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July 23, 2009


Richele Drummond


Peaches are incredible, and for me they are second only to apples. I can eat an 'apple a day, easily'. Lucky for me I live in Washington State and that may just have something to do with my affection for apples.

Richele @ Studio D


My favorite fruit is definitely mangoes. I grew up with a mango tree in our backyard, and I love them.

And, we always had citrus trees, but I don't like tangerines. I don't know why, but they just don't appeal to me. Give me a grapefruit, orange, lemon or lime any day, but please don't give me a tangerine. (And, my mother loves tangerines.)

Gretchen Gerg

I love the fresh peaches we get here in South Carolina. I'm just a fruit girl. I love them all and could make a meal out of fruit.



Oh dear....that is a difficult question as there are so many beautiful tasting fruits to choose from! I can tell you the one fruit that I do not like though; papaya!....errgh! x


I can't think of any fruit i don't like, maybe pomegranates, they are beautiful but just too hard to eat. My faves? Fresh peaches, sweet black cherries and, um, pears:>)


What beautiful pictures of peaches. I love the color of them. If I had to pick a favorite fruit I would probably pick peaches, you can do so much with them. I love peaches and blueberries together. Peach/blueberry cobbler is amazing!!

If any of you have a Trader Joe's near you they have had some of the tastiest ones I have had this season.


Lovely post.....lovely peaches. Yummmmm is right, but I have to say I never tried cuddling a peach. *giggles*

The Blue Ridge Gal


Just picked some peaches myself last weekend.
I adore fruit. I wish I liked veggies as much.
But, my the one fruit I cannot enjoy (no matter how I try) is a
grapefruit. Just cannot do it. Wish I could though.


YUM! Your photos are wonderful! I have a nice big peach sitting on my kitchen counter right now! Think I'll have it for breakfast!

Becky G.

Oh, delicious! Peaches are one my favorites too, and of late I've become addicted to frozen raspberries! That dish of peaches you shared with us, just top it with a few frozen raspberries and it will change the whole look and taste of the dish! I also love strawberries and blueberries and fresh pineapple - yum!

As for my least favorite - I cannot, will not eat a banana! Just smelling a very ripe banana makes the gag reflex kick in - awful, awful things! Yuck!

Have a great day - I'm off to look for yard sale and estate sale listings for tomorrows outing! B.




I love strawberries - I could eat them every day. Now the ones that I hate - - will not eat them, hate everthing about them. Melon...I say they are not a fruit, but I think I'm the only one that feels that way. I hate when they put melon in a fruit cup, fruit is fruit, not melon.


I love peaches and I can them and pears every year. I love all fruits but yes I so have one that I just don't like and that's strawberries. I know everybody loves them but I really don't like them.


oh my, a girl after my own heart.
We lived in Michigan for 15 years a long time ago.
Peaches are abundant and mouth watering!!!
I need to get over to the nearest roadside stand and get some TODAY!!!

p.s. did you get my most recent email???

Bobbie Lynn

Peaches are very good but my favorite fruit would have to be oranges then in second it is a toss up between watermelon or the mango. I can never get enough of them when they are in season.

I just saw your doll house posting and Wow! It is adorable. Now I want a dollhouse. Just need to find a place for one. Have a great day.


Love apples, bananas, really ripe pears, apricots -- sorry, I can't stand fresh peaches.

I checked out your six weird things -- I totally agree with the freeway driving -- I used to drive all over Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Phoenix -- now I get sweaty palms just thinking about driving in all that traffic. My little town of 15,000 is just the right size!!

Have a great day --



Hi Kim,

I can't think of a fruit I don't like though I didn't care much for cantelope when I was little (love it now). Those pictures make me want a peach! OH and Ditto on the Prince thing ;)



Now my mouth is watering! I can't think of a single fruit that I don't like. I love them all.


Kim, I am with you peaches are so beautiful. I am in love with Rainer cherries this time of yer too. I hope you will check out my new blog, You may remember a comment from recently, my name is Marla, I am also in Florida. I need advice on this blogging world, so if you have any for me I would appreciate. So far I have one lonely follower, how do I get myself recognized? Thanks for you sweet posts, I love each and everyone of them, they brighten my day.


Blackberries and strawberries... without a doubt!


I like most fruits...peaches and banana's are probably my fav. I tried mango once and didn't really care for it. Apples are good, especially in Dutch Apple Pie form!


Hi, Kim!
The peaches look DE-Lishhh! I love fresh peaches. But I can not think of a fruit that I do not like. When bing cherries or black cherries are in season, they are my favorites. But I like them all, I guess. Pears, oh, yes! (I saw how you feel about them.) I think they are pretty and I like to eat them fresh just like I do apples.
Love & Hugs,
PS I see why you love Ethel. Do you still have her?


I love all fruit except ....GRAPEFRUIT. My favorites right now are blackberries and blueberries. I love cherries but don't like them cooked in things, weird huh?

Rachel Going

Yum Yum Yum. I LOVE peaches too. Fresh ones warm from the summer sun! But then I just enjoy about any kind of fruit, but peaches probably top the list.

Thank you for your sweet comments about Melody. Please drop by and read about our final gifts. xo rachel


A very neat post, Kim, I'm sure your peaches are so sweet. I do love the those. Some we get in the stores are just not that good. I love blueberries. And I can't eat much grapefruit now, though I do like it.

Cass at That Old House

Love peaches, love all fruit really -- although cherries are a bit of a pain in the neck, but worth it.

So now you've got "Really love your peaches, want to shake your tree...." running through my head.

Oh dear.


I'm Julia

Kim, I'm not a huge fan of yellow, but you make it feel like a big dose of sunshine! I think that's why I come here... to grab a little sun. The subject is fruit? I have a different favorite every year. This year it's grapes... they're so sweet this season. Pleasant day!

Cheri Peoplesc

I think peaches are beautiful...

As far as a fruit I do not like-I can't think of one.

I would be honored if you came for a visit.

Come by for my GIVE-A-WAY this week by 10 pm Fri.
and then check out our newest addition.



i love sweet fresh cheeries - they are good for my arthritis! i also love cantaloupe and watermelon - and apples with a bit of peanut butter is great for the afternoon "downs"..i could go on - gosh maybe i like all fruits!!! well - all that i've tried..there must be so fruits in the jungle that i haven't eaten so dont know if i like those or not!! :^)


Kim, I will happily give you ever peach and pear in this world. All other fruit has to be mine. See, I can share. :-)


Oh My.....I am laughing so hard right now with peach juice dripping from my laughing lips!!!! I HAD JUST BITTEN INTO A BIG OL' PEACH, JUST LIKE THE PIC YOU POSTED, RIGHT WHEN YOUR SITE OPENED!!!! Still laughing while cleaning up my chin and my shirt..hahahahaha!
Thanks for the smiles this morning. As usual, your words and images have brightened my day!!


PEARS! I do love pears. I love just about all fruits, except Bananas. I hate the texture and I just now figured out that the big thing for me is fruit should be juicy and refreshing, Bananas are not. My husband buys them, they turn brown, then I make Banana bread. he he


Hi Kim, I love Rhubarb. I was fortunate to be reading blogs the day I came across Rhubarb coffee cake and now I make it for everything (one of those church desserts that everyone says, don't bring it unless you bring the recipe -- you know the kind). As for fruit I do not like -- None yet, but don't offer me sardines :-) Love & Blessings, Jan


Oh yum! I love peaches, especially fresh ones. My favorite fruit...all of them. But if I had to pick just one, it would probably be mangoes...then watermelon, cherries, kiwi, everything out there. I eat a ton of fruit everyday.

Beautiful pics!

Twice Remembered Cottage

LOVE me some peaches, too! Hmm, my favorite? Strawberries! Sweet and juicy!

Least favorite? I'm not a melon kind of girl, so cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew - they're out the bottom my list.


Kim: You really need to come out here and visit in the summer if you can stand the heat. There are acres and acres of peaches all over and I drive by them all the time when I go into Modesto (where Becky is!). The local Farmer's Market is awash in them. Pure peach bliss!!!


Kim, those are some gorgeous photos!

Let's see fruit I don't like... none. I have never met a fruit I didn't like. I don't like some of the things that are done to fruit, but the fruits themselves are all welcome on my plate. ;-)

Which ones do I like best? THE best is pineapple... freshly cut from Publix.

I also like organic blueberries, watermelon (which Mr. Magpie has learned to eat... he hated the texture growing up), cantelopes (not only are the pretty, they just have that great smell and are so yummy!), Granny Smith apples (tart and GREEN!), and I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

When I was little I practically o-ded on peaches and plums. But I agree with you, peaches just appeal to all the senses.

And I like figs... dried and in preserves.

Does this qualify???


Sheila :-)


I have to say I love peaches as well, but mangoes are my favorite. Of the berry variety I love cherries the most. Actually, I love them all! :)
Great pictures!!


Kristen Smith

Yum, I'm so jealous.

I love just about every fruit. I guess watermelon is my favorite and grapefruit my least favorite.



What pretty pictures! I love all fruit, but bananas are my most favorite. My least favorite has to be kiwi -- it's a texture thing I'm sure, but I pass on kiwi's.


Hi Kim,

I have been following your blog for the last few months and absolutely love it. I have never been brave enough to leave a comment yet, but I am so glad I found it. You inspired me to paint my kitchen yellow. I was going to paint it, but wasn't sure exactly what color to do it in UNTIL I found you. I am so happy with it. Thank you.

As for my favorite fruit -- I am a raw foodist (I eat at least 75% of my foods raw) and so I love them all! I eat lots of bananas, Gala apples, pears, berries particularly. I do love peaches and nectarines too. I just kind of shy away from them at time - and plums, because it is so common to buy them and they are sour - but I DO love them when they are sweet. Oh, and I also love melons - canteloupe, watermelon... and the list goes on and on. :)



Pears are my favorite fruit and peaches are my least's the skin...beautiful, but fuzzy. I have texture issues...sigh.


You and I have reversed preferences. :D


Hey Kim! Just found your blog yesterday....spent some time at the bookstore and found Tara's book and there you were!!! Love, love, love your little cottage. I'm guessing you live in or near Tampa (my hometown for 20 years or so....) I live in St. Louis now, but I recognize the spanish moss and all the sunshine! Just wanted to shout out and say hi! You have a new friend in blog land :) I was in Tampa last week for my 30th high school reunion (Chamberlain '79)....good to be "home" again visiting old friends, even if just for the weekend.

PS my sister's name is Jill too!


I love peaches, and my favorite dessert is peach cobbler. I make it for myself instead of a birthday cake -- my birthday is in August, so that works! But I guess my favorite fruit are bananas. BTW,I decorated 2 scarves for katillac shack, and put daisy trim on one in honor of Maggie! My dog Dante was pictured wearing his scarf on the katillac blog.

Mary Lou

Hi, Kim!
I love just about every fruit, and would much rather eat fruit than veggies. In fact, this time of year I serve fruit with dinner most nights because it's so easy. Anyway, peaches are my all time favorite. So much so, that even one of the guys at my hubby's office who lives in the peach growing area in our part of VA has standing orders this time of year to get them for me when he can.
I would have to say I don't prefer cherries, but I think it's because they just don't seem as sweet as I remember when I was younger. Although, I love the way they look.
Mary Lou

Nancy M.

Oh now your talking. Peaches have been great this year. I love them with cereal in the morning and peach pie for desert. I love fruits of all kinds. Besides the peach I love pear, kiwi, all berries, banana, citrus, plum, nectarine, pineapple, melons, grapes, cherries and tomato(they are a fruit). Did I leave many out. I know I have. There are many exotic fruits to mention all provided to us by a loving heavenly Father; all so sweet and beautiful to eat. I would love to walk out my door and pick peaches. I guess I should plant a tree.
Beautiful peach photos Kim.
Hugs,Nancy M.

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Just peachy! I love peaches, too! There isn't a fruit I don't like!
Gorgeous photos!!



english strawberries which is a problem when you are the other side of the world from them!


oh, btw...favorite fruit has to be plums....right off of the tree in my backyard in California when I was little! :-)


I am SO craving peaches now! hee! hee! Gorgeous shots! My fav is grapes along with my wine and cheese. :) Have a lovely weekend! XO,Jenn


I think my favorite is whatever is in season and bursting with juice.

My not favorite? kiwi or maybe guava


I love, love white peaches, more than the regular peach. Not as easy to get. ??

Least favorite..I guess kiwi.


I love most fruits. I do like pears, although they're kinda gritty. I don't particularly like canning pears either. I love bananas and kiwi, & grapes. Marionberries make great cakes, blueberries, gosh tons are good. Little wild blackberries make the best pies, but they're hard to find. I like fresh fruits, but I like seeing them in the jars, too! Karen

Jessica Jensen

Those peaches reminded me to eat the ones I have left in the fridge! Yummy!

My favorite fruit would have to be strawberries. You can never go wrong dipping them in cool whip or chocolate.

My least favorite would have to be grapefruit. YUCK!


Mangos and peaches are my delicious favorites and possibly kiwi too. Actually I like most fruits. California peaches are the best. I don't care too much for figs

Esther Sunday

The fruit of my loin, Midge, of course!

Goin' camping for a week. No Daisy Cottage for a week - I pity Artie, as it will be no laughing matter.

Cheerio for now!


Beautiful peaches, Kim!!

That second picture looks nearly scandalous!

I don't know if I could pick a favorite fruit. I adore so many of them. Veggies, however... I could do without those.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I see that you feel pretty strongly about pears! I actually like all fruit, but if I had to choose my least favorite, it would probably be cherries. My absolute favorite fruit is blueberries! I especially love eating them frozen, on a hot summer day!


What mouth watering peaches!! They look like they would be yummy in home made ice cream!
Pears are probably my least favorite.


Mouthwatering peaches ...I think I'm a bit hungry now! I would have to say my favorite fruit is cantaloupe! It's so sweet and juicy! My second favorite is possibly all types of fruit. Right now I have nectarines, cantaloupe, bananas, and apples. We love any type of fruit any time of day! I'm preparing to get ready to make my favorite Zucchini/Blueberry Bread. The garden is starting to begin is bounty of zucchini. This is one recipe I make using the abundance of garden zucchini. I'll be sharing the recipe very soon on my blog. It's the best tasting bread around! Enjoy your peaches!

Donna at Mourning Dove Cottage

I LOVE peaches too! Nectarines come in a close second. I really can't think of any fruit I don't like.



Oh so of the treats that Summer brings us! Cherries are another favorite of mine...all so good. I hope you have lots of fun on your shopping adventure!

Love to you Kim,

Crystal Sparks

YUMMY! I have been on a peach kick and your pictures have sent me running for anther one! You are amazing girl! Blessings on you and your day!


I totally agree! But they HAVE to be GEORGIA peaches, not California!

I think peaches are my favorite, with watermelon right behind.

carol hall

i am a real vegan( i am coming back in my "next life ) as a rabbit !lol! but getting back to favorite fruits ..i must admit apples would be ! especially in apple betty ...yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmy !i guess that's why i am shaped like an apple!lol!hope every -one enjoys the lusious fruits of the summer and has a very lovely summer !


I love how you photographed these peaches! So bright and colorful!!!

Lynn Cliburn

Hi Kim~~
Those peaches are gorgeous! I do love them so and they are one of my favs for sure! Love fresh sliced peaches,blueberries and banana for breakfast.
LOVE your blog...I was born i Jacksonville and raised in Tampa and we moved up here to Georgia in 1995...Love your Daisy Cottage!!


Good morning Kim :)

I remember reading that list when I first found your blog! Prince is a favorite of mine too :)

Let's see... I love peaches, nectarines and figs although, sadly I can't find them in Ohio. I dislike raw bananas, kiwi and that weird star fruit.



I love all fruit. I can't think of one I could live without


I grew up all around peach orchards, it is definately a good sweet juicy peach that gets my all-time favorite vote, with strawberries a close second.

My mouth is watering from the photos you took of your snack. YUM!!!!


This post and its pictures has made me hungry! What a shame we don't have gorgeous peaches like that in Indiana...hope you enjoyed yours!

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