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November 16, 2008



Kim, That looks like so much fun! I haven't been to a flea market like that in quite some time. Thanks for sharing!

Natalie at FL Home Blog

Heaven on Earth. I enjoyed this post. Beautiful.


Excuse me while I pick my jaw up and wipe the drool of my face! Oh the screen door, the furniture, the chairs! The buttons baskets and jewelry! I wish I WERE there! Thanks for sharing!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio

Kim, that looks like a great flea market! I loved all of the things you showed us!Where was it located? Did you ever go to the Flea Market in Webster? I think they only have them on Mondays, during season.

Daisy Cottage

Hi Penny! This was in Mount Dora - this particular event is held three times a year. I had never been!


FUN-FUN-FUN-Thank you for sharing!
~Tam :D


Oh Wow, I would have given my left leg (that's the one that's always sore) to be there with you.
What a great place for a wonderful day with friends. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos with us. You are a great photographer. No thumb in any of the prints..*lol*...


Susana Avilez

Wow there was soooo many things I would have loved to pick up! Thank you for taking me on the trip! did you get that lovely chandelier?


Hi Kim,

Thank you so much for letting me tag along with you. What a wonderful way to wind down on a Sunday evening. It was a long busy day here and that was just what I needed :)



I am sooooo jealous! Lucky you! I would have loved being there.



That place looks amazing and what gorgeous photos. Love all the doggies .


I have been sitting here "ooing and ahhing" over all those buttons and manchester and the peeling paint. O for the secondhand shops of my childhood. I will always love this stuff. Thankyou. Thankyou. Cherrie


What a wonderful place!! Every item was just want I like. :0)
Looks like a wonderful time, can't wait to see you're treasures!

hip chick

Oh boy does that ever look like fun! We only have those types of things during the summer months around here. I won't see anything like that for months and months now. If what you left behind was that pretty I can't wait to see what you brought home.

Tina in Duluth

Wow! That was so cool! Thanks for including the pictures of the live oaks with the hanging moss, I miss that sight!


So much fun seeing all the great treasures. I especially like the yellow high chair, teapot, blue scooter and the doggies are adorable too. Your photos are amazing, it's just like being there among other antique seekers. Thanks for taking me along!!

Diane Duda

Wow, great pictures, Kim!
Especially the doggies!!!



Oh my...I am so envious! Fleas like this have dried up in Michigan, too cold. I think I could spend a week at a flea like that! Wouldn't it be fun to buy an empty house and try to furnish it all from the flea market? From scratch?


Wow! It looks like you had a wonderful day! I can't wait to see what you bought! I'm so glad you posted the pic of the button covered birdhouse. That is a fantastic idea! I'm gonna try that! Glad you had a great day with your friends. Thanks for taking me along!

Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!}

Oh. my. goodness! The pictures are incredible and it is almost like being there in person. But not quite. Pleeeeeaaaase take me next time! Oh, wait - that would be a long drive for me. Guess I will just have to continue to enjoy your pictures.

cindy h

I'm ready to go again..Missed that blue floral barkcloth..and the neat flakey painted door...and..and!! LOL! Great time with great friends!
Cindy H

The Quintessential Magpie


Glad you had such a fun day at Rennigers! I have been several times, and it does seem overwhelming at first. But the thrill of the hunt always makes up for it.

And I LOVE that little papillion and the other pooches. I also love all the colorful photos you take and share. Thank you!

If you get a chance, please pop over to my blog and say, "hi." I finally decided to hop in the pool with the rest of you. It's a bit daunting, but fun, too.

Hugs from my house to yours,



ME TOO !!! on the "WOW" and button roofed birdhouse. Being an "out of control" yard sale, garage sale, flea market fanatic, I am in heaven this AM w/coffee cup in hand cruising your Saturday adventure.
Yes, I will be stealing the button/birdhouse idea.
Thanks for sharing, Kim

Joy, shivvering in Indiana

calamity kim

wow! I have always wanted to go there and now I feel like I have! Thank you Kim for the lovely pictures! I want to just reach right in and grab a few buttons and an old handbag! I hope we can go in Dec- maybe- I might have to drug and blindfold my husband first! teehee!


I gasped at the first picture, and darn near cried when I saw all that vintage jewelry!! I.Love.Vintage.Jewelry. Soooo much! It makes me drool.

Thank you for all the eye candy in this post!! I love these shots.

I don't get to go out thrifting as often as I'd like because having three small kids in tow sort of takes some of the fun out of it. ;-) So thanks for the great pictures!!


Wow! Such good stuff. I love the little buttoned birdhouse.


I've always heard great things about mt. Dora. Looks like a blast, Kim! WIsh I could have gone too. I have to see if we have anything like this in B'ham, I don't know it if we do. I miss the fun markets in Atlanta. They are so much fun!


Absolutely gorgeous, I especially love the christmas tree with all the different pearls and jewelry, love, love that and my second favorite was the dress on the dress form, oh I bet you were in flea market HEAVEN(LOL)! Diana


Wow and oh boy howdy! Thank you for all those fantastic pictures...loved seeing what you were seeing.


Absolutely gorgeous, I especially love the christmas tree with all the different pearls and jewelry, love, love that and my second favorite was the dress on the dress form, oh I bet you were in flea market HEAVEN(LOL)! Diana


Oh my the vintage bicycles..I'm on a misson to find one of my for Thumbelina the very doll of my youth...sigh...and doll clothes of any vintage are my weakness at 53!!! I buy my darling granddaughter clothes for her dolls all the time...

as for the I come..I'll be ordering her online for Christmas for me!Mom didn't think to save mine...wish she had...
Thanks for such a beautiful day!!

Always a friend

Susie Homemaker

I just knew we were going to have the best time...what terrific things!

Thanks so much for the tour!

Warm Wishes,


Thanks for taking me along Kim. What a wonderful flea market. And I really loved the dog pictures, too.


I think I just melted! FABULOUS does not even explain your flea market experience. I too could have spent all day there..and come home broke...awww, I am so jealous! So many treasures and so little time!

Thank you for sharing, my eyes can't take anymore of the candy!

~ Tara~

Hannah Shaw

Oh my goodness! Thats looks like it was a lot of fun! I wish I could have been there. Each photo was better than the last, I just wanted to reach out and grab the items! Thank you so much for sharing! The pictures were a wonderful treat, I feel like I was actually there!
Have a wonderful Monday!


Oh my , total eye candy there, it would have been hard to restrain myself. Can't wait to see what you bought. Donna


I am drooling!! This looks like SUCH fun! I have not been to one this good in a LONG time!!

Lavender Dreamer

I have to admit I feel just a LITTLE BIT JEALOUS! lol I see vintage Christmas ornaments, quilt tops, so much red and white, children's books...oh my! I would have come home with a truck load and my hubby would have sent me away! WHAT FUN!


Thanks for sharing! I just love antiquing an d junking. I love being surrounded by old things with such character and wondering who wore this apron, who canned with these jars, who was given this vase, who wore this pin.


LOVE it!

I like to get at garage sale and thrift store prices, but to be at a market like that, where it's ALL great discoveries!!! FUN!

Now, a question for you, how do you clean this stuff? I have a house full of it too and really struggle with cleaning the stuff with the chipping paint.

Any suggestions?


Oh my goodness! I would have been in heaven at that Flea Market....and at dinner!! Looks like a wonderful time!

Jean Eakin

What a wonderful treasure trove of goodies. WOW! I wish I had been with you. I probably would have went wild trying to decide what to take home. The doggies were so cute too. The christmas tree made of vintage jewelry is wonderful. I was lucky to get one at a church sale this spring for only $1.00. I can't wait to put it up. It looks as if you all had a wonderful time. Enjoy your treasures.
Jean in Virginia


How lucky to enjoy the Extrav with dear friends! I have been lucky enough to go a few times and it is just Grand! Your Images are wonderful and did bring us all along for the ride as they say! I loved the Lamp bases holding the tent down in the background of the husky image!
Frends,and Good Times What a great way to spend the day!


I have been before but to see it through your pics was wonderful!!!!! You really caught all of the goodies in a beautiful way!!!!


What an amazing day you must have had surrounded by chippy paint and vintage furniture, hats and jewelry, and button roofed birdhouses :-) Not to mention all those precious flea marketing doggies :-)


WOW! that was serious amount of eye candy!! i'm so sugared up now i have to go rearrange some furniture!!
thanks, daisy cottage!!


Can I just say WOW. I mean WOW!! I feel like I've been shopping at the best place ever. If only I could have bought something!! :)

I know you had a great time. It would have been wonderful just to look at all that amazing stuff!



I love a good flea market and this looks like a great one!


Another WOW! from me! Lots of great goodies...and beautiful fur babies!

Thanks for the virtual flea-market tour! It's like I was there, but somehow still have the cash in my wallet! *grin*


Wow, you got to see a lot of things! I would have had a hard time chosing what to buy.


Oh my gosh, that looks like so much fun, great pictures! I love your Charming Blog ; )


Hi Kim,
Was that Renningers? I haven't been there in years. I will go next year.
Great Pictures.

kelly henderson

Oh I have to admit. I'm a little bit green with envy right now Kim. We just don't have wonderful flea markets like that where I live! Thanks for all the eye candy!


Absolutely loved your pics of the flea market. Have spent many a day doing just that. Wish I lived somewhere warm so I could go every weekend. Snowing here. Hope you found lots of bargains or just the thing you were looking for. Thanks again for the great pics. Nancy


:) You made me smile

Kathy ;)

Rita May

Looks like a great flea market. Can you tell me where and when it is?
I live in S. FL and there is nothing like that close to me. I'd love to go to the next one. I drove through Gainesville last month and brought home bags of Spanish moss to hang from my two potted trees at my entry. Love the moss in your pictures. Can't wait to see your finds.
Cheers! Rita

Rita May

oops! me again. I found all the information clicking onto the links on your post. I was being so impatient, flea markets do that to me, LOL.
Cheers! Rita

Rochelle Gaukel

Wow! Wow! Wow! It's a good thing that I don't live in your area because my bank account would be severely overdrawn! Such treasures all in one place! And such vintage all those wondrous colors, especially red. I love the window that your friend bought for her kitchen - such character.
I love visiting your blog and long for the sunshine you enjoy for most of the year! I have resigned to the fact that I will be pasty white for the winter months in Canada! :)
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and keep blogging!


I want the sparkly Christmas tree picture. I do hope you brought that home with you. So pretty and I can just imagine the thought someone took to create it. Wishing I'd have been there, too. Such fun!

Fifi Flowers

WOW! AMAZING stuff EVERYWHERE! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you for sharing your day with us! It looks like so much fun. :) I love your blog and check in regularly for some beauty and peace. Blessings!



I would have loved to have been along on that trip. It looked like so much fun!



I need a whole box of tissue's! I would be walking on air for at least six months after this experience! thanks for share your pictures with me (I am complete crazy for flea market treasures!!!)Love your blog just discover it this morning with my hot cup of tea ! It was a real treat.

Rachel Going

Oh Kim, Thank you for taking all of us along!! I would have snatched up that really tall "R" in the first is meant just for me, Rachel. And pppppppllllleeeeaaaaassssssssseeeeeeee don't burst my bubble by telling me it is actually a "B"! Hugs, Rachel


What a fabulous flea market!!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

That was fun! I love that chalkboard screen door!


Oh my! What beautiful photos Kim! And how I would have enjoyed being there...especially with you! I would take home one of those little buckets (or yellow, one red of course!), a toy tractor car, an old suitcase or two...oooh...what else...
It surely was eye candy here today!!



Beautiful post. A feast for my eyes. Busy days as a busy mom keep me from the flea market, but your shared visit refreshed my soul. Thanks for sharing.


How come NJ doeesn't have these cool flea markets?
We always have the ones with just resellers in sunglasses & oversized tshirts.

Fabu photos!

~~ flo ~~



Hello Kim,
Thank you for showing us such amazing pictures!!! I love flea markets and this one was really fantastic and because of your shots I feel like I have been there in person... I´m deeply grateful!

Lorelei from Germany


Flipping heck Kim what a wonderful place to shop though I have to say I would have come away without a single thing as I just wouldn't be able to decide what to spend my pennies on with so much choice. Thanks for all the lovely pics, it must have taken you an age to load them all.

meg duerksen

amazing pictures kim.
oh my.
i just absolutely love every single one.
bring me with you next time please. :)

laurie herring

oh thank you for sharing i so loved the journey......

Margaret Cloud

Thank you for sharing, I felt like I was with you after seeing all those photos. I have never been to a flea market that big.


I LOVE that floral chandelier I could just see that hanging over my dining room table.

Brenda Kula

I would have been in hog heaven! That little pink dress is just precious. And I love that birdhouse with the buttons. So much fun you must have had!


I was salivating as I looked through all those wonderful treasures! Thanks for taking me along!


Hi Kim,
I do believe I'm on overload looking at all those beautiful flea market finds. And all those sweet doggies, I would've spent the day talking to them.

...And all those bikes. I'm coming back tomorrow morning to read this again and have my coffee. We're off antiquing tomorrow so this will certainly get me going ;)

Always, always love visiting with you.


Wish we could have something like this where I live. The jewelry Christmas Tree I loved. my Great Aunt Ivy had one like that I would love to of had it.


I would love to have been there!
You take beautiful pictures. Thanks!


I would have gone broke that day. I love the door that's a chalkboard and all the old shutters! Thanks for sharing pictures of your wonderful day! Wish I could have been there! :)


Amazing! Now thats what I call a good time! My grandmother had a picture frame with her old jewelry shaped into a Christmas tree too. Oh and I also still have my thumbelina doll! :-)


I have a dear friend who when she sees something so overwhelmingly awesome, says, "I'm gonna cry". I'm gonna cry! Oh, it hurts to see those pictures and not be there! There is nothing like a girly day with great friends at a flea market and topping it off with food and wine. *sigh*

karla nathan

VIntage floral hats for $5 each? That made my heart go thump when I saw that sign in the middle of all the coolest of junks! Great flea, looks like one I'll need to check out sometime, maybe plan a trip to visit Florida family around the dates of this market. That is the only way to travel, find a fun shopping event and plan the trip for those dates!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Oooooooo so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kim thank you for sharing your day with all of us! See...Florida does have some fun flea markets afterall! I was a bit worried about that, dontchaknow! I spy several pretty things that would have caught my eye..and my wallet, too.

You are just wonderful!!!


Janet (Shabbyfufu)

Hi Kim....I usually go to that show, but not this time. Such a hike from Miami. Great photos and makes me wish that I were there with you! XO~Janet

sophie philo

your blog is so beautiful, i love your pictures!


Oh man, my heart is just all aflutter!!! Wow - so many wonderful things!!! Or I wonder if it might just be the great photography? Oh man, oh man....... I just looked back through months of your posts (again), and when you go and visit Michigan, could you stop at my house too? I finally thought I really liked the pale light colors, and then after looking at your pics, well,...... maybe the yellow, black, red. etc is the way to go!!!??? And how do you take those great photos? A special camera? A special tripod? What???

Anyway - love your stuff! And my sister lives in Fort Meyer Beach (during the winter), maybe next time I visit, we can get together! (don't worry, I have only been there once!)

Hugs from Michigan - Diane


What wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Tina Michelle

oh my..what fun! I have GOT to get over to Mt. Dora for that event next time.
I am glad that soon we'll be closer to that. What a bunch of lovely items to look through.

Debra of

LOVE the pictures of the flea market. I felt like I was there! So much fun and isn't that what its all about? Thanks for sharing!!!!!


I'd say you pretty well captured the essence of your day....what an inspiration you BOTH are....and I thought i had a "gooed eye"...ha

I have a new Canon digital...12.2 and I am anxious to get going with some shots like these.

let's chat some more, eh?

Vikki Evans

Oh wow the vintage jewelry is just beautiful. How exciting that you were able to go. The old handbags just are reaching out for me.I love handbags.I can't wait to
see your purchases. This is my first time to
visit your blog.


OMG!!! You were there? We drove up too. I got to shop on Saturday and Sunday. It was amazing and I found tons of lovely things!!! Love your amazing photos!!


I had not been to a flea market like the one you shared with us until now. Thank you!

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