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January 29, 2009



No :(, My hubby hates it! But I've just never gotten around to the habit of making it everyday. But that doesnt mean I never make it :)


Nope! :) I always, I usually leave the house before hubby, so it's usually up to him.

Mandy Ford

No. :) My husband works night and I work 8-5 so there is almost always someone in the bed. I try to make it on the days he has off though!


Ooo - good question! I really dislike an unmade bed so I do make it just about everyday. If I don't make it - it is because the dog is all snuggled up and I feel bad making her move! But I'll still straighten out the covers as best I can. I know this sounds silly. If I leave it unmade I always make it once I get home from work.

beth daggett

Yes, I try to make my bed every day. I don't like to get into an unmade bed with the covers all over the place. I like my sheet and blanket tucked in tight around me. Drives my husband crazy! :)


I do make it most days, but sometimes not until late afternoon...does that count? I try to teach my children to make theirs every morning because a made bed makes a room look 90% clean, even if the rest of the room looks like a pigsty!


Yes, every morning. I change the sheets several times a week too. My dog sleeps in the bed with me. Because of the dogs I feel the need to change the sheets often. My bed is not hard to make, just top sheet, bottom sheet, 4 pillow cases, and a big quilt. Roxie

Mary Lou

I have never missed making the bed.


I make mine every day. I was taught by my mother that was the first thing one did in starting the day. I rarely miss a day. It has to be sickness or emergency before I let it go. LOL



I usually do, even though my husband and I at one point decided that the last person out should do it. On the odd day I don't, I make it before I get into it at night. I can't stand sleeping in twisted-up sheets!

This morning, my husband was still in it when I left for work, so I'm quite sure it's still unmade.

Jean Eakin

I try to make it as soon as I get up and get too busy. This is one thing that bothers me when I don't do it.Have a great evening.
Jean in Virginia


Absolutely...not! Not during the week, at least. I always make the bed on weekends. Does that count!?


I dislike an unmade bed, but I like very very much your blog. I live in south of France and I have a house colored like your's and... my dog is like Maggie too ! (with short hair)sorry, for my english...I visit your blog every day with happiness. Congratulations to you and hugs for Miss Maggie Mylise.

Mom in High Heels

Usually. Sometimes not until 10 or 11 am, but at least it gets done. I love a made bed. Getting in a bed that hasn't been made up feels so wrong. The sheets and blankets are all twisted and bunched. Who can sleep in that?


Yes pretty much. An unmade bed makes me feel fuzzy in my head - weird huh? If my home is in order then I feel like I can concentrate on other things...


That's funny your Post about making the Bed Do or Don't, I most always DO but today I was thinking maybe I should not bother no one is coming by what's the sense but I Do make it and then SURPRISE there's your Post..... What a trip (:
Hugs, Diane


Almost always. I feel all out of sorts if I don't!!

Elaine/Muddling Through

Rarely. :) But I do spread the quilt over the mess.


Yup....before I leave the house in the morning, it's done. When my bedroom was upstairs, it didn't happen as often. But now ours is on the main floor, so it's done.




I don't make it every day, but one or the other of us makes it every day. Last one up makes the bed!


I don't make the bed every day, but one or the other of us does. Last one up must make the bed!

Ann in TN

Yep. As soon as my husband gets up to get ready for work, I make the bed. I think the bedroom just looks neater with a made bed.

Back in the day (long ago) when I worked, I didn't make the bed except on the weekends.


i make the bed everyday. i always feel that if the bed is made a room will feel %90 cleaner. plus, it's really nice to climb into a made bed.

Annette @ Designs By A Rose

I generally don't have time to make it before I leave in the mornings. However, I absolutely have to make it before I get in it at night. I can't stand the covers being all messed up! So, yes...I make the bed everyday. (even if it's only made for 5 minutes)


I seem to make my bed everyday without missing for about a week or 10 days, then I fall off the wagon.


NO! teheehe once a week it gets made pretty with changing the sheets...other then that no it's pretty much tossed together. :)

Jennifer W. (Simple Scrapper)

Every. Single. Day. An unmade bed drives me nuts. If I am really short on time, I do it as soon as I get home from work.


Yes, my dogs sleep with me and I have to change the sheets everyday.


I absolutely make my bed everyday! I have to. I would not be able to sleep in it if I didnt. Even if I oversleep and am running late, I will make it. Now all the throw pillows may not be in place when I leave if I am in a hurry! My husband on the other hand has not slept in a made bed in the past 20 years until we married 3 months ago..LOL He is not quite sure what to think about it.


Um, no. I want to, but I am usually way past the bed making part of the day, by the time John gets out. In his defense, he makes it about half the time because I steal all the covers and it is his only defense I suppose. Please don't tell my mother. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


No, not every day. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't.


Absolutely yes! I can't stand an unmade bed. It's kinda like dirty dishes in the sink - ick!


Yes. I have a huge to do list at all times. So if the day's events turn and I am unable to accomplish the bulk of my tasks that always seem to lay in wait, I am content at the end of a long day to be greeted by a bed that is beautifully made. My military father's teachings are everlasting.

Becky G.

Oh, that's too funny! And no, it's just us two and I straighten it up a bit, but never make it up completely. No need to! q


Yes, I do. I didn't start doing it until I had my own home though. :) I must have frustrated my Mom to no end by leaving it rumpled as a teenager. Somehow it's different when it's YOUR OWN HOME, you know? ;)


Yes, every single day. As soon as it's made, I feel like I've at least accomplished something! And it looks pretty, too.


We made an agreement many years ago that the last one out of the bed would make it. Since I'm usually the first one up I don't usually make it but this morning I slept in because I was up part of the night trying to breathe with a cold. My hubby quietly got up, went to work and left me sleeping. Finally. Is my bed made now? Nope - I don't want to disturb the cat! ~Adrienne~

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

Yes, every morning. Love to be able to climb into a nice bed at night.


I have to say that I always make up the bed before I leave to go out to the barn in the mornings...I may not have it picture perfect, with every pillow artfully arranged, but it is made up! :-)


Yes, most of the time I make my bed every day. Once in awhile I miss it for one reason or another but I do try to make each day.


YES! I absolutely do. My mama taught me to do that & I hate an unmade bed (unless I'm washing sheets). It's worth the effort for me.


Yes Missy Kim, I do make my bed everyday. Just can't deal with crawling into a "wad" of bed clothes. When my now grown boys were young they had to make their beds. Sometimes the beds didn't look so fine but at least they tried. Do they make their beds now?? you ask??? Are you kidding me?
ahahaha What's a Mother to do??


The bed is made all during the week as soon as hubby leaves for work. On the weekends, we go out for breakfast and he tells me, "there is no need to make the bed, c'mon let's go!" We live on the lake and I never know who might drop by during the summer for boating or swimming, so I try to make it even on the weekends when it's nice and warm outdoors...wouldn't want anybody to see a messy bed!

I am anxious to hear whether you make yours each day...your cottage looks so tidy!

xo ~ Donna

Lea Harper

I do! It is rarely that I don't!

And, if I don't it bugs me all day!



It's one thing I always do. It makes me feel like I at least have one accomplishment under my belt in the morning. Now my kids (17 and 21) are a different story.:) Pam


I make mine everyday-right after breakfast. I love to see it all made up with one of the quilts I made on it. Except when I'm sick as I was this past weekend. But otherwise I love going into my room and seeing my quilts which I change often.


Our bed gets made EVERY single day!! Not by me...and not by the Bed-Making Fairy!! My dh, Tom...loves to make the bed, so that's been his job since we got married 3 1/2 years ago!! And I love it, too!



Yes! Yes I do. My mom made me make it when I was growing up...and now I just about can't leave my room without doing it in the morning! are you reading this...I can still hear her voice....
(big smile)


It's me fact I posted today showing my bed with vintage pillowcases....I hope my mom isn't reading this (giggle)


i love to come home to a made bed.

however, i must say that that only happens about half the time.

i leave the house before the other half alot of days so thats my excuse...

mmm, but how nice is it to come home to a clean house with a well made bed.


Susan Ramey Cleveland

I do. I just can't stand getting into a bed at night that hasn't been made. I've always been that way. I don't always pile all my decorative pillow on, but I always ALWAYS spread it up neatly.


Yes, every morning at 7AM and hubby helps me. He gets on one side and I get on the other and it is done in seconds ;-)
Then I go and get ready for work...


I make our bed first it was just to please hubby (he's a nagger) and now I am so used to it that I do it automatically. I also taught my son to make his when he was very young (mostly because I didn't want to be stuck making 2 beds) and now it's something he does automatically. I'm sure his future wife (he's only 11 right now so I mean WAY in the future) will appreciate me for at least teaching him to make the bed.


Every. Single. Day.



Sort of... no hospital corners or anything, I just pull everything up and straighten it all out. But I just got a new quilt so I've been folding that up toward the pillows (away from my cat's favorite spot so she doesn't get fur all over it!)


Clever photo, there. Not sure from that if yours is made or not, especially these days when a made bed doesn't really look fully made. But yes, we make the bed every day. We've had a rule our entire married life: last one out makes the bed. A good incentive to get up early!


*lol*...what a funny post. wonder what the stats will be? .....Yes' .....No's .

But yes I do make my bed everyday. Long habits die hard. I was raised to make my bed as soon as I got up, and I find it an easy task compared to many others. It feels much more soothing and relaxing to get into a nicely made bed at the end of a long day. I keep some small lace sachets filled with lavender under my pillows, and that helps to calm the mind also.


p.s.I always love your choice of music...often I will go to a post and they have music that is jarring. I always 'mute' the volume then. I've never muted you, I like your taste in music very much.


No, but I did growing up. I like a neat bed. :-)

Still waiting to hear, Kim. :-)





Kimberly C.


Elaine L.

Nope, I sure don't!



Well, after reading the comments I am almost embarrassed to admit that I don't make the bed every day. Yet I consider myself a good housekeeper! My bed has a big down comforter and it doesn't look any better if I fuss with it!

Lavender Dreamer

Absolutely! Usually before I even DRESS! I love my house in order during the day! I have to work before I can play...and some days that's why I never get to play! heehee!OR boohoo!


That' my hubby's job since he's always the last one out of bed. He does a good job too!

Karen B

Yes, first thing.


Yep, I try to make mine and Jacob's every morning. I can't stand climbing into an unmade bed. The sheets are all wrinkly - I like them all smoothed out and fresh.

Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage

No, I use to....I got into the habit when we sold our former home and generally kept up with that ...including ensuring my children made, or had help making, their beds...Lately, not so much! Slacker.


Yes. I must. Otherwise our old lady kitty will burrow under the covers for a snooze. Love her, but don't love sleeping on her fur. :)


Yes, I do. It is a rare day that it is not made. Now some days it may have a big lump in the middle that I just don't feel like dealing with, but it is made with pillows in place.


now that my kids are grown and I have my own room after all these years (sorry, too much info?) and I love sleeping alone and having my own space, I do make my bed every morning, and enjoy putting the cool pillows on top...and then of course, the kitties enjoy sleeping amidst the pillows all day while the sun shines in thru the window!!!


I did until I had a toddler in my forties!


Oh dear, I'm a fanatic about it. My husband laughs at all the pillows and foo foo I have on the bed. I call it "dressing the bed" he calls it too much work and clutter. ;-)


Not every day during the week...but i really should...


Most of the time it is made every day. Once in a while on a Sunday it might not get made. I always feel as if I have accomplished at least one thing for the day (if nothing else gets done) if I walk out of the bedroom in the morning and the bed is made.


Only if we are having company. My reasoning (or excuse) is that the sheets need the airy.


I do because we have such a small house that I have to. But I don't do a good job like my mother-in-law. She said you should always pull the sheets tight, etc. I just do what I have to to make it look nice. Fun question.

Diane Knott

Yes. I just can't begin my day until it's done and to me there's nothing worse than getting into an unmade, rumpled bed at night. Seeing it all made and welcoming us neatly, all those quilts piled up on top of our feather mattress...ah! Sweet Dreams!


I do make the bed everyday. It makes the room feel neat during the day, and I like a freshly turned down bed at night. I have enjoyed your blog. Your home is inspiring.


We make the bed most days. I say we because my husband helps me make it before he leaves for work. It only takes less than a minute.


After reading the other comments I feel so much better! ;)
I try to make it most days. But really, I think sometimes an unmade bed can look so romantic.
My Mother would simply faint if she heard me say that.

Julie (Knitsational)

Oh, no! I have good intentions but from day to day it's anyone's guess if it's going to happen or not.


Yes - I grew up doing that but then fell out of the habit while raising teenagers. Then - while teaching jr. high life skills, I was convincing them that anything done 10 times becomes a habit. So as I was 'proving' something to them, POOF - the habit re-emerged.

Jenny S

Nope!! I am so busted! Hope my mom doesn't read these comments!!


Sorry, darlin'...I do make it every much more welcoming in the evening time...

cindy~my romantic home

That is so funny you asked this! I usually make my bed EVERY DAY but twice this week I didn't!!! It is so rare for me not to make my bed. My daughter on the other hand hardly ever makes her bed!!!

Jen R


Susie Homemaker

Hi Kim,

My husband has been laid up for over a month...he gets in the shower and I run and change the sheets and make the bed and he gets out of the shower and climbs (crawls, poor baby) back in...I have gotten used to looking at the rumpled blankies...Now, what about yours??



For years I almost always made the bed. I do prefer it made! My husband leaves the house at 2:30 a.m.. He naps when he returns home which is before I return home from work. This gets the bed messy again. The last few weeks, I have been making it again because I bought new bedding!


I make my bed everyday with the exception of occasional Sundays. On those days if I leave it unmade, I will actually lay down and get some much needed rest.

The Joyfulhomemaker

somedays I don;t even get outta bed i lay there all day and read home or craft mags.. i might get up and get a snack but thats it.. i love those days.... but every other day other than those days the bed gets made


Yes, my kids and I make up our beds each and every day all seven of them. Love it:)

Miss Jean

I always make the bed! I know the one day I don't, I'll have company. Now when I go out of town with the girls for retreats it doesn't get made the entire time I'm gone. But that's another story.....

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I do. It's the one place in the house that is always neat. LOL


Oh yes, absolutely! I timed it once and it takes me less than 2 minutes to make it. I wouldn't leave the house without brushing my teeth and I won't leave the house without making my bed. Such a simple thing to do and it looks so nice every single morning. I like pretty! :-)


Yes! It is the way I try to start my day. Maybe nothing else gets done, but my bed is made:)


no. :(

Lady Dorothy

Oh, yes! That's a basic. One, it makes the room look so much better (less stress-inducing chaos). Two, I want it all neat and smooth when I get in at night.

And is there anything better feeling than clean crisp sheets? In my ideal world, I'd have clean sheets every night! :-)


Yes I do! But I don't always put the decorative cushions back on.

Penny Peberdy

Yep! Every day without fail, before I leave the bedroom and go downstairs! (But the rest of my house is a mess!)

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