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December 03, 2008


Kelly Long

Poor Maggie!! I hope Mommy comes back before Christmas we'll miss her!!


Hang in there Maggie. I know this time of year is so busy. By the way, what are you asking Santa for this year? Maybe he'll bring you a pretty doggy scarf and some yummy treats.

I always enjoy the pictures of you. You are very photogenic.

Take care,


Bad Mommy!


Awwww Little Miss Maggie, you are such a sweetie. I have a feeling Santa Claus will be bringing you a nice big fat treat for Christmas for waiting so patiently for mommy.



take care of yourself Kim

bethany Hissong

I've missed you Kim! I changed my blog roll so I can keep track of your posts now. It sounds like you're as busy as ever... with good things! I wish I could dog-sit Maggie. Ellie feels the same way!

Kevin Graves

Pack your toys and come play with my Sophie, who is a shorthaired version of you. She would LOVE you. I'm the doggie spoiler!


Hang in there Maggie, you know you are loved:>) Christmas errands must be done:>)


Miss Maggie, Mom is just really busy now, but she is going to read all of these comments to you later to show just how much you are thought of.
Can't wait to visit and see all the decor.


Poor Maggie, Come play with me , I am Hollie, I have been pouting the same way..Ha ha, I wonder if it is a Dachshund thing.... lol

Hang in there Maggie, Mommy will spend time with you..she still loves you..



Elaine Vermette

Dear Maggie, Do you know why doggies turn around a couple of times before they lay down? Because good turn deserves another. You look cute when you're annoyed. Chin up, we'll see you again soon. Dear Kim, Wishing you a Happy Holiday season filled with Peace and Love. (P.S. and deadlines met with ease.)xxx

Rachel Going

Ah cheer up Maggie. We're all right here for you to chat with anytime, though I know that isn't as good as your Mommy Kim!

Victoria Lynn

Poor Maggie, I think you need to come play with Sophie! She loves to chase three cats all day...never a dull moment. But don't worry, your mommy loves you and if you look sad enough, maybe she'll give you a treat! :)


What a schedule Kim !!! Take lots of vitamins, be well !!

I didn't know Maggie could use a computer lol too cute !!!

Take care,
Kathy ;)


Cute post.


Aw poor Maggie. Don't worry Santa is coming and I'm sure he has lots of puppy presents for you!

Elaine L.

Oh, my! Not until just before Christmas?!
We'll just be hangin with you Maggie.



Aw, poor little Miss Maggie. You had better love on that little baby.


Tell me about it Maggie! My mom is doing the same thing, and she just tells me to go lay down. It always seems so late at night before I get to curl up on her lap. I hope this Christmas thing comes soon so we can have our mom's back!

Linda Lilly Cottage

Ohh Maggie, it will be all better soon and after the silly season I am sure you will hug and make up with lots of love!
Kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.


Kim and Maggie, greetings from Europe and the Aegean sea. Love your blog, did miss you Maggie when mommy didn't even mention you on Dec.1st. There wasn't even a glimpse of a furry ear, or tail, in any photo...So, until mommy shapes up, keep up the grumpy attitude, sweet Maggie. New pearls should be a demand, not just a wish, for Christmas...


Poor Maggie! She's beautiful, though!



Poor Maggie...she really looks frustrated!! Dogs are so fun, aren't they? Good luck getting your writing done!

Thalita Dol

Oh, cute and darling miss Maggie, I'm sure Santa will bring you a juicy treat on xmas for being such a good girl! :)

Send you mamma a kiss from me!
Many kisses to u too!

Hugs from Brazil!


awwwww maggie!!!! You can come snuggle on our must like cats though!


I have to remember to slow down and not let my son feel this way over the next few weeks!! Thanks for the reminder!!


Poor Maggie! Wanna come hang out with my cat? She's got nearly the same complaints.

Tell your mommy that we'll miss her, too!


Poor poor little Maggie. Just hold on Darling, your Mommy will be back to hold you very soon. I'm sure of it.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)


Poor little sweet Ms Maggie May! Your mom must make Daisy Cottage beautiful for Christmas. I know she is busy but she still Loves YOU! We all love you!! Hang in there because Santa will be sure to bring you lots of good things for being such a good, patient little girl. Please Kim make sure to give her lots of hugs and kisses from all of us!
luv, lisa :O)

Tracie~My Petite Maison

Oh Maggie, I am so sorry. If it makes you feel any better, Zeke's in the same boat as you. I'm sure your "Mommy" wants to spend oh so much time with you.

Hope you're doing well, Kim. Maybe Maggie can come over here and she and Zeke can sulk together. That guilt things no good now, is it?


Dear Maggie,

Tell your mommy we said hello and we will miss her when she's gone. I stopped by to tell her I passed a little award onto her on my blog.

Take care and happy decorating!



That is so cute. My little Doxie, Ginger, pouts when I am busy too. They can have such sad eyes when the want too. Debbi


Having a mini doxie myself, that is EXACTLY how they think. That you are their personal warming bed....and you BETTER sit down and let them snuggle! You're too funny, Kim! Have fun with all your activities! We'll see you later....


Kim, I know I posted last night and can't find it. Naughty elves, I guess. I just wanted to tell Maggie not to worry, that you will be back quick as a wink and that she will get lots and lots of dog treats in her stocking this year. She's been such a very good little dog, and she is Santa's girl and her mommy's, too! :-)



Jean Eakin

Sweet Maggie, We will miss you and your Mommy too. Kim, have fun decorating and good luck with the deadline.
Jean in Virginia


Ah Maggie, my tender hearted little soul, you are such a mommas girl. You get the pouty look on your face just like our Duchess. Your mommy will spoil you when she gets back.

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Oh little Maggie dear, you can come over and hang around with Duhgall. He is feeling a bit ignored these days as he seems to think that the Christmas decorating has become the important focus at our home. Right now he is in his crate, ignoring me. Tell your Momma hi from us!!

love you,


Poor Maggie. Be patient with your mommy. She loves you very much. ;-)

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Sweet Maggie, I wish you could come hang out with me and Sophie and Vann till Mommy gets all her stuff done.


Poor sweet Maggie! Never mind ... you are on Santa's good girl list :-)


Oh, poor Maggie. I can see why you're upset. I'm going to also since your Mommie won't be back for a while, and right at Christmastime, too. How irritating.

Michelle @ Chocolate and Marmalade Tea

Poor Maggie! Maybe mommy will give you lots of treats when she's paying attention to you again. :) That's how I justify with my cats! Ha!


Adorable posts. My fur-babies are suffering too.

It's amazing how many treats I picked up the other day while out running errands. Oh the guilt.

Hang in there Mags.


Maggie is so expressive! Aren't you glad she shares her feelings with you and doesn't leave you guessing? :)
Enjoy this busy time of year.


Hang in there! Be Patient and before you know it Mommie will take you for a long walk to your favorite spot and brush your hair! She will tell you about Christmas and a wedding,and the beautiful cake,and lots of people type things. Suddenly the long lonely days will melt away and your heart will be full again. At that moment your Mommie will know that she is the person Maggie thinks she is!
Both you take Care!

Brenda Kula

Poor sweet girl...

Desperate Diva

Oh Maggie....Pearl knows EXACTLY how you feel. She doesn't know it yet, but SHE has an appointment this morning with her doctor for a little surgery. Please think of her today.
I just know you will be a very good girl while Mommy gets all her chores done. And remember, Santa will reward you for that. So cuddle up, be sweet and it will all be over soon. We love you Maggie...!!!!
Big hugs from me and Pearl,
Merry Christmas

Gina @ Six in the Country

Sweet Maggie, she'll be back before ya know it!


Maggie, Lily Potter would love to pay you a visit in your oh so cute cottage.... I bet your mommy will give you a treat for Christmas for being so supportive!!!


Poor Maggie... I'm sure her lovely mommy will soon give her all the undivided attention she craves... ;) So good to see you Kim!

Blessings to you and yours




Oh my gosh, that is SO CUTE!

You must go sit with poor little Maggie.



how cute! i love the chair in the background!


Hey Kim,
I want to have lunch after the holidays. I have not forgotten! Merry Christmas!

tea time and roses

Hello Kim!

Maggie is the sweetest! Enjoy preparing for Christmas!



Kelly Henderson

Oh poor Maggie... don't worry, in a little while Santa will bring you something good I'm sure!!
I'm hosting a little giveaway also Kim, celebrating a birthday and blogging! Stop over anyone drop a comment, and I'll enter your name!


Hope your mommy comes back soon. I bet when she comes back you are going to get some SERIOUS lovins. Sometimes it is worth the wait. Hope you get lots of love over the weekend...maybe a special extra long awesome scratch behind the ears. Who will just have to be a surprise!


More than just a pretty face, Maggie ... your computer skills are amazing!!
Mum will be back soon.


Maggie you're my favorite kind of dog. I bet your ears float when you trot down the street. Just hang in there. PS, you have the best chair!

The Decorated House

Dear Maggie,
Too cute. I'm sure your Mommy will a special little something to wrap up for you. So just be a little patient.
Hugs to you both,


Maggie you're breaking my heart!


Oh! Pretty Maggie, your mum will need breaks and rest. That will be your cue to jump in her lap to get good loving. Just be patient mums tend to get wacky at times. Put on the act...deep dog sighs and pathetic gazes...she will cave. xoxo


Maggie, I have Tabitha the Cat, she would love to have you visit. It would give her a new face to see, and maybe she would play.


Hi Kim
Sounds like you have a very busy time! Hope the graduation goes well and that you have a wonderful Christmas! I'll be thinking of you as we drive by next week.
Hugs, Rhondi


Dear Maggie: reminds me of when I phoned my 3 yrs old granddaughter and asked what mommy was doing...she said she was messing up the house with a tree and declorations!
Only 30 days till it all disappears sweetie!


Dear Maggie: Reminds me of phoning my granddaughter and asking what mommy was doing and she said that she was messing up the house with a tree and declorations...
Be patient, only 30 days till it all disappears.


I've missed reading your great, delicious, random, fun stuff! Happy holidays Kim (and Maggie too).

Ciao e Buon Natale,



Aww, Maggie, what you need is a lovely red bow to perk up your holiday spirits!


You always have the cutest posts, and I do love Maggie so. She is so animated, little dogs are like that.


LOL I just now posted something very similar with Oliver and Baggins. Maybe Maggie and them could play while we are very busy ;-)

Betty Jo

Poor baby!! You can come and stay with me while your mommy is busy. xoxo


Oh, Maggie, you have my sympathy! I'm going to miss her too!


Just be patient Maggie. And besides, now that you know how to type, you can pass the time blogging until she gets back. HA You are just toooo cute!


*Sniffle* I sure miss you when you are away. C'mon Maggie, I'll sit and pout with you till she comes back.


Lee Laurie Noll

Please add me to your blog roll. I love your blog. I read it a lot but I don't always leave comments. Your house is adorable! Maggie is a sweetie too.
Lee Laurie

Kimberly C.

You're so cute.

Fifi Flowers

Poor Maggie! How can you leave that face! PRECIOUS!


Oh Maggie sad you look! Don't fret ...Miss Daisy will soon be back where she belongs to you!


Hi sweet Kim :)

I'm so sorry I haven't been by to see you. Every single time I tried to log onto your page it froze (my computer, not your blog, it turns out), but today it finally worked... just in time to see poor Miss Maggie's post..... My goodness, you're very very busy! I hope you're not stressing out and instead having some fun :)

All of Daisy Cottages embellishments are wonderful! I can't wait to see your Christmas decorations, that is if you have time to post them ;)

Oh and I have some news I blogged about today. We're moving, but it's not the way I thought it would happen. Wish me luck :)

much love,

PS. Happy Birthday to Shawn and hugs for Miss Maggie!!


Oh Maggie..not to worry we are all here to keep you company! Tell mommy Happy Holidays..just say ((WOOF!!))
purzzzz.from NG and her feline family


Momma when you get back, come by my blog.




Maggie looks so sweet on the couch. I'm ready to move in to your Blog!

kitschen pink

Oh but Maggie! console yourself! Look at those scrummy cushions you have to snuggle up with! t.x

Kathleen's Bazaar

I adore all your photos, and your Maggie is too sweet. My cat and I have a very special relationship, too. Could you add me to your Blog Candy? My sister showed me the way to your blog, I'm so glad she did, Kathleen


Oh Maggie don't worry! Mommy will be back soon with extra hugs and kisses for you I'm sure! AND if you are a really good girl I bet Santa will bring you something extra special!!?!?! Extra hugs for you my sweet,sweet girl :o)


Hi Maggie, I am a Turkish woman who is great follower of you and Cindy(romantic home). Because of you I decided to make blog as well and started working with Shabby Chic Designs, Amber. She did a great job , could you have time to look at my blog? You are an amazing and a great photographer!Again because of you I decided to buy a new camera! Thank you being a wonderful person and a leader for us.

Elaine/Muddling Through

I just found your blog and have been smiling and smiling. Beautiful pictures, lots of pretty things to see and animals to ooh and aah over! What more could I ask?


I miss your blog! :)

Tina Michelle

aww'll all be o.k...hang in there sweet gal.:0)
by the way..Have a great Holiday Kim..and Miss Maggie.


I just found your sweet! I love this post. How sad your little Maggie is....but you know, a couple of miutes and she will forgive all.....dogs always have an open heart! I would like to add you to my "inspirations" on my blog! ~Cheryl


Hi Kim,
I've been MIA for a while so I'm catching up today only to find you gone! I look forward to your return and Christmas at Daisy Cottage!



I finally found you again. I decided to delete my blog a few months ago, and not do it anymore,then created another one. I am so thrilled I saved you in my favs.Love the blog.Kiss Maggie for me. Love Doxies


Awwww Maggie ~ I wish I lived near you..cuz I would come and sit and visit with you for as long as you'd like. I just want to hug you to pieces!




Come see! Come see!! We found ourselves a house built in 1904 and we move in it at the end of January :D

Thank you for never letting me give up on my dream!!!

love you,


oh..I'm sorry darlin' I have a kitty that feels the same way.. It will be okay..Mommy will be back soon.


Miss Maggie, Miss Moggie here would like to tell you that she gave up in disgust and went to bed alone. If you look at my blog she had to do that last night also.
She was putting round gold things on this glittery gold spikey thing...she actually called it a tree. Ha.....if I climbed that she would be sorry. Go give her ankle a love nip.......I get Mummy's wrist and give it a chew when she comes to bed.
Jolly bad human behaviour old girl.
We should revolt.
But then they would call us revolting!


Oh this is just too cute, the chair and the dog :)

book sellers

Maggie is so cute, I had a doxie for 18 yrs., her name was fannie after the entertainer, such a drama queen. She was short hair and I have been looking for a long hair, maggie just has a fab face, they sure can pout,but always love you, hurry home, she is lonely, in her comfy chair. I visit often, keep up maggies pics, thanks for your blog pleasure. brook

Kim Hancock

Hey Kim! We almost stopped by the other day, but we know everybody is so busy and didn't want to interrupt your day. Hope to see you soon.


p.s. I love the green table next to the chair.


Dear Maggie,
My mommy is doing the same things. I just sit and watch too! But the house is looking really pretty. It is really really cold here in Texas so I get to snuggle in the bed! Merry Christmas,

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