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March 17, 2008


madeline's mercantile

oh kim!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!! oh how I would love to win a autographed copy from you! Well deserved WELL deserved recognition! xo

cindy~My Romantic Home

Don't put my name in the drawing because I already have 4 copies of it, I just wanted to say congrats to you! I loved the article you wrote!

I also love your new blog look. Very crisp and clean for Spring!



Congratulations! I have been looking for this magazine in the Oklahoma City area and have been unable to find it. Your home is so beautiful. I will continue my quest to find the magazine!

Stacey :)


How exciting! I can't wait to find it and bring it home. I know I'll enjoy every picture and each word. ~Adrienne~

Renee S

I love magazines like this. So glad you have the euphoric feeling of doing something you love. Enjoy!

Patti in Texas!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! How exciting! You are so talented!! I can't wait to find it....or maybe yet I might win it! I wish you much success with your new profession as a "published" writer! I love reading your blog everyday...It always puts a smile on my face. Can you send me your address? I've got something for "Daisy Cottage"...

Blessings and Hugs!!!


I think I saw this magazine this weekend. I'll have to look again, but please put my name in the pot.

CONGRAGULATIONS!!!!! How very exciting! And I saw that Cindy (Romantic Home) is featured also.

Congrats, congrats!!! Can't wait to read it.


[email protected]


Congrats Kim! That's so great! If I don't win your drawing, I will be running out to buy a copy! Good for you!!



That is so exciting! Can't wait to see it. I will be off a hunt for it later today.Everything you do turns out fantastic!


Oh Kim, congratulations!!! I can hardly wait to cozy up with my issue...I've been hording my maggi's for a cozy-ing-in afternoon with a cup of tea...maybe it's today! Can't wait to read your article. Yay you! xoxo

Kathy :)

Good Morning Kim,

I was just coming on to wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day and what do my Irish Eyes find but a beautiful post about our gifted Miss Kim :) Congratulations !!!

Pls. put my name in, I would love to win. (I think I need to go kiss the Blarney Stone though)

Guh rev mah a-gut (thank you)
Kathy :)

Kathy :)

ps love the new banner !!!
kathy :)


Congratulations Kim! That is wonderful news! I sure hope I win your magazine... but I'm not sure I can wait that long to see it! :)

Happy St. Patricks Day! You deserve all that you wish for!


wow, what fun! I'll have to look for the magazine in my neck of the woods :)


Kim, Dreams do come true! How wonderful for you and all of us who receive the blessing of your talent. I'm going to drag myself out into this rainy Oregon day and look for the magazine.


Congratulations Kim. I will be sure to look for your article. But if course it would be wonderful to have a copy signed by you.

Chris@Cats on my Quilts

I love that magazine and can't wait to see your article! Congratulations Kim.


Oh yes, Please enter me! I would love to read your story and be introduced to this lovely magazine!! Good for you!!


How completely wonderful and exciting for you! Congratulations! Please enter me, too - I seem to have a lot of trouble finding the magazines I want around here!


Congratulations, Kim! That is so exciting. Please enter me! Ü


Oh Kim just took my breath away! I thank God for putting you in my path ,especially as a neighbor,and appreciating our dream homes and their pasts.Congratulations!!You well deserve this moment.Reminds me of the words from "A moment like this".
You go girl!!

Martha Going

That is really neat! First of many hopefully. Congratulations!

Karen Erickson

Congratulations - how exciting! I bought the issue this weekend and devoured it, such beautiful stuff! There's nothing better than seeing your name in print...



Pretty new look! Didn't realize your house had two stories! Congrats on the mag! Can't wait to see it! xx

Rosanne Dreyer

Congratulations! It is a beautiful magazine!


Congratulations Kim - what an amazing opportunity! Here's to dreams coming true. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Mary Jane Smith

Hi Kim:

Congratulations! Can't wait to check out the magazine! Thanks so much for your blog - I just love it!

Mary Jane :-)



Congratulations!I can not wait to read the article.

Thanks for sharing Daisy Cottage with all of us on your blog.


Kudos to you! Thanks for blogging and sharing your life. It's a wonderful blogging world out there. Count me in Peggy


How exciting for you. I guess we never know where this blogging journey will take us and we need to just aim straight for our dreams.


Oh girl, you are on fire these days! First an article in Artful Blogging which, unfortunately, I never did find ::sniff sniff:: and now Romantic Country! I went to 4 different places the other night hoping to find it so I could see Cindy's feature but now I'm even more determined to find a copy. Congratulations!

Love the new banner too!


Oh Kim- congratulations!!! something made me grab this copy at bn the other day. who knew!!
I am so very excited for you and cant wait until the baby goes down for his nap so i can open it and enjoy


Congratulations! Dreams really do come true! I'm heading to Barnes and Noble to see if I can get a copy.

Best wishes, Sheila from Michigan

Oh! Congratulations, Kim! I love Chez Fifi too, and am a visitor over there. I'm going to run out and get a copy of the magazine so I can see your article! How exciting!

P.S. I had to make my blog invitation only, because of a stalker....ugh...but please don't let that deter you from coming by for a visit. Hopefully I'll be able to lift the "ban" in a month or so. :(


Oops! I didn't realize I hadn't signed in! :) That was me up above.



Kim - congratulations!!!!! I can't wait to read this - so very excited for you!!


Cindy Rongey

Way to go, a published article and in such a great magazine! Hope I win!


Stephanie Bradley

~ WOW ~ What an incredible honor! I am so happy for you Kim! However, not in the least bit surprised. I can't wait to bury myself with a nice cup of coffee and my cozy blanket and get taotally lost in this magazine! Yes! Can you put in my name as well? Thank you kindly Ms. Kim
~ Stephanie

Tamar Schechner

You go girl! it's BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!


Congratulations, Kim! How exciting for you to be published!! I'd love to win that magazine. I know the article is great because you are such a talented woman, obviously extending beyond your decorating talent!



That's fantastic,your blog is so inspiring to me as a newcomer to blogging.



So proud of you! You have reason to celebrate!


What a wonderful opportunity! We are all so proud of you!

:-) Rosie


Congrats Kim. I can't wait to see your article!


Kimberly! Congratulations! You are living MY DREAM! I would love to some day be able to write for home decorating magazines, as I both love to write and to see how others decorate their homes. I love your blog because you let us see into your beautiful home and share with us ideas and inspiration. Thanks and I already picked up the magazine and I loved it all! Nice job!


Congratulations on your article! Your blog writing is wonderful, and I'm sure the article is, too! Celebrate your bliss!
(Love the new blog look, too!)


Congratulations Kim!
You certainly deserve it :) In the words of another blogger, I never win a thing, so I'm going to run out and grab myself a copy. If perchance I DO win then I'll have two!! I'm so happy for you :)



Congratulations on your exciting!! I can't wait to get my hands on this magazine...for many reasons...but now I will KNOW someone who has contributed! I must meet this FiFi...actually I want my daughter to meet her b/c my daughter is such a gifted photographer...I think FiFi could teach her a few things... proud for you...I am going to run out and buy this magazine today...but I still want to win the drawing...b/c then I can pass the blessing on to someone else!



Congratulations Kim. I read about Daisy Cottage and Maggie every morning while having my first cup of tea. Would love to win Romantic Country, we can't buy it here in NZ:) Rachael

Alison Gibbs

Congratulations Kim.
So exciting for you.
Count me in for the giveawy.



Lynda ~ Hedgerow Hollow

Wow! Congratulations, Kim!! You must feel like you're walking above the clouds!! ~ Lynda xo


Congratulations!! What an exciting honor!!! Enjoy cloud nine for awhile.


Congrats on your article. Would love to have a copy.


Oh, Kim I was just reading about this issue on another blog. Congrats on your feature. I'll look it up as soon as this appears on newstands in my area.

That's so great. Enjoy the wonderful feeling of this!

OH Kim, I'm speechless. This posting is so perfect. I'm glad you're celebrating the accomplishment. Love,Rachel


Congratulations! So exciting for you. I'm happy another one of your dreams has come true.Thank you for sharing your home and creativeness with all of us.


Congratulations Kim!!!!! I have a hard time finding it and especially one that has been autographed by an amazing woman like yourself. Lulu


!!!!! Congratulations! This is wonderful and amazing.
I will be looking for the magazine at the bookstore the day I get my hair cut. The shop is conveniently located next to the bookstore >g

Rhonda from Minnesota

Congratulations!!!! I can hardly wait to find a copy of the magazine.
I love your new banner, however; I do have to say I am partial to the doggie tho :o). I have a little Miss Maggie myself. (long hair, mini dachshund....still a baby she just turned 13 weeks).


clair mixon

You must feel so great, what an insipration. Interested to know where in MD this is, my state!
Clair Mixon
Frederick MD

Brenda Kula

I picked this magazine up at the supermarket last week and skimmed through it. But I did not notice your name! I generally keep these, so I will go back and check it back out in detail. It is a wonderful opportunity. Congratulations!


Oh, the luck of the Irish be on you ! What great news. We are all so happy for you. This is the start of something BIG and I want to be first in line when yo write a whole book! Thanks for sharing such good news.


Good for you! Can't wait to see the magazine. It looks beautiful.

Sondra Spencer

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. Found it a few weeks ago. Love all the color and how you use it in your decorating. Congratulations on your article in Romantic Homes! ( By the way, I also have a furry friend named Maggie!)

I also love your music choices!


Put my name in, please. But, if I don't win I'll buy it for sure to read your article! Congratulations!


What a dream come true! I can't wait to check it out. I usually drive an hour away to pick up this magazine, lol, I should just get a subscription - but it gives me an excuse to drive in and see a good friend.

Nobody in my dinky little town sells it!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

That is fantastic Kim! I will have to go see if it is at the book store yet. We always seem to get them later out here. You certainly deserve this. You are a great writer and have a really good "eye" for decorating. I hope to see your name in many more articles.


CONGRATULATIONS! ...and why shouldn't she believe in you?! You have a beautiful blog and I'm sure that your blog-writing talent is shown in the Romantic Homes article. I can't wait to see it.

If I should be the lucky winner, would you please autograph it for me?!!


Mommy McCole, I am very happy for you! I can't wait to move back home and share more Goodwill trips and Home Tours with you! Yay for fun magazine articles! You're the best!

Olivia :)


Congrats, Kim!


Congratulations Kim, I know how exciting that can be!!! Can't wait to pick up a copy, I will be on the lookout! Big hugs & kisses to you!!!



Way to go girl! Please enter my name but I'll look for the magazine.. I subscribe to many but missed that one.....Betty


Congrats!! That is great! I will have to check it out!


Dianne Wood

Hi Kim,
Oh what an honor. I know you are just thrilled and you should be. I can't wait to get my copy and read your article. Congratulations...!!! Give Miss Maggie a hug from me.
Husgs to you,

white o'morn cottage

How wonderful for you! Count me in! Pam


Isn't it wonderful when our dreams come true? Congratulations on writing the article. I'll have to run out and find a copy. I adore that magazine. Speaking of adore...I adore your photo's. The roses especially, there's just something about weeping roses. Lovely! have a new banner?'s wonderful!


OK Ive been trying to get back here (my boy is sick)finally I get back and I see not only do u have an article of YOURS in this magazine its a magazine that I cant wait to get I hope I win!!! put me in sweetie! PUT ME IN! if not I still can't wait to get this issue.
CONGRATS KIM!!!! and heres to many more articles!


Congratulations Kim,
What a well-deserved honor!!
Thank you for entering me in your drawing!
Jeanne from Ohio


I haven't found the magazine yet here in New Hampshire. I have a couple more places to check, but I would love to be in your drawing. I LOVE your blog music. Sometimes I just minimize your blog and leave it playing while I check out other sites...LOL! When I was young, my Dad bought us a stereo for the first time and "Stranger on The Shore" was one of the four 45's he bought to play on it. He has been gone a long time now, but like you, whenever I hear this song..Dad is back in my thoughts!



I have secretly been reading your blog for a while now. I decided to come out of hiding to say I would love to read the article you wrote. Please put me in your drawing and congrats! I also want to tell you just how much I love your blog. It is so beautiful! I love the yellow & red color combination that seems to be your signature. It is always so cheerful. Thanks!

The Summer Kitchen Interiors

Congratulations Kim!!! Can't wait to pick up a copy to read the article for ourselves.

Enjoy the moment!
Karrie and Karla


I'm so delighted for you Kim...CONGRATULATIONS!

robin~thrifty miss priss

OH! Another dream come true! So happy for you Kim!


Will be purchasing that magazine tomorrow! Congratulations!


Dang it!
My husband surprised me by buying Romantic Country magazine because I told him I couldn't find it in 3 stores and it turned out to be last months. He said he is going to keep looking though... what a sweetie :)
I hope he finds it...


Congrats. That has been one of my dreams as well, to write an article for a magazine. I must say I have been enjoying your blog. I only found it a few days ago and have been reading back posts every night. I love the cozy feel of your house and am amazed at the wonderful thrift store finds you have purchased.

Congrats again,



Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio

Where to start? I LOVE your new banner Kim! And congrats on your writing piece in Romantic Country! I am sure it is fabulous!! I don't have my copy yet and I wish I did, because I think there is a little something about me in there too :-)
Fifi is a marvel! And she has great taste when it comes to picking her writers my friend!


Amazing!!! How wonderful you must feel...I will be subscribing to Romantic Homes...and I will make my way to the bookstore to buy my first issue...

Your blog is a very bright part of my day...congrats on your published article..

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

I have been trying to get a copy! I have been to town three times looking for it! I can't wait to see!
Congratulations Kim! I am so happy for you!


Please include me in the drawing, but I will be searching tomorrow for the magazine. I can't wait to see the article and the pictures. You do a fabulous job taking pictures and writing. I am sure this is just the beginning for your writing career.


Congratulations dear are now living MY dream!! Can you see how green with envy my face has turned?? Oh! Perfect for St. Patrick's Day! *laugh*
Enjoy every moment of this deserve it!



so very thrilled for you! I shall pick up my copy! Fifi is a special treasure.

Shelley Jo

I tried to find this magazine at my local Books-a-Million this past weekend because another blogger I visit (Cindy at My Romantic Home) posted about being featured in it, but the bookstore didn't have it. :-(

Congratulations, Kim, and please enter me in the contest!


Congrats, Kim. I love that magazine, although most times I can't find it in my town. I'd love to win a copy. Debbie


How exciting and well deserved Kim. Your talents are many and its about time some recognition comes your way. Bask in the glory girl. Have a wonderful Easter. Hugs, Lucy


Hello Kim,
You go girl! Congratulations, you so deserve this recognition. Hope you have a happy holiday. Hugs, Rosemary~


Your blog is one of my most favorites! I am so happy for you! You really deserve the exposure the magazine article will bring. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your blog with us!


Kim congrats on your article. Hopefully this is just the first of many to come. Please enter me in your drawing.

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