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June 09, 2009



Hi, Kim!
Up for us this summer-
redoing part of our patio
enjoy having our son home for the summer. He graduated this spring and starts grad school in the fall. He's home working and this might be the last summer. Bittersweet.
Our three doxies are 14 and a half! I think that's 98 in people years.....things are interesting around here. But we still have them and love their company.
Heading out for the shore for a quick weekend trip on Friday.
My niece's darling ballet recital! so sweet!
So far, that's it for summer. We've been going on vaca in the fall. We usually go down south (I'm in Pa.)
Love Daisy Cottage blog! You are such an inspiration.
xoxoxo, mary


I will be watching my kids playing in the water, reading lots of books, taking short road trips, and eating lots of ice cream and Popsicle's! =)


Love the red chair!!

I will be spending my summer with my baby girl, hopefully getting some sleep and showers, and taking a family vacation to a lake. :)


I am on my way to your house for Lemonade!!!

Roseny Crisp

Fico encantada com suas fotos.

I am delighted with their photos.


Leaving Friday for ten days in Staniel Cay, Exuma, Bahamas, home for a week, then back to the beaches of Perdido Key., Florida for two weeks for a big family vacation over the 4th of July. I totally love your blog, keeping up with your furry baby and checking out your garden happenings! Adoring all the red on your blog! ~Katy (

A Romantic Porch

Ah, trying to hold on to the moments and slow the pace down just a bit here at "A Romantic Porch". Our oldest leaves for college in August (sniff). I'm not THAT old and where is the baby I rocked and sang to...was that just yesterday? And yet, there is so much yet to do that I'm trying to fit it all in, but keep things calm and peaceful on the surface. Oh well, I don't really know if that's what you wanted to hear, but I said it and so...I'll finish off the last of the delicious lemonade that you made, and give you a great big bear hug, and get back to lovin' on my kids that are growing up right before my eyes and I can't stop it, but really I don't want too, you know. Everyone says the next season is wonderful too! It has been great to visit with you, Kim! xo rachel


I'm leaving Thursday night for Titusville/Cocoa Beach to visit with some friends.
Later in the summer I'll be heading to Destin (probably my favorite place on earth).
Just moved, so most of my fun money went to movers!!!
Would love to sit in the shade and watch Miss Maggie chase lizards.


Oh, I just love your red chair, Kim. This is the summer my antique bistro table and chairs get a fresh coat of paint, and I was thinking that very same red for them. In previous years they've been aqua, lime green, mango, cobalt...this year, red. Any idea what paint you used for your chair? Hope you have a wonderful summer! xo


Hi Kim, Summer has not arrived here yet, but time does move on anyway. I have a barbeque tonight for a couple of ladies that I have been teaching a bible study to. (I will be serving baked beans made from your recipe.) We have a Tent Meeting to attend this weekend and then very soon after we are headed to BC and Washington state to visit our kids and our grands. The rest of the summer will be taken up with daily "stuff" and a couple of camp meetings. It will be lovely though, I am really looking forward to warmer weather. Thank you for asking! You are a darling to even care. Hugs, ~cindy s~


Good morning Kim,
Oh yum, I love homemade lemonade! Can I sit awhile in that wonderful red chair while we sip lemonade and talk? At the end of July we're heading South to a beach somewhere on the gulf side of FL, still undecided. I actually looked at a map to see where Lakeland is...hoping I could drive by and get a glimpse of Daisy Cottage for real and maybe a little shopping at Vintage. Too far. No way hubby will drive THAT far for me to "look around". I'll have to be satisfied with Fort Walton or Panama City Beach this year and just keep dreaming of Daisy Cottage. Other plans include painting the back deck, re-doing a swing. I keep searching for the gorgeous Rustoleum "jade" paint you so graciously shared with all of us. (Not a Home Depot in Tennessee that carries it...but I'm still looking)We will do a little fishing, swimming and grilling out seems to take most of our weekends. My children and grandchildren come over and we just enjoy the pool and eating together. I have caught the fever for yard sales and "junkin". I have found some wonderful things lately. Come on over and see my wonderful yellow chair (June 5 post). I'm still trying to decide what color I want it to be. I'm growing sort of fond of the yellow. I plan to make some new pillows for the deck and pool area. We will probably take one more trip to the Smoky Mountains for some fly fishing. Between by real job and monogramming on the side, that's about all I can fit in! I hope you have a wonderful summer!


just enjoying being outside as much as possible....spending time with family and friends...


Hello You. I will will be working, but only 2 days a week, the rest of the time I will be doing whatever feels right. Hanging out with my kiddos, doing the pool thing, just enjoying the moments. A couple of mini vacations, but nothing major at all, and a few day trips are planned.


Hmmm... summer is almost over in this part of the world I'm in. So I'll just tell what I've been up to ... I started gardening and went to the beach 3 times with my family, and enrolled my 8 yr old son in a voice lesson and enjoyed his recital tremendously... in fact, my hubby even cried during my son's solo number so all the time and money spent was all worth it. Oh and now that summer is almost over here ... I'm kinda wishing it won't end just yet.

Becky G.

Oh, so much is going on at Camellia Cottage this summer! Of course the most pressing is getting my dad home from the hospital, which should happen within a couple of days. Then hubby and I are taking our doxie girls to the mountains of North Georgia for a week of relaxing, eating, sleeping, eating, canoeing, walking, etc.

As for projects, I'll soon be re-painting the wrought iron table and chairs on our stone patio from the black it is currently to a new color 'hosta leaf' green. I'm also going to make a few new cushions for the wicker rockers on the front porch, as well as a new tablecloth and cushions for the table on the deck. I've got a new slip cover for our sofa, and I want to make some new pillows for that as well.

And now I must close, because my mom just came and told you my dad is headed for home today.

Thanks for inviting me to sit and chat with you today! Becky G.


When our summer returns (its cold and wet in UK at the moment) and we finish school late July we will be going down to the sea and building lots of sandcastles. visiting family and just having a lovely easy 6 weeks. For the moment I'm working but enjoying the weekends. I love your red chair. Thank you for the lemonade it was delicious, hello to Miss Maggie too. Jane x

Jeanette Carlstrom

Redecorating my studio (in full swing)... recovering from pneumonia and write up some childrens ART LESSONS plans. Enjoy your summer dear with Maggie.


Morning Kim, I'd love to say I'm doing a whole lot of fun for summer, but my assistant's last day was yesterday. So, I get to pick up the slack.... Hopefully, Jacob and I will get a few days to hang out, work in the garden, grill out and go for a few quick getaways "up north" (Think Bob Dylan's Highway 61) ~ Robyn


Hopefully, getting rid of the cast on my right wrist. Then; a trip to MO and places along the way, playing with my two new grandsons ( one near and one far), playing with my dogs(Maggie May and Phoebe Faye), and working on my back porch area. Would love it to look like Daisy Cottage, but the climate is too different, sadly, for that to be.


The visits to your gorgeous blog are so peaceful, relaxing and captivating. The music, the photography and the way you write simply bless my heart. Thank you for a bright spot in my day. This summer I will be busy with my three precious grandbabies. but with still time to relax on my porch and with good friends.


O, how I wish i could sit in that red chair for a while and just watch Maggie. Love you blog!

the Netherlands


I'll be leaving next week for Wilmington, NC. 2 weeks visiting my longtime friend sunbathing, antique shopping, movies and lots of laughs.
The rest of the summer I hope to finish my very large dollhouse to where the "family" can move in. Actually, there's so much left do... maybe they'll have to wait until Christmas :)
And, of course there will be precious time with four of my darling grandchildren (I have eleven total).
Lemonade sounds great!! By the way, your garden is beautiful and the heart looks very nice where you placed it.

Have a wonderful day!



a few roadtrips, lots of picnics, lots of reading, lots of daydreaming and lots of dippin' my toes in some water, be it river, lake, ocean or pool! Spending extra time with family and friends...oh, and I'm taking your red chair with me, it's lovely! hee hee

Nikki Brey

Hello Kim,

I have been very busy with work, and haven't had time to read your blog lately, which I have missed soooo very much. My summer is going to be very busy with selling homes. I am in the process of buying my own home. I have planned to take off several weekends to take my girls to the lake. I took them this past weekend, which I posted about on my blog and they LOVED it! I am glad that you are doing well and I promise not to fall behind on reading the blog!

Sonja Gray

Leaving for Santa Fe in July with my Husband and our chocolate lab (Bo). This wil be Bo's first trip to New Mexico and he is looking forward to walks in the mountains, fresh air and lots of rest. While his Dad and I eat lots of great food, ride the bikes, enjoy the galleries & gardens, go junking and enjoy being with each other.
Have a great and safe summer

tea time and roses

Hello Kim!

Plans for simply relax and enjoy!:o)



Mary Lou

Hi, Kim! I hope you are enjoying that red chair and the lemonade. It's getting toasty where I am, and I should make some lemonade myself.
This summer I hopefully will be taking it easy, and working on making slipcovers for my family room furniture. I bet that doesn't make sense - taking it easy and making slipcovers! But that's the plan. I will also be taking little outings with my hubby and still-at-home daughter. I had my big vacation in March, when I flew to FL to visit my newly married daughter!
Mary Lou


Sitting in that lovely red chair with a glass of lemonade and sweet Maggie sounds like a perfect summer day :-)


Kim - you're so sweet!

Our summer consists of outside projects - FUN stuff! I can't wait for it to be done so I can relax. :) We had planned a vacation but it's on hold until fall because of the earlier travel advisories. Okay with me! I'm a homebody and getting our outside pretty is a bigger priority for me (of course my husband probably doesn't agree).

Enjoy the summer!


hubby and i will be together more than before..a time to reconnect with each other..also a time to brighten up our little desert house..add some color inside and out..our grandsons will visit when bill is up to a visit..:^)

Brenda Kula

Boy, I wish I could find some wooden Adirondack chairs shaped just like those. The newer ones I find I don't cotton to the shape much...


Hi Kim :)

Well... gee.. I have so much painting left to do, floors to refinish, a basement to make some sense of... but it's summer, so I might put most of it on hold until it gets TOO hot....

So now instead of all that, we'll be... going on long evening walks, watching the neighborhood children catching fireflies and having lots and lots of BBQs :)

What will you be doing sweet Kim, well, besides watching Miss Maggie looking for lizards? ;)

love you,


Oh Kim, you have no idea how much you and Maggie have become my Zen in the crazy world I live in. You radiate such peace and tranquility! My summer will be trying not to cry as I send my darling Hubby, who is in the NAVY, overseas for a year. Then I'll be packing up my house and moving back home to Virginia to wait for him to come home, prayerfully safe and sound.

So, dear sweet Kim and Maggie, I'll be spending my summer with you in Blogland for sanity's sake. Thank you for all you do, you truly are a blessing to those you don't even know!

Big Hug!!




I plan on doing a bit of ALL of the things you mentioned!! Hehehe

Jean Eakin

We are trying to get caught up with yard work, weeding, trimming trees,planting and transplanting, etc.. We also go to yardsales every Saturday, and then we fix, clean and redo lots of "stuff" for our booths at a shop. Of course there is always fluffing in the house to do too. We will go to northern August to visit our kids, and do some antiquing and spend a night in Maryland for some sightseeing and more antiquing. There will be lots of work and lots of fun this summer. What about you Kim?
Jean in virginia


I will be recovering from surgery and spending as much time as possible at the beach. I love your blog. Beth :-)


Maggie is always so pretty and fluffy! Our doxie only looks that fluffy when she's had a bath! Their fur is so soft and fine! LOL.

All the best,


Beautiful red chair, Kim, and of course, beautiful Maggie. In a little more than two weeks I'm flying up to Alaska to visit my daughter and son-in-law for a few days. Please pray for my husband and my little dog while I'm gone, I'm worried.


Well since you asked, I will hopefully be sitting by our pool if the weather gets nice enough... making pink lemonade with Loopy, reading and gardening a little and trying to make the long days a little sweeter with cupcakes. I hope you have a nice season in that snazzy red chair!


Well, hopefully, for one thing, I'll relax outside with a good book and some tea. I also want to work in the yard. I'm way behind in my quilting so hopefully I'll get some done. One of my friends is retiring the end of June and we plan on meeting once a week to sew. The main thing we want to do is travel to the Denver area to see our son. I haven't seen him for about a year and a half and I miss the heck out of that boy! We want to get some more travelling in so maybe some day trips. And lastly, we'll hopefully get to watch our grandsons part of the time this summer. Love them to pieces.

xo to Maggie from Maggie!


Hmmm, I haven't really planned anything amazing. Yard work, sewing projects, a visit to my friend in Florida for a week in August is the most exciting thing I can think of. Is it summer already?! What happened to spring?

Cindy Meguiar

Hi Kim,
Yeah Summer!!! Music to an old school teacher's ears!! I NEED a break. I plan on puttering around my house, enjoying my 3 sweet dogs, my grandchildren and looking forward to a trip from Savannah to Fla. where we will be camping for the very first time in our 1969 travel trailer! Oh boy.....something else to decorate!!!I love your blog and that red chair looks very inviting!


Tennis, riding my bike, walking on the beach, reading books, sunning, gardening, blogging....and wishing I was there for lemonade and a visit with you sweet friend.



I've been is Maggie's itching? Is there improvement? Summer will include homemade lemonade (with some tangelo juice added in for fun), enjoying the front porch, eating from the garden and one fun wedding. Fun because we don't have to plan it or pay for it! Have a wonderful summer!


It's winter in Australia so maybe warm that lemondade just a tad? I plan to read books, cull my house, eat lots of soups and have a cozy old chilly time.


Knitting. Finishing the painting of my bedroom; I'm taking a stay-cation next week. More knitting. A bit of reading. Picking up the antiques I've had on layaway. Planting a fall container garden. Oh, did I mention knitting?


Good morning, Kim -
Oh, there's so much planned. In the middle of all the 'normal' stuff we have a few camping and fishing trips planned - just my sweetheart and me. Oh yes, Joey is going with us. We have a little life vest so he can sit with me in the boat and enjoy the wind in his face. And a BIG college reunion is planned in California later in the summer - can't wait! A trip to California to help dear friends move from here to there and a chance to squeeze in a few days with my best friend from college days. A day trip or two along the way and work at home. Lots of work - garden to tend, a new deck or patio for our little hot tub and a possible restyle or replacement of windows in our bedroom to allow for a door to the back yard. Whew - I'm tired just thinking about all of that. In the middle of it all I'll be back here often to stop by and chat a bit. Yes, I'll bring Joey to visit Maggie. (He thinks he's such a big boy now! Five months old already.)


Hi, Kim!

I am going to spend some time in the garden - both vegetable and flower! Also, very into yard sales these days. You just never know what treasures you will find. July brings a trip to Maine with my hubby and I can't wait! Finally and most importantly - spending time on the newly built porch with friends, family and bottles of wine.

Love your sight and would love to sit on that red chair and visit!


Morning Kim,

I hope that Summer comes soon, here in Southern California it has been cold and gloomy...though I am sure I will miss that once it turns! Our Summer will be calm. A trip to Disneyland, and camping as schedules permit :)



Grands running through the sprinkler, little shops that hold treasure troves of delight in little sea port towns, caring for and delighting in the summer blooms around our little home, nights in the gazebo dotted by candle-light and blessed with good company, "garden parties" with the Grand Girls, barbecues with Family and Dear Friends...

These are a few of my favorite summertime activities!

And now, I need a red chair to make it all complete :)!



You do make the best lemonade,ha,ha!I'll be working this summer and living for the weekends. The thing I look forward to the most is watching my 1yr old grandbaby....nothin sweeter! I have flower beds and tomatoe plants to tend to,family get togethers to attend,pictures to take,and scrapbooks to create!!!Have a great summer Kim! Leah


I haven't really thought about summer yet?!?!? Guess I had better get busy huh? I'll stop by for lemonade and we can talk about it :o)Sending Maggie big hugs!!!!

Nancy M.

Well Kim, I love visiting with you and this chair is comfortable and the lemonade is just right.
Hubby and I just moved to sunny AZ in April. We are happily furnishing our new home. I am very pleased with our progress and with the many wonderful finds on Craigslist, Ebay and yard sales. We are enjoying our family as that is the reason we have moved here. We are going to CA next week to visit friends and family we miss. A trip to AZ mountains in our motorhome is planned and flying to Idaho to see my dad. He is 84, living alone and needs some end of summer help. Oh yes and of course coming to Daisy Cottage to visit with you and play with Maggie.
See you later,
Nancy M.

Kelly Bergsing

What will I be doing this summer? Trying to make my house more welcoming by revving up the color. Planting lots of pretty flowers. Mostly, we will have lots of cook outs, catch lots of lightning bugs and eats lots of your blondies!! Such a great recipe!! I actually had a friend call me at 10 pm one night. She said she HAD to have the recipe!! :) I will be ready with a tall glass of sweet tea or lemonade and be ready for a wonderful visit from a lovely friend at any time!! :) I hope your summer is as wonderful as mine promises to be!! :)


O, I do think we will be doing "all the above", Kim.
xo bj


Hi Kim
My daughter and I are going on a trip up to Canada, where we are originally from. We'll spend a few days with my sister and her daughters cousins and their babies. It's going to be fun!
Hugs, Rhondi


Just staying close to home. Gardening, getting the yard in shape. Dragging stuff home to re-purpose and reuse.Frame a million things in all the frames I have snagged. Listen to the wonderful country sounds near my home. Play with my critters ( dogs and cats) take them for a stroll on the trails. Maggie could really have a good visit here . She could bird watch, stalk the cows across the road. Listen to the call of her wild cousins. All in all the little princess could have a wonderful time :)

Alison Gibbs

Hi Kim, lucky you. Here in Australia it is winter and oh so cold. Time for us to stay rugged up in our winter woolies.


I'm stopping by for lemonade!


Hi Kim,

Well, let's see here....We just returned from the beach, and we are trying to find a good time to go back, already...LOL ;) But, I guess we will stay home for most of the Summer and enjoy some local activities and celebrations.



Hi Kim,
How are you? Well I just returned from a business re~treat on Cape Cod, and a Treat it was! Now we are soon off from our winter home here in Florida to our summer home in Michigan. I am anxious to return this year, we left MI last Sept. So much awaits me this summer with gardening, designing a new studio in the MI house, and enjoying my wonderful family in our lakeside home. I just Love the Heart Fifi made for Daisy Cottage! It is a beautiful welcome to your home! Think I will be contacting her for one. Have a great day Kim, and thanks for asking about my summer. Such a sweetie you are!
Huggs, Nancy (new & still needs work)


Hi Kim! I *love* summer. I work 3 days/week (Tues, Wed, Thurs) but it still gives me time to play in my yard and garden, read on the patio, get together for Sat. morning breakfast out with friends, fire up the BBQ, travel to Wisconsin to spend a few days at a Bible camp, hit the garage sales and flea markets with my mom and favorite aunt, sit on my front porch and watch the fireflies dance at dusk, and oh yeah, swat all the pesky mosquitoes.


I live in CO Springs,and usually our summers are mild. We don't even have air conditioning. I love working in the garden on summer days.

I'm also hoping to put a small pond in our backyard. I will post pictures on my blog if we actually do it.

I'm hoping that my job slows down. Life is too short to work so much. I need to make my loving family and caring friends a larger part of my life this year...and make that a plan I keep in place forever.

Everyone have a wonderful day and a relaxing and fun weekend!



Our summer plans are painting the outside of our old Victorian- yellow, green and white, with burgundy and turquoise trim....and working on my office area- babysitting grandsons, teaching our 15 year old to drive, and enjoying a summer at home with my kids. We are planning a summer trip to TAMPA FLORIDA at the end of July...Let me know if anyone has any good ideas there for 3 teenage girls!

Looking forward to visiting with YOU this summer too...


We will be painting...and painting...and painting...and working on our *new to us home*....then bbq'ing salmon..or rib eye...and then for me..I am reading my favorite author, Grace Livingston Hill...and this summer..NOT watching as much tv....and then....enjoying our new to us...huge covered is delightful...

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