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August 18, 2008


Anne Galvin Bremer

Oh Kim, how very EXCITING! You inspired me to start my own blog! Here I was wondering why Fifi hadn't posted in a while, but now I know!

I know she and Mark were working their magic, but I don't know how they could improve on what I consider sublime perfection! I CANNOT wait to see this in the magazine, 'though I know they work months and months in advance.

Please tell Miss Maggie that Miss Little Bit feels her pain about "interlopers" clomping through her house. Little Bit confesses that she finds it truly dreadful, although she hates to be rude. It is almost as terrible as when that churlish bulldog Spencer passes her front porch.

Blessings to you,

Anne who usually lurks (my Indian name)


Hi Kim
I am so happy for you that you had such a wonderful time having Daisy Cottage photographed. That has to be one of those "dream come true "moments. I know it sure would be for me! Sorry to hear that Miss Maggie wasn't too happy about it. Can't wait to see it in the magazine! You deserve it!
Hugs, Rhondi


It would be so very neat to have a photo shoot at my house. With 5 kids I doubt it will happen for quite some time, but it would be an incredible experience!! I love the red dresser out front. Do you have to move it in during the winter or do you just leave it out? What kind of paint? I have planned doing something like that for our front porch but my husband insists it will get ruined. I love the look and you have a wonderful touch!! Maybe someday if you come to Alabama you can help me twitter about. :)


Ooh! How exciting. I can hardly wait. I know they loved everything.


Hi Kim -
I feel as though I was there - looking over your shoulder. What fun. Can't wait to see the magazine. Your home is always a delight to visit. Poor Maggie! She had a rough week, didn't she?


How exciting! This is certainly not something that everyone gets to experience! Your banner is beautiful:>)

Becky from Tennessee

Hi Kim and the adorable Miss Maggie! I can't wait to see the article (and pictures, of course) in the magazine! What a special time for you! I can't believe the ADORABLE Miss Maggie wouldn't cooperate.
She is a cutie, that's for sure. I do like your new banner.....I'm glad you kept a picture of Maggie on it. I hope "Fay" doesn't affect you. Here in middle Tennessee we don't have hurricanes (for obvious reasons) LOL! but we do have tornadoes so I'll be thinking of you. Give Maggie an extra hug and kiss from her friend in Tennessee. Becky


Congratulation! I love visiting and looking at your beautiful home and of course at Miss Maggie. It makes you feel happy. Everything looks wonderful and cheerful.
Have a happy and Bless week. Virginia


Oh, how exciting for you, Kim! Well-deserved fame! Yay! I'm wondering what they possibly could have done to improve your place too. It's SO great. Stop by my blog for my 100th post giveaway! I may have something you NEED for your place! Hee!


OH, MY....what a wonderful, fun-filled day it must have been. I am so excited about your feature in a magazine. I can hardly wait! Your photos of this day are just fabulous, as usual. Thanks so much for sharing this with your blogging buddies that love you. Sorry, Maggie, that you weren't up to your old, outgoing self this day but, we ALL have days like that!!

Teresa Sheeley

Yay!! I am thrilled for you Kim, to be able to have this experience, I know it must seem like a bit of a dream come true. And my dear friend you deserve it all!! :)

And, since this week is my big 46th birthday, I am having a giveaway at my blog! :)



Oh honey how much fun was that? and wow! Fifi is a tiny little thing;) I'm enjoying watching this unfold* also enjoying checking out the equipment(camera guy) har har! anyways, thank you again for letting me play! xo


What a lovely day! I'm so happy your house will be showcased in the magazine. Didn't a different magazine stop publication before Daisy Cottage could star in it? Am I remembering right? Well, this time I'm sure Daisy Cottage will be the star - she looks fabulous!

Italian Girl in Georgia ~ Suzanne

Hey Kim,

Love your new banner! I noticed it right away. Cannot wait to see the magazine spread on your charming cottage. What fun.

Stay dry and keep that hurricane away!



How exciting Kim! From the photos posted, it will be an amazing photo spread. Looking forward to seeing it in print :-)


Oh, how thrilling! Your place is so photogenic, as are you and Maggie. Your new photo is just adorable, Kim! I can't wait to see the results of the photo shoot. Thanks for the sweet note-- I miss you too! I am so behind in blogland, but look forward to catching up soon!


I must have missed which magazine it is. Can't wait to see your cute house in print!


Love the new banner! What an amazing experience! Can't wait to see your house in the magazine!!Hope Fay stays away and you and Maggie can have some rest and relaxation!!


I stumbled upon your blog and love it. You're little cottage is so bright and cheerful. :) A photo shoot - how fun.

Dolly @ From my cherry heart

I am so excited for you Kim!
What a thrill!

Your new banner is awesome!!!!

Have a fun week,
Hugz, Dolly


That's so exciting! I can't wait to see your home in Fifi's magazine. Photos of your home always cheer up my day!


Everything looks absolutely beautiful and well worth a magazine feature. Congratulations!


Kim..that is great news...I love Daisy Cottage and it couldn't of happened to a nicer person or a more beautiful cottage. I'm sorry Maggie was being shy...we all know how beautiful she is. we love her anyways.


Congrats on the photo shoot. It looks like it was a lot of fun and I can't wait for the feature to appear in the magazine!

We are preparing to batten down the hatches over here in St. Pete and will probably evacuate to the Plant City area if Fay swings out into the Gulf. My husband spent the weekend in the hospital and was just released this morning so I'm praying evacuation won't be necessary. Hurricanes and evacuation are never convenient but boy, right now is definitely not a good time!

Kathy  :)

Oh Kim everything looks so nice and I LOVE your new banner. I can't wait to see the magazine.

I hope Fay stays away, I have been following it on the news.

I have missed my daily dose of Daisy Cottage :)

All the best,
Kathy :)


P.S. I just noticed your new photo too! ADORABLE!!!!


Kim, Congratulations on your photo shoot! What an unforgettable experience. So happy for you. But let's get to serious issues--your new photo of yourself. You look absolutely beautiful and glowing. I love the hair color; it makes your face pop. The other picture I felt you were hiding somehow, but this one says "Look at me!". You go girl! Mona


Congrats on the wonderful photo shoot! I'm sure everything looked lovely!


Kim, you just do not know what happy dance I am doing for you! Well, you wouldn't want to see me dance but picture very, very gleeful ;-)I am so excited for you and Daisy Cottage, who was already a Cinderella thanks to you. I will eagerly await the publication. I'm glad it was such a fabulous day in the company of Fifi and Mark.

Thinking of you as I watch Fay. I hope she is much ado about nothing for both of us!

Hugs to you and Miss Maggie.....and I love your sidebar photo ;-) I told you that you were photogenic!



What a beautiful and wonderful day!

Kim, How happy I am to see little glimpses of what took place during your "intermission". Can't wait for the big show! xorachel
P.S. Your photo on the side bar is adorable.

Sweet Cottage Dreams

WOWOWOWOW!!!!! I am sooooo excited for you, Kim! Everything looks just fabulous! What a fun-filled day packed with sweet and joyous memories. Having been so very blessed with a visit to Daisy Cottage myself, I just know that it was allll perfect! Hey, your flowers look great! Love the touches to the porch, too.

Now give Maggie a huggie from Doogs, Socks and I. Now if I lived down the street, Maggie could have come over for a day of fun with us. BUT.......well, you know.

love you oodles and bunches!!!


Kim, Your lovely home was already magic to me. I love it. Your new banner is perfect too. I can hardly wait for you to appear in the magazine so that more folks can enjoy your beautiful home. You and Maggie can now Rest and enjoy your home.
Jean in Virginia
P.S. Hope you don't get any really bad weather your way.


How exciting!

Brenda Kula

Well, I was so excited to see your first photo, I didn't even notice the beautiful new banner! I'm always in a hurry to see what you've photographed, Kim. And how lovely that we're going to see Daisy Cottage in a magazine too! If you have time, please participate in Where Bloggers Create, a tour I'm hosting next Sun. Aug. 24, because I'm just dying to see where you sit down to come up with everything!



Your banner looks great, your house looks great and your new picture looks really, really great!

Can't wait to see the photos from your fun day.



Oh, fun!
I'm sooo glad you're back! I bet the photo shoot was magical. And I absolutely can not wait to see the results!
Have a great evening!

Kelly~Rose Vine Cottage

Hi Kim,
Congrats on the photo shoot, I can't wait to see it in the magazine! I also live in Fl. we are in S. Fl. and we are already feeling the effects from "Fay", she is not very friendly, so far she has brought alot of rain to us and the winds are suppose to pick up tonight! Hopefully it won't be to bad, I hope for the best for West and Central Fl., she may be a hurricane by the time she reaches you!


Well, it's about time they put your home in a magazine!! I'm SO happy to hear the great news & can't wait until the wonderful day comes & we can go & buy it on the newsstand. Big congrats from me, one of your BIGGEST fans. So sorry Maggie didn't cooperate. Wish I could have been there & I would have held her all day while the shooting took place. I'm sure they wanted to capture her in the shots too...that would have been so much fun to watch!



Dear Kim,
Your new banner is beautiful, and I CANNOT WAIT to see Daisy Cottage in all it's glory! Congratulations -- you are such a sweetheart, and such an amazing talent! :)


ohhhh Kim!
So exciting! I'M THRILLED for you!
Daisy cottage IS THE BEST! :)

Janet (Shabbyfufu)

Hi Kim....a big congrats on your home photo shoot! That Fifi is a little darling and she does work wonders with styling. I can't wait to seeeeee!!! Stop by my blog if you can for my 100th post giveaway and let's hope that this storm passes thru with no problems ~XOXO~Janet


Ooooooh, can hardly wait to see the results! I know you and Maggie are relieved that things are back to "normal".

Mary Jane Smith

Hi Kim:

Cute new sidebar picture of you!!! :-)

Congrats Kim , everything looked great I'm sure. Keep us posted dear !

Theresa@TakeASentimental Journey

Everything looks so pretty Kim , can't wait to see it in the magazine, I'll be sure to buy it !

cindy~my romantic home

How exciting! I know you must be exhusted from it all. I remember how much work it was when HGTV came to my little much cleaning and sprucing up and Daisy Cottage is so much bigger than my little place! I cannot wait to see it all in print! I'm so excited for you!

I love your new photo! You look so glamorous!


you have such a beautiful place..


What a wonderful day you must have had. What a dream to have your home published in a magazine! Congratulations!


What a great place. I love it


I am just enjoying my visit again to your blog, love your kitchen!


Alison Gibbs

Oh Kim what a fun day it must have been.
Oh poor Maggie - camera shy little darling.
Your new banner is wonderful.


Sounds and looks like it was great fun, even if Maggie didn't want to play.

Toni from NC

Congratulations on your dream day! And love the new banner!

Alauar Parrish

oh how lucky you are to have had FiFi and Mark in your lovely Daisy Cottage. I can't wait for your coming out magazine. Have a great week and tell Maggie to get some rest, poor little thing.


Alauar Parrish

oh how lucky you are to have had FiFi and Mark in your lovely Daisy Cottage. I can't wait for your coming out magazine. Have a great week and tell Maggie to get some rest, poor little thing.


Elaine L.

I can't imagine that Fifi had to do much with Daisy Cottage. She's so perfect!

I love your red painted furniture. Do you have a favorite shade of red that you use?



How wonderful. I can't wait to see the finished product. I don't think there could be much to improve at your beautiful home. The new banner is great and I love your new pic, your hair looks fantastic! P.


Oh, Maggie, you poor little lady! But we cannot wait to see the magazine! And I'm sure mom will give Fifi a really good picture of you to put in so you won't be left out of the magazine layout!

By the way, Kim, I absolutely LOVE your new photo in the sidebar! It's gorgeous!

Congrats on the magazine shoot, what fun! Are you writing your own copy for this one?

The Decorated House

Hi Kim~
The photos are such wonderful little teasers of things to come! I'm so happy to hear that it was a perfect day. We are all looking forward to seeing Ms. Daisy Cottage in print!
Hugs, Donna


Wow, I noticed the new banner immediately. It is lovely. I would be SOOO nervous at the thought of a photo shoot at my house. Of course, my house doesn't even compare to Daisy Cottage. I'll be watching for the magazine info.


WOW!! Kim...what fun you had to have...and how wonderful everything usual. I can not imagine how thrilled I would be if FiFi showed up at my house...I don't think she would come here to take any pictures of my's just not where yours is in the "wow" factor catagory...but I do know I betcha I could have a great time with her...nonetheless...she looks like she's a blast...and she's about as cute as she can be...yep! fun and cute to boot!

One day after building my new place...maybe I can twist her arm to visit...but only if you and your Maggie will accompany her...I know all about persnickity dogs...especially the ones that think they are Princess Margaret...instead of just run of the mill "Maggies" ...our Maggie becomes a bit stressed with strangers around and starts loosing her hair...but once things are right in her kingdom...she's perfectly fine...once she gets a bit more attenion....she is still wondering where you found that lovely collar for your Maggie...I'm having trouble explaining to her...that not everyone has to have one of those...but she seems to be a bit snitty about it...and wonders when I'm going to find where and how much that little diddy cost. She's persistant like that...but she's worth it b/c she's quiet the cuddler! Have her write my Maggie and they can discuss these important as they must be.!

Things look great...can't wait to see the finished product...I know it will knock my socks off...again, Congratulations!



Congratulations very exciting!


How nice for you to be featured in the mag--I look forward to seeing it!


I am so happy for you! That is so exciting. :) Your sweet flowers and lovely house looked great and I can't wait to see the pictures in the magazine.

Poor Maggie. She was being so shy. What a little cutie.

Addi :)

~~ flo~~

This is wonderful. Congratulations.

~~ flo ~~


Ohhhh Kim, I'm just so excited for you!!

I *did* notice your banner, first thing. It looks gorgeous.

And I'm loving the turquoise sidebars too.

Kathy  :)

Good Morning Kim...

Have you been over to Fifi Flowers Design ?? You won a prize over there...she is so talented I just love her blog... Congrats to you !!!

Kathy :)

Fifi Flowers

Hello Kim... WOW... in a magazine... LUCKY you! Your home is wonderful... it deserves to be in every magazine! Well... maybe Maggie didn't pose on that day... but the picture of her on the pillows is FABULOUS! Your painting is on its way TODAY!!!!!!!
Have a great day and CONGRATS again!
Fifi Flowers
P.S. Maggies is HERE today:

Great new banner!
I can't wait to see you in Romantic Homes.. (I assume?!)
What a fun day you must have had~


Ack, that last comment was from me!

Mrs darling

Good grief lady, where have you been all my blogging career! I love your blog! These pics are gorgeous! And a magazine filming at your house?! I swoon!


Hi Kim!! How very very exciting...Your house is like a bowl of jelly bellies. Sweet and delicious! Did you mention the mag it will be in? Or can't you?

You deserve it so much!

Trop from GI


Dear Kim, Very cute picture of you on the sidebar. How fun to have Fifi and Mark's photoshoot. I would be one nervous wreck. But I bet it was wonderful if you could just relax and enjoy it. Poor, poor Maggie will now get some much needed attention. Diane

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio

Kim, it sounds like so much fun! I wish I could have been there to see all of the magic happening, but I will have to be content to see it in the magazine. Waiting on pins and needles for publication!
p.s. my family in Naples lost power for a few hours, but all are well. Is Fay heading your way?


Fifi sure has been busy; she was up north in my town photoshooting the home of TuttiChic/ Chris for Romantic Country. I hear she is amazing to work with. So sorry that Maggie didn't agree, lol.


Desperate Diva

What an exciting time for you. Loved the pictures of Fifi....oh so cute...!!! Also love your new banner and the picture of YOU..:) Too bad Miss Maggie wouldln't have her picture made. It would have been the perfect touch for the editorial. You will just have to send them one...I can't wait to see the magazine....Congratulations...!!!!

My precious girls traveled through your state from Miami today. I was so worried about them but they made it out just fine.

Love to you and Maggie,

Tracie - My Petite Maison

Hi Kim!
First of all, love the new banner. I'm going to go check out Amy's site (how fun).

Next, I cannot imagine what it must have been like with the two kindest ladies in Blog Land and with the prettiest houses together in the same space. I mean it.

Congratulations, Kim. What a heavenly issue for all of us to look forward to.

Maybe Maggie's got a little Diva in her ~ which is just fine.

Good things happen to good people all the time ;)


Hi sweet Kim :)

I missed you too!!

Your new picture is gorgeous. Have I ever mentioned how much I love your haircut? Very cute :)

It sounds as though the photo shoot really was a dream come true. I'm so very happy for you and I can't wait to see Daisy Cottage in Romantic Country!

Poor Miss Maggie.... she just wanted it all over with, so she could have her mamma back. Please give her a big hug from me :)

I hope you and your family were safe from harm during the storm. I was worried about you!

love and (((hugs)))

Robyn Haas

Kim truly exciting and so worthy too! Your cottage is just eye candy! Poor maggie!
Come by when you get a minute and check something out...I thought it was really cool and wanted to share! Part I & II!

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

How exciting!! I am so happy for you! Can't wait to see you in the magazines AGAIN!!! YAY 4 U!!!!


HOW EXCITING TO ACTUALLY HAVE THEM IN YOUR KITCHEN! Hooray for you. You are lovely, and I know they must have taken pictures of all your loveliness! I am sooooo happy for you!
Blessings, Debbie


Hi Kim
I guessed it was Fifi coming to visit. Doesn't she look beautiful? Daisy Cottage must have been humming with excitement. What a lovely moment to treasure and I cannot wait for the issue to hit the stands in Australia. Miss Maggie made me laugh. Children and dogs never do what you want them to when you want them! Thank you for sharing the photo shoot with us. I feel as if I was there as well! x


You so deserve this Kim! Love to see the behind the scenes fo them there. Will def. be getting my copy. cherry


Daisy Cottage is most certainly worthy of such pampering and being in the limelight!

Isn't that a new photo of you on your sidebar? It's so cute!

Maggie has her mommy back...sigh...

Deborah in NC


Dear Kim, Hope you missed Fay. I thought about you watching the news this morning and said a little prayer that you had been overlooked. Diane


Oh I am so excited for you.. what a bright and colorful layout this will be!!! I cannot wait to see it!!! Maggie looks so cute in her Daisy collar!!! Hope Fay did not dampen things too much!!


I bet you had an amazing time!!! How special, can't wait to see the magazine!


Hi Kim,

How exciting to have the fabulous Fifi there at Daisy Cottage and I'm glad that the weather held up for the shoot. I can't wait to see the magazine! I LOVE the new picture of you :) What a beauty you are!!!! Your new banner is so perfect too.



Your thrill is our thrill! Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to the magazine article. Dana


I can't wait to see the magazine issue with your gorgeous home featured in it. What a dream.


Kim, congrads on the photo shoot! I remember cleaning my house for a month before mine! LOL! Its so exciting to see your home in print!
How did you fair with the tropical storm? I hope okaY!! Rosemary in texas


I love the colors of your cheery delightful home. I will be anxious to see the magazine. What was it like the days before Fifi and Mark arrived? I know what it is like when we have company but to have my home photographed...oh I am not sure my family would survive it. I am a Florida gal too. Maybe I will bump into you at your favorite store.


Hi Kim!
I'm gone a week and come back and see you've changed the look of your blog - it looks great and you're going to be featured in a magazine. The shoot looks so wonderful. Poor little Maggie just didn't want them to see her little pretty face! Congratulations and I'll be looking forward to seeing your lovely home all magged out!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)


Sweet Kim,

I'm watching the weather channel tonight and it said it looked like Fay was headed your way. I hope you and your family are safe and snug inside Daisy Cottage.

(((hugs and love)))


It is so much fun to see your dreams come true. Now all the world will know about our Dear Daisy Cottage and how she inspires us with her spunk and grace. Blessings to you, Kim - for your giving heart.


Congratulations!!!! This is so exciting...I can hardly wait to see the magazine you will be featured in! Your home looks so beautiful,cheery and happy...


Congratulations Kim. The photos of your home will be adorable published and inspire many.


melissa @ the inspired room

Looks like she fixed up Daisy Cottage to be cute as a bug, but then again, it is cute as a bug every day. How much fun to have some special fluffing! Poor Maggie, can you blame her? She must've wondered what all the fuss was about.

Blessings, Miss Kim!


Susan at Black eyed susans kitchen

Wow, Kim, congratulations. I have always enjoyed the pictures of your house. I hope that you didn't have too many problems with the tropical storm this week. Susan

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