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June 02, 2009



That is such a neat shop. When I visited there last fall, I bought the neatest apron. I see lots and lots of shiny objects, Kim!


Sheila :-)

SoBella Creations

What a great little shop!

You are a little over an hour from where I live outside Central Florida.

Nice to know one of my favorite blogs lives near me.

debi @ life in my studio

Now THAT'S my kind of walk! That was wonderful. tfs

The Beautiful Life

Great post, Kim! It is a great little city, isn't it? The shop I've had my eye on is STILL AVAILABLE... a "sign" for me perhaps?? ;)
I need to go back to Vintage sometime myself! Been so busy with my own store, I never have time to seen anyone else's!
Thanks for the virtual tour of Vintage! Tell Angie I said "Hi"!


Awsome shop. I must go. I will.
Love your blog.


WOW! What a great place! Lovely photos too Kim! That pansy pillow is calling my name! I love the little children's table with the chalkboard top too! I have a table like that and just might copy that idea! Thanks so much for sharing your shopping with us!
Blessings, Kathi


Oh my, oh my, oh my.... thank you to take me with you. I love that place and all those lovely items. Oh my!


I enjoyed this little vintage window shopping trip with you, and despite my trying to be hush hush as well SOOO many things were calling out my name...the red table, the white iron table and chairs, the glass cabinet, at least 2 chairs! Would so love to be shopping there!!!!

Until next time...
PS: feel free to check out my blog. I found a gorgeous set of lamps yesterday that I am sure you will love!!


There is nothing I love better than a good second hand store! Vintage is gorgeous and the floral chair next to the pink dresser makes me want to hop in the van and make the trip all the way from Michigan!


Your pictures are fantastic! I could take 50 pictures and be lucky if I end up with 5 that are worth saving! Maybe someday, you can give some hints for picture taking! Love your blog!

Pat@Back Porch Musings

The glider and linens are calling my name. The chalkboard table gave me an idea, for the munchkins' table and chairs. I need to make a note of that.

Great place, Kim!!


You're so lucky to have such great finds closeby!! I love the pink floral chair and pretty chandelier.

Have a great day :)


Loved Vintage!! Thank you for taking us on the walk...

Becky G.

Oh Kim! What a wonderful tour of Vintage, I fell in love with a few things on the tour - a good thing I live too far away to pop down for a visit!

I just LOVE the Savon de Marseille soap - my last bar is almost gone, so I'd love to have another, please! Thanks for having another sweet giveaway!

Becky G.


oh, how I would LOVE to come on down there and visit Vintage! Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing!


That was WONDERFUL! Oh how I wish I could come shopping with you!!!!!

Sara at Be Still and Know that is how i like to wake up in the morning! a good vintage tour :) what an excellent setup she has....the pricing tags are perfect. That alphabet poster is awesome! along with every other single thing in that store :) p.s. i did spy a little "sold" sign on a red table???? will we be seeing that soon? :)


What a great shop, and your photos make me want to hop on a jet plane and visit for myself. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing, Kim.


Is that a burlap feedsack laying on the stool in the window? I have been looking for this - if it is I will have to pay a visit to Vintage today! :)


What an amazing place!!! My husband occasionally works in Florida and I can guarantee that the next time he does, I'll be making the trip to visit him...and Vintage! The soap sounds wonderful and there are several things I'd love to bring home from your pictures!! Thanks for the tour!


What a cool store!



I'll take the dressform (shucks, it's for display only..). Okay, then, I'll take the green cart and a stack of the old linens.

Donna Tingle

What a great tour!!!...Looks like I need to gather the girls together for a "road trip"..we're just around the corner in LA..(lower AL)...I can almost smell the soap from here...and that rusted birdcage needs to be on my porch...

The pictures are wonderful!!!! always..

You and Maggie have a great day!!...don't forget to give her a kiss on the nose..



I went all mushy inside when I saw that stack of linens. I can't resist them.

Kathleen H (Bloomington IN)

What a wonderful shop! Love the colorful stack of tablecloths...oh boy would I love that soap.

Elizabeth Compton

Everything looked wonderful. Puts me in the mood to shop. I was told on Friday about a vintage store about an hour from where I live and I believe I'll check it out today. If i were there, I'd zoom in on that fan too. The floral chair called to me too. Maybe I'll find one similar today. Thanks for the tour. I'll let you know if I score today. You've given me lots of ideas....


What a cute store! I love vintage things, we have lots of second hand stores but none really sell vintage things. I would LOVE to spend a day, or two in that store!

Kelly~Rose Vine Cottage

What a great store, I bet you do miss having it just down the street! Thanks for the giveaway and the tour, you can count me in (:


Looks like a great store and while I would love to shop there, it is probably a good thing I live so far away (Illinois).

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality

Fun, Kim! Angie has some great things in that shop. Wish I was there to go browsing with you again. And of course, I'd love to win a soap.

Hey, that R sure is purdy! :)

Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!}

Wow! I want to live there! How wonderful to have a such a beautiful shop nearby! Thank you for sharing so many pictures. Love it!


What a great shop....I only wished that we had such good places in the UK! x

The Decorated House

Hi Sweet Kim~

Loved seeing the pictures of Angie's new location. I will be sure to go there on the next trip over!
Hugs, Donna


Oh my heck!!! This shop is absolutely incredible!!! I gonna go visit the website NOW!!!

Lavender Dreams

How amazing...I would be running from one thing to another! Thanks for buying some extra soap, sweet friend! What fun! Have a nice day!


What a nice shopping experience I had with you today! My hubby appreciates these kind of trips too lol
Where exactly is this shop. I live in Tampa and it looks like it would be a fun place to visit.



What a BEAUTIFUL store! I want to paint a dresser pink now after seeing the French Provincial one there! I hope you brought home that fan - I heard it calling your name, too! Thanks for taking us along!


Oooh, how fun. I want to go.


Just lovely. I wish I had such a place nearby.

Crystal Sparks

Loved every single picture!!! I love stuff that is "loved" stuff so much more than new stuff!


Thanks for taking us along on your trip - I wish I was closer so I could visit Vintage and you myself. But since I can't - I would be honored to have a piece of the sensational soap!

Have a sunny day!


The shopping trip was wonderful! I enjoyed it with my coffee this morning. :)
What a charming place to amble around and find a treasure. Yes, put my name in the pot for the beautiful soap...and whatever else you might share!


Omigoodness! I SO wish I lived near enough to visit this store! It looks wonderful...thank you so much for the pictures! :)

The Main Ladybug

How fun! Can we sit for a glass of iced tea now, please?

I'd love the soap & surprises thrill me!

Have an awesome day, Kim!

Come visit when you can :)


I would love to visit this store. I see so many pretty things that could possibly go in my house.


Oh, thank you for taking us along--you're so thoughtful Kim! :0)

Elma Riedstra

HI Kim!! Love that store:) We do not have stores like that here. I would love that baby crib and that wire basket with the handle:) Way to neat. Just love reading your blog and seeing all your wonderful pictures!! You make my day!! Have a great day.


Aw Kim....touring Vintage with you is just so out in the country doesn't make it possible to get to my favorite vintage stores without visiting one on any given day here on your blog is a BIG TREAT!...

I have the slider bench that you have pictured here..belonged to my hubby's grandmother..priceless...I saw the same table and chairs in one second hand shop I had chance to visit...might go back sometime soon and see if its still many fun things to explore..wonderful pictures...

Love the soap! Throw my name in the hat if you will Kim...



What an amazing, inspiring store! We don't have anything like it here in Vermont. Thanks for the eye candy! ~Kathy


Thanks for all the eye candy. What a great shop. I wish I could go there in person! Also, I love looking at your flickr photostream!
You can add me in for the soap drawing if you'd like.
Thanks for all the inspiration!

Erica Harrick

Hi Kim, I love that store! I really loved the white iron table and chairs and much more. I wish I could find stores like this where I live that were not so far away. I would love to try some saop. Thanks for the pretty pictures. Erica


Toss my name in the daisy hat! I would love to tour Vintage - so much eye candy!!!


Oh my, what a great shopping trip. I saw quite a few things that I would love to have. There are some really gorgeous furniture pieces and some of the chandys are beautiful. I think I could spend hours just looking and dreaming. Great place. I also love the soap, I would love for my name to be in your little hat. Hugs, Marty

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Kim, I would get in so much trouble if that store was anywhere near me! So many wonderful things. I love that white patio set, and the rusty birdcage, and that stained glass, oh my!!
Have a great day!


This is my kinda shoppe! I am bound and determined to get myself there to find my own treasures in the piles of lovely things! Your blog is absolutely lovely... I'd adore winning your giveaway!! ~Katy


Oh I wish I lived close enough to shop! Thanks for taking us along to see the treasures!

Nicole Greene

I want to buy almost everything in your photos - FAB store and a little piece of heaven for you.
PS - love your blog. :)

Mrs. Dunbar

What a great shop. Thanks for the tour, I only wish I was closer to go WITH you. Piles of loveley things and treasures to look for, a total adventure.


What a wonderful walk! Thanks so much for taking ME along with YOU! I can only dream of visiting Vintage in person for now. No plans to go any further than Seaside this summer. I can dream through blogland! Please put my name in the hat too!


This shop looks heavenly! Wish I lived closer!

Love the locker baskets, the letters, the french bath salts, the tin drawers....well, pretty much everything!


Wow, Kim! I absolutely love this place, though I've never set foot inside the door. Thanks for taking us there! All those well-loved treasures make my heart ache a little. I want to give them all a home. :) The little antique store here in my small town has just changed ownership and I dropped in last week to see what they had. They were still in the process of unpacking boxes and getting organized, but the place was a perfect jumble of delights. I can only hope that it'll be as charming as Vintage!


Thanks for "taking" me along on your trip to Vintage! ;)



Shopping with you is a delight! Add me to the hat! Thanks!


Oh my goodness! That was such a wonderful walk through a wonderful store ~ thanks for inviting me along. The website for Vintage is great too ~ I love to see things upclose!

Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

Oh, Kim, now that is MY kind of place! Recycling at its best! I saw lots of things I would have loved to take home with me (if money were no object, of course! ha ha) The soap looks wonderful. Please add my name to the hat! Have a wonderful week... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage


What fun! Thanks for sharing so many beautiful things on your site!


Oooh, I saw Scotties. Did you think I would miss them? I wish I could grab Becky and we could hop in the car and bop on over!!! Wouldn't that be fun?

Elle Jay

Oh my gosh, I am in love with that store! There were so many things in each picture I'd love to have in my home. Wish I still lived in Central Florida so I could visit Vintage! Thanks so much for sharing!

Daisy Cottage

That would be HEAVENLY Jean!

Mrs. Mordecai

Thanks for the tour. I definitely enjoyed it.


It is such fun to go "shopping" with you! Thanks so very much!


Hi Kim! I liked the child's ABC chart and lots of other goodies, what a lot of vintage goodies to look at in your photos! You're good at this tour thing! Love the shop...and you!

Diane Stephenson

That was a great post! I NEEDED to get out and see some things, and what lovely, interesting things! I saw several items that would thrill my home. And me.
Please take us to more places like this, and I promise I'll pay for anything I get. ;)


I see so many things I want!!! But I loved the childs chair on the wall with the tiny shoes sitting on the seat.


Love the tour, can't wait for more tours. I remember visiting Mt. Dora and falling in love with it too (at Christmas). The tea shop there hit the spot. Without our E. coast sea breeze, the 90 degrees would not be pleasant.
Lace table cloth, is that what I saw? Lots of doll embellishments there. (((Hugs))) Jan

A Romantic Porch

Kim, That was so fun seeing all the pretties. However that large wood "R" was waving its' stout little leg and hopping on the other one, jumping up and down saying, "Over here Rachel. I'm over here!"

Alas, I had to leave the "R" right where I found her, but at least I enjoyed meeting!


What a beautiful store! Thanks for sharing with us!


The images from that adorable store really got my heart racing this morning- that or the three cups of of coffee?! Thanks for sharing your shopping trip with us Kim~ that was fun!

 sheri howard

Okay, I have my shopping list...I would like that aqua glass window, the green metal desk with all those metal baskets, those multification cards...oh and that pink chair, and let's see there was something else...oh yes, that crystal chandalier...I really need that! WOW, what a fun shopping day, thanks so made my day! ~Sheri


What a gorgeous shop and a fabulous giveaway!

I'm Julia

Those green jars! So much to see in the photos, I kept scrolling up & down. So many of those things I remember from childhood... like a walk down memory lane.

Thanks for sharing :-)


What a great shop! I don't think this town I live in has anything like that, if it does I have not found it yet, but I will keep looking. I particularly loved the little pink and white chenille covered pillow, I would have picked that one up, it would fit in perfectly here! And thank you so much for commenting on my new blog, you are such a sweetie! Big hugs, ~cindy s~


I loved the tour. I'd love to shop there--too bad it's a few states away from me.

Thank you for your generosity--you're always so nice to share. ~Teri


Ah I am so excited! I just love everything in that shop! I want one of those soaps! LOL. Please enter me :) Thanks!

All the best,


Ooooh, Kim, looking at these pictures of wonderful old stuff I'd like to have has got me in a lather, but I could still use some fancy soap!!! :-P Thanks for sharing!


Debra Cripps

What a neat shop! I don't think we have anything like it where I live. It's funny, but I eyed that soap before you mentioned the giveaway.




You are so sweet:) I enjoyed our shopping trip together. I hope you didn't mind that I was in my bed clothes and eating my breakfast along the way:) I don't think we got too many strange looks.
Thank you and have a great weekend!


There was at least one thing in almost every picture that I wanted to take home with me! What a great store! Thanks for sharing!


wow... LOVE that store! Wish I was closer, i would run right out and buy those hot pink pillows!!!!


What an amazing place to shop, I see about 10 things I would love to bring home to my nest. And if the vintage cribs were still safe that q~t would have come home with me ASAP! Thanks for the trip, I feel rejuvenated.


Hi Kim
What a great shop. I wish we had something like that around here! Thanks for coming to my porch party yesterday.
Hugs, Rhondi


I believe I will find myself at Vintage's door step this Sat. This place is so cool!

Jen C.

What a lovely tour of that cute Vintage store! I love soap! And would proudly display that hunk of goodness on a pretty plate. :)


Oh thanks so much for the tour..I feel better already..the soap will remind me of quiet and kinder times..

Florence Muma

I loved it all. I wish I lived closer it would be so much fun to go there.


Oooo, that soap would be lovely! Enjoying your pictures on Flickr!

Cheri Peoples

LOVE LOVE LOVE the shop-May have to make a trip from Naples, Fl to visit the shop...



As soon as I saw that block of soap I thought "I must have one of those" I'd love to have a little store like that around me. It is so much fun poking around at everything. Thanks for all of the pictures.


So yummy!
If you don't mind, would you please wrap up that chair with the floral fabric and ship it to Iowa? What a beauty!
I have a question for you: when you are in stores, do you ask permission to photograph? I have a store I'd like to share on my blog, but I'm hesitant to take pictures.


Thank you for the tour of Vintage. What a lovely shop. I love it when we take walks together.

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