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February 19, 2009



Hello! We are in the middle of a good ole fashioned snow storm, roads closed and everyone is tucked in cozy. No school today so my daughter and I baked and baked...chocolate chip cookies, brownies, chocolate cake...a chocolate theme going here! Nothing like being inside on a stormy day and having the house smell so good with baking and homemade soup on the stove. Hope all is well with you. Hugs, Heather

Daisy Cottage

Oh wow Heather - I can't imagine...I'm glad everyone is safe and sound. I'll be there in a few for some of those chocolate chip cookies!!!!
Oh yum!

michele jansen

I am loving decorating my house. I am totally inspired by your blog. I'll be checkin' back soon!

Daisy Cottage

Thank you Michele and that's awesome that you are having fun with your decorating!!!!!

Lavender Dreamer

I have new RED bowls...the color of your table! And a new ring I bought at a consignment shop today. I told my hubby it can be for our anniversary in about a week. He said I have been saying that for a month every time I buy something! heehee! That's what's new with me today. Let's all meet at Heather's house tomorrow! Are there lots of goodies left? We can come to my house the day after!


Ooooh, a snow storm! I envy you, there is something so comforting and so "as you say", old fashioned about getting all nestled in by the sparkling beauty. We just recently had a warmth spirt and our 14 inches are all gone now. We got a little (couple of inches) of lake (Erie) effect snow.

I had a surprising visit today. I'm out of work for two more weeks due to some "girly" surgery. My coworkers went together and made a goodie basket and one of them brought it over after the workday was over. Such fun, like Christmas. One gal gave me a bag of scraps, another sent a new quilters magazine and of course, some word puzzle books, candy, fruit, lotions, etc. What fun and what a lovely thing it is to be thought of so sweetly.

Enjoy all the goodies you made today. Did you make a loaf of homemade bread or rolls to go with the soup?

I enjoy your blog so much and the music brings back so many memories.

Sincerely, Mimi

Daisy Cottage

ooooh a new red bowl AND a ring! Sounds like great fun to me! ;-)
Happy early Anniversary!



Not much new here, going to an estate sale in the morning. Hoping to find some new things for the house. Eating sushi with the girls for lunch tomorrow. This weekend, we are going to the movies and get pedicures!
I am afraid we live a pretty boring life here...LOL

Daisy Cottage

Mimi, that was a wonderful surprise visit! So sweet of them and what perfect pick-me-up gifts! I hope you feel better soon!!

Lavender Dreamer

This is so much fun! I'll post pics of my new bowls tomorrow! lol

Nite nite, friends! Sweet dreams!

Daisy Cottage

Lorri, your life sounds heavenly to me. :-)
Hope you find a treasure - or two - at the estate sale!!!


Daisy Cottage

Nite Nite Lavender Dreamer!!
as I yawn too...


Alison Gibbs

Busy, busy running around getting bits and pieces for Amy's wedding on 4th April.
Need some inspiration for decorating the marquee on a tight budget.

Daisy Cottage

Oh how exciting Alison! I know the wedding will be perfect..congratulations!!!


sigh...I wanted to go first
...what's new...check out "thriftn' on a thursday"

Daisy Cottage

I just did! ;-)


I've missed you! I had been sick for a week and then the service on my laptop wasnt working-they just fixed the problem today, and It feels so good to be back. i've been busy at work and have been itching to get back here. :::sigh:::: feels like home!
how are you?

Daisy Cottage

Oh Row - I'm so sorry that you have been sick! Let's hope that is far behind you now.. missed you too and I'm doing great - thank you!


We have a new member of our family. His name is Mr. Piddles and he is soft and grey and sweet. I will post a picture of him soon. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Daisy Cottage

ahhhh - congratulations Kelly!!! How exciting - Mr. Piddles - what an adorable name! I can't wait to meet him!!

Dawn Gahan

My daughter, Harleigh, turns 17 tomorrow, and I'm happy as a mom can be. That's what's new, that's what's wonderful, that's enough to make my day . . . blessed.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Daisy Cottage

Happy Birthday to Harleigh AND Mom!!
A blessed day, indeed!


I work at the library district. We are getting ready to open a newly renovated library! So, I've been moving equipment - getting some exercise! So exciting to have a new place for patrons to visit and learn and relax and socialize.


I have a gloriously black and newly revamped cast iron fireplace in my bedroom, that I just cannot stop passing by and admiring.....ooh the magic of paint!!

Sue xx


Hi Kim,
I live in Majorca, an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and I'm waiting (desperately) to reach the summer to go to the beach!
Un abrazo, Ana.


Hi, Kim! Thanks for asking!
I've stayed up all night, because I'm too excited to sleep. I may be going down to Salt Lake City with my grown daughters tomorrow, for our annual 'girl trip'. I'm not sure if I will be able to go or not yet, but, if not, they'll go without me and I know they'll have so much fun, window shopping and jabbering. :)
And if I don't go with them, I'll have fun here at home with my hubby. While he's gone at work, maybe I'll get some things done. Maybe not. I'm just 'chillaxin' as my niece would say!


I'm looking at my kitchen counters. They are stacked with paint cans, drop cloths, roller tray and brushes! Can't wait to continue painting tomorrow!
LOVE LOVE LOVE my YELLOW dining room!
The living room is next!

Daisy Cottage

D'Ann, what a great environment to work in! Happy reopening!!

Sue, how wonderful that must be..a fireplace in the bedroom!

Ana, your island sounds beautiful.. now I will picture you there and I hope summer finds you soon!


Daisy Cottage

Diane, crossing fingers and hoping that you get to go!!! ((hugs))

Kathi, I'm so happy that you love your dining room.. onward girlfriend!!! ;-)


i "m having a cup of coffee ,checking out your site (my 2 favorite things to do )and i wanted to tell you that i also collect hearts (any-kind)!!you have a very pretty collection .. don"t be surprized if you get one from me ...thank you for all your wonderful goodies (eye-candy is dandy when kim is passing it out ..just knowing you are out there is a joy to us NO DOUBT!!THANKS KIM FROM CAROL

Daisy Cottage

Carol, you are TOO cute!!!
Thank YOU for being you and I would treasure a heart from you!!!


What's going on here, well, I went to the doctor first thing yesterday morning after having one of the sickest nights of my life. The doctor said "I think you have the flu, pneumonia and strep throat". Well that explains my feelings of near death! HA. Turns out I don't have the flu, my throat is just raw because of coughing so much but I do have double pneumonia. I slept at least 18 hours off and on yesterday and feel a tiny bit better today.

Daisy Cottage

Oh Colleen - PLEASE feel better SOON.. sending you virtual chicken soup and lots of love!!!

Donna Tingle

We now have a new (old) kitchen...had the cabinets redone...they now have gorgeous glass fronts so I can see my green transfer ware and crystal ...pretty, pretty!!!

Spring is slowly creeping up on us here in the LA (lower Alabama)...anxious to work on some new curb red geraniums are anxious for a day of 70 degree weather...maybe today..

Am an avid reader of your blog, as are several of my give us all such wonderful's a great way to start the day...

Kiss Maggie on the nose for me and have a great weekend...look forward to your next entry....



I'm mostly up to shabby chic home improvement. :)

Daisy Cottage

Donna, your kitchen is BEAUTIFUL, I'm sure - how wonderful to see your pretty things on display!
I'm looking forward to spring too - want to get going on planting around our new fence!
Thank you AND please thank your friends too for your sweet blog support!!


Hi Kim, I am getting ready for a hugs bake sale/rummage sale that starts tomorrow. I have baked 30 dozen cookies and have to make a big batch of date squres today. I love baking, so it has been fun!! And the house smells soooo good. The sale starts tomorrow at our church so I will be there for the next three Saturdays! I have enjoyed reading the comments that you have received, a very fun idea, you are the best!! Hugs to all ~cindy s~

Daisy Cottage

Felicia, I visited you just now.. brilliant idea!!!! Bravo! :-)

Daisy Cottage

Happy Baking and may your sale be the best EVER!!


ooh, i'd love a cup of coffee!

i'd like to share that i am holding a THINK SPRING GIVE-AWAY at my blog. please stop by and enter.



Daisy Cottage

Coffee coming right up Elyse, and I'm on my way over.....


Can't complain. In the midst of this recession work has slacked off for me but I don't mind. That leaves more time for creative endeavors and family. Oh, and BFF Beth is coming to visit next week. Fun times ahead! xo, suzy


Hi Kim! I am in the process of making our home more cottagey, so I just purchased a few old metal picnic baskets, and two old breadboxes! AND a hooked rug!

Cindy @ Happinest

Black and gold and cream Toile and french everywhere in my study! It is exciting and almost complete!!
But then I guess everything is "almost" complete the way we change things around..LOL! But fun!!

Sherri S

New is just a few clearance finds from a certain store marked 80% off! And a little makeover on my entertainment center, along with some spring touches to the kitchen frig. I have been so very inspired .... love all your reds! Wishing I had a yellow sofa for a NAP! Happy Friday and weekending.


Hi Kim,

I bought new chair covers last night for my dining room table but they don't look quite right. It's almost the same table that you have in this picture and seeing those chairs in black is inspiring me to paint... :)


Lea Harper

I would say that your black chairs are spectacular!



Dear Daisy Cottage,

How are you? You always look so fresh and clean and inspiring. OH how do you do it?

Over here at my pad we are getting ready for a 9th birthday sleepover party next Friday....was hoping to get over the La Maison Rustique in Temecula, Ca. Have a Beautiful Day everyone.

Claudia Hill

Dear Kim,

I'm out in San Diego teaching for the semester and have had to leave my husband and dogs behind in New York. It is lovely out here, and I'm busy, but I miss my loved ones. Like Gabrielle, I am going to try to get over to La Maison Rustique, but I don't think I can get to it until tomorrow. You'd love some of the shops here, Kim ~ lots of treasures!


Betty Jo

I'm in the midst of my second move in four months! ♥


Babysitting grandson Carter today who will be doing a blog post later today so check it out later. Right now he's watching Happy Feet and dancing so he's too busy to post right now!


Hello Kim I just left Fl. we have a home in Hudson Fl. we live right on the Gulf well my back yard is the Gulf, and now i am back in mich. cold and ugly. I ask my self why do I live in Mich.Well first my Grandkids are here and are business is here. But of course I flew my grand kids to be with me in Fl.You have a wonderful week end.

Daisy Cottage

Suzy, what a great attitude! Have lots of fun with your BFF!!

Carol, how fun, and I'm sure your home is feeling very loved!

Cindy, your study is beautiful and I know because lucky me saw it in person!! :-) You've got the touch girlfriend!

Sherri, happy fluffing!!! So fun!

Dena, everything you do inspires me!

Thank you Lea!

Gabrielle, sleepover parties are so fun for the little ones, aren't they? Oh the memories...

Claudia, I'm sure you must miss your family!! And I wish I could go shopping with you too!!

((((Betty Jo))))) Hang in there sweet one!

Daisy Cottage

Chris, Carter sounds like THE cutest and I know how much joy he brings you! (((hugs)))

Southern Bell, I'm so glad you had a wonderful Florida break.. you'll just have to make sure you come back soon!!


Oh, the little peek of lemons in the pretty bowl against the red table...I love it, Kim! My blog is in no way, shape or form as pretty and inspiring as your amazing blog, but today I posted something cheerful in colors I just know you would love! :-)

As for what's new...its pretty much the same story here...a barn full of horses, and lots of hay! :-) Oh, and lots of cute calves arriving every day, which come to think of it, I should try and blog about soon. :-)


I bought new lamps although not cottage style at at all... can you say 'contemporary'... lol Still fighting a bad cold so staying in today. Love your red table!

The Blue Ridge Gal


Doing a little decorating... a little sewing... and playing with my children.

Love your blog!!!


Inger Luff

We are having a beautiful sunny day today, but tomorrow some more very needed rain is coming. I have been arranging my new milkglass pieces above my kitchen cabinets and just polished my $2 sterling silver creamer! Fun!

Have a wonderful weekend! Can't wait for your next post! You are a blessing!


This was so much fun reading about everyone's life. Busy lives.

Me -- I've just finished what I called my P&O project. Purge and organize. I went through every drawer, closet and shelf in the house removing everything I no longer needed or wanted resulting in three trips to the Goodwill.

It took five weeks to complete and I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it is to open a closet and see organized items instead of everything stuffed into whatever space I could find the last time I was there.

I now have a new collection -- Empty Space!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you this. I read your blog daily and am greatly inspired by your gentle style. You are one of my favorite people.

Wishing you the best, Kim.

Lisa ~A Cottage to Me

I just got home from picking up DD#2 from college for the weekend. We did alittle shopping,we stopped and had lunch. Then I saw a sign for an Estate Sale and of course I had to go see what that was all about. We are dodging the snow today. But tomorrow....they say up to 8 inches! But they have been saying that for the last 3 days and nothing yet, so we'll see!


Hi Kim, I don't have a lot of time to read blogs but Dear Daisy Cottage is one I can't miss. I love your cheerful use of color...your home and life are so charming! Thank you for taking the time to share all that you do! Say hello to Miss Maggie for me...



It always feels like I have stepped into a fresh spring day when I come visit your blog. Love the photo!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Daisy Cottage

Belinda, I did indeed LOVE what you shared today - gorgeous!!! Thank you!

Di, new lamps are always fun and I hope you feel better SOON!!! Be good to yourself!

Shannon, - love your name ;-) - sounds like a wonderful day to me.. and thank you!

Ahhh, thank you Inger! YOU all are the blessing to me. And woohoo - a $2 silver creamer? You scored girlfriend! :-)

Dear Rita - Thank you for your sweet words and thank YOU for taking the time to share with me about your days.. way to go on what I know had to be a time-consuming project! Now you can enjoy the fruits of your hard labor which you deserve to do! Pat yourself on the back and go do something fun to celebrate!! ;-)

Lisa, how wonderful to have this weekend with your girl!!! Stay safe and warm!

((((Christy)))) Thank you SO much!

((((Debra)))) Thank you so much too!!!


Hi Kim, I am prepping for my dinner club tonight. We're celebrating Mardi Gras with gumbo and King Cake. Dusting, fluffing and creating a table scape. Love that red tabletop of yours. Pam


I just discovered your scrumptious yellow house and web site -- yellow is one of my favorite colors and I use it with red, though a slightly more muted shade. Also aqua and royal purple -- not everyone's cup of tea, but it suits me.

I'll be checking back often to see what's happening. I live in Texas where we have only an occasional really cold winter day -- mostly mild weather and then HOT summers.




well I know this is abit off etiquette,but I am so proud of the work Sadie Olive did on my blog,it is so "pretty 'n pink"!


Hi Kim,

I had smores cappuccino (yummmm) a little while ago. Love that black chair! I'm getting ready to start dinner in a bit, have a wonderful weekend, and I'm ready for spring too!!
I love your blog,
Linda @ Kindlelight Blessings
P.S. Don't forget to light that candle while your having your coffee!!


Hi Kim, its half term here this week and we spent Monday and Tuesday swapping the two girls bedrooms over as Ali is away so much now and Em needs some space. Yesterday we went to Madame Tussauds in London and the Isle of Wight today. Jane x


I absolutely love your site. I have "wonderful" written next to it in my favorites. A quick question, do you prefer a certain brand or kind of paint? And what's that great red called?
I have subscribed to Romantic Country and can't wait to get my first issue. My house doesn't look anything like romantic country but I am dreaming some day to have my way.
Keep on keeping me encouraged. Hugs, Mary

Rachel Going

The only new thing today is a thought that popped into my head of something I'd like to create for Daisy Cottage....hhhhhmmmm...I wonder if I could get it to turn out like I see it in my mind? xo rachel


hello kim ! just had to let you know i read your answer to me and it just made my day ...thanks! .. you are the best!i just got back home after going to a vally shop with all kinds of goodies ... found some cute things! now home i"m taking a few moments to tell you that we must be "soul sisters " (daisies,red..yellow, much in common..did i say hearts ?gotta run now//// ( HAVE A GREAT WEEK-END! GOD BLESS!) working on a heart for some-one VERY SPECIAL !!CAROL XO

Elizabeth Ann

Happy Friday, dear Kim! I am slowly putting our home together in Mississippi after moving from Tucson, AZ 4 months ago...quite a change; it's where my hubby grew up and he has lots of family here! But, after living in the city we now are on an acre in the country and I am really loving it. After a desert town, we have Fruit trees and grass and deer an critters walking through the yard. Cardinals, bluejays, bluebirds, robins, such color!

Goodness, moving 15 years of "stuff" sure takes the stuffing out of you...I'll bet you went through the same thing when moving to Daisy Cottage?!

Anyway, day by day, things are slowly starting to look like a home...please know that your blog is a joy to visit and to think about YOU, a gentle, wonderful soul who shares so much with us. I come here for solace and inspiration. And to listen to your wonderful song list! :)



Well, let's see. I'm planning a yard sale route right now for hubby and myself for
Saturday morning. Never know what treasures await! Our youngest daughter (24) and my Mom (87) share a birthday tomorrow so I'm throwing a birthday party for them tomorrow afternoon. The cake and ice cream await!


What a great, "open-ended" post. It's great fun to read what's going on... especially since not much of anything is going on here, except I'm planning my "Honey-Do" list for the weekend.

This weekend it will include the "Brother-In-Law-Do" aspect as well.

Have a great weekend, all!



Thanks for the coffee Kim. It is so good. Thank you for inviting me to your home again. Your friendship is an amazing part of my day and I so love coming here.

Daisy Cottage

Pam, I have a confession to make..
your package just went out today! I'm so sorry - don't blame Maggie - her Mommy was a little bit sloooow this week! ;-) You will have it in a few days! Enjoy your dinner club! How fun is that???

Patty, is SO nice to meet you! Thank you so much for commenting and purple sounds like a perfect color to throw into the mix to me!!

Vicki, Sara did a fantastic job with your blog design - definitely pretty in pink!! Love it!

Thank you Linda, and oh your cappuccino sounds divine!!

Oh Jane, how fun to swap rooms and if only I could visit London!!! One day, I hope! Have a beautiful weekend!!

Thank you so much Mary! ((hugs))
My husband is the painter in our family - thank goodness - and he prefers Lowe's American Signature line. The red that we use for our walls is Waverly's Richly Red and can be found at Lowe's. I do love it! You will love Romantic Country and sweet one - keep on dreaming, because one day soon YOU will be doing - I promise!

((((Rachel)))) You are the sweetest!

Ahh, thank you Carol! You know I love my soul sisters... xoxoxo

Elizabeth Ann, I am SO happy for you! Wow - what a wonderful adventure and your new home does sound like heaven - so much life around you.. how perfect. Thank you for your extra sweet words and you know that you are welcome here any time. ((((hugs))))

Sharon, my sis and I are planning our yard sale route for the a.m too! ;-) Happy Birthday to your dear girl and mom.. I hope the day is extra special!!

LOL Cass! Oh my poor hubby is very familiar with the honey-do list! I hope all of your to-do's get done!
Thank you- it is fun to read what everyone is up to!

Right back at you sweet Nancy! You ALL are amazing - period. And you are welcome here any time.


the vintage rose

So nice to visit again and please can I have a teaspoon of hot choc powder in my coffee and turn it into a Mocha?
I just want to send a hug your way today and thankyou you for being you and sharing a little of your life with us.
To see whats up with me drop by when you have time.


I have FINALLY hit a big pile of awesome stuff from one estate. I am loving it, but not wanting to keep it all, so planning on selling it at flea markets and shows all summer. Good to see some really cool stuff.

On another front, I am loking how your kitchen chair looks painted black. I have those same chairs. I already painted the table. As soon as it warms up enough for me to get my handy sprayer out, the chairs will be next...but with 4-6 inches of snow predicted for the weekend, not so soon....

Good chatting...stop by and see me..


sarah  abeachcottage


so this week it's been my usual manic round of looking after the Beach Cottage kiddos, surfing, on the beach and my best thrifting for a long time!

I bought a mannequin that's been on the Beach Cottage Most Wanted List for what seems like ever and I made a Beach Cottage tassel which I have been trying to get round to making for I guess I had a pretty productive time

what a good idea this is...I've surfed through these with a cup of tea!

happy days



Hi Kim I've been gone for awhile but plan to stop by often from now on. I've missed you. We are going to a Gator appreciation dinner tomorrow and then a basketball game afterwards. Hope to paint my sunporch wicker expresso and make new cushions on Sunday. And I'm in the midst of making drapes and bedding for the guest room and an awning and shower curtain for the guest bath. Hope you have a great weekend. I so enjoy your blog and your wonderful decorating. You are always such an inspiration. RJ


Hey Kim, Everything is grand here in Texas. I am going to Laurie Anna's spring market tomorrow. I hope I get to meet Tina @Cherry Hill Cottage.. I will take photo's and share! Love your cottage.. makes me want to come for a visit.. always so cheerful. Thanks for sharing..
p.s. I am having a give-a-way on my blog.. hop over and enter..


Hi Kim! I just got off wk came straight to my computer to vist you.This wkend I plan on doing some scrapbooking of my favorite scrap subject...Baby Brooke, my sweet little grandbaby,she'll be one next mo.I want to clean, shop and do a little decorating're my inspiration! Hugs, Leah


I wanted to tell my new thing when I first saw this post but, my new thing was still in the works. Now it's a sure thing. It's in my garage. A "NEW"(to me) car. It's a used, but very nice BMW. I know it's not a very artsy or cozy or homey new thing. Heather's cookies and brownies seem like more fitting comments for your lovely blog but I'm pretty happy about the car, so I'm sharing.

Viv Writer

I'm so excited! I am going to my first concert. Natalie Cole is to perform for us. When I was a little girl I was to see her in New York. Sadly, things did not go well. It would be years later that I would find out that she was on drugs and having difficulties in that way. Thank God she cleaned herself up and this story has a good ending. I do hope it will be wonderful!


Well, let's see. Hubby is putting together my chalkboard in vintage frame today. It will hang in my kitchen and remind me of your beautiful Daisy Cottage inspiration every single day. I also have a little package to get in the mail. Thank you so much for your order.

Bobbie Lynn

Sowing some seeds for my spring/summer garden. Finishing up a gift for my Grandmothers 94th birthday. It's a small wall hanging quilt and just enjoying the weather here in Southern California. Thanks for asking.


Dear Kim,

What a cute idea, like Dear Abby lol

Nothing much happening here, we had snow on thursday and another storm coming tomorrow, I hope it's only rain though. This Winter has been a rough one.

Getting excited for the Academy Awards...going to order Chinese and park my butt starting with the Red of my fave nights of the year !!!

Thanks for the chat, I always enjoy my visits here Kim...whats new with you ??

All the best,
Kathy :)

autumn sun

i just love it every time I come to your blog and see the gorgeous red's and yellows.
what's up today? well i should be painting but I got distracted and created this with a daisy (you can see it on my blog) that I was about to throw out. thought you might appreciate it.

Elaine Vermette

Kim, thank-you for having us as a guest in your home and still at the same time making it feel as if it's just me and you. What's new? ... The same stuff only different. xox Elaine

Daisy Cottage

Thank you Vintage Rose! (((hugs)))
I'll be over in a few...

Anita - that's wonderful! Treasure-hunting is always fun! I'm on my way to see you soon too!

Sarah, I'll say you had a very productive time!!! I'm so happy you found your mannequin! Your blog is gorgeous as always!!

RJ, I've missed YOU so much!! Your weekend sounds like so much fun!! (RJ is one AWESOME decorator.. I've encouraged her to blog one day - you'll fall in love!)

Valarie, thank you so much, and I hope you had the time of your life!! I would love to go there too one day - can't wait to hear all about it!!

Ahh, thank you Leah!! ((hugs))
I hope you had fun scrapbooking!!

Vickie - CONGRATULATIONS! That sounds dreamy and life is short so I truly believe that we need to enjoy the ride!! ;-)

Oh Viv I am so happy for you! What a wonderful experience this will be.. always so amazing how life can come full circle - I can't wait to hear about it.

(((Laura))) my sweet friend - I can't wait to see your chalkboard - it will be fabulous, I am sure. What a fun project!!!

Bobbie Lynn, what loving and nurturing things you are tending to this weekend - the quilt will be precious and I'm sure your grandmother will treasure it.

Ahhh Kathy, I hope you are all snuggled up - safe and sound - and how cute are YOU to embrace the show and celebrate it in style!! Love that you do that!

Thank you Autumn!! I'll be on my way to you in a minute...

(((Elaine))) Thank YOU.


I just bought a bowl like that at a thrift store for 80 cents!

I love it, but my mom loved it more, so I gave it to her!

So fun to see another one.

(I guess that's what's new with me.)


Hi Kim
How is Maggie? Well what's new here? We just rescued a pregnant sweet girl cat yesterday. She has had at least 20 litters and I told the so called "owner" no more...she's coming home with us. He couldn't have cared less. He said "oh I will have more take her".
You can see her on my Cat's on Tuesday post this week. We think she is 10 years old. To the vet she goes for a good check up and to make sure all the babies are ok. she's due in a few weeks.
Otherwise all is well. Still very cold here and it's snowing lightly and it's so pretty.
So where are you going with those cool red boots?
Love Claudie


I just opened up my own online shop...I sell handmade jewelry. I won't post the address here though because I love this blog and don't want to advertise on it.
Thanks for opening up your home to all of us and for sharing your lovely Maggie with us and your family too.


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  • "Kim, I love your blog. I so appreciate you sharing every day. I miss you when you're gone. Losing my dear sweet baby boy in Iraq has made me treasure life and those so dear to me. Reading your blog is such therapy for me. You have made me treasure the finer things in life that I use to overlook. Birds singing, flowers blooming, my home and all of the treasures within it. I'm not sure that I ever looked at a teacup or saucer and saw such detail and beauty in it." ~ Dena

Thank You Grace!

  • "I would like to let you know what a joy it is to wake up each morning and read your delightful blog. I always feel as if you are speaking directly to me. Since I was diagnosed with an immune disease a year ago I wanted only to read positive and very inspiring blogs and your blog was the first I found. I think maybe the good Lord meant for me to find your blog and since then it has been nothing but smiles all around. I have tried very hard to stay positive about this disease and very up beat. I know that there is no cure and I have accepted this, but reading things with a positive message and filled with so much love helps. This is where you come in and I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and to let you know how very much you and Miss Maggie are loved." ~ Grace

Thank You Francesca!

  • "Oh my! I have just stepped into heaven. A nostalgic, magic, getaway place where folk love one another and life is sweet. Kim, you will probably never know just how many hearts you have touched with your site. " ~ Francesca

Thank You Kathy!

  • "I visited my friends with their tasteful beige homes and sometimes questioned if there was anyone else in this world who loved the things I did. Then I found Daisy Cottage and a whole community of other women who shop the side of the road, paint their furniture fun colors, and aren't afraid to fill their homes with touches of whimsy and fun. What a relief! We aren't alone! I'm not alone. Thanks for all your inspiration and for confidently sharing your home and the idea that we can have fun with our decorating. I never get tired of visiting here Kim." ~ Kathy

Thank you Rue!

  • "That hankie is like you and your blog Kim. In the middle of all of the other beautiful hankies, it's the one that stands out and makes you feel at home." ~ Rue

Thank You Jeanette!

  • "Sigh.... between your music, red and yellow mellow feeling and wonderful writing I just feel so calm. What would I do without you in the morning with my cup of coffee." ~ Jeanette

Thank You Lenna!

  • "My eyes have been opened to a world I never knew existed. Such vibrant creativity, such caring community: it literally takes my breath away. After so much loneliness and isolation it is overwhelming to me that such a world even exists. In time I hope to be able to fill my garden of life with lovely, loving friends instead of the weeds of loneliness. Until that time lace tablecloths will come out of storage, music and lovely scents will fill the air of this home. And I shall visit the Daisy Cottage when I feel despair raise its dark, obscuring head, for I know from experience, that it is ever lurking behind that next bout of pain and weakness. Your kind and generous response has strengthened my resolve, you have helped me more than you will ever know, my new-found friend." ~ Lenna

Thank You Rose!

  • "What I love best about Daisy Cottage is Kim. I love the way you appreciate every good thing in life and embrace joy in every moment." ~ Rose

Thank You Lisa!

  • "Here's how I can best describe into words how your blog made me feel. You know when you wake up in the morning and there's an early morning thunderstorm and every room in your house is as dark as night? Then, the rain and thunder stop and the sun comes shining through all the windows and you just know it's going to be a beautiful, sunshine day? Well, that's how finding Dear Daisy Cottage made me feel. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Kim. You blessed my day and may God do the same for you." ~ Lisa B.

Thank you Pamela!

  • "I am so touched by your words and photographs. Whether in happy or sad times, you inspire my heart and soul. We all need each other's light and you offer us that dose of sunshine." ~ Pamela

Thank you Joy!

  • "Your blog has helped me start to see the beauty in life again." ~ Joy

Thank You Anne!

  • "Thank you for your wonderful blog. I have been "lurking" but had to share with you how much you have helped me embrace the fun of decorating. I came to your blog looking for pictures to inspire me as I redecorate my house with cottage style. Today I was so tangled up in doing it "right" that it was really depressing me. I visited your blog again for some fresh ideas and came away realizing that there is no "right." Just me being me and enjoying my home! I am laying here in bed with tears in my eyes - tears of happiness that it is okay to be me and let that shine through in my house and what I wear and what I make with my hands. You are God's gift to me today and I thank Him and you." ~ Anne

Thank You Tracy!

  • "Your words and thoughts of encouragement help me see myself with value. You are a blessing. Thank you." ~ Tracy

Thank you Karen!

  • "Your humble spirit has not changed through your many posts here in Blogland. You have been blessed with a special gift and I am very thankful you share it with us." ~ Karen

Thank You Betty Jo!

  • "You truly inspire me to do whatever I can in my own little nest. I've always been an artistic dreamer, but you've enlarged my dreams with your way of seeing." ~ Betty Jo
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