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June 21, 2009



Happy 50th birthday Kim! May your special day be magical!


Bonne fete a toi,
Bonne fete a toi,
Bonne fete, bonne fete,
Bonne fete a toi Kim.
That would be French with no French computer that does accents. lol
Hope it was oh so special, just like you!
Your now going to go on the fastest roller coster ride ever!!!
Hang on dear Kim.
Love from Canada. Oh I just about forgot. You should see my last 2 would be sooooo proud of my yellow and reds!!!
Love Claudie...thank you kind "sista" Jill.

Happy 50 Kim!! and what a sweet sister you have! Blessings to you both!


Happy Birthday, Kim!! Have a wonderful day.

Sheri Ingrande

Happy 5oth....may you have 50 more!

Enjoy this wonderful day :)


Happy Birthday Kim! Wish I wasn't a only child!!!!! Cute picture of you and your sister. I enjoy my visits to your cottage and look forward to many, many more! I hope your day was fantastic! Francine

Nancy M.

Happy 50 big ones to you Kim!
It is wonderful to meet you. The black and whites really got my attention.
To see Kim through your eyes gives us all something to think about. Thank you Jill for sharing your appreciation for your sister with her readers. I have found inspiration, as many of us have, as we see life through Kim's eyes and now we see Kim through yours.
I pray our heavenly Father continues to bless you in the coming year.
Nancy M.


wish the warmest of wishes...I wish you the are such a sweet soul with the gentlest of hearts and i love your blog and your spirit...happy, happy birthday......enjoy your day..


What a wonderful tribute to you, Kim, by your sister! She knows you well and loves you much! Thanks for sharing your life with us and Jill, thanks for sharing your sister with us!

Kristi McCabe

Happy Birthday Kim!!! And what a wonderful post Jill! Thank you! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! :)


Happy Birthday Kim. You help make my world go around. Thank you for being you. My 50s were terrific and then Retirement is better than ever (so many more things you get to do and enjoy). You are blessed with a very special sister. I also have a very special sister, however, my special friends have become sisters. That takes years of experience, sharing and love but it is so strong too. Life has really become amazing. Just wanted you to know, no matter what happens it gets better and better. Blessings, Jan


Happy Birthday, Kim! And Jill is right... you are loved!

Hope your day is very, very special and that the year to come is filled with all good things!


Sheila :-)

Hasmin Cannon

Happy, Happy YOU!!!

Warmest Hugs and Aloha :-)


Hi Kim,
Wishing you a very Happy 50th Birthday! When I turned 50 (21 yrs ago), a friend told me this....

"the 40s are the old age of youth and the 50s are the youth of old age".

50s are great years. Enjoy them, as I know you will. Great post by your sister. Love the photo of you two kids. ;)

Happiness and Love to you.

xo Colette

Josephine Tale Pedder

That is a glorious tribute to Kim from Jill. It touched my heart as I read it. Happy Birthday dear Kim. I always love to visit you at Daisy Cottage. You never fail to cheer me up! Your sister obviously has a gift with words as well. xx


Happy Day to YOU and thanks so much for the joy you bring us all through your eyes and the love of Daisy Cottage!!!! I hope you had a Blessed Day and here is to another wonderfully colorful year!

I came over to tell you how impressed I was that you so proudly announced you are turning 50...only to realize it was your sister who "proudly" announced it for you. So now, maybe I really came over to wish your sister condolences, because you're going to KILL her. Hee-hee!
LOVE the vintage photo of you and Sis. I publish vintage photos of my family every Wednesday. Can't get enough!! By the way, I'm over 50, but WAY too proud to announce it. You go girl. : )


Happy Birthday Kim! What a wonderful tribute from your sister, it is clear that she loves you very, very much:>) I hope your special day was glorious!


Well...sorry Kim, but I keep losing my comments!!

Happy Birthday! I remember my 50th so well...the only one I actually cried over!

I have "followed" your blog for the past 2 years and read/watched your growth in your writings and your pictures. I remember how shy you used to be in even having your own picture taken and now it is fabulously portrayed on your blogsite. Your writings are being published in great magazines and now, I see you have stepped out into the Public Speaking arena. I can see the analogy that your sister portrays by posting the black/white photo of Daisy Cottage. WITHOUT YOU there, there is no color. YOU are what puts the color in your home and your joy in sharing it with us puts the color in ours! Thanks for sharing yourself with us, your readers. I truly hope that your 50th Birthday was a day that you will never forget! You have a wonderful sister and you can tell by what she wrote about you that she loves you very much!

Patty Boyd

Happy Birthday Kim! What a wonderful, loving tribute from your sis. I hope you did something special on your birthday!

Cheri Peoples

What a sweet sister and Happy Birthday.


Hope you had the happiest birthday ever, Kim! You most certainly deserve it!! And thank you Jill for posting this - it was a wonderful tribute to your sister.



What a beautiful post. Happy Birthday Kim.


Happy Birthday, Kim!

Warmest wishes for a day filled with love, joy and laughter. Celebrate and enjoy YOUR day. Many happy returns...


What? How can you be 50? You look 25! Happy Birthday anyway. Your sister is the best. Mimi


Birthday Blessings to you Kim~~


*H*A*P*P*Y* B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y* You sure are nifty!


happy birthday, Kim. May the next fifty years be as full of fun and wonder as the past fifty.



Happy, Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a blessed day and year!!

MJ Smith

Wish I was there to give you a birthday hug and take you out for a birthday coffee!!!

Yellow Beach Dog. blogspot


Happy Birthday Kim! I hope you enjoy a wonderful day!!!! Your posts brings so much joy to others....always like a little ray of sunshine added to the day. Thank you for sharing with others!!


Dear Kim

Happy Birthday and may this year bring you much happiness. You sure are fortunate in having such a loving sister who appreciates you.


You are a gem, not only in blogland, but clearly in the hearts of those who've had the privilege of knowing you in person. A simple thanks barely touches the amount of gratitude I have for the beauty you've put in my world. I hope it comes back to you tenfold on this day and all those that follow. A devoted follower and admirer, Angela.

Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage

Kim...Happy, Happy Birthday to you and many more lovely ones.......

Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage

Betty Jo

Happy, Happy Birthday my precious friend Kim! You are just as precious as your sister Jill has shared with us, and more.

Jill, thank you ever so much for writing such a gorgeous tribute to your sister. It sounds to me like you're a wonderful person too, and I'm so glad you have each other. ♥


Happy, happy birthday sweet, sweet Kim!

A little belated, but I hope you enjoyed your day very much! What a beautiful tribute from you sis-- and I know it's all true... you're a lovely, lovely soul.

Suzanne Duda

Happy Birthday Kim!
xo suzanne


Happy birthday, marvelous Kim! I hope you had a wonderful and blessed day. Your sister, Jill is a wonderful writer. I was blown away by her tribute to you. What a special bond you two must share as sisters.


Happy Birthday Kim!! I love comimg here to see your photos and your stories, your blog was one of the first blogs I ever read and you are an inspiration. hope your day is filled with everything that reflects you! XO

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

Oh, what a wonderfully sweet tribute from your sister! This got me all choked up. Here's to a beautiful 50th and many more blessed years ahead. You've brought so much sunshine and color into our lives through your blog! :-)


Happy, Happy Birthday Dear Kim- you are a precious jewel, and it sounds like your Sis is too. I know you must treasure that relationship. Wishing you a wonderful celebration, whatever it turns out to be.


Welcome to 50! You, Barbie and me! We are 3 amazing chicks!!!! We're a wild crowd!
Rock on!

A Romantic Porch

Happy Birthday, "Miss Daisy Cottage" my sweet friend Kim. May you be bless beyond measure in this new year ahead of you. Jill, thank you for sharing your awesome perspective of your endearing love for your sister. Love, Rachel


Happy Birthday Kim..what a lovely gift from your I get older I finally appreciate my lil Sis ..take care as we all love you!!

Jeanette Carlstrom

Happy Bday and to are lucky to have a sister like Kim.

Sasha k

Happy be-lated Birthday Kim!
now i starting to know why i think you & I
are so birthday is tomorrow!
We are both June babys!
Hope all your wishes came true!!!
P.s. what a sweet sista you have!
Shes a good writer she should have a blogg of her own!
Sasha K.

Cindy~My Romantic Home

Happy Birthday Kim!!! You look marvelous for 50! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Jill, your writing is so beautiful! Do you have a blog? If not you should!!!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Happy, happy belated birthday Kim! I hope you had a beautiful day, doing something that you enjoy, with family and friends surrounding you! You know you've done something right, when your sister has so many wonderful things to say about you...and they're all true!


Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Kim!
I hope you have a wonderful day with your family.

P.S. Jill - I wish you'd start writing on your blog again!


Happy Birthday, KIM, and like we say in this part of the world: May God grant You Many Many Years!
Thanks for being sunshine in our lives...


Happy Birthday Kim! We love you!


Sweet Cottage Dreams

Jill, you wrote beautiful tribute to you big sis!! Just a year ago I had the pleasure of meeting her and visiting Daisy Cottage. She is gracious, kind, loving, creative and lots of fun!

Kim, HAPPY HAPPY Birthday my sweeeeet friend! Hope you were treated like a queen!

PS: I made Mrs. Sullivan's Hot Chicken Salad yesterday and thought of you!!!



Happy Birthday, Kim! And welcome to "The Best Club Ever." ;>


Happy Birthday Kim,
What an awesome birthday present your sister gave you. The things she said about you is evident in your blog, but what a loving gift. Too often we don't say the things we feel about a person until it's too late. What encouraging words could change a life. This year I'm also awaiting my 50th B-day, not one that I'm anixous to say I am, but glad I'm here to say it. Again, Happy Birthday.



What a happy day! I turned 50 this year as well. I cannot lie.... I cannot tell a difference!!

Mrs. Dunbar

Happy Happy Birthday. I hope you celebrate and relax and enjoy your day. You are a blessing to so many.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality

Happy Happy 50th Birthday, my sweet friend, Kim! If I had known, I would have sent a special card to you. I'm so happy that we got to meet in person & will never forget your sweet soul, never ever! Enjoy your special day AND here's a big hug from me to you.

Yes, welcome to the 50's club. It's exciting and special and oh so much fun. Maybe. :)


Happy Birthday Kim....many, many more !!!•:*¨ ♪♫♪♫ ¨¨*:•.* •:*¨ ♪♫♪♫ ¨¨*:•.•:*¨ ♪♫♪♫ ¨¨*:•.*•:*¨ ♪♫♪♫ ¨¨*:•.* humming here, I'd sing to you but the only one that thinks I can sing is "MOI"....hardly ever stops me though LOL

I am so glad I met you, I love coming by for a visit at the cottage.

Jill what a wonderful post you and Kim are so lucky to have each other !!! What a cute pic of the 2 of you !!!

All the best,
Kathy :)

ps Does Jill have a blog ??? If not she should !!!!


Happy Birthday!

How fortunate you two are to have each other as sisters.



Dear Kim, I am wishing you THE HAPPIEST AND MOST BLESSED BIRTHDAY!! You deserve it and so many people love you so much. Happy Happy Birthday!!! (-:> Delaine

 sheri howard

May I be the 161st person to tell you Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing your world with all who love to visit!

Janet (Shabbyfufu)

What a beautiful pair of sissies you are. Happy Birthday dear Kim~all the best to you always~xoxo~Janet


Happy, happy birthday!

I loved your post on your china cabinet. It made me smile to see it all stacked every which way.

I so enjoy looking at your pictures. They are so bright and cheerful.


Happy Birthday Kim and thank you for sharing your life with all of us. Thank you Jill for a sisters perspective.


Happy Birthday! You are all your sister said. Your blog is always refreshing and encouraging. Thank you for sharing Daisy Cottage with so many. And thank you for sharing your sister.
Hattie From Tennessee


Wow, what an incredible post by your sister - beautiful, just beautiful. I think she said it best - we all receive joy from you because you are a giver. Thank you for the smiles you bring and for helping us all see the beauty in the lil' things. Happy 50th! and here's wishing you 50 more beautiful years. Cathy


Warm wishes & ((hugs)) to you.
Sue in SRQ :)


Sooo beautiful. Happy birthday Kim!

Patty in Kansas

Kim, Happy Birthday to is our 40th Wedding Anniversary and I love that you and I share a sweet special date in our lives. My husband is kind hearted, like you. Many more happy birthdays to come!!! Love, Patty in Kansas

Elaine L.


And, you are so blessed to have such a wonderful sister.



Happy Birthday, Kim! Tons of cyber hugs from across the ocean, Brigitte


I hope you had a wonderful birthday Kim! The tribute from your sister was delightful.


The Decorated House

Happy Birthday My Dear Sweet Friend!!
I love seeing all the wonderful birthday wishes to you Kim. Your beautiful Heart & Soul shines so brightly through your blog.

And a little side note to the lovely Jill.
Miss your heartfelt, beautiful writing.

You are both so blessed to have a sister, and a that she is so special.
Hugs, Donna


Happy Birthday Miss Daisy Cottage! You and your sister look so cute in the picture. She must love you tons to write such a great tribute. :)


Happy Birthday dear Kim! Enjoy your day!


Susan Ramey Cleveland

Happy, Happy Birthday, Kim. Now wear that red hat proudly, girl! Thanks for the tribute, Jill. And I love the photo of the two of you.


Happy Belated Birthday Kim!
Have been a reader of your blog forever! And I, too, love the book "The Giving Tree"!

Wendy in California

Awwww, one of the sweetest Blog message I've read. Happy Birthday Kim. You are truly special!


Happy Birthday dear Kim!! See how much you're loved? All around the world we come and gather before Daisy Cottage, just to let you know how much you are appreciated.

Sending you a sunbeam to warm you, a moonbeam to charm you, and a sheltering angel, so nothing can harm you.

Hugs and hugs


Gretchen Gerg

Happy Birthday Kim!


Lady Dorothy

I'm a bit late, but I can't miss sending you birthday wishes! Happy, happy birthday!


**Happiest Belated Birthday!***

no doubt, you shine!


Happy Birthday sweet Kim! Thank you for sharing your home and loving heart with all of us. :)


A little late, but hope there is still some cake left. With Yellow frosting, and Red flowers. Happy Birthday, sweet girl! I love this age, and so will you, it just gets better and better.
xo and birthday hugs,


Happy Birthday Kim!
You are a blessing to all those you touch out here in blogland. Thanks for giving us something happy to look forward to each day. Eat lots of cake and enjoy your day!


Pauline in Oklahoma ;-))))




Happy Belated Birthday Kim. What a wonderful tribute and what a warm family. You are both so blessed. Thank you for sharing.
Cal :>

tea time and roses

Happy belated Birthday my dear Kim!




Lovely, just lovely.

The Giving Tree is one of my faves as well. The people that see it as sad are totally missing out on the deep sweetness of love that is the true center of the story.


I love your blog, and I love that I have found a friend, an advocate, if you will to restore beauty to the broken hearted.

I grew up in a very abusive home, and much was taken away from me, which is why I love that I have found your blog! My life, and blog as well, has the same goal, and I too, consider myself the restorer and rescuer of the weak! Thank you for your inspiration, for your heavenly playlist that makes my little heart sing, for the playful colors that cheer me up! May God bless you this year on your 50th!

Renae Moore

A very happy 50th to you! It really isn't too bad...
what a sweet message your sister are loved!


Happy Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday, Kim.

Elaine Vermette

I Missed your birthday so I'll wish you a Happy Today dear Kim. xox

Dianne Wood

Happy Birthday Kim....Congrats on 50 Years..Enjoy your time away and soak in all the beauty of life...:)
Hug Maggie for me,
Dianne and Pearl


Happy Birthday Kim!

~ Gabriela ~


Happy Birthday Kim!! What a beautiful post your sister has done to celebrate your 50th ♥

Lisa Swifka

Happy Birthday Kim!
How wonderful, how magical, how spectacular to have a sister like Jill. Her words were so loving, so genuine and oh so sisterly. I am truly envious (I have no sisters) and wish if I did that our relationship would have been like the two of you!
You are blessed and so obviously is your family to have you.

Kimberly Willis Holt

Happy belated birthday, Kim. You are a gem. We already knew that, but to read your sister's praises makes you even more so.
Have a lovely lovely week and year.

All the best,



Happy, happy birthday, Kim! You're an inspiration!

I'm right behind you -- 50 in August!

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