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January 28, 2009



Hi Kim!!

Oh my word!! I just LOVE coming to you home! I hope Maggie gets a solution soon, poor baby!

I just adore to pieces your little Vignettes!! and I am *GASPING* at that table cloth too! I let out a big OH MY GOSH! Did you make that? or where ever did you find such a pretty?

Your blog always makes me so happy! Thank you for such a pretty window into your world Kim!

Hugs, Cynthia


What would we do without our furry friends! Bless your heart for wanting so badly to get to the bottom of the cause of the itchies. She knows you're doing the very best you can!


Dear Maggie,

So sorry about your itches. My doggie Daisy licks her paws so much she seems like a cat sometimes. I wonder if they are itchy like you are?
The pictures of your cottage are especially pretty today. Thank you for sharing them. Hugs, Marcy


Maggie is so sweet and I do hope that one of your commenters offered something that will prove to be just the ticket. I read all the tips very carefully as my parents own a toy poodle who is also plagued with itchies and hotspots despite all manner of treatments.

It is always a treat to visit your cottage and to savor the colors and atmosphere that only exists right here.


Please check what you put on your lawn,and floors too. I'll bet there's a culpret there somewhere.


Poor Maggie, hope she feels better soon. I had a collie that was allergic to fleas - we did the weekly allergy shots. Plus, once a week put (gasp!!) bacon grease on his food, about 2 Tablespoons. The vet told us to not give him the bacon, just the grease once a week. Bernie did great between the two. He was my boy and I sure do miss him.

Lea Harper

I want your creativity! I am going to IKEA to buy a frame and do the black board!

Poor puppy!

Julie (Knitsational)

Looks like you've been given some great suggestions. I hope you do find a way to
relieve her itchies. My 3 yr old daughter has sever eczema and food allegies so I know what it feels like to watch your loved suffer And not know what to do to help them. Pets become like one of our own children.

Julie (Knitsational)

Btw, I'm having a giveaway on my blog this week.

Sher Miller

It's easy for us to forget that our pets get dry skin in winter, just like the rest of us!

I don't know whether you got my email, but I need your snail addy!



Dear Kim, I really hope one of the suggestions work. Sweet post, too. Could we see a little more of Maggie's brother? Have a blessed day. Diane

Daisy Cottage

Sweet Sher, I DID get your email and hope to reply to all of you this afternoon.. going to pour another cup of coffee and try to do so now!


Ok, you can rule out Daisy Cottage as the culprit! It's impossible for anyone, person or animal alike, to be allergic to your beautiful home!


Awww, what a little sweetie!

You're a good mommy to her. :)

SoBella Creations

I hope you find out what is giving Maggie the itchy. I hope she feels better soon.


Everytime I see pictures like this of Maggie I just want to cuddle and hold her and tell her everything will be okay! :)



A friend of mine has a dog who is going through the same thing. Her vet gave her some sort of spray, and it seems to have helped.

Maybe it's dry skin itchies from the weather. It's been so dry and cold. My skin is terribly dry right now. What about oatmeal soap? That's another thought. I am going to phone my vet, and I'll see if they know of a solution.


Sheila :-)


I didn't read all the comments, so I don't know if you got this one, but our dog also has skin problems and we use the special shampoos, etc. and he eats special food from the vet, but I really noticed a difference when we stopped giving him Milkbone cookies and switched to Hill's Prescription Diet Hypoallergenic treats. The bag reads "formulated for dogs with food allergies and skin conditions". It has really helped him, since he usually gets 3-4 cookies a day. Maybe that will help her. I know exactly how you feel - so sad to see them miserable and feeling so helpless about it! Hugs to Maggie!


She is so-o--o-o Sweet. Sorry I can't help... I am a hopeless "cat lady"!!
Good Luck!!

Mom in High Heels

Oh, your poor baby! She has just the sweetest eyes. I want to give her big hugs and talk all kinds of crazy baby talk to her. I have a dog with allergies too (she's allergic to grass!) and it's so hard. About 4 years ago, her new vet asked what she was eating and told me to cut all the wheat from her diet. We did and within a week, no more itchies and no more scaly skin! Now, all 3 of our dogs eat a wheat free diet, because it's easier to feed them all the same thing than try to keep her out of their bowls.
You home (it's not a house, it's a home) makes me smile with pleasure. It's so pretty. Thanks for sharing it with us.


That green pitcher and those green apples on your pretty red table make such a beautiful pop of everything you do to accessorize Daisy Cottage, Kim! Of course, the adorable Miss Maggie is the best accessory of all, and I'm so sorry that she has not been feeling happy recently. I hope some of the suggestions you received will do the trick and that Maggie will very soon be back to her happy, sassy little self. :-) Give her a hug from me and the horses.


I certainly hope poor Maggie finds relief soon, it's terrible to watch your fur baby suffer and can't do anything about it.
Lovely pictures as always!

Lavender Dreamer

I hope you figure something out soon! It's terrible to be miserable...I have a crick in my neck and it is making me cranky! heehee!


Hey, sweet Kim, hope something works for Maggie. I just saw on another blog that someone was using Tea Tree oil for their daughter & it was working like a charm & others chimed in on the benefits, so if that wasn't mentioned, there's another thing to try. Maybe just add it to her shampoo OR get a tea tree oil shampoo.

Kelly Long

That poor sweet baby, I sure hope you find a remedy and fast!! I have a friend that believes epsom salts cures everything, he bathes in it himself. I don't know about dogs but maybe an epsom salts bath would help?? They carry it at publix.


Maggie is so cute! I know it's hard to watch her suffer with allergies, and I hope one of the suggested remedies work for her.

Heidi carrens

I have a cocker spaniel with terrible skin problems. I finally found a wonderful dermatologist that treated her skin issues as anti-fungal. I have finally found the proper meds and shampoos that work wonders. Have you tried Malaseb shampoo?

Jean Eakin

Your photos are wonderful as usual. I hope you find what helps sweet Maggie real soon. It is so hard to watch them when they are just miserable.
Jean in Virginia


Oh Maggie is just so darn sweet! I love all of those photos of her-precious! Have you had her skin scrapped for a fungus test? Having had a dog years ago with skin problems I found out that giving baths too often can make it worse? If you don't get any answers soon I would suggest changing your Vet. Gosh I do hope you can get it all figured out-for Maggie's sake! ~Smiles~Tam!

Pris Weathers

I am not certain but Maggie looks like a long-haired weinie dog? Mine are departed now but I thought I would pass along my Rosie was a short-hair and as such I was able to see things that maybe you are not able to see because of the fur. Rosie lived to be 20 but had several of which was peanut butter. Given anything with peanut butter in it, she would turn red and bumps would cover her whole body for about 8 to 12 hours, which of course caused her to scratch. She was also, as I am, allergic to Benadryl, which is what most people advise to take for allergies, so this may do you more harm than good. We learned what she could and could not eat by the bumps...and even some allergy-free foods were a no-no. Anyway...just some experience, I know how the scratching can drive you crazy when you just want the best for your babies.


Oh poor Maggie. My dog, Henry, had the itchies frequently, too. Even with meds, my vet also recommended mixing Keri Lotion [not the oil, just the lotion] 50/50% with water and applying with a spray bottle. This helped Henry a LOT. I would part his fur - he was a Labradoodle so he had a lot of curly hair, and spraying directly on his skin and then massaging it in. Henry loved it and this gave him some itchy relief. Hope you find something, too, to help Maggie.
Take care - Sonnie

Joy Campbell

I see you got alot of advice, about this problem, I had a dog who had the same thing, a dog trainer told us about this food made by Solid Gold, it a dry food and it has fruits and berries in it no meat. I think it is the one in the silver bag (they only have two kinds) not sure how to spell the name but the brand is Solid Gold (silver bag) Hufifocklin or something like that , you can get it at Petco not Pets Mart. It worked for us! We lost that dog two years ago as she was 18 years old. I just love your pics of your Maggie as I also have a long haired mini "D" she is black and browm just like your Maggie but not as much brown I just love her she is my "Duchess"


I live in Tampa. I have noticed since Christmas that the flea situation has intensified at our home. My Chihuahua is on Frontline but still has some fleas. I flea comb him twice a day and treat my carpets with Borax, after a month, I have seen an improvement. I think flea combing is key to getting immediate relief from the itching.


hope the itches stop for her... she is so sweet. I must say I am in one of those home moods and when I see your pictures of your cottage I almost get weepy... I want to jump right in the pictures it is so lovely... your item color the whole thing is wonderful..


I feel so bad for the poor pup. I have a dog who is allergic to 48 things including 6 different grasses and five types of trees and dust.
I feel your itches.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Meantime, Maggiebelle, I just know your mommy will scratch your back and behind your pretty ears for you.


Poor Maggie. Our dog also has a flea allergy. We use Frontline but all it takes is one flea to set him off. We flea bomb the house every so often as in the summer they can be a problem. I will have to find time to go through the posts to see the advice people left Maggie as I may get a tip.
I tell you - my poor old boy was left in a dogs home by people who was sick of his allergy. It makes me want to cry. At least our itchy dogs are loved for who they are!


I happened upon your blog and wanted to tell you how beautiful your blog is. Looking at your photos feels like being at an art show, they are lovly. Of course, Maggie was what really caught my eye,:) She is beautiful! I am a dog lover...and anyone who has a dog this beautiful has to be a wonderful person. I will check back often, it is a comforting and cozy place you have here.


Kim, I checked with my St. A. vet, and they have a product that they sell in the pet shop called Micropearls. There is a dermaasmooth shampoo, cream rinse, and anti-itch spray. They also have a product called Tropi-clean that has a shampoo called Neems. I think that's the spelling. You might want to try those.

I'm waiting to hear from Jody. She said she would call and leave it on my answering machine later. Running out the door to go to Pig Fest...


Sheila :-)

Jody Blue

Have you tried removing plastic? Toys, mats, ets. Try dishes that are stainless steel.


Love your blog site. Wonderful pictures. And love your sweet Maggie. I have a mini dach myself and know the personality that comes with. However, it is my golden lab that brings me to respond here. We recently had to visit the vet as well. She was having some itching issues also, that led to a few other problems. Anyhoo, the vet decided to check for thyroid issues and found that was the culprit. Now, after being treated for almost two months, she is a new dog..almost like a puppy again. Your vet may have already ruled this out, but if not, you might want to inquire. Best of luck!


If you find a winning solution, please post it. I have a big boy that has the same problem, nothing consistently works. Isn't it frustrating not to be able to help our dogs when they need it!


Hi..I have read all the comments made on how to help Maggie's itching problem. There is one thing no one mentioned..and you might want to consider it. It might not be the problem..but I would like to suggest (now kitty kat people don't get upset with me) and I know that Maggies loves her sweet hairy brother so much..but..cats to have a dander that can cause such itching that it is unbearable. I love cats and have always had them but I have to be careful as if I touch one and then touch my skin I itch something terrible. My eyes swell up and I sneeze and sneeze. I don't see why a little dog in such close contact with a kitty buddy could not possibly suffer from that dander. NOT the kitty's could happen. You might want to check. Many, many people are allergic to cats. My daughters throat swells shut and so do her eyes. Just a thought. Please do not be upset at my suggestion. I just thought I might mention it. I hope it isn't true for Maggie.

Sweet Cottage Dreams

I sure hope that sweet Maggie Dear finds relief really soon. Kim, your house is spotless so I cannot imagine that she is allergic to Daisy Cottage.

Give Princess Maggie a hug from me and tell her that I miss her so much! Seems like yesterday when I got to hold that sweet little girl!!!


Gabriela Delworth

Hello Kim,

This is such a sweet dog!

~ Gabriela ~


Our golden retriever is extremely allergic to the dye in dog foods. Our vet told us to feed her only lamb & rice based dog foods (because grain or corn based foods caused a pH imbalance in her skin, causing yeast to build up, causing irritation), with as little dye as possible, and we also give her fish oil supplements (with a little dab of peanut butter to get her to gobble it down.)
She stopped scratching within a couple weeks. I tell everyone about the fish oil and 'no dye' suggestion for their doggies. Hope this helps you as well.


Oh poor Maggie.

I know I have heard from some professionals about this. Some tell that you must be careful of the cleaning products you use in the home, including the detergent used in cleaning the bed of dogs. Also their diets supplemented with oils. I don't have the solution but there are so many things that contribute to ours, I am sure it happens to them as well.

Good luck, I hate to see any animal suffer from anything. I know if my babies were having the same problem I would be miserable.



We have two little brother furbabies(dogs) in the family,who we think,are allergic to the two parakeet birds who share their space,so they are here for two months to see if that helps,Vet is perplexed. They got some shot to help relieve their itching,Poor Maggie! I feel for her! Please let us know if anything works for her. There must be some thing to help her.

Carol M

Please think twice before you use tea tree oil as some suggested. It can be toxic to cats and small dogs. It must be very diluted and not applied anywhere a dog can lick it.

My dog is not that small (35 lbs.). I used it on her. She licked it and a few hours later couldn't stand or walk. I took her to the vet and luckily the symptoms were wearing off. But it can cause even worse, long lasting problems. I'd seriously advise against using it at all.


I'm so sorry Maggie has been having trouble. It wouldn't surprise me if allergies were part of it, as in seasonal environmental allergies. Oliver has been itching, dry coat, sneezing, and guffawing the past week. I think it might be pollen. Where is the dog Zertec? Sigh..... I hope Maggie improves soon.


Oh poor, poor Maggie! I can't bear it that she's suffering! I hope you find an answer soon for her itching. Thank you for all the photos of your home and the 4-legged babies. Our Henry (who looked exactly like Maggie) had itches, too, and we had to give him Lamb and Rice kibble, and we gave him steroids every so often, and that seemed to do the trick. It's awful that she doesn't seem to respond to anything. You'll find an answer soon!


I hope Maggie is doing better and not so itchy. Lots of hugs to her.


have you tried seeing a homeopathic vet? They are usually very reasonable (ours charges just $75.00 for an initial consult and $30.00 for visits after that) and the remedies are mere pennies. Our dog has had MANY issues and after spending thousands and thousands of dollars on vet bills we discovered homeopathy for dogs and not only is he getting MUCH better (something the regular vet said would never happen) we are saving a ton of money. Oh, and any good homeopathic vet will have their DVM degree too.


I think I've found my decorating twin!!! :0) I love everything in your darling cottage! I also decorate with vintage and bold colors like you and bet any piece of yours would match perfectly in my place. In fact I've seen a few pieces in your pics that I have the exact same funny! I referenced you in my latest blog (which I hope is ok) as inspiration for my home office...I just loved all the pics I saw and wished I could just plop all your stuff down inside my studio :0) Anyways, you've found a new fan! Keep inspiring and God bless!

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