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March 10, 2008



I always enjoy having a tour of your much loved Daisy Cottage. Your home was probably the best one on the tour. Poor little Maggie on the porch wondering why all those people were in her home.
That cake looks so yummy.....what kind is it?
Thanks for including us in on your home tour.


Everything just sparkles, Kim. Your home is so utterly beautiful. I am sure the people on the tour were stunned! :-) Rosie


I so love your home & your blog.
I come to your blog for inspiration in decorating my home.
Your blog & Cherry Hill Cottage are my two favorite "inspirational" blogs to turn to.
Since I started visiting Daisy Cottage, I have taken a new look on finding "thrift" finds & turning them into treasures.
Thank you for the fabulous tour of your home.
Wish I could move in? Do you have room for a 6ft tall red head & her adorable 18 mos old son? The husband works in Puerto Rico for months on end so it would just be us! LOL


Everything is so beautiful. As always. I know everyone on the tour must have enjoyed your lovely home. Poor Maggie! Wanting attention and not able to get it from all the tour friends! I love the picture of her on the floor. She knows how to show what she's feeling! ~Adrienne~

Claudia Hill

Your house looks great, Kim! There's nothing like that spring spic-and-span cleaning is there? I'm glad the event was such a happy one!


I love home tours. Our neighborhood on is held on the 1st Friday in Dec. It's one of my favorite days really starts the holiday season for me. I would have loved going to the one in your neck of the woods! Everything look tour worthy.
Thanks for sharing your special day.


Oh, I wish I'd known of your home tour! So sad. But thanks for the nice glimpse today. I spent Saturday w/ some friends I met on Rate My Space. Three of us are within two hours of each other and we met at our friend who lives here home. Isn't the internet wonderful! And thanks again for sharing your home! Christy :-)<><


It all looks great Kim! I'm in the midst of spring cleaning here.

I remember when our home was on tour and not getting a single photo, because it was so much fun. I didn't even think of the camera. It's an amazing time to see old friends and meet new ones.


the feathered nest

Now that IS a good excuse to do some spring cleaning! I always love getting a glimpse of your beautiful home! Poor Maggie - she needed some lovin and you were busy! You'll have to pay her some extra attention today to make up!



Hello Kim,
I've been lurking around since last fall, that's when I was introduced to blogging by my crazy Mother :). Your posts and home are so beautiful, one can only be so blessed to have had the opportunity to tour your home yesterday but alas I am so far away so I hope you don't mind if I continue to lurk :).

Thank you for sharing your wonderful home and that Maggie is priceless :)

Kathi :)


Sooo pretty - when can I move in? Your colours are very happy! You've inspired me and now I'm off to buy some colourful Spring flowers for my house!

linda t

Oh my, your sweet Maggie is quite the drama queen!!
She has surely put a smile on many this morning!
Thanks for the tour Kim!
You are a treasure!


I would have loved to go on the tour of your cottage. What a treat for those who did! Thanks for posting pics of your rooms. Such a special home you've created.


Congrats on being on the tour. I don't think I have seen your kitchen before, but it is wonderful and that coffee cake sure looks delicious.


Vee~A Haven for Vee

Everything looks so beautiful. To visit here is like being in the middle of a beautiful magazine. Love it!

Glad that you enjoyed hosting your home tour. Maybe we should all schedule one to inspire us. :D


Wonderful! Congratulations to you. I bet that was fun.

I know you're going to post a recipe for the yummy looking cake, right?

Kimberly C.

I love your home. I dream of a cottage home like yours.

~Kim C.


Gorgeous home and lovely blog.
I love the vivid colours - the photos are fantastic! Really cheers me up.
Regards from Ireland


Congratulations! I wish I could have attended that tour - sounds wonderful and your home looks beautiful (as always!).

Was trying to figure which picture I liked the best - all wonderful, but the notes are so nice. Poor Maggie having to be outside, but I bet she was pampered big time for it!

Thanks for sharing! And I can easily see forgetting about the camera with all that going on...


Oh I bet your house was the favorite on the tour...!!! too bad I didn't live in Florida I would of been the first one there! Your home is lovely, so very lovely.


Wish I could have been there!!! Your house looks so cute and comfy. Please post the recipe for the yummy looking cake.


Hi there :)
Daisy Cottage looks beautiful! I need to get some spring cleaning done myself. I love all the new pictures you shared, especially the one with Maggie on her back :) I hope to have an old home one day too. I have a 1901 farm house in my sights, so wish me luck...
Rue :)


Kim, you've just outdone yourself with the pictures in this post. I love every single one of them. Can I please come live with you?


I bet everyone just drooled over your house! I know you inspire me. When we retire, and move from this high ranch to the cottage of my dreams, I'm going to steal some of your decorating ideas. I love all the photos you show us! (Maggie cracks me up!)

Rachel Going

Kim, My heart is so full of emotion and happiness for you. I'm so glad you got to share your lovely home with those you care about. xoRachel

Rachel Going

Kim, My heart is so full of emotion and happiness for you. I'm so glad you got to share your lovely home with those you care about. xoRachel


Oh how I wish I could have come to see Daisy Cottage (and you, too, Kim!) in person! I'm sure your cheery home was the belle of the tour!


I sure wish I had been in Florida for your neighborhood home husband Doug was (and is) in Orlando at a client site. If I had known about the tour I would have come with him and taken a little road trip to see your adorable cottage. Just my style and colors. I agree with Meghan who posted that Daisy Cottage and Tina Smith's Cherry Hill Cottage are my two ultimate favorite blogs. I so appreciate the time it takes for you to bring your beautiful spaces and clever ideas to us. God bless your happy home, Sheila


Oh!! Those lucky lucky souls on the tour actually got to visit Daisy Cottage -- I am truly envious! And the Cottage was looking so springtime fresh-and-clean with her very best finery on show! And lovely dearest Maggie too! Well -- I shall just have to eat chocolate and have a pout -- LOL!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage who simply managed to tidy a few gardens this weekend!


absolutely lovely. glad you had such a grand time. sounds like fun.


thanks for sharing the photos of your house, they are great! You should get an award for photography also.
I like that the chairs are still BLACK, and I like the bowl of red m's and the stack of books, especially 'chicks with sticks'
I can only imagine a house as cute as yours!


I thought I had seen that home tour hint on the chalkboard in the background of your last post. How exciting! That cake looks diii-vine!! So summery...

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio

Kim! Your home must have been the hit of the tour! I loved taking the tour, if only through your blog. Your home is beautiful, bright and cheery. I love every nook and cranny. I love seeing the birdhouse in your home :-).

Maggie is so sweet.

Freddie Girl

Kim, I'm so glad to have you back....wish I could have been there for the tour! Everything looked beautiful! love, vicky


Awww, great pics, Kim! Just wish I was close enough to pop into that home tour, I would have been there in a minute. Loved the fresh pics, you have such a good eye with that camera.

I knew you were having a home tour when I saw that little sign, so glad it was fun & a happy day. I know they LOVED Daisy Cottage!


Alison Gibbs

Yes the blackboard sign was a giveaway of a home tour but I thought we may have been the ones getting a tour of your lovely home.
Cute photo of maggie.

susans at black eyed susans kitchen

Congratulations on the home tour. One of the things that I like best is the way you use color in your decor. So many people are afraid of it, but all of your rooms are vibrant and interesting. Thank you for the pictures. Susan

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

It always make me smile when I stop in here! Such a happy place! I love your beautiful cottage home! Thank you for sharing all the beautiful photos.


Hi Kim! Your house is so darling...I just love your kitchen!That is so neat about the house tour!I really love your blog and I love the photo of cute!


I remember you mentioning it a long time ago, but could you tell me again where you got those cutie mugs with the black initial on them? I need some of those! House looks great! That cake looked incredible. Hope you are having a LOVELY day!


Such bright and cheery pictures! I wish I could have been there to take a tour of your home, but this was the next best thing

Hugs, Pat


imaculate! your home is so spic and span it sparkles. I really wish I lived closer just to be able to tour in person. must of been so nice. did any of your visitors take pictures? I would love to see some of them on here someday. I KNOW i have to go back and look at this post again and again. and I Love to see miss magie begging to be picked up so precious. and that cake OMG looks delish! u and your home make my heart smile : )


Oh Kim the house looks lovely. I'm sure it was the star of the tour. Thanks for inviting us in I truly enjoyed it.

Nikki Brey

Your home is so beautiful. I wish I lived closer to you so I could have seen it and met you in person.

LeAnn Huntington

I think you get the award for having the most comments on your blog. WOW! You have quite a fan club. Your blog does make me so happy to look at. You do a beautiful job with your home and I can imagine how happy it must make you feel every morning when you wake up.

LeAnn :)


Since I could not be in Florida for this tour, I was able to share in it through these photos. Lucky guests...I am SO envious.
: )
I hope Maggie has forgiven you for not fussing over HER and fussing over the house for a short while. *smile*

It all looks so lovely, just perfect. Perfect in every way.



Wow, thanks for the lovely home tour. I enjoyed it so much. I felt like I was actually there with the tour group.




Hi Kim,

Your home is so warm and inviting, I am certain that the tour guests left with tons of inspiration for their own homes as well as a warm happy feeling :)



Hi Kim I enjoyed looking at all the photos you took even if they weren't any official ones of the house tour. I'm sure everyone just loved your home! Everything about it is so charming. Not only is it lovely to look at but I can tell it's filled with love too. I would have liked to been able to go on the tour. Rhondi xo

Shelley Jo

Lovely photos, Kim! I'm wondering about your black chair. Did you buy it this way or did you paint it? If you painted it, do you have a project blog post about that? :-)


It all looks so lovely! Your pictures are almost as good as being there. Glad you had a good time and it went so well. Bet you are a tad tired!!

christy in georgia

It looks amazing! I bet Daisy Cottage was the highlight of the tour.


OH SO UPSET!!! I was in a rush when I read your blog that day and missed the hint! I would have loved to see your wonderful home. Please do another tour soon!! :Daisy is sparkling! 0)

Janice Vincent

Oh Kim.... I'm so disappointed.... Here I am flying to Tampa the day after tomorrow.... Had I only known I would have done everything in my power to attend the house tour...

Oh my - guess you won't be doing that again for some time... but if you ever do... I'd love to know about it.

How thrilling it must be to "experience" Daisy Cottage in person....


Elaine L.

I could never get tired of seeing pictures of Daisy Cottage! You must have enjoyed hearing many wonderful comments about your cottage.

That picture of Maggie is too CUTE for words.


Connie Lenden

Kim, That is the cutest bird house that I have ever seen. Did you do it, or was that one of your finds? As usual, your home looks gorgeous and that was my first real peek at your kitchen.
As they say, "You have a real knack for decorating--it shows!
Lovely. connie


Kim lovely tour of your home! Just lovely!


I have enjoyed your blog since last summer. Just like someone before me, yours and Cherry Hill Cottage are my favorites. You have such beautiful taste. Your house says "home" to me. I love your kitchen. Please post some more pictures of it! Thank you for bringing me pleasure everyday.


I just love your kitchen! So warm and you. Thanks for sharing your home again and again.


Your home is so inspiring! I love your bright touches and homey decor! 500 guests and and no pictures, tisk, tisk, lol!


Your lovely blog and home continue to be one of my favorites, is all so colorful and bright with the bright yellows and reds you use. And your sweet dog just makes me laugh! So cute, cute, cute....


Fantastic Photos Kim!!! The one of the geraniums is especially touching today... thanks for brightening my day!


What a gorgeous post! How beautiful your home is!!! And, what is the name of the song on your site? I have heard it and always loved it, but never knew the name.

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Hi Kim! You know, I saw the chalkboard and wondered if you were having an event there. I sure wish I could have attended, but living here in California is so far away from Florida! I loved the blog tour though. Stolling through your lovely home, one picture at a time. Such a breath of sweetness and fresh air!



Absolutely beautiful! I enjoy the 'eye candy' you give us each week! Thanks.
Have a great day!


I know you have received so many comments about your beautiful Daisy Cottage, but I would like to send my congratulations on a happy day for you and your family. I would have loved meeting you all on the home tour! Thanks again for your blog and the thoughtful inspiration. perryjane


Hi Kim!
Thank you for the virtual tour of your home. I love it! So quaint, cozy and homey! You have just the right amount of whimsy and flair! Everything is so cheery, bright and welcoming!
*pats Daisy on tummy* Good ol' sweetheart!
I'm curious what type of bundt cake that is? Scrumptious! Again- Thank you for the tour.... you should be so proud!


oopsie- I meant *pats Maggie on tummy* *blush*


What a beautiful home you have Kim! I love your kitchen. Sure wish I could have been there for the tour but at least I got to see all of your lovely pictures! (even Miss Maggie)! LOVE her!


I enjoy your blog so much! Your home is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it and leaving me inspired. Glad you got to share it on the house and garden tour. I look forward to living in my dream cottage some day.


Your home is just PERFECT! I love everything about it. Thanks for giving us a tour! :)

Sarah Keith

I love house tours. I remember when I was a little girl my parents would work the house tours in a old district here in Dallas. I would go and wonder around strangers home all day while my parents gave "the spill" on in the room/house they were touring. Fun!
Pretty Pretty Pretty!


inviting you and your friends to swing by my blog where I have posted the directions for creating your own faux cupcakes.stop by for a visit if you'd like.


how EXCITING to have your home on the historic home tour. we have one of those here in grand rapids in the fall. my daughter and i usually go every year. it's so much fun to see who did what with their fabulous old homes... debbie


Kim, your home is scrumptious! I loved the Romantic Homes write-up. Your home is a wonderful fit for that periodical!



The House looks amazing. I love it all.

And Miss Maggie is just toooooo cute!


Daisy Cottage


Each of you were here with me in spirit on tour day - but then again, you are with me EVERY DAY.


Diane Duda

I'd so love to roam the halls of Daisy Cottage! Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos. Now go hold Maggie!


melissa @ the inspired room

Your home looks fantastic, Kim! And Maggie just cracks me up!!!



Sure wish I lived closer. I would have loved to see your home. It's stunning!! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh my! Your house is just so pretty. I love every single picture. Your kitchen is so inviting. Your home reflects the owner so well!


I always love stopping by to see what delightful things you have displayed around your cottage. I was so inspired by your photos of your cottage that I had to make a quick stop into one of my local thrift stores and guess what I came home with? A lovely white pot just like the one that you have setting by your sink filled with flowers. I am going to do the same. Thank you for the inspiration! Have a lovely day!


Everything looks just amazing! I love the colors in your home...they are just so soothing. LOVE the red M & M's ...what a hoot.

Thanks for the "mini" tour.


The Decorated House

Hi Kim!
Of course your home and Jill's were the highlight of the tour. I'm sure everyone loved seeing your homes.
These pictures were almost like being there. Goodness, this really makes me realize how I need to do some serious cleaning. Thanks for the picture tour, it was wonderful!
Hugs, Donna

Chie Nicolaisen

Hi Kim,

I would love steal the red round coffe table and the comfy chair! *LOL*...

Hope i see more of your crib, as am moving to a house that i just bought. So, I need your tips and more tips...

Thanks for touring me!

Have an enjoyable EASTER,

my tutti frutti blog:

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