautiful letter. You expressed what I could not, and what I long to express. I too have a debilitating illness, 17 years in in bed in my case and my family are far away, two of my children also have ill health. Today, I have been crying for most of the day, feeling such deep loss. This evening I remembered to visit Daisy Cottage and dear Kim, whose words and photographs have calmed me so very often, and, I find your words. Connection, friendship, love, so palpable in all Kim's blogs, heals the soul of each and every one of us. I am on a different continent, but tonight I will go to sleep grateful in the knowlege that caring exists, I care about Lena and Kim, and all the lovely souls that have sent such heartfelt replies. This is the way to change the world, together, towards the light.

Brenda Kula

Absolutely! It will be the best thing for her!


Sleep well. You indeed have friends here. And though they be are far away, love and caring know no boundaries and feelings know no distance. Choose with me the land of living, for spirits need not feet but wings to go where hearts long to be!

This is no bright prose, but a well-worn path blazed by indominitable souls such as Helen Keller and Elizabeth Barrett Browning who have passed this way before. Though their bodies were shackled by illness and misfortune, their spirits found freedom in choosing to not live in darkness. We, too, my new-found sister and friend can make that same choice but we must do it each day and at times, each hour.


Kim, what a lovely compliment to you and your blog! I find your blog really relaxing and beautful also, so I'm not surprised that Lenna loves it. More than that, I'm so glad that she is able to find enjoyment in blogs, where there are actually REAL people writing them; people with real feelings and who truly want to make the world a more beautiful place for others. It's so nice that the internet allows us to visit with each other, encourage each other, and offer hope to each other!
I'm giggling b/c I've posted b/f that I love your music; my husband is in the room and he asks what site I'm on cuz he hasn't heard that song in a long time! See, just another testimony to your beautiful blog lol. Karen


I'm so glad that Lenna has taken that step to come out and live life, whatever it holds. She's fortunate to have found a friend in you, Kim.

I'm sure that there are others out there that are in similar situations and the only avenue for contact with others that is safe or possible for them is via blogging. We have quite a responsibility as bloggers to put our best foot forward and be a friend to all.


Well, I didn't read through what everyone else said, but Kim thanks for posting this! I love Lenna and I haven't even met her, and I too can attest to the ugliness of illness and LONLINESS. This blogging world has been a recent find of mine as well, and heaven sent!

I vote this: The giveaway should go to Lenna. That red heart says, "Love and Friendship to Lenna, from all of us at Daisy Cottage!"

What do you think? ;)

Sweet Cottage Dreams

My dear Kim .... you just continue to grow and to share with all of us the beauty not only from your own world and home, but the personal thoughts and hope of others.

Please share this with Lenna:

Lenna, I know about depression...about not wanting to face the world. I long to shut myself away from the world. Not answer the phone. Not to respond to those who are reaching out to me. It is all I can do just to keep on blogging. I would like to shut the door to the world and the pain in my heart. (Sometimes I just don't want others to know the real me). The pain that grips me each day with every sunrise and every sunset. It takes every ounce of my being to take another step forward. We lost our dear son in February and I feel like a huge boulder has landed upon my shoulders and is pushing me into the earth and I cannot breathe. BUT, what keeps me going is the Holy Spirit and the very love of our God ~ our Heavenly Father. Without HIM I could not keep breathing. And our Kim told me that I am now breathing for Jordan. Such profound words that make me weep each time I think about it. Kim will continue to shine and understand all of us kindred spirits. To read beautiful blogs is like taking a refreshing sip of cool water. We all suffer in our own ways. Afterall, we are all human. We ache, we cry, we love and we just plain put one step in front of the other. FAITH pulls me forward ...even if it is mere baby steps...and sometimes I don't want to walk anymore.

Lenna, I will pray for you.

Becky in California

Lenna, we are richer to know you- to make us all stop and realize what a blessed and charmed life we have in the midst of it all. AND My Dear Kim, you are amazingly beautiful inside and out and we all love and adore you. ~~ Does Lenna have a blog?~~ Smiles!

Fay Marie

Thanks for all that you do for each and every one of us by opening your door and your heart.
Thanks for opening up by coming to the light and sharing with us all that you have been going through. We are all to share each others burdens. Leena you are in my prayers now and moving forward, as well as all those who have expressed their loneliness and depression or whatever they are suffering.
Kim, as Chandra has said, I think all will agree that we will like to see Leena have the giveaway.
Love and blessings to all of you my friends.
God bless!
Fay Marie



Thank you for sharing your thoughts and spirit - your life with us. Your letter is such an inspiration, and I mean that.

Know that so many Daisy Cottage Readers are thinking about you - sending love and hopeful thoughts your way. I am one of those readers.

May love and hope and courage wash over you. I hope you feel that now and every day.

I am also excited for you - that you are getting out your nice things and making a nice and pretty home again. You go, girl! You are a fantastic and wonderful soul

Much love from me to you


Dear Lenna,

Bless you for your honesty, strength and willingness to keep fighting. Your letter touched my heart. You are a beautiful person and deserve beauty and joy and peace around you. Thank you for enriching my life with your words and reminding me of what is truly important in life.

There is much beauty and compassion in blogland. You will find new friends, I promise you.



Thanks for allowing Kim to share your beautiful email with us. You will be in my thoughts and prayers as well. I pray that you will find the peace and comfort you seek by bringing beauty into your life.
I pray for healing and companionship for you as well.
Hugs and blessings to you

Joy Hall


Isn't it amazing how answers to prayers can come from the least expected places. You obviously were lead to the Daisy Cottage where you discovered a door out of your darkness... and many new caring friends.

You have taken your first step into the light. And, along the way, you have ministered to me.

God bless you!



I KNOW God guided Lenna to you sweet friend and I thank you for opening your arms and your heart to her and for sharing her with us.


Thank you for stepping into the light. You might not have realized it at the time, but it was a giant which God is using to reach so many others.

Your words are beautiful. A true gift. Please share with us. I hope you will join us in this wonderful "World of Blog".

Hugs to you both!


Lenna, your words have touched my heart this morning. There is music and joy in the words you shared. You have already begun your new journey. Your family will be so blessed.

Kim, thank you dear kindred spirit for sharing Lenna with us! Your blog always inspires me and reminds me of the kindness that it out there in a world that is not always a soft place. I treasure all my visits to Daisy Cottage too!


Bunny Rose Cottage

What a beautiful, touching post! Lenna, you are an inspiration to us all. What a wonderful letter. Sometimes as bloggers, we just dont realize the impact we could have on someone! It makes it all so much more worth it.


Barbara @ Southern Ladys Vintage

Lenna, your words truly touched my heart. So much so that I could not respond at the moment. You have a beautiful gift in writing from your heart and your soul. As for myself, I am not good with words but want you to know that you have been on my mind since I read your letter to Kim. I am thankful that you found Kim's blog and that it brings you, like so many of us, a lot of joy. Please know that you have friends here and are not alone! I hope that you do decide to begin a blog so that you can share more of yourself with us. I just have a feeling that you are a very extra special lady and I know everyone would love to get to know you better! Big hugs being sent your way!!


Lenna, you sure came to the right place! Miss Maggie and Ms. Kim will warm your heart like no other place in the world!
Hugs to you, and you will be in my thoughts and prayers.
BIG hugs to you Kim for sharing this with us! If we think our world is a mess, we just have to look to you to straighten it out!
Have a great weekend!

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  • "Kim, I love your blog. I so appreciate you sharing every day. I miss you when you're gone. Losing my dear sweet baby boy in Iraq has made me treasure life and those so dear to me. Reading your blog is such therapy for me. You have made me treasure the finer things in life that I use to overlook. Birds singing, flowers blooming, my home and all of the treasures within it. I'm not sure that I ever looked at a teacup or saucer and saw such detail and beauty in it." ~ Dena

Thank You Grace!

  • "I would like to let you know what a joy it is to wake up each morning and read your delightful blog. I always feel as if you are speaking directly to me. Since I was diagnosed with an immune disease a year ago I wanted only to read positive and very inspiring blogs and your blog was the first I found. I think maybe the good Lord meant for me to find your blog and since then it has been nothing but smiles all around. I have tried very hard to stay positive about this disease and very up beat. I know that there is no cure and I have accepted this, but reading things with a positive message and filled with so much love helps. This is where you come in and I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and to let you know how very much you and Miss Maggie are loved." ~ Grace

Thank You Francesca!

  • "Oh my! I have just stepped into heaven. A nostalgic, magic, getaway place where folk love one another and life is sweet. Kim, you will probably never know just how many hearts you have touched with your site. " ~ Francesca

Thank You Kathy!

  • "I visited my friends with their tasteful beige homes and sometimes questioned if there was anyone else in this world who loved the things I did. Then I found Daisy Cottage and a whole community of other women who shop the side of the road, paint their furniture fun colors, and aren't afraid to fill their homes with touches of whimsy and fun. What a relief! We aren't alone! I'm not alone. Thanks for all your inspiration and for confidently sharing your home and the idea that we can have fun with our decorating. I never get tired of visiting here Kim." ~ Kathy

Thank you Rue!

  • "That hankie is like you and your blog Kim. In the middle of all of the other beautiful hankies, it's the one that stands out and makes you feel at home." ~ Rue

Thank You Jeanette!

  • "Sigh.... between your music, red and yellow mellow feeling and wonderful writing I just feel so calm. What would I do without you in the morning with my cup of coffee." ~ Jeanette

Thank You Lenna!

  • "My eyes have been opened to a world I never knew existed. Such vibrant creativity, such caring community: it literally takes my breath away. After so much loneliness and isolation it is overwhelming to me that such a world even exists. In time I hope to be able to fill my garden of life with lovely, loving friends instead of the weeds of loneliness. Until that time lace tablecloths will come out of storage, music and lovely scents will fill the air of this home. And I shall visit the Daisy Cottage when I feel despair raise its dark, obscuring head, for I know from experience, that it is ever lurking behind that next bout of pain and weakness. Your kind and generous response has strengthened my resolve, you have helped me more than you will ever know, my new-found friend." ~ Lenna

Thank You Rose!

  • "What I love best about Daisy Cottage is Kim. I love the way you appreciate every good thing in life and embrace joy in every moment." ~ Rose

Thank You Lisa!

  • "Here's how I can best describe into words how your blog made me feel. You know when you wake up in the morning and there's an early morning thunderstorm and every room in your house is as dark as night? Then, the rain and thunder stop and the sun comes shining through all the windows and you just know it's going to be a beautiful, sunshine day? Well, that's how finding Dear Daisy Cottage made me feel. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Kim. You blessed my day and may God do the same for you." ~ Lisa B.

Thank you Pamela!

  • "I am so touched by your words and photographs. Whether in happy or sad times, you inspire my heart and soul. We all need each other's light and you offer us that dose of sunshine." ~ Pamela

Thank you Joy!

  • "Your blog has helped me start to see the beauty in life again." ~ Joy

Thank You Anne!

  • "Thank you for your wonderful blog. I have been "lurking" but had to share with you how much you have helped me embrace the fun of decorating. I came to your blog looking for pictures to inspire me as I redecorate my house with cottage style. Today I was so tangled up in doing it "right" that it was really depressing me. I visited your blog again for some fresh ideas and came away realizing that there is no "right." Just me being me and enjoying my home! I am laying here in bed with tears in my eyes - tears of happiness that it is okay to be me and let that shine through in my house and what I wear and what I make with my hands. You are God's gift to me today and I thank Him and you." ~ Anne

Thank You Tracy!

  • "Your words and thoughts of encouragement help me see myself with value. You are a blessing. Thank you." ~ Tracy

Thank you Karen!

  • "Your humble spirit has not changed through your many posts here in Blogland. You have been blessed with a special gift and I am very thankful you share it with us." ~ Karen

Thank You Betty Jo!

  • "You truly inspire me to do whatever I can in my own little nest. I've always been an artistic dreamer, but you've enlarged my dreams with your way of seeing." ~ Betty Jo
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