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April 10, 2009



Aww sweet little Maggie! What a sweet giveaway, if I don't win I'll be out on Wednesday buying the magazines! Can't wait to read your stories!

Thanks for the chance to win the goodies!

Gabriela (Gabi With An Eye)

Oh Kim, what a precious Easter Giveaway! You certainly have a generous and loving heart. But won't you reconsider and add Miss Maggie to the booty? She's always so lovely.


Oh how I love your blog...the music itself just puts me in the most whimsical mood and love your little Maggie, what a treasure she must be :) Happy Easter!!!


Oh, Maggie looks so cute and ready for spring with her Easter scarf on her neck, what a sweetie. What a precious giveaway and I can't wait to see those magazines, will have to search for them this coming week (If I don't win)!

Diane Ruby

I LOVE reading your blog -- always something uplifting! A chance to win the adorable giveaway is an added bonus!



What a great giveaway Kim! Happy Easter!


AW Kim,
I wanted Maggie. . she is the best and I look forward to finding out what she is doing next. You are wonderful to include 'the boss.'

They make dishes with egg holes for the deviled eggs? I'm old enough to be your mother and I didn't know that. I would love it. Everything looks so wonderful and fun. I have been introduced to so many new magazines on blogs. . .and love that my fellow bloggers are part of them.
Thank you and God Bless


Congratulations on the published articles! Maggie is a dear! You really have such a sweet blog!

Screaming Meme

Im so excited for you! If I dont win the giveaway...Im going to buy that copy! LOve to you and Happy Easter! Screaming Meme


I'm so proud of you! What a fabulous tribute to your hard work and warm heart. I will be sure to pick up the magazines.

I would love to win the egg plate "basket". Thank you for the chance!


Kim, What a great Easter giveaway...Maggie looks adorable sitting there in all her glory...Have a wonderful Easter full of blessings to you and your family....Alice


Sweet Kim and beatiful Maggie-you are the best and so generous. Hope you have a wonderful Easter. My grandson turns 2 the day before Easter so we are having a little party along with our ham. And all the snow finally melted. Yeah!


I hope you have a beautiful Easter weekend too Kim!


What a wonderful Giveaway! Congratulations on your articles being published, wow, that's fabulous!! Happy Easter


Maggie is so precious. Truly a loyal friend & companion. If only my little doggie Emma could have such manners & disposition!


I love your blog and your beautiful doggie. I two have one of those lovely little canines as my best friend.
I would also love to be included in your Easter draw!

Lou Cinda Munroe

What a great giveaway! I love it all! AND I love your blog and enjoy it so much! Thanks for sharing....

Lou Cinda :)


I would love to win! Mona


Reading your blog is a great way to start my day! I love it! Maggie is adorable, too.


Please enter me. Have a great Easter.


Kim, that is such a sweet giveaway! I am crossing my fingers to win! Haven't been able to find Romantic Country yet.


Oh, I love seeing sweet Maggie on your blog! She is such a lovely doggie, and I hope she manages to see the Easter Bunny this year.

Lovely giveway, too. Have a happy and blessed Easter; tell Maggie that my dogs think it's good for them to eat chocolate, but we know better!

All the best... Cass


What a sweet little Maggie and such sweet giveaway treats! Enjoy your Easter, hoping you will have time with family and friends.


Congratulations on being in the magazine. How wonderful for you. Maggie looks so sweet in her little daisy scarf!


I would love to be entered in your giveaway. Have a blessed Easter, Kim.

Fay Marie

Hi Kim,
Congratulation on your stories being published. I can imagine how trilled you are.
Thanks for a chance to win all those lovely giveaways. Hope you and your family have a blessed Easter.

Hugs from Ontario
Fay Marie


Ohhh! Shucks I thought Maggie would make a great fit here at my home, too. Miles could use a little friend:) She looks so cute in her little daisy scarf. Count me in! ~ Robyn


Maggie is such a cutie pie. Thanks for having such a great giveaway. Your blog is at the top of my list. Have a wonderful Holiday!
Hugs, Susan


YAY, a chance to win an Easter treat that doesn't put on 5 or 10 lbs! *grin* Such wonderful treasures to giveaway Miss Kim, and I shall look forward to reading your stories!

Debbie L.

Oh Kim, Maggie is adorable. I love to show DH her pictures when you post them:)

Please enter my name and thanks for the opportunity to win these wonderful gifts!

Have a blessed Easter,
Debbie L.


Is there any way possibly that you could slip Maggie into the giveaway box too?? Pretty please... she would have a wonderful life here in the country.... *grins*

And, oh, that glass knob is darling btw... would adore having it.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Wendy Van Der Meersche

What a wonderful giveaway. Your blog is always so inspiring and it's always so fun to get a peek at Maggie. She's just darling. Ü


What a nice giveaway!! I hope I win!!!LOL Doris

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I've already read both magazines. I was thrilled to see your name too! How exciting for you!


such a sweet Maggie.
you know Kim, there is a commercial on TV around here for Coldwell Realty...and it's not local, I think it's a nationwide commercial. And it shows a bunch of different homes in the beginning and one of them looks just like you home!
I would love to win your giveaway....and you can include Miss Maggie too :)


Kim, Maggie is stylin' in her daisy scarf! How cute is that?!! Congratulations on your articles in Romantic Country AND Cottage Style! Have a very blessed Easter~



Hi, Kim -
What a fabulous give-away! Yes, please add my name. Maggie looks so cute, as always. My little Joey 'graduated' to a big dog collar this week. Being a boy he likes his new blue camoflauge collar and his special nametag. Incase he forgets who he is! He would sure to come see Maggie! Happy Easter weekend to you!

Kristy Tukis

I hope the Easter Bunny brings Maggie something special.. Happy Easter!


Lea Harper

How thoughtful. Please pick me! LOL!



Happy Easter! I love glass knobs. You are on my list of favorite blogs so I saw your update right away. I guess I'm just one of many followers for a reason. Love this blog. Linda


Happy Easter Kim! ~Mandy

Annelies Hill

Daisy Cottage is so inspiring!


Oh I need that

Pls enter me and thanks for the chance...

Happy Easter to you dear Kim,
xo Kathy :)


Kim, my first thought when I saw this post was, "I hope Maggie is the prize." Then I read your first line and my heart deflated. I can fully understand, though, why you would not include her in the prize package. And what a lovely prize it is. You are so generous... and so determined to get us all into Spring-mode. XO

Becky G.

Okay, Kim! If I had chosen a bunch of goodies for myself, I promise I couldn't have picked better! How lovely they are, and how sweet you are! Becky G.

PS - Please pick me! {lol}


What a fun giveaway! I'd love to read your stories, plus all the other fun spring articles. Your home is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


What a fabulous contest and prizes! I will have a hard time waiting till Wednesday, I want to run right out and buy those magazines right now to see your articles!
I am collecting glass door knobs :)
So far I have three and need a few more before I can replace my plain brass ones with the glass. The first one is from my late grannys house, it was rescued before they tore her house down. I cant wait to replace my bathroom door knob with hers. So many memories of being a little girl and getting in trouble for trying to peek in through the lock at who was in the bathroom. I was an imp!




I love your blog and I also absolutely love the song that's playing every time I view your blog! Happy Easter!

Suzanne Gallagher

I look forward to your blog each and every morning.

Thanks for the look into your beautiful home.

By the way, what great music, it brings back many memories.

Happy Easter!


My,my! Maggie is ready for the Easter Parade in her vintage hankie finery! Happy Easter, Maggie! And if you catch that Easter Bunny, be nice!

I love to come to your blog because the music reminds me of my teenage years. My husband asks me to turn the volume up when I am on your blog! Thanks for the memories!

Have a great Easter!


Jeanette Carlstrom

Happy Easter!!! If I am not the lucky winner I will run down to Borders to get those magazines. Thanks


Have a blessed Easter:) Maggie just makes me smile. She is so trendy!


Hi Kim,
I know that I don't comment everyday, but I just want you to know in my "hurried up life", in the evening, I check only a few sites, yours, Tina's at Cherry Hill and Romantic Home. You always bring my spirits up. You have a such an uplifting spirit and I thank you for that! That is a true gift to me. Thank you for always being there and sharing your home with us! Hugs, Rosemary~

Cindy Allen

This is actually my first time to ever post a comment. Maybe I'll have beginners luck on my side.

Love your blog. Your home is darling and your photographs are stunning. I just recently entered the blog world and didn't find your blog until a few days ago. I am now checking each day to see what you have added.

Thank you for all the time and effort you put into welcoming your readers into your home and life.


Hi Kim
You always have the greatest giveaways! I really think I am going to win this one! My hubby loves devilled eges and it would be such fun to have a special plate for them and of course I love the blue. Congratualtions on having articles in 2 magazines this month. I am so happy for you that you are getting to use your writing gift and get paid for it.
Happy Easter
Hugs, Rhondi


What a generous giveaway, Kim. Congrats on the articles! I have already been on Fifi's blog and have left some, I hope, helpful comments x


Thank you for entering me in your magazine giveaway. I love your blog and also enjoy obsessing over (& over) the Country Sampler Magazine tour of Daisy Cottage (found it on EBay)! Still working on convincing hubby that the kitchen walls NEED to be red:) Any advice would be appreciated!

Happy Easter!

~Marcy (rooster lover;)


Your articles are always a thrill to read, Kim!Hoppy Easter!

Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

Kim, you are always so generous! I love your entire giveaway!! Are you sure you don't want to add little Miss Maggie to the giveaway? We'd shower her with love and affection up here in the northeast!! (I'm only kidding, of course! Not about the fact that we'd love her to bits, but about the the mere mention of you ever giving her up!) Have a wonderful Easter with your family!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

Andria Scully

Love love love your blog! It inspires me! Have a wonderful weekend and sign me up for the give-a-way!



Maggie is always so stylish. I know the Easter Bunny will not forget her. Your giveaways are always so beautiful and so you. Thanks for the opportunity. Also, you are talented in so many ways.

Elizabeth H

Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!}

Oh my goodness! I feel like I know someone famous. Okay, I realize I don't really know you, but I read every post. Then when I see you in a magazine it just makes me feel special. Wait a minute! I guess you are the one who is special, not me. LOL!

belinda marquez

i love your web site it has inspired me to create my own maggie is a joy to watch i have four baby doggies of my own thanks for bringing joy to all of us in blog land and happy easter, belinda

Bobbie Lynn

Love that Maggie girl. Count me in on our wonderful give away. Thanks


I love Maggie! We have 2 miniature short hair dachshunds that will be 8 in a couple of weeks ~ they are a lot of fun and can be entertaining! Happy Easter ~ Cathy


That egg dish has my name on it! lol I love it. What a sweet thing to give away. Gosh I never thought to put a hankie around my puppys neck. I have a few around here. Good idea.


What a fantastic giveaway!! You are a sweetheart. Tell Maggie to be nice to the Easter Bunny!!


I look forward to your posts and lovely photos...especially the city tours! I appreciate your adding my name to the drawing...blessings, pam

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Of course I'd love to win :-)
I hope y'all will have a Happy Easter!


I would also love to win! Would love to read your articles!!! Have a blessed Easter!
Hugs from Michigan - Diane

What a wonderful GiveA Way...I cant wait to read the articles in both issues!!!
Please enter my name!
Happy Easter from Jackie & Payne, Tampa, Fl
woof woof.

Elizabeth Ann

What a treasure of items you've put together...thank you for the chance to welcome them into my home! Ah, to be a published writer, how wonderful!

P.S. Thank you for putting the song "Time to say Goodbye" back in the playlist and for including the "new" song, "Return to Gree.."(I can't see the full name for this lovely piece.)

As always, happy thoughts, love and laughter to you.


Your little doggie is SO cute. I'm not a real dog lover, but I can't resist your little sweetie! :) I would love to win those things. And I would love to know where to get Cottage Style magazine. I have never seen it in our stores before. Can you order it online?

Deborah Finley

Count me in Kim.
Have a wonderful Easter!

Thalita Dol

What a wonderfull easter give-away!!

I love it!!!! =D

Kisses from Brazil!


I just love all of your posts with Maggie in it. She is such a cutie. What a wonderful giveaway, LOVE it all. Please count me in and I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Easter weekend.


Love it. Love it all! Please put me in the drawing. Wee hoo! :)

Katherine U.

Happy Easter!!!


I sooo love everything about your blog....the music, your house, Miss Maggie... just your style is inspiring to me.

That's such a generous give-away. If I don't win it,tho, I will be headin' out to pick up those magazines.

My fingers are crossed.

Hattie From near Nashville TN


dear dear kim,
wishing you the most wonderful easter
He has Risen indeed!


A wonderful and generous giveaway. I must look for those magazines right away as I'd love to read your articles!


Well I think I may be on the tail end, no pun Miss just love the magazines and the egg plate..hope to get an email from you that I won! great give away... :)


Congratulations on getting published. Maggie is so cute :) Nice giveaway. hope i'll win :)

Kimberly C.

Oh pick me! pick me! You and Maggie are just the cutest. You've got a great name, too!
Happy Easter!


Oh, yes...Please enter me in the giveaway. Samdog sends hugs to Maggie. Have a Happy Easter!

Georgia@Grandma G's

What a lovely give away! Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter!


Aloisia Tomschin


Love your blog. Maggie is a dear and she looks so squishable!!!

Have a Blessed Easter.



I love your blog.And everything in your give away...


Love, love the daisies around Miss Maggie's neck! Perfect!
I hope you pick me for this giveaway - it's superb!

Donna Tingle


What wonderful give-a-ways....please put my name in the pot for a chance at the goodies..

As always..we are your biggest fans here in LA..(lower AL)...

Don't forget to give Maggie a kiss on the nose!!

Hugs from Alabama...

SoBella Creations

Maggie looks adorable in her scarf.

Love the Easter goodies. If I don't win the giveaway I will check those magazines out at my bookstore.

Happy Easter to you and your family.

Hi Kim... I love Maggie's adorable scarf... she is such a cutie! Love all the things you are giving away.. Happy Easter!


Hi Kim,
You really are most generous to be giving away such a wonderful array of treasures.

This is surely the most inspiring,relaxing and beautiful blog ever; Thank you for sharing this with us all.

Blessings, Anita.

Deborah Miller

Oh Kim, I was just telling my sister that I need to borrow one of my mom's egg plates. It would be great to have my own. I soo love the one you are giving away. Happy Easter


Hi Kim! This is just a great Easter giveaway! I don't have either of those magazines yet! I wish you all the best and Happy Easter.



Dearest Kim,
How I love visiting with you in blogland. No matter if I am picked for your giveaway for your "Dear Daisy Cottage" is treasure enough for me. Maggie looks ready to celebrate Easter.
Blessings to you and your this glorious Easter!


A little disappointed that Maggie isn't the giveaway, but she IS a prize! I would love to be entered in your generous giveaway. The best part would be reading the stories you have written. Happy Easter!


What a beautiful blog. I love to visit and see Maggie and wonderful Daisy Cottage. Have a Happy Easter and give Maggie a kiss for me.

Mermaid Debbie

Kim, thank you so much for offering such a wonderful, generous giveaway. I can't wait to read your stories in the two magazines. Keep up your wonderful, inspiring work.

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