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July 06, 2009



My favorite place to visit.............YOUR HOUSE cause it makes me smile.

Sara at Be Still and Know

kim....this is such a fun giveaway!! thank you :) :) 3 of my favorite places! a recent fave of mine to shop has been bought a really cute dress there that i wore for our family pictures...they even sent free earrings :)

MJ Smith

Hi Kim: What a fun, fun giveaway!!! You are just too sweet! Guess what? After seeing your pics of Vintage General, I called Liz and purchased a couple things from her. What a great shop! I so wish I could visit in person.



I LOVE that teacup! So cute!


You seem to be surrounded with wonderful stores. What a great and generous giveaway!!! The place I go and like to peek is not the most charming, nor that exiting really, but every now and then there is something that wows me and I can't believe that I found it at the local Job Lot.


Kim you always pick the sweetest things. Please enter me. Oh and my favorite place to visit is Branson, MO. Have a wonderful day!


Your pictures are always breathtaking. Coincidentally, Savannah and Tybee are two of my very favorite places to go!

Thanks for such an awesome "Just Because" giveaway. Sure hope I win.


Thank you for posting some of my best reading! I love Savannah too! I haven't been in a while but I have the best memories from trips there. I love to ramble through the shops and wander along the streets. Thank you for your wonderful giveaways you share with your readers!


Hey Kim,

I would LOVE to win, pls enter my name...what CUTE things !!!

Hubby and I are drawn to Key West, we try to get down there each winter.

Another fave spot is Newport RI...also Rockport MA, BERMUDA for an anniv. one year...I'd say we love the ocean :)

Have a nice week...

Kathy :)


Oh goodness... you find the cutest things....and your cottage is amazing!... my favorite place to visit ,and i cant get enough of is Walt Disney world theme parks. ill always be a kid at heart.


What wonderful treasures. You have inspired me to plan a trip to Savannah very soon. I have never been!


Oh Kim add me too!!! You are such a blessing!! I must say if I had to pick a favorite place to shop it would be Anthropolgie - it is so full of color and fun!!! I like to buy small gifts there.

Sasha k

Love The Apron and tea cup!
I also am a heart girl guess they could call us the queens of hearts! :)
Once again miss kim amazing finds!


I have never been to Savannah, it's good to have a "personal shopper". What a sweet give away. I just visited a website that really touched me, won't you visit it to, it is about war memorials.


Fun giveaway! I think the teacup is adorable.
I can't think of a favorite town to visit. As far as shopping, my all time favorite place to shop and visit is Goodwill! Any Goodwill, it's so much fun to look for goodies and find treasures!


I love your sweet, relaxing blog...I'm so glad I found you


What a sweet bunch of lovliness you're giving away here! Somebody is going to be really happy. I've never been to Savannah. I'd love to go.


What FUN and Beautiful things! My Favorite place to visit is Lake Chelan, WA. I have been going there for family vacations for 25 years and always have such a fun time visiting all the little shops with my Mom. We are headed back in 2 weeks...can't wait!


You are terribly sweet to find such lovely treasures and to share them with us! I am sure glad I found your blog. It puts a smile on my face each and every time I visit.

Becky from Tennessee

Kim, I don't have a blog but I visit you
daily and would like to be included in
your wonderful give-away. I love every-
thing in it. My husband has been to
Savannah several times with his business
and I LOVE it! Vintage General was my
favorite place to browse. My husband
and I even did the tourist thing and
stood in line to eat at Paula's Lady and
Sons Restaurant....she even had collards
at her buffet. I was in HEAVEN!! LOL
Probably my favorite place to shop
would be right here in Franklin. The
store is Yarrow Acres and it has all
kinds of gardening items and decorations.
It also has antiques mixed in with all
the other wonderful goodies. Love it!
I hope you will include me in your
"Just Because" give-away.


Such lovely things! I'd be happy to even win just one of them. :0) Blessings, Katy


What fantastic finds Kim! I wish I could have visited Savannah too! Until then I will have to settle for my favorite antique shops on Jackson Street,


Oh my! What wonderful things! So "Daisy Cottage". I'll keep my fingers crossed. It is so sweet of you to bring back something to give away from your trip.

Amy A.

I have only recently found your site and now I visit it nearly every day! I love seeing the photos of your home and treasures that you find. Thank you for the inspiration! A great place to visit is the Nashville Fairgrounds Flea Market, held once a month.

Missy K

How beautiful! You have helped me relive a trip my husband and I took to Savannah several years ago, and made me want to return! What lovely things!


good morning. one of my favorite places to visit is a restaurant in Ashland Oregon called Morning Glory. here's the link to it:
if you "enter" the site you'll see pics of this wonderful restaurant.
thank you for a chance to win some of your lovely items..

Debbie Auld

Found you through Flickr. I love your photos and your blog. :-)

My favorite place to visit is the beach in the evenings. The hubby and the kids play in the water while I lay a quilt on the sand. I spread my crochet notions all around me and crochet while taking in the beautiful sea air and the scenery.


Wow, that's some amazing giveaway...all my favorite colors and things...polka dots, rick-rack, aprons...oh, my! We don't have a lot of neat places around here...but, I would have to say my favorite place to visit when I can is the Rose Bowl flea market. Other than that I am a frequent Goodwill/Salvation army shopper. Takes a lot of visits and searching but once in awhile I find something cool. And, of course I love visiting my favorite blogs such as yours! (argh, can't wait for my computer to get fixed as it's so hard to see the blogs and type on my iPhone with one finger.)


OMG!!!!!! Look at all that wonderful color!! I just love red and yellow!! That gingham is tooo cute. I'd love to win!!! Love it!!! Thanks for doing a wonderful give away!!

I'm Julia

What beautiful, sweet things! You're so generous, Kim :-) I enjoy your blog so much.

My favorite places... geographically speaking, Bermuda, Cayman Kai, & my sweet mama's house. Blogosphere-wise, oh my, that's too hard. There are just too many to choose a fav. Shopping? I love little boutiques & shops, but nothing beats finding a treasure on the curb... thrift stores run a close second, but something tossed away, something I know I can bring to life... I guess my favorite place to shop is other people's trash, LOL!

Have a peaceful, happy day :-)

Susan J.

I was in Savannah in May and missed all the great stores you found. I one place I lid love there was Mrs Wilke's Boarding House. I had the best meal of my life there. After eating there Paula Deen's tasted like McDonalds.

Kristen Smith

Please enter me in your lovely giveaway.

I like to visit any small town. There's a place called Glendale, KY not too far away that is wonderful.

Kristen Smith
[email protected]


Thank you for always thinking of us, while you are shopping....that is so sweet of you! If you are ever in San Luis Obispo, CA you must check out one of my favorite stores. It is called The Nest


Hi Kim - please enter me in your generous giveaway. My favorite place to visit right now would be on the California coast (preferably Carmel) - love the weather!
[email protected]


You always have the best giveaways. My favorite place to visit is Cape Cod. It is only 3 hours from my home in CT but is so much more laid back and beachy. Just a relaxing fun place to be and very family friendly too.


Kim your blog is the best. It has inspired me to "cottage" my own house. The items in the give away are awesome. You are an inspiration, your attitude is amazing. It's a pleasure to read your blog.


My husband and I love to go to new places. We got married two years ago and we went to Williamsburg VA. I still think that is my favorite place to visit. We both just love history. If something has a story behind it I just love it. I love all the beautiful things that you found. They really inspire me. I love the colors, Yellow is my favorite, and red is close behind. Thanks for sharing.


These give a ways are lovely. I like to visit Shipshewanna Indiana. It is a small town, village where the Amish live. Beautiful colors and fabrics to enjoy.
Thanks for a chance to win. =)


Hello Kim! I really enjoyed your 'Savannah Series' and would love to visit there. I don't really have just ONE favourite place to visit because I enjoy every place I go ~ New Orleans, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Paris, Rome, Venice, Florence. Our next place to visit will be San Francisco and I am very much looking forward to that trip!


Yes Ma'am, Please enter me name into your Just Because drawing!
I would be thrilled to win!
My favorite place to visit is antique shops! love 'em!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I would love to visit your area some day. I'm a west coaster though and my favorite place to visit is the California coast and San Francisco!


Thanks for making me smile on a Monday morning. Your pictures are so bright and cheery. Have a great week.

Dawn Gahan

Thanks for such a lovely giveaway!

My most favorite — but, alas, no more — was Lakewood Antiques Market in Atlanta. Girlfriends would meet up there and make a day of shopping, gabbing, eating and loving the atmosphere. So sad when it closed.

And, of course, Goodwill can give us such great finds.

The Gahan Girls


What a pretty it all! Savannah is on my list of favorite places.


I know that there's not much of a chance of me winning your little (huge?!) giveaway but I would love it if I did! Those things have my heartstrings all over them!

My favorite place to visit? Daisy Cottage, Shabby Scraps, The Feathered Nest and All Sorts blogs! You can always find a wonderful antique mall nearby, but it is a real treasure to visit kindred spirits that fill your day and sometimes week with inspiration, creativity and sunshine! Thanks for being such a sunny spot, Kim!

Heather Clark

What a sweet giveaway! Thank you for your kind spirit.
My favorite place to visit is Washington D.C. I just love being surrounded by all the history. I told my husband this week that one day I want to be there on the 4th of July.


You are such a sweetheart! I adore your style!! My husband was standing nearby the other day when I was peeking in on your blog and he loved your house. favorite place to visit would probably be Ocracoke Island, NC. I also LOVE New England. Please enter me in your "just because" giveaway...I'd love to have a little piece of Daisy Cottage at my house for inspiration.


Thank you for the Monday Morning Sunshine!


Please enter me....I love all the things you shopped for, as always in such exquisite taste....

I love to visit with my family..the town of Carpenteria, CA.....lots of homes remind me of yours....


Hi Kim!!!!
Oh, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me!!!!!! Please!!! YOU are my favorite place to visit and Southern Hospitality is my 2nd favorite. I have soooo many places I visit everyday and lots of them come from your blog candy (thanks for sharing) Thank you so much for your wonderful blog. It brightens my day so much. I love love love the things you have picked out for the giveaway! I would love to take them off of your hands and pretty up my little house with them! Take care!
~Angie~ =D


These are such cute items.

My favorite place to visit - my own backyard.

Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Caryn C.

Oh how sweet! I love to visit Flagstaff AZ. Just a few hours away from Phoenix, it's a place with 4 seasons, snow (!), and lovely small town charm. And really good coffee. ;)


Hi Kim,
This is such a wonderful give away.
You make gorgeous pictures, it's always a pleasure to visit your blog!
I'm living in the Netherlands so I don't know if I can join the give way wannabees too.

a big hug from the Netherlands,

Melissa Brackenbury

Hi Kim,
I love the yellow checks.. so happy.


You're beautiful pictures of Savannah have inspired my dear Hubby and I to visit. I've started writing down all the places to see and things to do. Thank you for sharing this wonderful place with us. If not for you, we may never have found it or began to dream about it :)

Debbie Vierkant

Oh, everything looks so yummy! I have so many favorite place to visit that it's hard to just pick one but I guess I would say Steamboat Springs CO since that is where my daughter and son in law live. The town is so cute and has lots of great shops and loads and things to do. I hope you pick my name, PLEASE, hehee!!!


My favorite place to visit; Ogunquit Beach, Maine. My twin sister and I stayed in a beautiful little bed and breakfast near Perkins Cove and walked the Marginal Way. We sipped espresso at our favorite place, Cafe Preggo that sits up above all the local foot and auto traffic. I long to return there soon with my sister who lives in Houston.

Mrs. Mordecai

I love visiting northern Michigan; it's so green and peaceful. On the web, i enjoy


I sure hope I win. Lots of goodies!

I love visiting Duh in Pensacola. They have so much eye candy and I can always find something wonderful.

Happy Monday Kim!


Hi Kim, what a great giveaway...I am so blessed I don't need to win anything and would love it if you actually picked my post to give it to someone else. I wanted to say I love to visit...blogs...yours in particular! I don't have to drive anywhere, I can visit whenever I want...with my favorite cup of coffee, in my favorite p.j.'s. What could be better? It's always fun, always therapeutic, cheers me up, gives me ideas! And the friends made along the way: priceless! I love it.
Have a beautiful day!

Jeanette Carlstrom

I am a big fan of San Francisco and all it has to offer. Living so close I can just take the train and stroll around looking for anything my heart desires. I also love to visit Daisy Cottage. For some reason lately I seem to buy things in red and yellow :). Hope your 4th was everything you wanted it to be. Hug Maggie.


All that cuteness!! Savannah is definitely one of my favorites. I'd add Austin (some great vintage-ness there) and Kansas City for great vintage/thrift shopping as well.



I love your blog! I think it has to be my favorite place to visit! I love the color, strolls, and fun places to visit so much. I can't forget Maggie as she is so adorable!


Ooh, I love all these sweet things! you're a love Kim! My favorite place to visit? I guess florida where my BFF moved. I'm going there in a month!

Milli Wagoner

what a fabulous giveaway! I really love visiting your blog! Always so happy and colorful! As far as shops go, I love antique shops and flea markets and of course Anthropologie! Hope you have a wonderful week!
Milli (sashagirl on flickr)


How fun! I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now (my mom introduced me!), and haven't commented yet. But I'd love to be entered in this delightfully cheery giveaway! :)

I think my favorite place to go is some of the older, rural towns in western Virginia--towards the Shenandoah Valley. I live far, far south of there now, but have so many fond memories of antiquing trips out that way! I always managed to be inspired and find something exciting. ;)

claudette flanigan

So many pretty things! I love your blog...writings and pictures! My favorite place to visit lately is a local consignment shop. I just found a Talbots purse that was just like new for $8.00. And they have such pretty household things. I also love shopping at Home Goods. Thanks for the giveaway.
[email protected]


Your give away is like Christmas! My favorite place to visit is Fairhope, AL. I would love to sit by the bay and drink hot coffee from that cute coffee cup! Love everything in your give away! Lori


What a great giveaway! I haven't been to Savannah in years, but your visit makes me want to go back soon. Savannah and Charleston,SC are two of my all time favorite places in the world!!!

Rochelle Gaukel

Hi Kim, I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE visiting your blog! Also, one of my other places I LOVE to visit is an antique store called Ruthie B's in Springfield, Oregon. It is an antique store/tea house which is so adorable.

Joy Hall

It is so refreshing to visit your blog.... like a weekend getaway.

Please enter me in your giveaway.

Thanks for sharing your delightful world!


Well, we just left the Gatlinburg, TN area and it was so wonderful. I want to go to Savannah SO SO SO badly but for a while I will just have to look at your blog and maybe win this awesome prize until I can go there myself. Love ya Kim! Your blog is the best!


Your giveaways just get better every time. I would so love to win that adorable teacup and all the other lovelies that go along with it. Thank you!! I have never been to Savannah, but it is now on my list of places I must visit SOMEDAY!!!


What a wonderful giveaway--you're so generous. I'm redoing my kitchen--installing tongue and groove, and chair railing, to get it more cottagey (I have a 1911 bungalow.) These lovelies would look great in my kitchen!!! My fave place would be Santa Barbara. Beautiful and great vintage shopping, too.


Love the red heart and cup! After all, my blog is named Heart Choices.

I love your photos. They are always so colorful and I have a feeling they are just like you!


You have the best giveaways! The cup, apron, dish and that precious little birdie in cage are calling my name lol. Even if I don't win, thanks for sharing your treasures from Savannah.

I haven't had the opportunity to visit Savannah (yet) but its always been my dream destination because of the historical homes, antique and thrift shops, and the ghost stories!!

My fav place to visit is Coronado, California. It's beautiful, quaint and home of the famous Hotel Del Coronado.



Oh, look at the cuteness, Kim! And when I saw that bluebird (magpies love bluebirds) roll past, I thought I would throw my name in the hat, too. That yellow check apron is the cutest thing EVAH! :-)

And my favorite place to visit is Charleston. My favorite place to live is St. Augustine. But I love to shop all over! ;-)

Thanks for a shot at winning. A friend of mine told me she was going to win a giveaway that we had recently for a group I belong to, that she ALWAYS wins, and lo and behold, she did! I've been very blessed to have won some neat drawings, so I'm just going to say, I'm going to win yours, too! LOL! If I don't, that's okay because I'm always happy for whoever does win.


Sheila :-)


I just found your blog...and what a cute blog at that! I too have a giveaway this week. Be sure to check it out.
My favorite place to visit would have to be: The bookstore. Silly yes i know, but i have a love for words. Getting lost in stories and the silence around you is peaceful. Especially when you're trying to escape your daily life for a few hours. Thanks for the opportunity to win


Ohhh- what loveliness!!
Savannah is great like that. I do love visiting there. As well, New Orleans can be very enchanting.
I'm so glad you had fun on your trip and have come back sharing with us.


What a fabulous giveaway....please enter me in your drawing.

May I compliment your's so wonderful!!


What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for offering it!
My favorite place is Walt Disney World and now that I have grandbabies to take I love it even more!


Dear Kim....Your giveaways are the BEST! Your so generous & kind sweets! Coming to your blog always makes me smile:)
I have been to Savannah & I loved it!
My favorite place is closer to home....
Eureka Springs Ark. We got married there in an old B&B decorated in Victorian charm! I love it & we go at least once a year...its a charming place:)


Kim! Love the just beacuse giveaway just because I love visiting your blog! Thanks for offer those lovely gifts! Have a great day!


Kim, you always know how to put together the prettiest things even when shopping for others! That little cup is the prettiest thing I've seen in a long time! And I've seen lots of pretty things - ya know! Such a sweet cup - love the little flower by the handle.

You make me want to move to Florida and decorate my own pretty little cottage there. However, I'm afraid I'd wilt in the heat and humidity. Even if I was originally from AZ! I'm trying to figure out how to do a road trip to Savannah now, but it's gonna be a long one all the way from WA state! I love to travel so anywhere new is where I'd love to visit. Have never been to the East Coast (other than Miami) so that's where I'd mostly like to go!

Have a VERY happy week, Kim!


You pick the cutest things to share with everyone. My favorite place for items like you find is a place called Morgan House. It is across the river from the Columbus Zoo. When I drop my daughter off for her volunteer shift, I often stop there to shop.


HI! Boy, I sure could use a little something pleasant in my life right about now! My favorite place to visit is right here in Wisconsin. It's Door County! Sort of like a bit of New England. I love it there, and The White Gull Inn has the best breakfast ever!!!!


Oh! Beautiful! My favorite place to visit is Main Street! I live in Mesa, AZ and there are so many cute shops...Like Domestic Bliss!!..that are just backed with fun items and good inspiration!


What a sweet giveaway. I haven't found a place where I live now. Well had one but it shut down. But you sure do make me miss georgia. Hugs and Love

Ann Corbett

Hi...What a great giveaway!!! My husband is active duty I seem to visit alot of places...My hometown of Plant City one,,New Bern N.C. SWANSBORO, one...Charleston S.C...I love all southern towns actually..



I adore Tybee Island, my dear friend lives there and I am so envious!!


Too cute! I'd love to win!! Yes, I'm an everyday reader but not sure if I ever posted! I'm so busy loving your blog....!
So, where is my favorite place to visit? Probably the NEXT place I go! I find wonderful things everywhere!


Kim, you are so generous! all these things look just like you
i love to visit just about anywhere, its always fun to see new things and the old stuff too :). far from home, i do love disneyland though


I really like all your special goodies! My favorite place to visit is the ocean especially in South Carolina at Hilton Head. I love the smells, the sights, the sunsets, sunrises, the people, and especially the food!


Such a cheerful collection! I love the sunny yellow apron! One of my favorite little shops is Gadsden Variety & Deli (formerly Nelson's). It is an old time southern variety store on Broad Street.


HI kim!!! My favorite place to visit is San Francisco!!! But I love to travel... no matter where! Thank you for your pictures... I love them all :D


Love your blog, so pretty and fun, Im from Northern Calif. and my favorite place to go is Ft. Bragg Ca. we have been going most summers for 15 years, same beach house. now we have family reunions there..its right next to Mendocino ca which has the most wonderful little much fun..


What a fun giveaway!! Thanks for including me in the drawing.

My favorite place to shop----any really great flea market or antique show--just like the one coming up this Saturday in our town of Independence, Missouri. It's called the Bingham-Waggoner Antique Sale and features vendors spread around the grounds of the victorian Bingham-Waggoner Estate. It's wonderful! I always find lots of great items.


Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread`

Hi Kim, I loved all of the Savannah "eye candy". I think the city should give you a free visit because you have inspired so many of US to visit. My favorite place to go these days is to see my daughter in Northern Virginia. We recently discovered Luckett's Store in Leesburg, VA. What a treat any day of the week but their monthly design house is divine! Thanks for another sweet giveaway. ~Kathy

Mary Ahearn

Hi Kim- I love your blog,love of color, and spirit of kindness and cheer that you send out over the 'net! Wonderful pictures! As for shopping- Skippack Village here in good old PA. There's a great little garden center called Floral & Hardy,the Butler's Pantry,and many other shops and restaurants. You would love it! And yes,yes-please enter me in the give away. Thanks for your wonderful blog.

Debra Cripps

Kim, your pictures are wonderful. Makes me wish I had my own Daisy Cottage!

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