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January 14, 2009


Emily Hutchinson

I am dying to paint the outside of my house a Khaki blonde color! I have been waiting to do this for a year now.

xoxo Emily


My house has white siding that is only a couple years old. But, if I could I would paint it fire engine red!

Kay in Kansas

Becky G.

Well, since you ask, my 'dream farmhouse cottage' would be white, with the porches having gray floors and pale blue ceilings, deep green shutters and a green tin roof. Or maybe red shutters and roof - but definitely a white farmhouse wih the color in flowers and accessories like bright barkcloth pillows and tablecloths on the comfy wicker furnture. Thanks for asking! Becky G.

Andrea at Opulent Cottage

We DID paint our house the color we always wanted, much to the dismay of others! We were going for a pinky terra cotta, almost like a dark salmon color, but when the paint was going on it looked like HOT PINK. My brother-in-law and his Dad pulled up then, and I'll never forget how totally horrified they looked! The color has seasoned to a much more mellow reddish-brown now. We have never regretted just going for the color we actually wanted, and not what everyone else thought we should do.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio & The Comforts Of Home

Since this house I live in is in the middle of a forest, I would paint it a deep sage green, use copper downspouts and gutters and paint the door a rich eggplant.

My dream home is an old farmhouse in the country. Painted white, black shutters and a deep red door.

Stephanie Bradley

Mi Kim and Ms.Maggie,

Happy New Year to you! I hope your holidays were filled with love and laughter. It's so funny you should ask this question because, just this morning I told my husband as we were sharing a cup of coffee and yummy cream of wheat that I changed my mind about what color our nest should be when we paint it. The color I am going to paint it will be a french gray- robins-egg blue. What do you think? I also have no idea what color would best be suited for the shutters... Do you have any ideas for me? We love in a Cape Cod style cottage. You have such impeccable taste Kim. I trust that you may have some ideas for me. Thank you so much and Have a lovely day.
~ Stephanie


Beautiful pics, Kim! I always love to see what you're up to around the house. I'm not sure what color I'd paint, since we have brick.


i think i would paint my house a really bright green or a pale green..either end of the spectrum.
i imagine it owuldn't look quite as good as your lovely yellow one though.


That's an easy choice for me as I decided a long time ago it would be Falu Rödfärg* (with white trim). Such a gorgeous shade of my favourite colour Red!

*Most would easily recognize it as the deep red colour on a lot of the Swedish cottages and barns...a bi-product of the Falun copper mine.



If I could paint my house any color I wanted, without from criticism from neighbors or roadblocks from my husband or frowns from everyone else, I'd paint it a beautiful shade of purple with lavender trim. And put coral and red geraniums out in front and lots of white and other colored flowers, and hang a bird cage one the front porch. Sigh............but it's beige and probably always will be. Thanks for letting me dream a bit.


I Would paint mine Benj. Moores Sun Dried Tomato. I LOVE it, in fact it is on one wall in my LR and I think I will paint it in my Office in the next week if I can


I always loved the picture of your cottage, because it's in the colors I would love on my house. Yellow and white together are so cheery, and since yellow is my favorite color, it's the only choice for me. Your home's color keeps my dream always in my reach. Beautiful!


My favorite color is yellow...must be why I'm so drawn to Daisy yellow it would be.


I've always loved a white house. But once I saw a house that was a creamy butter yellow with white trim around the windows and porch, robin's egg blue shutters and a rosy pink front door. I would love to have a house those colors. Pink geraniums in window boxes would make it perfect, oh and an orange cat sitting on the front porch!
Hugs, Rhondi


I hope this doesn't mean you are comtemplating repainting YOUR house!! I love your beautiful yellow cottage! If I could afford to repaint our house, it would be a nice cream color, with sage green trim. I'm very tired of the glaring white paint with scarlet oak (cinnamon red) trim!! Can I put a link in my comment so that I can show you what it looks like now? It's a 1926 Sears Roebuck house. I love it!


Well, we unfortunately had to re-side our 140 yr old house and we chose Khaki with burgundy, pale khaki and deep olive accent colors for the trim. It is beautiful! But our first home, also an older home, was lavender, soft grey and dark blue accents. It was pictured in a copy of Victorian Homes years ago. It too was beautiful!


My dream house - pale aqua with yellow shutters........
Second choice - the palest shade of forest green with chocolate shutters....
BTW, I love the picture of the books on the suitcases with the sun just hitting the flowers in the bowl. Looks like a lovely, sunny day at Daisy Cottage!!


Hello Kim, I think i would paint the house a deep cream with the woodwork in a deeper shade of butter yellow. So my deep pink roses and passion flower would show up. At the moment we live in a modern red brick terraced cottage and the flowers don't really show up against the brickwork. Jane x


A very pale pink! I hope to do it in the very near future! ~Mandy

Suzanne Sneary

Well, nothing could be as cute as Daisy Cottage! But, I might do my little seaside cottage a soft pink with green trim. Like Monet's home. Then plant a kazillion pink rose bushes. What color front door? Hmmmm.


Gosh I don't know. But I loved your colorful photo's always so fun to visit the cottage. I guess I would paint my cottage white and then the shutters and trim something bright and pretty maybe blue or red. And the rockers each a different color. I love dreams. Thanks for suggesting we dream today!



debi @ life in my studio

If I could paint my house any color I wanted...and my hubby wouldn't have a heart would be pink!

Diane Duda

i love all colors...and therein lies the problem.
i've been trying to decide for the last 12 years!


We painted our house an apple green a year ago. It's the kind of color you either love or hate! Our neighbor hasn't spoken to us since the day it was painted, but complete strangers have stomped on their brakes and shouted out "I LOVE THAT COLOR!!"


RED!!! I would do it bright red with white trim and black shutters and front door. Not very original but I would just be sooo happy coming home to a big red house!


Blue - a wonderfully attention getting periwinkle blue with white trim!!!


Hmmmmm.....I would have to say pink with a white picket fence! I love yours colors bright and cheery!

Miss Jean

I would paint it the same color it is now - the most dreamy shade of yellow. It was gray and when it came time to paint, my husband wanted yellow. We had been driving by a house in the country that was the PERFECT yellow, as yellows are hard to pick. We stopped and asked them what shade of yellow it was. The owner actually had paint chip cards to hand out as she had so many people stopping by. Our house is sorta Cap Cod-ish and has dormers. Yellow siding with white trip. Beautiful. One day we want to put up green shutters. Perfection.

Betty Jo

My house would be yellow trimmed in white, just like Daisy Cottage. I saw a house painted yellow and white in New England in the fall, nestled among gorgeous, brightly colored, autumn trees and it was incredible. xoxo

spread your wings

upon reading your question, my first instinct was to say sunny yellow and then your photo banner popped up and I saw that is the very color of your house. I'm not bold enough to do that but my bedroom is sunny yellow. I love it.
this is my first visit to your blog. I'm sure I'll be back.


i think i would chose a pale gray with red shutters and a butter yellow shiny front door

there is a darling house up the street that is a mellow gold color with an pale olive green trim and shutters. love it!


Kim, it would depend on the house, but I have always wanted to have a yellow house with white trim and green shutters. I also fell in love with a house in Key West years ago that had Bahama shutters painted white, and the house was about the color of Daisy Cottage... loved that, too!

I have a blue Victorian, but I didn't select the colors... they were already approved by the HARB (Historic Architecture Review Board). I like them, though, and they are good for a house near the sea. If I were to paint that house in my choice of colors, I might have gone with a grey or khaki color with white trim and mabye a dark Charleston green accent as well... all Benjamin Moore Colors from their approved list of period colors. I would go with a more subtle palette on that one because of all of the fussiness of the picket fence and the gingerbread trim. I would also add shutters on my French doors and front door. :-)



Lavender Dreamer

I know this may sound different.......but our home in Florida is a lilac's stucco and a very light purple. We love it!

Lavender Dreamer

PS I love your stacks of books....perfect!

We are working on restoring the clap board on our 105 year old two story and we are painting it soft sage green. Love it! It is perfect for our home... I love dear daisy cottage though! xo rachel


If I had a Painted Lady she would be painted pink and lavender with black shutters. If I had a cottage she would be painted a sunny yellow with bright white trim. If I had a mansion she would be painted antique white with black trim and shutters. But, if I lived in France, any house painted any color would be perfect! What a great question!


My house is a soft dove gray with white trim and black shutters, and I love it. I even had our last house painted those colors.

If I had a vacation home, I would paint it that whisper pink that I saw so much of when we lived in South Florida.


PINK! My husband wouldn't mind, but my neighbors would hate me. It's fun to dream though.


I would choose a neutral but it would definitely have a dark brown door and sweet pink knocker!

Lady Dorothy

Well, it IS definitely time to paint our house. I think I am going to go for a white with black trim. (We have a red door.) However, since I will be going through all the paint cards to see "which white", I may end up with a soft gray. I just can't picture my house (stucco ranch) a bright color or even a pastel. It just doesn't seem right. NOW, if I had a different type of house, I may be much more flamboyant!


What a Great questions! Since it is my dream color,then it would be on my dream cottage in the mountains,and the studio would be larger than the house and the Garden Grand also. Oh yea,the cottage a wonderful well love cottage white!


Oh, what a fun question, Kim, and nice to ponder! :-) I guess if we are talking dream cottage here, and if the setting was just right, I would adore a soft lavender painted cottage with lots of white trim and shutters, and a garden full of hydrangeas, roses and salvia to set it off. :-) You lucky already have your beautiful sunshine yellow and white dream cottage, with all of the most cheery colors inside as icing on the cake!

cindy~my romantic home

If I didn't live in an apartment I would paint my home white with black shutters or depending on the style of the house maybe yellow.


Our house is a khaki color which is ok. And our Maine cottage is a wonderful yellow! So I guess I would love yellow on my NH home too.


Are you thinking of painting Daisy Cottage Kim? I'm sure the color you picked would be amazing!


I just have started looking at blogs. I just love yours and the music. My husband asked the other day if we could play this music for our Friday evening cocktail. I would love a white house with black shutters. A red door and a big front porch. Red whicker would be placed for easy conversation. Big green ferns would hang and red geraniums with green ivy would be all around. HA HA HA It is 4 degrees outside right now~ here in OHIO! But I love daydreaming about that porch!


Well, my dream home is a remake of an old farmhouse with a tin roof. Yellow is my favorite color to paint a house. Yep, yellow is a happy color, that would be my choice.

Vikki Evans

Oh gosh I would definately paint my house a Brick Red color with the white or change the white to a Khaki color.It would just be beautiful. I love the yellowish gold. But I like Brick Red better.
You certainly have a beautiful home.


I would paint it a creamy yellow with white trim and a red front door


Kim I love your choice of authors, I've read everything Maeve Binchy and Belva Plain have ever as for house colors....hmmm well to start off with let me say my home owning days are over, too old to start that all over again, BUT if I'm dreaming and won the lotery I would have my house painted a soft antique white with faded forest green shutters and doors, big front porch with rocking chairs and maybe a porch swing, colorful cushions maybe a big fern, then I would add a front yard with an English style garden full of old roses and hollyhocks and sweetpeas and morning glories infinitum. Having said that I do love your little house it is so cheerfull, just looking at it makes one want to smile.


Mandy Ford

Kim! I got my box of goodies today and I told my hubby that it was like Christmas! :) Everything is so fun...thank you so much!!

And I would paint my house jadite green with white trim! :)


Yellow ;)


I'd have to have two houses, one would be a deep worn but not faded cranberry, the other a deep forest green with a blue base, definetly green, maybe spruce would be the name of the color


Since our house is Tuscan style, I can't imagine painting it any other color than the "tan" we have now. But....if I had a cottage, I'd love to paint it a soft periwinkle.



I might've painted my Amarillo house a khaki or cream, but my Hill Country limestone house? Gotta be a purist on this one and not paint it at all.

debbie ragan



I think it would be red with beige shutters. All red brick houses look so great with the beige, i think.
Getting ideas ? hmm

Linda Gerig

I do like green. a sage green. Linda Gerig


I would love to have Aqua with white trim for the summer and a rich coral with cream trim for the winter.
If you're gonna dream....dream BIG. ;)


I would love to see a house painted black with white trim. But not my house. I am a lover of white with green or black shutters.

Hello Kim, I think i would paint the house a Blue with a white door! Diane

The Joyfulhomemaker

and since I cannot paint the house red..instead we are in the middle of painting our bungalow/studio/schoolhouse red


We just painted ours and it's a butter yellow, with white trim and sage green shutters. It's warm and inviting!


Rose red. No doubt about it. Yep, then my pink roses would look white daisy's. I love rose red.


No..wait..yellow. Yes..yellow. I gotta go think about this...brb..


Good Morning Kim,

It would definitely be yellow...but not until I have the house of my dreams. I believe it is actually out there already yellow or waiting to be :)



I wonder if you're contemplating a change to Daisy Cottage's beautiful bright yellow (?) The cottage is adorable and, after reading your blog for some time now, it appears to fit your endearing, happy personality. The white trim and red accents are perfect!

Our fairly new home is painted sandstone with hunter green shutters, door and cream trim. If I had to choose my favorite color it would be robins-egg blue with white trim, flower boxes of blue & white hydrengaes, abundant baby's breath and daisies.

It's always fun seeing how someone else has decorated their home and you have many lovely vintage items. I love the "K".



I think I would paint it pink! A little pink cottage.



Ruby Red!! with red/white stripe awnings... reminds me of the Mr Peppermint show! I may be dating myself!! Smiles!!


I would have to say..... mossy green. I love greens but the color of moss is my favorite! I love the pictures! So pretty and inspiring!

Have a wonderful day!


I am a yellow color girl! I think having a yellow house would be fabulous! Because I couldn't have my house yellow on the outside i painted it yellow on the inside!
It was so fun to read people's color choices!

laurie herring

Well I love white houses with black shutters and all though white is the abcent of color it trully is my fav my cottage is dark mustard like dijon with black shutters it suites the the home with a tile roof and red geranims. but our 1950 ranch rental is black shutters and all white it just charming our son lives there.


I've always wanted a house with a butter yellow exterior.
When we painted our former house a few years ago, it just wasn't the right kind of house for that color.
And the house we're in now has vinyl siding, BIG sigh. I'd love to paint it someday... but, the siding pretty much inhibits that option.


Hello Kim! More sweet, cheerful pictures! Love the suitcases! Have a wonderful weekend!



Hi Kim :)

Well, funny you should ask... That's why Daisy Cottage first caught my eye, before I ever read one word. I have always wanted a yellow house and I have passed this dream onto Annie. It doesn't matter what shape a house is in, yellow always gives it unbelievable charm and we can't help but yell "Look how cute that yellow house is!" Rich just shakes his head LOL

We plan on taking the siding off the new house when we can afford it and paint the real siding a soft yellow with white trim. It will be quite a while before that happens, but I can't wait :)

love to you,


It would be light pink, with a white picket fence around it.

Jean Eakin

We did our house in blue with kind of a barn red shutters and doors, with cream trim years ago. I still love the blue but I would like to put a brighter red on the doors and shutters. Poor John, Spring project perhaps? Have a wonderful day.
Jean in Virginia


I am always drawn to sunny yellow homes with crist white trim:>)

Deep golden yellow, with white trim and a red door. This is my favorite combo.

Brenda Kula

T'would be either green or yellow. Love your suitcases.


My house is white with blue shutters and I am thinking about painting my white door red. What do you think? I love your yellow and red cottage.
Elizabeth (SimplePleasures)

Daisy Cottage

Elizabeth, I think that sounds perfectly wonderful!!


Yellow. And I would pick either black or gray shutters. Maybe add that front porch that I dream about. A garden that the deer don't eat . . . .

gena rodsan

We just did a huge reno and resided in the process. We have an 1850's Victorian with a wrap around porch. We had siding custom done for us in lavender. The window trim and gingerbread on the front porch, service porch and 2nd and 3rd floor balconies is white. The porch floor, front door and shutters are deep, deep purple/eggplant. There are touches of pink here and there on some of the details as well. I LOVE the way it came out !

I would paint mine a light yellow with white trim! Love your pics, I gain such inspiration from them. Hugs, ~cindy s~


Well we recently painted it green which I like. It's a MAJOR improvement over the yellow it was, but I'm thinking we should have gone with a darker shade of green.


We once painted our very first home a creamy, buttery yellow with white trim and a blue door. Oh, and all the front windows had white lace curtains! it was so cute...


I think it would depend on the house, and just like my kids names when they were born, the house would speak to me and let me know !!!

Are you thinking of another color for your cottage ??

Fun post Kim,
Kathy :)

karla nathan

I live in an old farm house that is traditional, farm-house-white. I'd love for it to be pink, pale, pale, barely there pink!


Our house is brick, but if I could have a wooden house, I would want it to be white with a bright red door, black shutters, and a green shingle roof.

Delighted Heart

It would depend on the style of house as to the color I'd paint it... but I love your first photo with the red mirror frames. Those have always been just about my favorite thing at Daisy Cottage,,,well're the first..ok we'll include Maggie!!!
Bless Ya!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. Famous you left little ole me some sweet words! I am so honored! I've been telling my friends...Daisy Cottage left me a comment! WooHoo! Your blog was one of the first blogs I ever started reading 2 years ago and you encouraged me through an email. Wish I had started then...You were right...this is a blast!


since my home is a ranch style brick we have chosen a color that is called Gobi Desert..a tan color, all the smaller trim and front door and back french doors are in a red color called "Sly Fox" but..if I had a home like yours...most definitely yellow..without a doubt..that color just shouts..look at me..but also..cozy home comfort..I personally would not change a thing about it.

When we moved into our WHITE Country Home, a little over a year ago, it had green shutters and a pewter tin roof. It seemed so cold to me--I guess because I just love color. Yellow is my favorite color--the color of happiness and sunshine--but picking just the "right" yellow was important. We finally chose Butterfly Yellow with Marshmallow white trim and shutters from The Freshaire Choice collection, which contains NO VOC's. I chose Mediterranean Sun from Waverly Home Classics for the front entrance door to accentuate the golds/browns/oranges of the natural rock trim that surrounds the bottom portion of the house. These colors set the perfect backdrop to the French Country Farmhouse theme going on inside our home. The house says "HELLO" to everyone as they top the hill and drive down the road. I really believe the house is happy that we chose these colors!


When we moved into our WHITE Country Home, a little over a year ago, it had green shutters and a pewter tin roof. It seemed so cold to me--I guess because I just love color. Yellow is my favorite color--the color of happiness and sunshine--but picking just the "right" yellow was important. We finally chose Butterfly Wing Yellow with Marshmallow white trim and shutters from The Freshaire Choice collection, which contains NO VOC's. I chose Mediterranean Sun from Waverly Home Classics for the front entrance door to accentuate the golds/browns/oranges of the natural rock trim that surrounds the bottom portion of the house. These colors set the perfect backdrop to the French Country Farmhouse theme going on inside our home. The house says "HELLO" to everyone as they top the hill and drive down the road. I really believe the house is happy that we chose these colors!


I dream of a red, white and blue theme. We are planning on replacing the vinyl siding with the hardi plank board and the house will then be a lovely country blue. The shutters will be a red and the trim will be white. The window boxes will also be white. Either this year or next. I am really looking forward to it. :)


if that is your yellow home, I want it!!! soo cheery and cute however, I love green it is calming and soothing therefore my house is two shades of green with a deep burghondy front door and accents.


I have a bayside home. right now its a weathered barn wood look, I would love a light pink with white trim beach side home.


pink, of course!
thanks for stopping by yesterday...xo to you and Maggie

Jodi Peck

Hi! We sided and roofed our house in 2007. We chose a yellow with white trim and roofed it in a hunter green. LOVE IT!! Kim, Love the colors of your house too! Jodi

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