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September 16, 2007


Junie Moon

What a beautiful story; it touches my heart and is a wonderful tribute to your beloved father. I usually keep my laptop on mute but I've turned the sound on and am thoroughly enjoying "Stranger on the Shore." I think I'm going to buy this and load it in my iPod, too.

Thank you for sharing your sweet story and the music.

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

Wow! The really strange thing is last night I came over to your blog, and the volume was turned on (usually I keep it off) my first thoughts were the music sounded like it could be playing at a cocktail party from the 40's or 50's. How beautiful! I sat and listened to it with a smile on my face, and now today, you tell us why it plays! Gives me chills! Music can bring back some powerful memories. So glad you have this from your sweet father!


I'm crying...I loved that! I miss my daddy too Kim! It will be two years this Nov...just beautiful! loveyou, cottage soul sister!


My daughters(ages 11 and 7) love it when I visit your site, because of that song! What a beautiful thing to do in honor of your dad.



My Mom also passed away 23 years ago. Your post touched my heart and made the memories flood in. Memories are good.....

The Decorated House

Dear Kim, what a beautiful post.
I am struck not ony by the album that your father gave you,

It is your father's words that made me cry while listening to the music. The power of words and music is really amazing isn't it?
I miss my dad, the dad I knew at that age in your pictures especially.
Hugs, Thank You.


Kim, such a sweet tribute to your beloved DAD. My father passed away last year, and I too miss him dearly and still get very emotional. I notice the song playing every time I peek at your blog, and now I know there's a beautiful meaning to it. It's very, very soothing. I could listen to it constantly! Hugs.


Oh, I forgot to resemble your DAD!!! :-)


Kim, I have been listening to your blog music and really enjoying it. I lost my dad in July and this music kept bringing back memories of a Boots Randolph 8 track, my dad used to play, it was really beautiful.

Miss Janice

I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it here on your blog...what a touching story. Your father was gorgeous! We were lucky to have great daddys:)
Miss Janice


Wow...what a beautiful song for a beautiful story. Loved seeing the photos too.


Elaine L.

Kim, what a beautiful gift your dad gave you - sweet music and memories.


Debbie L.

Kim, I just wish I could give you a big hug. What sweet words to say about your Dad and how much his music means to you. I find this incredible because Stranger On The Shore was one of my dear Daddy's favorites. My DH and I have always loved it and matter of fact I was reading your blog a few days back, DH heard the song and later I heard him humming it:)

Thanks for sharing the photos of you and your dear Dad and His music.

Debbie L.

Thank you for sharing and warming my heart with your tribute to your Dad.


What a gorgeous man your daddy was:) I love that song...ok I always have! I lost my dad 11 years ago, tho I will say he was NOT nearly anywhere near as gorgeous as your daddy* I loved reading this and those photos well, I've a soft spot for all of them!

Jan in PA

Oh Kim, that song always makes me teary eyed. I remember my father 'dancing' with me (he never did learn to dance, just sway and shuffle) to this song.

I was blessed to have my father with me until I was 52, but it only makes me more of a selfish brat, wanting more!

I only hope that my own kids remember me as fondly and as randomly, with a song, a story, a place, a scent.

Aren't we blessed to be the keepers of such magical memories?


My goodness Kim, that brought tears to my eyes. I have always loved that song and had no idea what it was called. I'm an old soul and that song has always spoken to me.

I much prefer it to the music on the radio today.

I was just making my Dad some pillow shams so it seemed so appropriate to take a few minutes to read your blog. Of course, it brought my mom back to me. We lost her 12 years now this upcoming January.

Please keep your blog going, although I hardly write in my own, I always find time to read yours. I've cut back on computer time to spend with my own loved ones but always keep your blog as a favorite.


What a touching story. Thanks for sharing. There is just nothing that can compare to our Daddy's and their love ;-)

Sadie Olive

How very sweet. :) It is an old fashioned kind of song, that seems to fit your blog and home very well. I think I will now think of your sweet Dad every time I hear it.

nikki brey

I am balling my eyes out. I still have both of my parents and I love them dearly I couldn't imagine not having one of them. I am calling them right now to tell them how much I love them!

Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

I'm sorry Kim. Beautiful story sweetie. I have only just done a post on my blog about losing my own dad, 31yrs ago today. Then I come to visit you and find you are going through the same emotions today. It's never the same with out them is it? Hugs for you.

Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

I'm sorry Kim. It's never the same with out them is it? I have only just finished posting on my blog about losing my dad 31yrs ago today. Then to come here for a visit and find that you are going through similar emotions......hugs for you sweetie.

Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

oopps sorry, A double post! The computer went crazy! Sorry!

Sheryl from Michigan

What wonderful music. I too preferred Frampton Comes Alive at that age. But this music. . . really does calm one's soul, doesn't it? You had a very smart dad.



I can across your blog about two weeks ago and I just fell in love with it. I loved that song and it just put a smile on my face. isn't it sweet that your dad shared something that has lasted this long. It just show me how small things impact people around us :) thanks for sharing such a lovely story.


Dear Kim,
I have been enjoying this music ever since you put it on about a week or so ago, I never knew the name of it but it sure brings the 1950's back to me.
I lost my Dad 31 years ago and his birthday was on Sept 13th, I have been thinking about Dad all week and this post lets me know that you think of your Dad like I do my Dad.
Aren't we lucky to have a Dad that still lingers in our heart and mind everyday of our life?
We are truly blessed to have been loved by men such as these men were. It sounds like we are not alone from reading all these blogs. I only hope my daughter and son feel like I have given them half of the love and encouragement I was given.
Thanks for your lovely post, you always give me something elegant to look at or a memory to cherish, I enjoy your blog so much.
:) Bren


Lovely memories..always a sweet memory attached to a song! hugs NG


What a wonderfully sweet tribute to your Dad, Kim. I love it!

I know the album you speak of! It was one of my favorites, when it first came out, so many many years ago. I would love to find a Stranger on the Shore CD of Mr Ackerbilk. That song is one of my all time favorites, especially his version.

I have not hooked up sound on my little machine. I really need to, I'm missing out!


Awwwwww! How touching! I'm so sorry you lost your Dad at such a young age. I guess it would be hard at any age!
Your post was really sweet, and I know he smiles everytime the music starts!


What wonderful pictures and memories of your father. Thanks for sharing them with us and I'm so happy you *got it*.

Here's to all our daddy's!



I wondered about your wonderful that it has such meaning to you!!!
Thanks for your blog... it is my favorite and always brings a smile to my face!!
Have a Blessed Week!!!!


Oh Kim, that music brought some beautiful and peaceful memories to me. I danced to that music as a young women. I lost my Dad at 21 years and my mother at 31 years of age. Thanks for a beautiful story and tribute to your Dad, May we all remember our fathers with much love.


Susan Ramey Cleveland

A wonderful story, Kim, and so beautifully told.


Thank you for sharing your endearing memories of your father, such a beautiful tribute to him. I can identify totally with your memories. Fortunately for me, my father is still living and I have shared your beautiful website with him. Your memories have warmed my heart this morning.


Kim, what a beautiful tribute to your Dad. I lost my sweet Daddy 11 years ago and whenever I hear certain songs I think of him, too. And this particular song can bring tears to my eyes every time.

melissa @ the inspired room

That is a beautiful tribute to you dad, you must miss him so! My dad is still with me and I am so fortunate to see him everyday. Thanks for reminding me to treasure every moment.



Hi Kim,
So sweet and sad at the same time. a tear on my cheek. Heddy


I lost my dad in March this year. I know what you mean about being bigger than life. My dad felt the same about Elvis being music for your soul. I didn't get it until LAST NIGHT when I watched Lisa Marie singing a duet with her dad on Oprah. It was very moving.


Thank you for sharing those wonderful b/w pictures of "little Kim" and dad...they bring back wonderful memories for me too. I'm so glad to see the many who posted here had good relationships with their fathers. Such a joy to have father-daughter memories that bring smiles. Dad has been gone now for 8 years and the thing I truly miss is that my daughter will not know him, except through my stories.

As Tina said earlier, "Here's to all our daddy's!"


That is really so touching and the pictures are so beautiful. I always love the old black & white pictures best. I have always loved the music that plays on your blog too!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

What a wonderful post and tribute to your dad. My dad also died young and I miss him all the time. Thank you for sharing the song and the sweet pictures.


Whenever I visit your blog I always make sure my volume is on. I loved the music before but now I love it even more. Thanks for sharing the story behind the music. It really does feed the soul.


Just beautiful. Beautiful song. Beautiful tribute to your dad. Thanks for sharing.


Dear Kim;
what a wonderful post! Besides the absolute beauty of your blog, the one thing I look forward to when visiting your blog is your music, I truly love this song. Wishing you a wonderful week.


I hadn't heard this song before but I have enjoyed listening to it each time I visit. There's something about it that is just calming and comforting. I can completely understand what your dad meant. How wonderful a gift! I miss my Daddy too and find myself sitting here thinking of his music. Thank you for showing me a way to draw my memories closer.

Hugs to you,


Hi Kim, Thank you for sharing this, the photos are lovely, your dad looks so proud, you so cute. Yes, there's something about that track, soulful. Best Wishes from Annie x


Kim ~~ Such a beautiful story! I have always liked your music and now know why you have this song playing which is soooo soothing and mellow!

See....parents do know best! It just takes us some growing up to realize that they aren't so silly afterall.

Love your photos and how sweet they are! Precious precious!

xo and hugs to you my friend,



oh... I'm in tears... thank you for sharing your beautiful and touching story and the photos are PRICELESS!!... I'm 40 now and lost my dad when I was 28 and miss him so much he was 72 and was my hero... as you said bigger than life...really miss that unconditional love that we all yearn for.. I'm fortunate to have a wonderful husband that fills those shoes mostly... but there's no one like your "pipo" ~ I feel better now... your music is wonderful, your daddy was best! sending you lots of hugs***** ~Madai (WrenCottage on flick'r)

tea time and roses

Hi Kim...

What a beautiful post this is... You are a real sweetie there in those pictures with Dad.. Kim this was absolutely beautiful...




Beautiful music and story! I got teary eyed myself.


I enjoyed your story about your Dad.I lost my Dad when I was 3. I have missed him terribly my entire life, I'm now 42(yikes)
I have held on tight to my few early memories of him. I'm so thankful that my children have had a wonderful father to help nurture them. It means so much.
Thanks for sharing.


Oh, this brings back memories of my dad. OK now I need a tissue...


I have tears in my eyes!!! I wish you still had your dad--he sounds like a very thoughtful man and Daddy! I am definately a Daddy's girl and not a week goes by that we don't keep in touch. We're in two different states but I still lean on him when I have big decisions or need any advice on home repair etc. And he loves my husband--what more could I ask for?
You are THE most adorable little girl--I love those curls!!!

Rose -

You opened up hearts and added more love in the world with this memory, Kim! There's an extra-special something about the father-daughter relationship, isn't there? Look at your dad gazing at you with such adoration and pure love when you were a baby. Thanks for the story about the song; I'll be smiling and thinking of you and Dad now each time I hear it. Namaste.


How precious you are & your dad was so handsome. I am calling my dad right now to tell him how much I love & miss him. Even though we are seperated by miles I am so fortunate to be able to pick up the phone & hear his sweet voice.
He raised a beautiful & wonderful daughter!


This is a very moving post. Isn't it funny how we change as we mature? I remember thinking I knew everything at 16 (as I'm sure a lot of 16 year olds still think!) and boy oh boy - the things that come into perspective as I get older amaze me on a near daily basis!

Denise S

What a very special memory to share of you and your Dad. I have been listening to your playlist as I read all the posts to this and my Dad,who passed away this past February, loved Floyd Cramer and so many more. He and my Mom loved to go dancing in their younger days and Dad was always singing around the house. Miss him so much.


BEAUTIFUL mom, as I am absolutely certain Grandpa in Heaven agrees.

I love you!


I think I'm gonna cry! I love my Mom dearly...but I'm VERY much a Daddy's girl. I can't imagine not having him around...even the thought of it makes me cry! {{Big Hugs}} to you Kim!!!


Beautiful post, Kim. You must have been so young when you lost your dad, and I'm sure you miss him every day. He would surely love this tribute, and the fact that this song has stayed in your heart all these yars.


Reading your post about your Dad brought tears to my eyes!
I have a very small list of blogs that I read on a semi-regular basis. However, on many ocassions, when I've dropped in on your little blog, I linger longer than it takes to read the current post and move along SIMPLY to listen to the music! (especially Stranger on the Shore) I had never heard it before but I've downloaded it on my LimeWire and even my 7-year old grandson and say "Play it Again"

Thank you sharing a very tender heart-touching story about your Dad. He would be pleased that you have passed a love of this song on to many others via your blog.
Warm regards,


Beautiful post. Beautiful memories!! I truly LOVE coming to your blog, and a lot of it is the first song! I sometimes do put your blog up just for the music - I'll clean or read or just relax by listening! It's like my own personal jukebox! I adore it. So thankful you posted an explanation - now I know where to find this wonderful music!


I love it when I open your blog, and this sweet music starts lovely, and so comforting. I can just picture a little girl standing on her daddy's toes and dancing with him........Natalie


Oh Daisy! I'm crying now....such a sweet post. You know we really don't "get it", until we are older in life. Why is that? Such a sweet picture of you and your dad. It really touched my heart. Have a nice day!! Nicole


Oh my!!! I love this song... Every time I log on (daily!) to your site, I love hearing it and I always think how appropriate it is to your blog, your style, your home, etc. The perfect vintage choice. Now I know why! Thanks so much for sharing a lovely story. I hope you keep the song on here forever. It's your signature tune!


Such a beautiful post & tribute to your Dad. Many of us remember dancing on our Daddy's feet.


That is such a great story. How sweet!
I really love the music. I love that kind of old music. I think your dad was telling you to play it for us. Yay for him.
What a guy!!
It sounds like it should be in an old movie.
Thanks so much for sharing your dad with us.

Dawn-Hydrangea Home

What a sweet story and great pics too! I can relate since I also lost my dad 18 yrs ago, he was only 40. Thanks for sharing.

Vicky G.

Kim, I know your daddy is smiling at you all the time and so proud of you. I too have been thinking of my Daddy and Mama a lot lately, there is just something about this time of year. Thanks for sharing, and I love the music too. Vicky G.

linda t

Oh Kim, thank you so much for sharing your Dad with us. What a precious story. But I have to confess that I love that song so much that I will often times go to your blog just to hear it play. Makes me cry it is so beautiful. Thanks for making the song even more dear.


Love this, Kim. So sweet. Makes me miss my sweet Daddy-O, too. It's funny, just last weekend, I was listening to his jazz cd's, which made me really happy and sad all at the same time. Can't believe it's already been almost a year since he died. Wow. Thanks for posting this. I loved reading it. xoxo


dear sweet Kim,
you shredded me with this story.
thanks for sharing your memory of your father and the music.
He looks like an absolutely kind and loving man....and I love the ray of light coming off his a bright spark!


How touching.......I love that song, and always have (first time I heard it was on your blog)~ You are so sweet! Lovely photos, of you and your dashing/dapper daddy! You are so cute, too! Bobbing blond curls~


That's a lovely story. I'm sorry your dad passed over at such a young age but I think it's wonderful that you've managed to keep him close in so many ways.


What a wonderful story, I only wish my speakers were operating so I could here the music. Nevertheless, the story is so sweet. How I wish I would have listened more attentively to my father's war stories and the stories of how he was brought up as a little boy, also I wish I paid more attention to his cooking. Boy, he was some cook! Thanks for sharing~Rosemary~

Claudia Burrows

My dear cottage-friend Kim,

As I opened your blog today, before I could begin reading your post, I was thinking how lovely and warm the music was...I even had a brief discussion with Amy (who cares for Christopher) about "wow, I wonder what that song is... I really like it" and then I read your blog post. God is I believe there is not such thing as "coincidence"! He wanted to send me a "musical MAssage" and a muscial MEssage! And He did it through you. Thank you!

Love and blessings,

PS Then "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" came on and Christopher started shouting "Wizard of Oz! Where's it coming from! I love it!" Thanks, Kim.


Oh Kim, you brought tears to my eyes! I confess, I envy the relationship you have had with your Daddy. My Daddy is still with us but well, although I love him dearly because he's my Daddy, he is a flaky kind of Daddy. Reading about your relationship with your Daddy and seeing you on your Daddy's shoulders makes me think of what a wonderful Daddy my husband will be someday...hopefully soon! At least I get to know that my future son and/or daughter will be able to look back fondly at their childhood the way you do.
Thank you! Cece


This story made me cry. I too lost my dad many years ago and I still miss him to this day. I mentioned to you before that I loved this song, and it's funny, I find myself humming it throughout the day, it makes me feel good. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story.
Hugs, Donna


When I come to your blog I'm always glad that I like the song, because I end up humming it all day long!


Thanks for sharing that story - very sweet. And I like the music - it really does "feed the soul." I loved seeing the photos. Memories are good - they keep loved ones close.


daddy's and their dauthgers = a special bond. This time of year is always sad for me because on Oct 16th, it will be 9 years since we lost my dad. I still miss him so much.


I want to hear that song so badly...sadly something is on the blink with my until I get those fixed or a new computer...I'll have to know that the song your dad blessed you with is awesome...I have many memories of my dad and music...we always listened to a lot of music together...dancing a lot and enjoying a variety of entertainers...he is the one person in my life who really instilled in me the love of all music! I lost my dad 9 years November...I still miss him terribly...and I remember him fondly when I hear an old classic from Dean Martin or Eddie Arnold...or a country song from Willie, Johnny, Merle or Hank...or a great Elvis tune...or Buddy Holly, Chubby Checker or even the Beatles ( it took him a while to understand them...but once he did he was a fan)...I can't wait to hear this song...Memories of my dad...and I am sure for you of your dad...keep me grounded...and always bring joy to my heart...even when I am missing him...for some reason this time of year ALWAYS makes me miss him the sister says the same thing happens to her...not sure why...other than it was his favorite time of year....God Bless You and remember we will be blessed to see them again...that I know b/c it is promised to us!!



oh nice music, it fits with your blog. I love it - it "feels" right for your adorable cottage. Your dad was right - it does feed the soul! Enjoy!


A wonderful touching! Thanks for sharing your story!


Thanks for sharing with us your sweet memories. You can see in the photos how much your dad loved you!
I am so very sorry that you lost your dad. no matter how old they are ( or we are for that matter) It's just never long enough-
Dads are very special people- Our lives are never quite the same without them.
I just lost my papa in July ~he got to spend this anniversery with my mom in Heaven . ( he passed away on what would have been their 43rd ). Not a day goes by that i don't think of him. Like you i have so many wonderful memories of my dad and it's those memories that helps us keep them close to our hearts! :)
When i first heard Stanger on the shore i just loved it! There is something so comforting about it.Your dad had good taste!


Your dad must have been one amazing guy. I'm so sorry you lost him at such a young age, but I'm glad you have this beautiful memory!

Counting Your Blessings

As soon as the music started my heart smiled! Really! Then to read your wonderful story, my lips smiled... but my eyes... Ugh, I'm such a weaper! I'll have to borrow your song, I'm sorry, please will you share? Thanks for a great post. Blessings... Polly


Thank you for sharing the story behind your song selection. I have come to love this song since you added it. I have to park on your blog sometimes to listen to it. I have read your blog faithfully for some time now, never commented. So let me take this opportunity to tell you that I appreciate it and you feel like a friend to me. Like an aunt or someone that I like to check in with and just see how you are doing and what wonderful thing you have done today to make your world a more beautiful place. Blessings to you from your cyber-friend.

Michelle E.~ at Vintage Pastiche'

Kim what a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing a bit of your Dad with us. When i visit your blog here at work and "Stranger on the Shore" plays people always want to know what "that" music is. I must have told about 3 people who Acker Bilk is and the title of the song. So it strikes a chord with so many people.



A beautiful story! I'm always amazed at the stories the bloggers share about their fathers & mothers...I never had that kind of loving relationship with a parent (they probably shouldn't have had kids in the first place). I love Stranger on a Shore & your father was right about it - it is a beautiful piece.

Mariah DeMarco

Wow! I happened across your blog via your flickr page and fell in love before I even had begun reading... but then, I read, and I cried.. like so many here.. your words and story are very touching. Your dad sounds wonderful, he sure did have it right though huh..

Thank you for sharing, sincerely.

Your blog is definitely going onto my daily read blog-roll!


Hi Kim,

How amazing, all those comments! It is a beautiful piece and I too hear the beauty in it. My dad was a lover of Frank Sinatra and I too thought his music was awful when I was younger - now, I appreciate it!

Clare x

PS. Peter Frampton was so good looking wasn't he?!!!

Henriëtte KB

Oooh Kim that is so touching and sweet!
Sorry your dear Dad passed away so early in your life but glad you have so many good and & cherised memories of him and a special song.
I'm a lucky girl, both of my parents are alive and in good health, they are very dear to me.


Sandi Henderson

OH what an incredibly sweet story. When I am working late at night, I find myself popping onto your blog just to listen to the beautiful music. How wonderful to hear the story behind it.



You have moved me to tears. How beautifully written. The music is just fine with me!:-)

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

Very Sweet......and you know I love the song. Never change it.

I remember my dad buying me a bunch of albums for my stackable turntable. Pasty Cline, Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. He figured he would get what he liked since he knew I would be playing it over and over.
I love me a Walking after Midnight.


Such a nice post. I love your blog, and so does my two year old daughter. It has become out morning ritual, ever since I read about your blog in Romantic Homes.


What a wonderful tribute to your Dad. I lost my sweet Dad 23 years ago and I still miss him everyday. How blessed we are to have fathers who loved us and left behind a legacy of love.

Esther Sunday

Kim, as you know, I was away visiting my folks in Cali. Dad is at an age where I have to really, really tap into my patience. Your post made me feel very humble and anxious to keep practing the patience. Thanks! Esther


Kim- You are the sweetest and I'm sure your down is beaming with pride at his little girl. My dad died 9 years ago when he was 50 and I still miss him so much. I'm glad that having that beautiful song on your blog helps keep you feeling close to him. Hugs to you my sweet Kim. Jen

Lisa Russell

How sweet to honor your dad like that! My dad passed away almost 17 years ago and I miss him terribly also. His birthday would have been tomorrow. Here is to our loving dads - We love you and miss you!

(nearby neighbor in Melbourne, FL)

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  • "What I love best about Daisy Cottage is Kim. I love the way you appreciate every good thing in life and embrace joy in every moment." ~ Rose

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  • "Here's how I can best describe into words how your blog made me feel. You know when you wake up in the morning and there's an early morning thunderstorm and every room in your house is as dark as night? Then, the rain and thunder stop and the sun comes shining through all the windows and you just know it's going to be a beautiful, sunshine day? Well, that's how finding Dear Daisy Cottage made me feel. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Kim. You blessed my day and may God do the same for you." ~ Lisa B.

Thank you Pamela!

  • "I am so touched by your words and photographs. Whether in happy or sad times, you inspire my heart and soul. We all need each other's light and you offer us that dose of sunshine." ~ Pamela

Thank you Joy!

  • "Your blog has helped me start to see the beauty in life again." ~ Joy

Thank You Anne!

  • "Thank you for your wonderful blog. I have been "lurking" but had to share with you how much you have helped me embrace the fun of decorating. I came to your blog looking for pictures to inspire me as I redecorate my house with cottage style. Today I was so tangled up in doing it "right" that it was really depressing me. I visited your blog again for some fresh ideas and came away realizing that there is no "right." Just me being me and enjoying my home! I am laying here in bed with tears in my eyes - tears of happiness that it is okay to be me and let that shine through in my house and what I wear and what I make with my hands. You are God's gift to me today and I thank Him and you." ~ Anne

Thank You Tracy!

  • "Your words and thoughts of encouragement help me see myself with value. You are a blessing. Thank you." ~ Tracy

Thank you Karen!

  • "Your humble spirit has not changed through your many posts here in Blogland. You have been blessed with a special gift and I am very thankful you share it with us." ~ Karen

Thank You Betty Jo!

  • "You truly inspire me to do whatever I can in my own little nest. I've always been an artistic dreamer, but you've enlarged my dreams with your way of seeing." ~ Betty Jo
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