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July 26, 2009



I have been to that shop, could have stayed the entire day, but hubby was with me and doesn't feel the love like I do, browsing......Don't you just love that town and I always try to figure out all of the places they used to film the movie Doc Hollywood. Everytime I go, I want to watch the movie all over again.....hugs....Susan


Just the name of that soap makes me want one! I'll be it smells heavenly! What a darling shop! I've never been to Micanopy but have seen the sign for it in my travels. Looks like I missed out!
I love the books you found too. They are perfect for Daisy Cottage!
Hope you have a wonderful day Kim! Tell Miss Maggie that Nugget is sleeping on the back of my sofa and I'm sure he is dreaming about her!


Oh my! That shop is wonderful Kim!! I loved the giant pocket watch in the window, the branch covered chandeliers, that gorgeous dress in the window and so many other things!

Oh and you KNOW I would love to win! You always have the most perfect giveaways :)

Love you,

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio & The Comforts of Home

I love Micanopy! We try to stop there once a year when we are driving to Naples. It is such a charming little town. Love the books you found. I wouldlove to be entered in your giveaway Kim!

Did you happen to go by a really colorful house (blue and fuschia) and see the mosaic heart sign on the fence I created?


What a beautiful shop! I wish I was there right now. I have to admit that while I was "browsing" the store through your photos and listening to "Stranger on the Shore," I actually felt like I was there right now! Thank you for that :)

Nicole M.

What a sweet little shop! It looks like there's something for almost everybody in there.

I've been trying to think of places that would suit my cross-stitch creations, and learning about what kinds of people I need to market to, and this shop looks like the type of place I need to find close-by!

I love the pictures you take!


Oh Kim, I just LOVE shops like this! Thank you for sharing you day with us! My husband just came up to me and asked about your Cottage....he thinks it's pretty too! Have a wonderful Weekend and I would love to be entered into your thoughtful drawing!
Lisa~ A Cottage To Me


How I wish I can just park myself in that store and just BREATHE in the wonderful scents! That's not possible right now, which is ok as the pics are a close second to being there. Love 'em!



Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful trips. A long soak in a hot tub with wonderful scented soap, and a candle flickering nearby, is such luxury.

Have a very happy day,



Another lovely little stop along the way in your adventures..... What pretty things~ every turn must bring a new set of eye candy. I especially love the twig covered chandy! Thanks for the little tour, Kim. hugs, Sue

Kelley W

I would love to win! What beautiful things they have.


I live close to Micanopy and never even knew that show existed. I can't wait to go by and check it out myself.


*Sigh* So beautiful! Thank you for sharing :)

Marla McKinney

Kim, I love Micanopy, it's only a few miles away for me, I live in Gainesville. Looks like you all had a great time and as usual you capured the "magic" in your photos. Look forward to seeing more. Marla


Love Love Love these photos. What a great place to spend an afternoon. Heck, I could just stare at the exposed brick wall all day. Yup, I'm pretty pathetic. LOL.

I could almost smell those soaps...

Have a blessed Sunday.


Thanks for taking me there visually if not physically. Love the pics and would love to win!cindy

Sami Melton

Micanopy looks so charming! I love those shops that just take your breathe away with delicious smells of candles, soaps, even the smell of the silk flowers, old wood... delicious! I sure love your blog and stop by often - you are so talented at all things decor and have such an awesome eye for it! And what a great story teller - I enjoy your blog a ton! The Lady of the House


Hi Kim,
I remember that wonderful shop. We have stayed at the beautiful bed and breakfast there. A slower lifestyle for sure but a beautiful one.
Thanks for sharing it and stirring up some wonderful memories.
PS...Saw you in Tara's new book. How nice is that!!!


I love stores like that. I could spend all day in there.


Oh~ what a wonderful store! And so packed with beautiful things. It does my heart good to see it. So many of the darling shops in my area are going out of business. Happy to see one thriving!


What a beautiful store. The french soaps look heavenly! Thanks for sharing.

Sharon Andress

I have been to Micanopy but not that shop---thank you for sharing with us. All the toile is wonderful and the chandeliers just to die for!Wish i was closer and could visit the shop often.


Good Morning Kim,

What a pretty store! Thank you for taking me with you this morning.



Such a lovely shop and thank you for sharing all the wonderful photos with us. The brick walls are such a beautiful background for all the pretties in the shop.


Fabulous store! Thanks for sharing.



Thanks for all those lovely pictures, Kim.


This is a beautiful site you have here. Thanks for taking us along and sharing all the wonderful things you experience and do.

Michele from PA

MJ Smith

Kim - You are just too sweet! I love the birdie candle!! Also, remember when you shared pics of your time in Savannah and the shop pics you shared from Vintage General? Well, I ended up "shopping via your pics" and called Liz and got a couple of really cute things!! Thanks so much for taking me "shopping" with you!


Nancy M.

Well... that was some fantastic browsing. The topper was that last photo. The brick shops, the beautiful trees with the hanging moss, the sidewalk that takes you down the street to the bench to sit on in the shade and take it all in. Ahhhh. Peace!
Thank you Kim and Lori,
Now where to?
Nancy M.

Leslie Willmann

Gorgeous shop. I am the process of opening my own and would love for it to be as beautiful. Thanks for sharing! Leslie

Becky G.

Sounds like you had a lovely day! We've been 'near' Micanopy on the interstate - the road signs, you know, but never stopped in town. Maybe next time I can talk hubby into a little side trip!

Count me in for the goodies, please! Becky


OHHHH! I feel the way about Micanopy and Cross Creek that you do about Savannah. I LOVE that area of Florida!! Beautiful pictures of the shop! We plan on going to Paynes Prarie at Christmas and will make a trip to Micanopy/Cross Creek then. Your pictures have made me eager to get there again...... as soon as possible!!!!


Sorry.....I forgot to leave web site address on my post!
Blessings! Cindy


Wow, Kim. I just love when you go shopping for us! I'd love to have the soap -- scrub and bubble up! And, the candle -- I love candles and a candle with a bird on it would make my day! I love birds, too. Three of my favorite things and from you, really would make my day! Thanks for thinking of us (the happy daisy crew)!!!!!


Tina in Duluth

Micanopy is one of our favorite spots! I'm glad you got to enjoy it. Take your husband back sometime and stay in a bed and breakfast. There are some good restaurants in the area and Cross Creek is a very interesting place.


So lovely...great photos..felt like I was in the shop with you..thanks for the chance to win the gifts..


I'm back from my mini bloggy break and catching up, today. Loved the shopping trip, Kim. I truly "need" the green bench!!!

Eileen T @ Star's Fault

What a beautiful space. One would want to linger forever. i especially love the washed brick wall, tall beadboard ceilings and big/tall windows on the front of the shop. Incredible.

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault


We LOVE Micanopy and have stayed several times at the Herlong Mansion B & B. (Never saw the ghost though!)We've been in the old bookstore too. Last week I found an old copy of the Cross Creek Cookbook at a thrift and it reminded me of Micanopy. Such a beautiful, quiet little town, thanks for the visit and I look forward to seeing more.

Randee Willmore

What a beautiful shop and such goodies. Thanks for sharing.

Randee in Houston


i wish I had a shop like that near my home. I would probably spend too much time and money there though...You take great pictures


Thank you for a little blessing yet again. You bring a smile to my day and I thank you for it!


Another beautiful small town on the other coast. I didn't realize that small town civilization still existed. And . . having just been over there, I see that it does. I love it. Have a great week and I can almost smell the French soap now!!! Blessings, Jan


Sigh. I love that shop and I'm sure I could browse for hours. I'd love to win your giveaway items, Kim! Thank you for taking me along on your shopping trip!


I have been going to go to Micanopy for years now. Never made it til now, thanks to your visit. I wanted go in the antique shops. I love the flowers in the chandelier, what a clever idea! Thanks, Kim!!

Brenda Kula

I see many, many special things I'd like to buy! That bird candle is precious, by the way. Must treat ourselves when we go into a store. I don't like to leave empty-handed.


What a lovely shop. Beautiful. I had a wonderful time browsing. So glad you were willing to take all of us along.

Janet K

What a sweet giveaway!! I will have to go there someday. You always take us to the best places! Thanks as always for sharing. HTH Janet


Thanks for sharing...I only wish I could have gone with you...this shop looks amazing. And another great, count me in!!

Jennifer Jones

Glad you had a great time. Your photos are always stunning.

Jenn J


Now is that not the most darling shop! I loved the aprons and all the lovely papers.

Suzen Larsen King

Kim, I want to go there!! Buy everything!! Get inspiring ideas!! Yes!! Oh, by the way, where exactly is it?? Thanks so much for the vicarious living assist. Suzen XO

Lynn Cliburn

Oh Kim...what a perfect shop to get lost in, just surrounded by beautiful things,lovely scents...
I will have to add that to another 'place to visit' when I go back home to Tampa!
That dress with the exquisite bow and bustle..oh, and the delicate sheer canopy, the ribbons,candles....What a wonderful giveaway, too!!How fun...I along with all the other ladies would just love,love,love to win it!!
Your photos are just absolutely amazing~~Thanks so much for the lovely jaunt to Micanopy!


A fabulous tour. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Leslie Anne

Kim, what a wonderful blog! The colors! The colors! I love it all! And an awesome giveaway as well - it just doesn't get any better than this, does it? I'm having so much fun looking around your blog - ummm, do you want to trade houses or something? LOL, I want to skip all the trouble & just have a wonderful house like I see in your photos! I guess a good place to start would be to follow you around shopping! Leslie Anne

P.S. The forsythia branches mixed in with the chandelier arms is so pretty - makes me homesick!


I'm not shure whether I't left with only two pieces of soap and two candles.... thank you for sharing the transatlantic screen-shopping (or virtual window-shopping)! Eliane from Ireland


Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pictures of places that I will probably never get to visit... I love your style and your photos... your blog inspires me to make my home "me" and create my own style... thanks for all you do... for some reason I thought you would have bought the little pillow with the crown.. It would be wonderful in your little cottage... although, I saw a lot of other things that would look wonderful in your home as well as mine...


Thank you for letting me browse with you.


Oh I love Micanopy! Havent been in forever :)

Shelly T.

What a lovely shop, and the candle and soap look wonderful!


Oooh, Kim,
How lovely browsing through Dakota Mercantile. I absolutely loved it! I could spend a long time in there. A place like that is no place to be in a hurry! The soap and birdie candle is sooo pretty. And you know I would love to be the lucky winner. Who ever the lucky winner, she is in for such a treat.
Thank you for sharing.
Love & Hugs,


What a pretty shop! Wish I could visit with you.....sign me up for your giveaway pretty please!


How gorgeous! I wish I could have been there. I'll have to plan a trip soon. :)


You always show us the best places, Kim!

I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I love the music on your blog- so much so, in fact, that I sometimes leave your page open with it playing while I check on the rest of my blogroll! I particularly love the Green Gables music. I just adore that Anne-girl, don't you?


i felt like I was in wonderland in this post. I have made your blog my homepage. So much more fun to look at than the stinky news pages! The music also starts my day off in a dreamy way!


You find the best little shops on earth! I love your bird candle and I can just imagine how beautiful scented the soap is. I would just love to win them!

Laura P.

What a wonderful store! I have a good friend who lives in Micanopy - I'll have to ask her if she's discovered this little treasure!

Love it all... thanks for taking us along! Smiles!

Cass at That Old House

Thank you for taking us shopping in such a charming store. How beautiful.... I would love to OWN a place like that -- imagine spending your working hours surrounded by such things.

Bet it smells good, too. :-)

Thanks again for a charming and fun post!


Gorgeous shop. I loved it when visited on Valentine's Day. If only we had a money tree in the back yard. Loved the aprons - maybe I can convince my husband to go back soon. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Delaine Gabriel

Oh Kim...I haven't been to Micanopy in several years, and it looks like they have made some big improvements!! I will be going there soon!! Thanks for the peek.



That was fun. The virtual stroll through the shop was so nice along with the music on your site. Btw, I enjoy the music so much on your site that my husband bought me an Acker Bilk CD!

Have a beautiful Sunday evening!


I love your pictures! You always take great angles and looks!! please add me into your giveaway!! I am making a list of the shops you visit so when I head down your way I can go to ALLLLLL of them!!


Thanks for taking us all shopping with you! I love the unique chandeliers, beautiful!

I would love to win the soap and candle.


Josephine Tale Pedder

Stunning shop! I love the exposed brickwork and those curtains! I bet they were happy to meet you too Kim! xx


Thanks for the lovely tour of the shop, Kim.


Felt like I was right there with ya!

Thanks for posting this wonderful tour.



Hope you had a beautiful time away!!
Valerie + Madigan


Just Heavenly!!!

 sheri howard

I loved the street the shop was fun!

Monica Epperson

Hi Kim,
Thanks for taking me to Micnopy. I visit your blog daily and love of my favorites. I always go to St. Augustine in the spring and can't wait to take a day trip to Micanopy. If you will please enter my name in your drawing. I loved the bird candle.
Have a great trip and keep us updated.
Your Hoosier Friend and Fan,


It looks like a lovely shoppe, and I would be delighted to win the soap or candle!
Thank you for the opportunity!

Mrs. Dunbar

You are always so thoughtful with your readers. I could spend hours in that place...

marcy chapman

I visited Micanopy years ago to tour the Marjorie Kennan Rawlings home. Oh, it was
delightful to see the area that inspired her wonderful writings. There were no really good shops there then like
the one on your tour. Must try to go again. No posts from me for a long time - dear husband in hospital for 6 weeks. Tomorrow we hope for discharge and the "keys" on this computer can start flying again.
You are such a bright spot in the atmosphere. Hugs, Marcy

Fay Marie

Thanks Kim,
What a lovely place to shop. I can see myself finding lots of things to bring home from there. Thanks for a chance to win your lovely gift. I can smell that soap from here.

Fay Marie

Alison Gibbs

Kim thanks for taking us shoppng with you and Lori. Such fun and so many treasures


Dear Kim,
That shop looks amazing. Thanks for sharing your day with us and thanks for the chance to win such a nice gift.

I look forward to your next post.



Beautiful shop, enjoy your blog so much Kim.


At the risk of sounding like a Loosiana dork......where the hell is Micanopy??!!!!!

That shop is fabulous....I've GOT to go!!


Never Mind.......! (said in Gilda Radner of SNL speak) I looked it up.

I WILL be there soon!!


Wow! What eye candy! I didn't see anything that I didn't like. I especially love the brick walls. The aprons are lovely. And all the painted hutches are beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.


Kim, I love all the shops you have visited of late. I mean it, if my husband and I ever ever move, we are moving to the south...that is my kind of place. You always do such a beautiful job showing us such beautiful things. Thanks for taking us along! Cyndi

Shelly Smiles

Your site is always soooo lovely! Everytime I visit your site I am inspired to create something lovely in my home and at my office. Thank you for being an inspiration!


I had to come out of Lurkdome to tell you how great it was to see your photo's. I moved to SC from Gainesville, FL over 2 years ago. With Micanopy just 20 minutes away I found myself there often. Strolling in and out of shops, browsing used books, and eating yummy chicken salad sandwiches under the shade of giant oaks! Great memories. Glad you enjoyed your visit and I look forward to reading more about it.


Lots of cute stuff in that store. I sure would like to have that blue tassle. :)

Please enter me in the drawing.



Oh what a wonderful place! Thank you so much for sharing!!


Karen W

What a wonderful shop Kim! Thanks for sharing! =]


I'm so inspired by creative spaces like this. I'm so happy to see that this one is within driving distance of my little suburban home.


what a beautiful shop. i would love to be entered in your giveaway. thank you so much.


I am a UF grad and have been to Micanopy many times. I am so excited to be moving back to FL next month. My sister still lives in Gainesville. I have a great excuse to go back and revist Micanopy!

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