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June 19, 2009



Good morning, Kim -
Oh, I've been wanting a copy of 'Gone With The Wind' and I'll keep looking. I'm so glad you finally have it among your treasured books.

I understand the joy of dusting favorite things. It's a privilege when you love the things you have and a chance to hold them and treasure them a bit more than ever before.

My least favorite task is cleaning my bathrooms but I'm so thankful to have a home - and bathrooms - that I focus on how wonderful they look, smell and 'feel' when I'm finished. It spurs me on toward the goal. Getting it done!


Fur catching is my least favorite chore too. Four cats and two dogs (one shed free thank goodness) makes for lots of fur. But it is all part and parcel of loving animals. I would gladly swiffer up a mountain of fur for them!

Becky G.

My least favorite task is washing dishes, but since I love to cook, and if the dishes don't get washed, I can't cook - or eat the food I cook, well, it has to be done! But I do love the feeling when I leave a clean kitchen after dinner at night. Dishwasher running, of course! Becky G.

Bobbi Jo Nichols

I am the opposite of you. I don't care for dusting and I enjoy vacuuming. I also don't like dust and I am allergic to it so it gets done often. One thing I have found to help me out is to have on my iPod and just go to work. The music makes the home blessings much more enjoyable. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


You're right Kim! I love dustying all my beloved little things. It is actually a great "therapy". Have a great day!


My least favorite is making the beds. I used to whine and whine about how many beds I've made...wah! Then I thought of my mother in law, she had RA and couldnt do anything. I think about how much she would love to make the bed..and now it's not so bad.

Lavender Dreams

My least favorite is polishing furniture with lemon oil. I try to do that to my wood furniture about every 2 weeks and I don't like to feel the oil on my skin so I use gloves. Mostly....I love doing housework! lol

debbie ragan



Seriously? You dust every week? I guess dusting must be my least favorite because I was just writing some reminder notes to myself in the dust on the coffee table this morning...better go dust:>)

tammy hebert

Good on the book. That is my favorite and I have a great old copy but also a new copy. I can't read old copies of books the mold makes me break out in a rash. Anywho,
least favorite chore? hmmm I have 4 kids remember so lots of chores. I'd have to say my least favorite chore is cleaning bathrooms but have since handed that off to the two older boys to do. So, next would be laundry. Not that it bothers me to wash it, unload it, fold it and put it away but with about 3 loads a day - it just gets monotonous. But I am thankful for my 4 kids and will probably miss the day I dont have all that laundry as the house will be so quiet and lonely.


Aw...Marley. Blessing for sure. :)

My least favorite chores is cleaning the bathroom. Dusting is actually my favorite but most time consuming - because I drag it out by rearranging and redecorating every time I pick something up. haha It's an addiction, I tell ya!

TGIF! Enjoy the weekend!


the older i get, ALL housework is a bore! BUT it does need to get done, and I do do it, but not as if it was the only thing in my life to do. Specifically, mopping the tile floors has to be the bane of my existence! After I am done, and the TILE looks great, it is that GROUT that will be the death of me yet! And I REFUSE to get on my hands and knees with a toothbrush(as my mother did!)- it is only a floor and at that point- it HAS to be clean- after all, I JUST MOPPED IT! How do I make it more enjoyable? I made myself a playlist on my iPOD that was inspired by what I call the "Daisy Cottage" soundtrack (even called the playlist "Daisy Cottage")(and by the way, since you mentioned those songs were your Dad's favorites, I think of you, your Dad and of course mine, and that is a good thing)--- the fav songs you have listed here and I plug in and zone out. OR I call a long distance friend and yak on the phone with an earpiece in, so I have both hands free to clean. I have actually done that and was so busy talking I didn't realize both bathrooms were done while I absentmindedly chatted! And with all that, I will sign off- because today is Friday and it is cleaning day! I have a Moon River date with my mop!


Kim, you are too good. I admit that I don't dust every week.

Vacuuming is my least favorite chore, and I turned it into a blessing by hiring someone to do it for me. She is a blessing to me. ;-)


Morning Kim, I'm with you, I don't mind dusting - I dislike cleaning out the fridge. All those little containers of mystery stuff....Ewww! I don't know why I save those tidbits.....Robyn

Nicole Greene

cleaning the commode - but I LOVE to see it all white and sparkly afterwards - I like to do it right before I get into the shower.


oh my...I guess it changes...but your attitude is the right one...having a thankful spirit for the ability and being able to even have our possessions..we are blessed and have no right to complain...I guess my biggest downfall at the moment is the past months I have paid my sister to come and can see it on some past blog posts...when my fibromyalgia is flaring...the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak....
great post


Good morning Kim.........Im here to hover and snoop again. My LEAST favorite thing to do is taking clothes out of the dryer. I saw one lady say the same thing and here I thought I was the only one with this weird fettish.... I have a problem with dog hair too with the resident bassett hound here. She should be bald by now. As for dusting I admit I could do better. When one of my boys come to visit he will write on top of the television. DUST ME. So that gives you some idea. I have a friend who does not have one kick knack on tables or pictures on the walls as they will get dusty. Believe me her house has no character.Talk later, got to vacuum...........JAN

Ann in TN

I hate dusting, but not as much as cleaning the bathroom. UGH!!!


I'm honestly not too crazy about housework of any form - I'd much rather be outside playing in the dirt, or inside sewing. :) The secret is to get myself in the right mood and just do it! As you said, it helps a lot to be thankful, too, for all those things that must be maintained.


Having a problem coming up with this one. Working, I hated housework, but any time in my life I've ever not been working and now (retired), housework is not a bad thing. What is a bad thing is when the washing machine quits working and you have to rinse in the bathtub, when the refrigerator quits and you have to get ice to save some of the food, or the electrical company doesn't stop slamming you so that it's necessary to purchase a new refrigerator, a new PC or take the black box to Comcast (who fortunately asks no questions in understanding FPL) . . . well, putting up with the things that make a household a bit unbearable is all I can think of that I absolutely hate putting up with. Blessings, Jan


Anything to do with floors. Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming... all are shamefully infrequent in my house. I don't really mind any of the other stuff, but I'd gladly pay someone to come in and do my floors every week. Because that's the *only* way they're getting done every week! :)

Fay Marie

Hi Kim,

My least fovourite thing is cleaning bathrooms. Second least is ironing. HELP!

Fay Marie

Kelly~Rose Vine Cottage

I would have to say my never ending pile of laundry, just when I think aaahhhh its done someone always comes in with more and the dog hair is also a never ending chore in my home but I love the little furballs, I also wonder how Tucker can loose so much hair and not be bald??


I love dusting my things. It's vacuuming the stairs that gets me. Oh, and shampooing those stairs is even worse than vacuuming them! You have made me THINK so much more about my home and what I love about it. I love MY home and I love visiting Daisy Cottage for inspiration!

 sheri howard

After reading all your comments and thinking about what I don't like to do, I guess dusting is it...however I DO LOVE to IRON! So that is good right?


Hi Kim,
I hate cleaning out a closet that has gotten the best of me...meaning with 6 children it has once again become a huge MESS, and so it's time to organize it again! Love, Cyndi

Kimberly C.

Hi Kim,
My least favorite thing to do around the house is cleaning the bathrooms and then dealing or not dealing with the many things around here that have no home. I can't put them away because there is no place to put them. I don't like that.

I like laundry and washing dishes though!


It's a toss up between washing windows and folding laundry.

Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss

My favorite household chore is vacuuming. Having all the vacuum marks (and no footprints) in the freshly vacuumed carpet satisfies some of my borderline obsessive/compulsive tendencies. LOL! Least favorite chore would be a tie between mopping and hanging clothes from the dryer.

Marley has such a sweet face. :) I have a great tip to help control the dog hair. A "Furminator" dog brush. They are pricey...almost $50 for the medium size in the pet stores but I got mine from eBay for $22 (including shipping). I truly didn't think one brush would be any different than another but it is unbelievable how much hair (and undercoat) that brush pulls out! With 2 German Shepherds and a cat, I needed to vacuum every day. If I use this brush on them regularly, I only need to vacuum 1 or 2 times per week now! I highly recommend the Furminator! (Oh! I think I just gave myself an idea for a blog post! LOL!)


I LOVE how you see the good and the blessings in life, your attitude is all about love, Kim!
Okay, least favorite-- ironing, by far!! Can't stand it, can't find a way to be happy doing it. So I found a wonderful dry cleaners the next town over. So I bless the owners with my business and my happy face when I drop off all those hubbys' work shirts-- hee, hee :)
Love you Kim,


Oh yes, I hate vacuuming, too. Or maybe it's all the picking up and straightening up before I can vacuum...

Nope, it's the vacuuming! ;)

LOVE your beautiful still-life photos, Kim!!!



Oh Kim...I am very serious when I ask if I can come live with you!! ;-)
I despise DISHES, love to cook but the work of getting everything squeeky clean...esh!
I LOVE TO IRON*****EVERYTHING, pillows cases included!!


I don't like ironing, so I always have clothes piled on the ironing board. When my husband has no shirts left then I am forced to iron :)
((hugs)) Rhondi


I'm with you, I dust once a week and actually enjoy it. Gives me sometime to tweek the knick nacks. My least favorite chore is laundry. It just never ends.
I am recovering from surgery and one of the things I can't do is vaccum. It's hard to believe but that is the thing I miss the most. Of course hubby doesn't see the dirt that I do so his once a week is just not cutting it. Only a few more weeks than that vaccum is all mine!


Ironing has to be my least favorite. I had to do the ironing when I was a young girl when my Mom got sick. That was before permanent press, when we had to sprinkle the shirts, roll them up and put them under a towel to relax the wrinkles. I did my best but my Dad realized it was too much for me and hired a neighbor to iron until Mom was well.
An unfortunate accident ended my need to iron my husband's dress shirts for work. We dropped the hot iron on the carpet and melted the carpet. He decided it was time to take his shirts to the cleaners to be done. Not such a bad accident after all. Yay for me. No more dress shirts to starch and iron. I just bought a steamer online. I hope it gets here soon. I'm hoping it will ease the other ironing.

Suzan Dahlenburg

Hello Kim,
My least favorite thing is cleaning the windows. The birds have been busy doing a number on them, and Obie(red dachaund) loves to stick his nose on the window when he is rabbit hunting.


Laundry....thankfully we have clothes, but UUUUGGGGHHHHH!!! Ironing and folding and hanging! Yipes!


I do not like to clean the microwave. I feel I just can't get it clean enough. Glad I have one to zap my coffee when it's cold and the kids can heat up dinner from the night before:) I just love your blog. I am a new blogger and I am having a first post giveaway and would love to have you and all who would like stop by and visit:)


it's funny, but I honestly don't mind housework at all- I am truly blessed to live in my dream home.....and everytime I am cleaning it I thank God I have it to clean.

I am getting more tired as I get older, but still feel that deep sense of awe when I take notice of my collections of things, and m y years of getting it "just so." However I do have one particular chore I loathe with so much passion I only do it when it is waaay past time to do it. I abhorr cleaning the refridgerator. I don't normally have old things in it, we cook often and keep it stocked fresh, but the sticky jam or juice rings, the bending, the cold of it all- oh I hate it hate it hate it, haha.

The last two times I hired my youngest daughter to do it- she loves to deep clean, so I have been using her and rewarding her nicely for doing stuff I hate to do. Another great blessing~!

What am I doing on this pc when that dirty fridge needs some attention? YUCK, but guilt is insisting I get it done now. Maybe. Sigh.

Kristen Smith

Cleaning the potty, hands down. I have 3 sons who can't hit the goal. They are a blessing I just wish they had better aim :).


My least favorite task is cleaning up the clutter and crumbs left by my husband -- all over the house. But then he looks at this 72-year-old woman and says, "Hello, Gorgeous" and I realize how incredibly lucky I am to have him. We both lost our first spouses several years ago -- both very quickly and with no warning. We met about a year and a half later -- neither of us ever thought we'd fall in love again, but we did and it's marvelous. I'm grateful for every day we have together, and cleaning clutter and crumbs really isn't so bad!!!

Life is beautiful.



Well i do not like to clean the bathroom, and clean up the "coughs" of the cats but I love my cats so..what the heck I would rather be junk shop and flea market shopping..have a great weekend..


My least favourite chore is cleaning the cat litter... and there's absolutely no way you can turn that into a blessing!

I don't mind dusting, vacuuming, or washing the floors. Even laundry is okay. Because I love a clean, orderly house (even though it's not always that way).

But that cat box... yuck!


Hi Kim. Love your creative questions!

I enjoy ironing and "tidying" the house. Just got wood floors last summer and the furballs are driving me insane. There are so many steps to clean a wood floor, first a broom, then the swiffer and then damp mop!

I love my furry babies though and would be miserable without them.


Scrubbing the bathtub. I hate it! I'd rather clean 100 toilets than clean one bathtub. My ex husband used to clean it for me. That was one thing I liked about him, haha.


Ohhhh, what a lovely post! I'm always tidying up ...always putting things in their place! I think picking up the doggie toys is a constant battle; but then again I could not live without my furry friends. But as you say ...tidying, picking up, dusting and mopping; all a sweet blessing!


I love organizing and getting rid of things, so closets I enjoy. It's funny how one person's nightmare is another's pleasure. I really dread sweeping and mopping the wood floors in my house. I don't have animals in my house, but human hair can really do a number on the house too.

Tammy in Louisville

Hi Kim -
LOVE your blog but more than anything, your great SPIRIT! I so look forward to reading your posts! I, too, love to dust - I enjoy the eye candy and all the rearranging I inevitably do each week during this chore. But, I gotta say....scouring the bathroom just sucks! Will never like it, no how, no way! Also hate to fold laundry now. Oddly, I loved it when I had babies. I used to love to smell and fluff and fold and look at all those adorable little clothes!

Alauar Parrish

Hello Kim; I love your attitude about cleaning, finding a blessing in doing the chore you don't like... So mine is my two bathrooms, actually I have a bath and a half. Which I am so very grateful for, so I put in my Zune and listen to some lovely music and I am done before I know it, I love to dust and vacuum, I have to have a clean home, I am a very picky person about that....



It would have to be Dishes that I dislike the most, and its a shame because I love to cook. Lucky for me my sweet hubby is quite good at it. Maybe some Fiesta ware is the remedy I need? I know I would love to do laundry if I had a washer and dryer, but alas its to the laundromat for me,I do get a lot of reading done while I am there though!What do I love? ummmm... Sorting Fabric!

SoBella Creations

I hate laundry!

Cindy Meguiar

Love the photos of your treasures! I HATE to vaccum! My border collie Fresca is the culprit, but I agree she is SO worth the trouble. I also love to dust, although I often forget what I am doing as I arrange and rearrange and rearrange...but I enjoy it. I turn my music up and dust away!
I have been so inspired by your blog and your photos. I visited a lovely old church this week over in Bluffton S.C. and I could just see the images of that beautiful building on a I took the plunge. I posted my first blog today!!! We'll see how it goes!


Hi Kim,

My least favorite has always been doing the folding after the laundry has been washed. I recently started using Gain, and I love the way it smells. This makes the chore so much more enjoyable:) Hey, come to think of was your post that made me try it ;) YOU are a blessing in so many ways.



Oh gosh... least favorite... toilets possibly. Or I really dont care for dusting, either!


I don't really like to clean at all! I do love how the house looks for the five minutes it stays clean though...
My evenings and weekend are precious to me and I'd rather do anything but clean house!
Glad the health inspector doesn't know where I live!!

Elaine Vermette

After dinner I carefully package up any leftovers and send them to rot in the refridgerator. Sometimes they will be remembered but more often they are forgotten. Rotten and forgotten. So our blessing is .....having enough. Thanks be to God my cup overfloweth.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio & The Comforts of Home

Hi Kim!
I love that you love dusting your favoriting things! It was sweet to see your birdhouse as one of the favorites :-).

My least favorite chore is ironing, so I hang everything up right out of the dryer and wait until I have to wear it to iron it.


I just bought a rubber hair groomer for my long-haired cat Tess, so that I wouldn't have to clean up any more of my other cat Puff's barfed-up hairballs, which he gets from grooming Tess. It's so darn cute to watch him doing it, but when I know what's coming in the next week or so, it kind of loses its So, the blessing here--the rubber groomer! :)


I don't like to vacuum. It hurts my wrists - wah. My husband is good about vacuuming. So, I'm very thankful to have a husband who helps me around the house!


I am really like a no chore girl LOL so I hate all of them! LOL But I suppose my least favorite would be laundry, I hate folding clothes I'm really bad at it haha

All the best,

Randee Willmore

I don't like to do the bathrooms. I don't mind dusting as I remember the history of each piece I pick up and it helps me to remember those who are no longer with me. Folding laundry has become a problem as of late because my Boxer Mary Kate like's to unfold the towels and redistribute the underware throughout the house. She doesn't chew any of it just moves it about. I 've offered her the opportunity to help fold and put up but so far she isn't interested. Oh well, I'm just thrilled to have her she is so dear and brings me alot of joy.

Alison Gibbs

Definitely cleaning 'bathrooms' is my least favourite chore.

A Romantic Porch

I love to clean my house and organize and throw away papers that are no longer necessary. I call cleaning house...playing house. My least favorite thing is putting the clean dishes away. Isn't that odd? I read all the way through these comments to see if anyone else felt like I do! I guess not! I don't have a dishwasher though, and so the kitchen looks cluttery if there are dishes in the drain board! So the blessing is a totally straight kitchen when the clean dishes are all put away! Rachel


I don't like to to dust the nic naks. You wouldn't want to look at mine too closely. Oh the Lab hair! I have enough to spin into yarn and make sweaters for all of Canada. Sigh.


Hi Kim,
I hate to say it, but my least favorite chore is dusting. I've tried to change my attitude but it hasn't worked. I have a dog and two cats and have to clean up dog hair everyday. You'd think that would be my least favorite!


Great attitude Kim! Lovely photos, as always.



I used to think my least likely chore would be to wash dishes by hand until we moved to our house in the country (with no room for a dishwasher).

Now I find I love the aroma of the lavender dish washing soap and I have a nice view of our backyard over the sink.

My least favorite household chore is folding and hanging up laundry in my son's room.

Josephine Tale Pedder

Two household chores I hate are picking up my own hair from around the bathroom floor and having to clean up after our gereatric dog when he has his accidents all the time! x


Right with you with the doggie fur...honestly, I'm shocked at how much comes off of him...he should be bald by now!

But, to tell you the truth...I don't like ANY household chores...because they're never "done."

My way of turning it around is to lower my expectations for a spotless home... and I remind myself that time is precious... creating memories is more the end, no one wishes that they would have had more time to make their house spotless.

Bobbie Lynn

I would have to say windows. I love clean windows but they do not stay clean too long. I wish I could get out there a do them more often. So I try at least once a year. I was just thinking on what day this week to do my windows too. Happy Weekend to you. Love your photos and I need to get rent the movie "Gone with the Wind" for my daughter to see. She is 22 years old and I think she would love it.


Hi Kim :)

Marley has such a sweet face. Our Fluffy (a lab) sheds so badly it looks like I never sweep at all an hour after I do LOL

I love dusting for the same reason you do, but the one chore I really dislike is laundry. Oh I know it's a blessing to have clothes to wash, but it never ends, especially with a 13 year old girl in the house. I know that you know what I mean ;)

Have a wonderful weekend sweet Kim. I loved having coffee with you this morning ;)

love you too,


I think that my least favorite chore is cleaning windows and mirrors. I've tried all different ways and even have a special cloth to avoid any lint. But there always seem to be a place I miss.

BTW, I love your blog. The music is wonderful and fits so well with your romantic theme. I am definitely a romantic too.


Just went grocery shopping and had to clean out the fridge before I could put everything away. YUCK! Definitely my LEAST FAVORITE thing. Cleaning the bathroom runs a close second, though. I'm glad to know so many of your readers share my same feelings. BUT - I am thankful to be able to have a home to clean and an income that affords me little luxuries like FOOD! Hahahahaha!

Pony Girl

I always love the photographs of your treasures! :)
Dusting is my biggest issue. I love to vacuum, but dusting, not so much. And that is tough when you are a packrat like me and have a lot of stuff to dust, and allergies that don't like the dust! :)


What do I hate? Well, I hate the dishes...and I have a wonderful husband who does them for me NEARLY every night! After that its putting AWAY the laundry.

I agree with you about dusting, I don't mind it either and it doesn't feel like a chore at all.


The chore I hate the most...putting the clean clothes away. All in different is just a pain. BUT, thankful I am able to still take care of my home myself!! So not so bad...

Laurie A.E.

Without a doubt, my least favorite thing is cleaning the bathroom. My cats' litterboxes are also in there (it's a small urban garden style condo), which makes it doubly unpleasant.

Which is why I pay somebody to do it for me! Seriously. The cats' boxes I do myself, but even with that I have to play some music very loudly and light a candle while I do it. It's like tricking my brain into looking elsewhere while I do the dirty deed.

Oh, by the way, the bird items are YUMMY. I think I recognize that little white duo in the top picture. Are they salt and pepper shakers from Target? I admired them for months and one day found the last pair on a clearance shelf, at which point they became mine once and for all.

Bluebirds of happiness 'round your day,


Ooooh, if I had your lovely things I wouldn't mind dusting either. But sadly I don't so I must say dusting is my least favorite right along with scrubbing the shower.

My favorite chore is vacuuming (I love the lines in the carpet afterwards) and folding laundry.


stopping by to say "hi" love the bird so pretty. hope you have a most lovely weekend.

The Decorated House

Favorite!? Oh that is funny. Sitting and looking and smelling a fresh clean house, after it is done!

Oh dog hair! Who knew a short hair little puppy could leave so much, too!

You know I LOVE this post. Goes way, way back. You can have ANY wonderful little thing you want in your house. And you can dust it, or NOT, whenever you want! But I'm happy to hear you like doing so.
Hugs, Donna

Patty in Kansas

Kim, God bless you, I love the way you think. One day I was crabby about having to carry in all the grocery bags, and then I remembered to thank God for the blessing of HAVING food to eat, and a sweet table to sit down and eat our meals on....and LEGS to carry me and the food up the steps! Love your blog, love you! Patty in Kansas


Eeewww! Mopping is my least favorite chore. I admit to "tricking" the kids into skate mopping (using wet cloths and letting them skate on them across the floor). They think it's fun for right now--so until the novelty wears off I have semi-mopped floors.

Gone With the Wind is my favorite book, too. I turned my niece onto it. She bought the book ad the movie. Then she bought the sequel, Scarlet,as a book and movie, too. I'm buying her the newest book Rhett Butler's People as a Christmas gift.


I would have to say, my least favorite chore is putting away laundry. I am short and it's hard to reach the closet bar so I stand on a toddler stool, but I'm thankful to have clothes and a place to put them.
Thanks for your wonderful attitude.


I abhor vacuuming & dusting! I don't like clutter so usually things are neat, just dusty! I adore your blog! I could just knock on the back door of your sweet yellow home, sit down on your granny couch & visit with you!

Lavender Dreams

I'm wishing you a wonderful week! I mentioned your blog and your home on my post this morning and just wanted to let you know!

Melissa S

laundry, laundry and laundry!
washing, drying, folding, putting away, ironing - you name it - my least favorite. If I could have hired help for ANYTHING, that is what it would be!


I don't like doing any housework and would rather create something or tend to my family,pets or friends. However, when I am cleaning like mad. Its usually because I am mad about something so I get it out of my system by cleaning and tossing stuff out!

The toughest chore for me is deciding which (if any) old magazines to give away or recycle. I hate to part with any of them!

The Cottage Girl

Renae Moore

I am blessed beyond measure to have a good back, two very capable hands and arms and strong legs to get me all over the house to clean whatever needs to be cleaned or polished!


I hate dusting. I am embarrassed to admit this but I probably dust once every 2 weeks. We live in the desert so the moment I dust, everything gets all dusty again.


I have 4 boys, so cleaning the bathroom around here is pretty unpleasant. I love the boys though, so it's worth it! Oh, and yes, they all take turns cleaning it too (although they don't do such a great job)


Hi Kim, it's been a long time since I write on your beautiful blog. I do have a baby now, she is 5 months old name Mia and she is adorable :) My 6 year old Cristian is loving having a baby sister around.
Anyway, my least favorite task is folding clothes. Hubby thought that after buying the washer/dryer of my dreams it was going to change but nope, so he is still the one that folds.
I LOVE cleaning my home, and I do it every single day. No, you dont have to wipe your eyes clean, you read correctly. I love it. Love a clean home. The front of my house and the back terrace and pool area is also cleaned on a daily basis. I am a very fast cleaner and since there is really nothing to clean it gets even faster. I have 3 curios and those I clean twice a year and it is time to clean it takes me a whole day because of all the things inside.
Anyway, thank you for your beautiful blog.
Hugs :)


Kim, when I read this blog, I cried. June 19 is when my little dog, Jack, died. He shed, too but, what I wouldn't give to sweep up his fur hairs, again.

joanne stefanacci

Oh my! Daisy Cottage makes me want to cry...beautiful and charming, bright and cheery, sweet and warm...all conveyed in one little photo. Loved stumbling across your blog. I am looking for inspiration...I am a true novice...keep up the good

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  • "I just discovered your blog and am blown away with the comfortable, almost nostalgic feel of it...almost like finding a long-lost friend after many years apart...somehow familiar, but all so exciting and new." ~ Jane

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  • "Kim, I love your blog. I so appreciate you sharing every day. I miss you when you're gone. Losing my dear sweet baby boy in Iraq has made me treasure life and those so dear to me. Reading your blog is such therapy for me. You have made me treasure the finer things in life that I use to overlook. Birds singing, flowers blooming, my home and all of the treasures within it. I'm not sure that I ever looked at a teacup or saucer and saw such detail and beauty in it." ~ Dena

Thank You Grace!

  • "I would like to let you know what a joy it is to wake up each morning and read your delightful blog. I always feel as if you are speaking directly to me. Since I was diagnosed with an immune disease a year ago I wanted only to read positive and very inspiring blogs and your blog was the first I found. I think maybe the good Lord meant for me to find your blog and since then it has been nothing but smiles all around. I have tried very hard to stay positive about this disease and very up beat. I know that there is no cure and I have accepted this, but reading things with a positive message and filled with so much love helps. This is where you come in and I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and to let you know how very much you and Miss Maggie are loved." ~ Grace

Thank You Francesca!

  • "Oh my! I have just stepped into heaven. A nostalgic, magic, getaway place where folk love one another and life is sweet. Kim, you will probably never know just how many hearts you have touched with your site. " ~ Francesca

Thank You Kathy!

  • "I visited my friends with their tasteful beige homes and sometimes questioned if there was anyone else in this world who loved the things I did. Then I found Daisy Cottage and a whole community of other women who shop the side of the road, paint their furniture fun colors, and aren't afraid to fill their homes with touches of whimsy and fun. What a relief! We aren't alone! I'm not alone. Thanks for all your inspiration and for confidently sharing your home and the idea that we can have fun with our decorating. I never get tired of visiting here Kim." ~ Kathy

Thank you Rue!

  • "That hankie is like you and your blog Kim. In the middle of all of the other beautiful hankies, it's the one that stands out and makes you feel at home." ~ Rue

Thank You Jeanette!

  • "Sigh.... between your music, red and yellow mellow feeling and wonderful writing I just feel so calm. What would I do without you in the morning with my cup of coffee." ~ Jeanette

Thank You Lenna!

  • "My eyes have been opened to a world I never knew existed. Such vibrant creativity, such caring community: it literally takes my breath away. After so much loneliness and isolation it is overwhelming to me that such a world even exists. In time I hope to be able to fill my garden of life with lovely, loving friends instead of the weeds of loneliness. Until that time lace tablecloths will come out of storage, music and lovely scents will fill the air of this home. And I shall visit the Daisy Cottage when I feel despair raise its dark, obscuring head, for I know from experience, that it is ever lurking behind that next bout of pain and weakness. Your kind and generous response has strengthened my resolve, you have helped me more than you will ever know, my new-found friend." ~ Lenna

Thank You Rose!

  • "What I love best about Daisy Cottage is Kim. I love the way you appreciate every good thing in life and embrace joy in every moment." ~ Rose

Thank You Lisa!

  • "Here's how I can best describe into words how your blog made me feel. You know when you wake up in the morning and there's an early morning thunderstorm and every room in your house is as dark as night? Then, the rain and thunder stop and the sun comes shining through all the windows and you just know it's going to be a beautiful, sunshine day? Well, that's how finding Dear Daisy Cottage made me feel. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Kim. You blessed my day and may God do the same for you." ~ Lisa B.

Thank you Pamela!

  • "I am so touched by your words and photographs. Whether in happy or sad times, you inspire my heart and soul. We all need each other's light and you offer us that dose of sunshine." ~ Pamela

Thank you Joy!

  • "Your blog has helped me start to see the beauty in life again." ~ Joy

Thank You Anne!

  • "Thank you for your wonderful blog. I have been "lurking" but had to share with you how much you have helped me embrace the fun of decorating. I came to your blog looking for pictures to inspire me as I redecorate my house with cottage style. Today I was so tangled up in doing it "right" that it was really depressing me. I visited your blog again for some fresh ideas and came away realizing that there is no "right." Just me being me and enjoying my home! I am laying here in bed with tears in my eyes - tears of happiness that it is okay to be me and let that shine through in my house and what I wear and what I make with my hands. You are God's gift to me today and I thank Him and you." ~ Anne

Thank You Tracy!

  • "Your words and thoughts of encouragement help me see myself with value. You are a blessing. Thank you." ~ Tracy

Thank you Karen!

  • "Your humble spirit has not changed through your many posts here in Blogland. You have been blessed with a special gift and I am very thankful you share it with us." ~ Karen

Thank You Betty Jo!

  • "You truly inspire me to do whatever I can in my own little nest. I've always been an artistic dreamer, but you've enlarged my dreams with your way of seeing." ~ Betty Jo
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