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January 11, 2008



The things we moms do to our children and when they complain we tell them it's for their own good! I'm sure Maggie will get over it in time :) Hope you have a wonderful day. Rhondi


Ooohh, poor baby. She still looks very adorable!

Come see my give away Kim!


Esther Sunday

She looks adorable no matter what! Isn't it funny - they know when they look different and they usually don't like it! Of course you will keep us posted WHEN (not if) your home hits the page of that magazine! Love, Esther


Wow Kim can I identify with this thread. I just had Molly/Sadie groomed. The haircut turned into more like a "shave" haircut. Sadie (Welsh) doesn't look too bad but Molly looks like she is wearing long johns. LOL Short doesn't mean shaved - Oh well, live and learn. Maggie sure does have "expressions" - she photographs beautifully. Have a great day!



Aaaw! Give her a hug from me. She's still cute as a button though.


What a sweet photo essay. It made me giggle. She really does look anguished at her new hairdo.

Maggie, dear, I have felt that way many times coming from the Hair Salon. It will grow back in time. Hang in there and do forgive your Mommy.

((hugs)) Rosie


Maybe that groomer wasn't so great, but all of Maggie's lovely coat will be back soon. Things grow faster in Florida. She's still a beauty.


That is funny...when we first had Maisy groomed, they mistook short for shaven...and she looked like a skinned chicken. PLUS it was a record cold day, about a high of 19 degrees! I rushed out and bought her a sweater. I think Maggie looks adorable, but those pups do act peeved when they've been put through the indignity of grooming!!


aww...poor little thing! i think she's still a cutie!

:) D


Ohhhhh, poor Maggie. Those sweet pictures really made me chuckle. What a cutie!



Dear Sweet Kim, Just dropping by to see what's going on in your world today. Maggie is too adorable. Have a happy day! Love,Rachel

Rose @ Classic Charm

Maggie, but you look so adorable even without your curls. Mean mommy...don't worry sweetie, those curlies will be back before you know it. Hugs and kisses.


Cute, cute, cute. Doggie posts are some of my favorite. After looking at your Maggie I am sure my part chihuahua is also part dachsund. :)


Oh she is still so beautiful :-). Aren't pups funny about their haircuts, just like us?:-).
Have a wonderful weekend!!


that is too funny! i just love a dog's personality!! my cocker definitely acts different after she has been to the "beauty shop"!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Kim, you captured her thoughts perfectly! Miss Maggie is a doll face no matter what! Her hair will grow back. Duhgall's always does. We used to get the tail tucked in mood from him afterwards, but now he likes his "adventure." Hugs to you and Maggie,


Maggie, I can certainly relate. I got a haircut this week that I'm not too thrilled about either! Bad hair days (and hair cuts) are just one of the curses of being female, I guess. Don't worry though because you are still adorable, even with your shorter locks!


Kim...I think we need to get together on a new business venture...we need to create "hair extensions" for know for those times in between, if Jessica Simpson can do it...why can't we???

I know all too well those looks of disdain, disgust and dread...I get them everytime I have to take mine in for a bathing or Maggie "punishes" not speaking or reacting to me for several hours afterwards...and she's a Lab...she doesn't get groomed, just bathed and a nail trim....oh well, she adjust sooner or later...Dogs...they really do have personalities unique to each of them. My granddog has this kind of "hmmmmph sound of exasperation" when I don't do something exactly like she's used to...too funny...I seriously think she's part human.

Blessings...and let me know about that business venture...we could call it "Lassie's Locks" or "Doggy Diva's Dreads"....something cute and clever...LOL



hahaha, isn't it funny how our dogs get when they get groomed? Mine hates it too ;) rosemary


Isn't it funny how dogs seem to know when they've had a fur cut and how they seem to get mad? My dog does the same thing!

Sharon Stanley Ruggerio

Sweet Miss Maggie,
My beautiful Ms. Bear, who was a spinster Rottweiler, always had a "defining moment" after grooming or vet visits. She would arch her eyebrow, refuse to look me in the eye, lift her upper lip, show her gorgeous teeth, and elicit a low, gutteral growl. It always took a cookie to restore her hormonal balance. I miss my Ms. Bear....


Oh, Maggie, Tobi knows exactly how you feel and has much sympathy for you! She hates the groomer who is in our vets office. As soon as I take her in the door and she sniffs around and realizes where she is, she tries to get back out that door fast!! Tobi is a Lhasa Apsa and has lots of hair. The problem is, when it starts to grow out the least bit, it starts to get matted. So grooming for her is a necessary evil!!

Please give Miss Maggie and hug from Tobi and me...IF she will let you!! LOL


Becky from TN

Oh, Miss Maggie.....if only I looked soooo adorable when I get my "bad" haircut!! Don't worry, sweetie pie, your curles will be back before you know it. Gosh, Kim, all our doggies just cringe when they are getting a bath here at home. In fact, it is always a battle of the wills....
especially with our adorable bassett, Wilbur! Have you ever tried to get a "petite" (65 lb.) bassett into a bathtub when he decides that is something HE doesn't want to do???? LOL! I love Maggie's expressions! She is such a sweetie! Have a great day, Miss Maggie, and remember that your Mommy loves you verrry much!


Awwww, maybe a cookie would help! A BIG cookie!

apt a

awww:( they really do get embarrased don't they? my little cocker use to hate hers cut too but we had too:( pooor maggie!


Oh no! Poor Maggie, I hate when groomers go to far and cut way to much hair off. They should have asked if you wanted her waves clipped or not. Oh well hopefully Maggie will forgive you. lol. Maybe you could cheer her up with a few special yummy treats ;)


Alison Gibbs

Poor Maggie doesn't look like the real Maggie at all.
Her face says it all.


Oh Kim - your captions are PERFECT!!! I was laughing out loud reading them! Poor Miss Maggie - if I've ever imagined a doggie pouting, this is what she'd look like!

Thanks for the smiles.


Henriëtte KB

Aaawww, sweet miss Maggie you still look adorable to me! Hugs and I'm sure it will grow back soon honey!!



Devilish Southern Belle

Ah, Maggie, but your short and sassy coif is darling as well!


Awww, those pics are so funny, Kim! I was laughing too, but please tell Maggie that she is still beautiful & adorable & a haircut will not change that. Isn't it funny how dogs have little feelings too just like we do & they can get hurt & embarassed too?!


Diane Duda

oh, i can almost feel her pain!

she'll forget all about it by morning, i bet. :)


Awwww, Mom, gee, can't you just leave me alone!!!! Gosh that girl is the cutest thing, haircut or not haircut...Dewey and Badger send her bunches of puppy licks to help her get over her 'bad hair day'. ROFL



Those pictures are just to cute! :-)



She is so cute either way!!
It's hair, it will grow.


Oh my, poor baby. Please tell her that she is beautiful and give her a belly scratch for me. I just loved this post, you really nailed it!!


Little Miss Cuteypants she is!!!!! When we got our mini longhaired, my neighbor (who also has one) warned us not to take her to the groomer because they like to chop their hair off! But I don't know....I think Maggie looks adorable, like a puppy! I hope she has forgiven you by now!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

awww...Maggie you're still a beauty!


Hi Kim,
Maggie's looks seem quite familiar to me. But she looks quite beautiful, so many different looks, she could be a model! Tell her we've all had haircuts we don't care for.

She's still a beauty, if she wants, I'll send some of Zeke's hair (Great Pyrenees), he's got more than enough and maybe we could weave her a soft sweater!


I so loved this post. I laughed and laughed. Having a doxie myself, I know that face. Yes, her fur will grow back. She might need a little extra petting until then...Thanks for sharing this funny post. Amy


OH my! She is just HILARIOUS!!! I think she looks adorable with a sweet little hairdo!! Sorry, Maggie ~ I'm with Mommy on this one :)


Stop on by and enter my giveaway.


Poor Maggie, having a bad hair day! We have our long-haired cat shaved every summer, and the hair always grows back (and way too fast). But a friend had her collie shaved and his never did grow back! (Don't tell that to Maggie!)


Oh, she is still so cute!! Did they paint her toenails too? They would always paint my poodles toenails and put a pom pom in their hair when they got groomed. Now I have a Big Black Male Lab who would not go for such a thing!!


we won't hate you because you're beautiful Miss Maggie! Have a great weekend Kim!


aww..she's still sweet, although a bit sassy it looks..ha
here's wishing you a lovely weekend!


Kim, I had to call Milton in here so he could see this...I read it to him, A STAR IS BORN!


oh you naughty Mummy, how could you????


Psst, Maggie, come here girl, I have a secret to tell you... Your mum is right, your hair will grow back, but just to keep her on her toes - tell her you want her to brush you everyday to stimulate the hair folicles... Now be a good girl and go inside and sit on your mummy's lap, you know you want to.

Jennifer Wallace

Kim..I think you just need to read her all these sweet posts...then she will feel betta! Yep, that might do it!


Dear Maggie, I was sitting on my mom's lap while she was looking at your mom's blog. I just wanted to tell you not to be sad. You'll be fluffy again in no time. I'm a short haired doxie so I never have to worry about grooming except baths (ick) and peidcures (ickier ick!). My big brother, Buck, gets shaved a couple times a year though and he tells me each time how humiliating it is. But his hair grows back fast and so will yours! Keep your chin up and remember, no matter how much or how little hair we have . .. DOXIES RULE!

Love and sloppy kisses,
Brigitte Lilly

P.S. Tell your mom that Dear Daisy Cottage is one of my mom's very favorite places to visit!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Miss Maggie, would you like a little cheese with that whine??? Just kidding, sweetie. You look beautiful. (Sophie hates the grooming process too.)


Maggie, poor baby! You will soon forget the dastardly deed that has been done and you will once again flutter your eyelashes under your gorgeous curls. ~Adrienne~


Miss Maggie,
I think you look absolutely beautiful. Now go snuggle with your is short!


Aww... This is adorable. Thanks for the chuckle.


One summer my mom thought our cocker spaniel was too hot with his long hair, so she cut it very short! Poor Freckles walked around sheepishly hanging his head and acting as if he was embarressed!!! Do they really know? We will never know for sure, but it sure seems like they can be self-aware, doesn't it?!!! Maggie is beautiful no matter what!!


Kim, thanks for coming by to see me and adding me to your list. I'm very honored! :)


debbie velthouse

oh no - lol! too funny =) i can relate. we have persians and obviously from time to time they need to go to the "beauty parlor" as we call it. they are never real happy upon their return. lol! debbie


Oh, sweet Princess Maggie! You are cracking me up!!

Oh bless her. Dear little Maggie. Those are the cutest pictures. Please tell her that I for one think she looks just as lovely as ever with her new haircut.


Oh bless her. Dear little Maggie. Those photos are so cute. Please tell her that I for one think she looks just as lovely as ever with her new haircut.


Sweet Kim,Just wanted to drop by and say I'm thinking of you! Hope your day has been fun! xoRachel

Mary Issabella

This is so cute.Smiles...

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio

Oh....Maggie! I know what you are going through! I just had my hair cut and asked for a "little" shorter style too... Can we go hide together?
p.s. you still look adorable Maggie!!
p.s.s. I am having a giveaway...stop by!


I am a new reader to your blog, so I wanted to say hello.

Maggie is very pretty!! Your comments with the photos were perfect!


That is just too adorable! Bless her sweet little heart ~


My dearest Maggie, the great thing about hair is that it is self healing. We've all had a bad cut or two in our life time but guess what? Hair is not permanent. Give it a few weeks and it will grow back.




OMG you can actually see that she is very upset about her haircut! That little gal has an attitude! I just love her personality, she seems like such a sweetie.

Linda's Blue Gate

In the last picture ..I can see a glimmer of forgiveness in her eyes...
What a sweet post...


That made me laugh so hard I cried...Maggie you are beautiful even when your Mama lets someone scalp you. I LOVE the look she is giving you.. She reminds me of my Emory so much...I love it!

Laurie S.

LOL, the pix of Maggie are precious, you really captured her "mood"! She's a doll.


I think Maggie looks adorable all the time. I swear she poses for you, LOL. It will grow back and I'm glad she's forgiven you :)

Hugs - karen


Yes -- a bad hair day can cause any gal to have a fit of the miseries! Even the cats here at Rosemary Cottage are Less-Than-Pleased after grooming -- until suitable treats have been offered .....

Jan at Rosemary Cottage who sends along condolences to Mags -- I've been debating over the length of my OWN hair these days! :)


What a sweetie and how funny was this! I know how upset Kipper gets when he comes in from the groomer. How could you DO this? You can actually see it in Maggie's face! This was priceless!
I am sure she has forgiven you now and is back to being all curled up on your lap!



Daisy Cottage Folks

I am sooo in love with your "Miss Maggie"


I remember the first time I had my rescued springer spaniel, Bishop, groomed. That dog loved me to death, but he absolutely would not look at me. I think the most humiliating thing for him was the big blue bow they tied around his neck! Bishop is at the Rainbow Bridge now, but I'll never forget him. I now have another springer and a shih tzu, Harley and Kenzie. They don't seem to mind being groomed. Let Maggie know that she's beautiful! Love your blog!!


lol... very cute post!

Dianne Wood

Hi Kim,
What adorable pictures of Maggie. She DOES remind me of our little Pearl. She is simply beautiful. I remember when Belle would ignore me and seem to be mad when I payed her NO attention while I worked. I hope Pearl grows up to be as pretty as Maggie.
Hugs to you and Maggie,


Awwwww. I have a long-haired minature doxie. They're the best. Give Maggie a cuddle for me.

missy j

She is darling...quit picking on her! hehe

missy j

She is darling...quit picking on her! hehe
missy j

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