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September 19, 2007



Kim you are an amazing writer. I don't feel like I am visiting just a blog when I stop by, I feel like I am sitting down to have tea with an dear friend.

Your writing is just as beautiful as the love you give Daisy Cottage. Thanks for letting me be a part of it every day.


Let me be the first to say..........
Happy Anniversary!!!!
What a wonderful way to celebrate!! With all of us..... your Blogging Family.
Have a Blessed Day and many more Happy Anniversaries to you in your Daisy Dream Come True Cottage!!


Congrats on your one year anniversary! I just love visiting here and seeing all the pictures of your lovely Daisy Cottage.


Happy Anniversary :) Here's to many more!
I enjoy reading Daisy Cottage very much! Your
blog often brings a smile to my face :)



What a wonderful way to start my day! Congratulations! You were my first blogger to read! You are the reason I'm a blogger! How neat is that! Your the the top in my eyes! LOVEYOU AND DAISY COTTAGE!


Happy Anniversary, Kim! What a wonderful year this has been! Thank you for being such a kind and generous hostess and for welcoming us so warmly into your home.


Aren't you sweet...your blog is one I must read. It's one of my favorites.

Kari C.

Congratulations on your anniversary! I so love to read your blog -- the pictures of your home that you share are so amazing and inviting! You seem to make each reader feel like a close personal friend. Thanks for all the inspiration!

Debbie L.

Good Morning Kim and Daisy Cottage:)

Happy Anniversary! and what a joy it is to come and visit your sweet dream cottage each am as I sip my coffee and start the day.

I treasure your friendship, your kindness, and the open door to a place where I feel sincerely welcomed each day. Thank you for sharing with all of us:)

Debbie L.


Thank you so much for your blog. It adds a bright spot to my day!



Happy Birthday! I found you via Carolyn too and I love stopping by Daisy Cottage for a peak and a rest. I raise my teacup to you and hope you continue for another year!


Congratulations, Kim. I know my day is not the same when I don't read a post from you. You were my first blog that I found......and, you inspired me to be brave and start my own. You are a joy and I hope you stay with us for many more years to come :<)

laurel sauls

Wow, Kim...I just kept scrolling and scrolling! I can't believe you are giving all that away to some lucky someone! I have enjoyed your blog so much. I love the pictures of your house and your upbeat posts. Thank you so much!


Happy Blog Anniversary, Kim. I had no idea about blogs until you started yours!

I remember when you were naming Daisy Cottage and what fun I've had watching you work your magic, with her.

Thank you for leading my way to blogging. What great fun it is!

Beautiful giveaways!



Yours was one of the very first blogs I started reading, my first *decorating/house* type blog! I love stopping by here each day and am always anxious for a new post. Love, love, LOVE your warmth and kindess and thank you for sharing your wonderful home with us.

Happy 1 year!!



Happy blogoversary HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY HAPPY bLogoVersary HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPY blogoversary!

your place is a favorite...actually I find myself wandering over here a LOT and am glad I met you ms daisy cottage:) xoxox

Melissa C.


Congratulations on your first anniversary! Your blog is such a lovely part of my day. I hope you continue to write here -- and to share your dear Daisy Cottage with us -- for many years to come!

Melissa C.

Kathleen Grace

Kim, yours was one of the first blogs I ever saw and I was so enchanted by Daisy Cottage that I immediately wanted to enter this blogging world and I did! So Daisy cottage was an inspiration to me and continues to be a daily stop for inspiration and eye candy. Your blog is a day brightener, and whether I win a giveaway from Daisy Cottage or not, I will continue to stop in and visit. Thanks for sharing your lovely home and ideas with us:>)


Happy Anniversary!
Your's in the second blog I stop by each day! I can never wait to see what wonderful things you post!

Amy Gentry

Congratulations on your anniversary! You are a true inspiration to so many, and I love visiting your warm and friendly daisy cottage. Have a blessed day!

Teri H

I love reading and "looking at" your blog! The pictures are absolutely wonderful and in my dreams! Thanks for sharing!

Teri in CO


Congratulations on your blogiversary! I enjoy your site so much and am de-lurking to enter your contest!

Brenda@Coffee Tea Books and Me

Happy Anniversary!

I recently celebrated my blog's one year anniversary, too. Gosh time has gone SO fast.

I love your blog and I'm always happy to see a new post.


Happy Blogiversary, Kim! I love your little Daisy Cottage and always enjoy the time I spend here! Looking forward to much more!

Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Happy 1st Anniversary Kim & sweet little Daisy Cottage. A year hey? Wow, I hope I can grow with my blog the way you have with yours. It's truly a delight to stop by here every day and share in your daily daisy doings! Congratulations sweetie!


I am raising my coffee cup to you! Happy aniversary indeed! What a loved home the Daisy Cottage is!

Wendy (caribousmom)

Kim, Happy Anniversary! I discovered your blog several months ago and have loved visiting - what beautiful and comforting photos of your lovely home; what an inspiration to the rest of us who want to create the same feeling in *our* homes!

Gail L

Congratulations on your first anniversary! It is such a joy to stop by here each day and see what is happening in your delightful home. I always feel welcomed when I enter and so inspired when I leave. Thanks for sharing.


Happy Anniversary!! I have enjoyed your blog since I found it, and what a surprise to discover we live in the same town!


Happy blogoversary! I've enjoyed all of my visits :)

Angel Jem

Happy first year! I know I found your blog nearly a year ago now and just lurked for a while, but it doesn't seem like a year..... here's to the next one!


I, too, have silently admired your enchanting blog for the last year. Dear Daisy seems to have a soul. Each day as I start my routine after everyone as left our home I check into yours. Amazing how the sweet spirit of Daisy Cottage flows over and out to embrace her visitors.
May this anniversary and all those that follow bring you and yours and especially dear Daisy the contentment and peace you so richly deserve.
And thank you for sharing Daisy Cottage.


CONGRATS on a whole year of great blogging! I'm more of a "lurker," but I sure enjoy your blog!
Hope you have another great year of blogging! :o)


Kim, your blog itself is such a gift! I love stopping by here each day. Thank you for welcoming me into your home:) As if you haven't done enough, the music you play is truly "food for the soul," just like your Daddy said. I can't wait to get my CD (ordered it on amazon).

Congratulations to you and to Daisy Cottage:)

Vicky G.

Happy Anniversary Kim, I thought your day was coming up soon. You have touched so many people's lives with your beautiful are a true talent. What a wonderfully written tribute to your Daisy Cottage...and I'm loving the music. We put our move off until tomorrow because of the rain, now I won't be as rushed and can sit back and remember how my first house has taken care of me for almost 17 years. Enjoy your day! Love, Vicky G.


Happy Anniversary! Thank you for all you do. You brighten my days. I too love color - red and yellow especially. Your blog inspired me to paint two of my rooms in those colors. I hope you have many more years of blogging ahead. Have a great day!


Congratulations, Kim, on your first anniversary!
Your sweet spirit is evident everywhere in your yellow cottage.
Every morning I bring my cup of tea and visit with you. It's a wonderful, peaceful, way to begin my day!
Many thanks to you for sharing your home and life!

Aunt Barbie

Just beautiful.I now have a lovely face with a name,sweet spirit and sweet soul.Happy Anniversary,Kim


I have another blogger friend who is going thru chemo and I check in every morning to see how she is doing. Then if I'am sad after I read hers I come on over to your sunny yellow house and it never ceases to amaze me as it perks me up. I also live in a yellow house so I also get ideas for decorating. Don't ever give up your blog.


Happy Anniversay Kim!! I am so happy to have found your blog it so full of inspiration for me! You are always so sweet and Daisy Cottage is just beautiful!


KIm, I'm new to your blog world, what a warm and welcoming home that you have. I found Daisy Cottage in romantic homes.I'll be here every day. hugs Debbie


Happy Anniversary!

Anna Maria

Kim our blogs were born almost at the same time as I have a one year to celebrate soon too. Its been very fun being newborns with you. Your letter to Daisy made me cry and made me remember just how special a home is. Thanks for that!
With love and best wishes for many more years of coming home to the rest of us!! xo,AM


Yeah, Kim! Congratulations on your anniversary for your oh-so-fabulous blog! You do such a fantastic job, I always think I would love to live in your house, so I'm so glad to visit via technology on a regular basis.
And such a great giveaway -- I truly can't resist. Count me in!


Kim - Happy Anniversary! I hadn't stopped by in a while and I was delighted to hear "Stranger on the Shore". It is one of my favorites and I listen to it regularly on my Ipod. Your blog is delightful!

By the way, I'm the one who wrote you about Edgar Guest being my Dad's godfather. I have since purchased several of his books - they are sitting on my piano along with my Dad's toy Model T.

Best wishes for another wonderful year.


Teresa Alber

Happy Anniversary. I visit your blog every day and absolutely love it. It is definitely one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing your lovely home and bits of your life too.


Congrats, Kim! You inspired me to start my blog too. I'm so happy for you that you made one year...thanks for being the sweet friend that you are.

We love Daisy Cottage too...count me in the drawing. I'd love those black/white plates & that red tole (be still my heart!)



Hi! Thanks so much for your daily inspiration! My sister and I found your site about 2 months ago and it has changed our life! You truley are an inspiration and thank you for all that you do! You have changed our lives as far as Boise, Idaho! Thanks again! Jennifer


We are so lucky to have you to share our lives with!!! After a really tough year for our family last year, this one has been wonderful, ...especially because of people like you! Thank you for adding some joy to my day every day! :))
p.s. I LOVE red ...but I'm not begging (I just haven't had time to go to the shops around here and my dining room is bare!)and I love your trays ;)


Oooooooo! Let me join in and tell you that YOU have been a joy to meet and share your beautiful home and spirit. You and Daisy Cottage are a breath of fresh air in this rough and rugged world. Just like Daisies...bright and fresh...always welcoming! No Kim! Thank YOU and your sweet cottage... for all you give to us!


I don't think I have been here a year...but the time I have been visiting your cottage has been inspirational and sweet.

Happy birthday Daisy Cottage!


I have been a HUGE fan of yours ever since I first found your lovely home years ago as 'housewarming'! It is quite a long story how I caught up with you here, which I will share with you sometime soon. Thank you for being such a bright spot in my day. Your home and blog are so wonderful to me because of the personality behind them! All the best and a Happy one year Anniversary!

Marlene Haveron

Good Morning Kim!

"Happy Daisy Anniversary"! your blog is just the greatest! Here's to many more anniversaries!

Peace 2 "U" Marlene

PS I also sent you an email too...and I love all your treats...I'm trying to paint a tray similiar to your red flower tray but with daisies, thanks for the inspiration!


Congratulations on your one year blogiversary. I look forward to another year. Clarice

Stephenie M.

I stumbled onto your blog from someone else's, don't remember which, and from the moment I heard your song list, I was addicted. I now stop by every day to see what lovely thing you have done, or found. Here's to more happy years in your cottage!

C. Stower

Kim, I can see from recent posts that you have become extremely popular. You have even been in a magazine, yes, I had to go out and buy "Romantic Homes", and tell my friends that my blog friend's blog was mentioned in it. I also remember helping you pick your name. I suggested that you use the word "Cottage" in your name, because it just sounded right for your lovely home. I feel like I have been a part of your life, at least your blog life. LOL!! I love your positive approach to life and your love for home, it matches mine. Hugs, Cindy


Happy anniversary Kim! I have enjoyed every one of your posts and always wish I could see Daisy Cottage in person. When I saw that first picture of the Royal Mail plates I knew I had to leave a comment. My MIL had those dishes for years and now my SIL has them. I am thinking of trying to build a set because I see them once in a while and I love them. Hope you are celebrating with champagne or something tonight.


I love visiting your blog every day. Your love for home is inspiring to me. home is the most important thing, yes? Your talent for decorating and writing are a gift. You are truly blessed beyond measure. I love your dogs too!


Kim -
I love the letter to your home - isn't it wonderful to wonder about other families that have loved there, felt heartbreak and joy? I do love homes with a history.....
you're giving away something red! And I paraphrase something Sally Field once said - "You really love US!!!!" Sign me up!!!


Kim, Happy Anniversary to your blog and your home! You have made me feel very welcome every time I visit. I truly enjoy stopping by.


Happy blogging anniversary!
I discovered your blog recently, and really enjoy it. I, too, love old homes, and things of the past, especially from the 20's through 40's.
I look forward to your next year of blogging!

tea time and roses

Kim... Happy Anniversary to you! Such a lovely post, you are an amazing writer... I remember reading your very first post, and I must say I have so enjoyed coming to Daisy Cottage... Many Many more Anniversaries to you!!




I have enjoyed "living" in Daisy Cottage the past few months through the gorgeous words and photos that you share!!! (((hugs)))


Happy Anniversay Dear Kim and Daisy Cottage!
I can't believe that it has already been a whole YEAR since i found your sweet blog!
You have graciously shared your home, family and life with all of us! You have a way of making each one of us feel like
we when we stop by we are sitting there with you sharing a cup of tea and visting with an old friend. Thank you Kim for sharing with us not only your warmth and sweetness but that of Dear Daisy Cottage has well. ( and how could i forget Miss Maggie and Marly??)

Junie Moon

Please don't worry about adding my name as I merely want to say that I love today's thoughtful post about Daisy Cottage.


I just love, love, love reading your blog. I stalk it all the time!! You have a lovely home and I thank you for sharing it with all of us. I'd love to win, so please count me in. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Anne Galvin Bremer

Hi Kim:

I lurk all the time, almost every day. I've never commented before, but I want you to know today that Daisy Cottage means a great deal to me. My beloved home on Constitution Avenue is just two years older. I feel the same way about my house that you do about yours. So, dear Kim, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all the pleasure that you give all of us. Big HUGS and blessings, Anne


Congratulations and Happy Anniversary, Kim! It's such a pleasure to visit your blog and I'm very happy that you share your home with us!


Happy Anniversary! Both YOU and your blog are an inspiration!

Kim B

Kim, Happy Aniversary to you and Dear Daisy. I look forward to each visit I make to DAISY COTTAGE. Your stories are so heartwarming. I especially loved the story about your Dad, the other day. I too have a similar story about my Dad. Thank you for inviting each one of us onto your porch to chat awhile. When I visit I am often reminded of a quote from one of my favorite movies "Hope Floats" ..... "my cup runneth over". Thanks again and Happy Anniversary.
Kim B

leslie hernandez

I love your cottage and your colorful style. Congrats on 1 year and I hope to keep enjoying your blog. It's one of my favorites. Leslie

Miss Janice

Happy Anniversary! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely home everyday. You are at the #1 spot on my blog journey when I turn on my computer. I get soooooo inspired everyday from your posts, thinking "oh, I could maybe do that..." Congratulations to you.
Miss Janice


I found you blog through a friends and was immediately captivated. It has become my "escape" when I need a few moments of stress relief. I've have especially enjoyed the added music. It reminds me of my mother, a music lover who made her children her career, and instilled that love in them also. Thank you for allowing into your home.

Sandi Henderson

A year? Only a year? I feel as if I have known you so much longer. Oh the power of blogs. Congratulations!



Dear Kim, I wanted to say happy anniversary, but mostly I wanted to tell you how much your blog has meant to me lately. My mother is in the process of dying and her four children are taking care of her. It is so overwhelming, but when I go to your blog it is so uplifting and positive. I've gone out and bought your red paint and will be doing some painting when I get the time. You really do make the world a better place and I wanted you to know it. I can't believe you're giving away all those great things. I've drooled over the red painted tray. How can you give it up? You don't even know, but thanks for making my (hard) days a little brighter. Much affection, Mona


Congrats Daisy and kim on your 1 year!! I love waken up in the morning and reading your blog with a nice cup of coffee. You bring such nice joy to people. I can't say how much I just love your home. Thank you for the everlasting eye candy!!!

linda t

Dearest Kim & Daisy Cottage, the happiest Blog-iversary to you and yours!
Your blog sure makes me smile. I check your blog daily, then listen to your lovely music while I check my email.
What a lovely way to start my day.
Thank you for sharing your sweetness with us!

Martha Going

What a delightful blog that I have happened onto. The mix of colors are inspiring. I don't have the natural talent to see treasure in a stack of stuff or a pile of things but I love seeing what people come up with. Your love of history comes through in the different things you display for us. You sound like a wonderful, sweet friend. I'm fortunate to have some in my life. Congratulatioins on a year in your dream home!

Sara Achuff


Happy Anniversary to you and Daisy Cottage. I just knocked on its door on Monday. It happily welcomed me into its beautiful rooms! Your sense of style is truly amazing. You just seem to have an eye. I, too, have a cottage. I acquired it three years ago. I am the fourth generation of family to have it entrusted to my care. I love it so and feel such a connection to its past. It is really an old friend (and, oh, the memories). When I visit, the outside world passes away and the worries with it. I come into its arms and it makes me smile, as Daisy Cottage does for you (it may even have a few ghosts, but they are very friendly). It is a 1919 Dutch Colonial cottage at Harvey's Lake, PA. I love decorating it in an eclectic style (lots of family stuff). It is mine only for a little while, and I am so thankful. You have given me such inspiration, Kim! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please continue to surround yourself with the beautiful things that you love. You are doing so much to lift the spirits of others with this incredible blog.


Susan Ramey Cleveland

Happy anniversary, Daisy and Kim and Kim's family. Such a generous lady you are, Kim. And such a good good writer. Thanks.


Happy Anniversary! What a sweet post! I've so enjoyed coming here. Thanks for sharing your corner of the world with us!
God bless :)


Very pretty. I love your blog!

Mary Smith

Kim: You are thanking us for visiting your blog while we should be THANKING you for doing a blog! You are SOOOOO sweet and always so helpful ... like when I emailed you for your paint colors, etc. I just love your decorating style! HAPPPY ANNIVERSARY and here's to many more!


Kim, I stop by your Daisy Cottage every day and enjoy all of your photos and your blogs! My sister and I live many miles apart; I'm in So Cal and she in Minnesota but we find ourselves calling each other in the evening to talk about your blog :) I'm just starting my own blog and while I don't have any comments yet I can only hope that it will grow - you're an inspiration! Take care, Erin


Thank you for all the wonderful days of sharing Daisy Cottage with us and may you have many, many more.


Happy Anniversary, Kim! I love getting up every morning to read your Blog, it just gives me a warm and fuzzy! Congratulations! Hugs, Cindy


De-lurker here.. I found your blog when I started looking for ideas on how to decorate our new home (which we move into next Friday- YAY!!!) and I've been very inspired... Thank you for such wonderful ideas and inspiration every day and congratulations on the anniversary!


Oh my, how can you part with such treasures? I love reading about and seeing your life with Daisy Cottage. I understand why you lover her so. Please don't ever stop sharing with us! Congratulations on your one year anniversary!

Robin Ryan

Happy Anniversary! I am a new reader to your blog and I must say I am totally enthralled with your writing and your love for making all things beautiful. I quickly added you to my blogline list.
I would love to be in your contest. Thank you!


My daily check-in with Daisy Cottage not only provides me with luscious vintage eye-candy and warm, thoughtful commentary, but causes me to look around my OWN home and appreciate all the treasures to be found there. Thank you, KIM!

Monica L.

Just want to stop by and say Hi for the first time and tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog EVERYDAY.Thank you for sharing pictures of your beautiful cottage,and that Maggie is just so precious!


Heavens! 90 Posts!! I am glad I found you!


Happy Anniversary. Visiting Daisy Cottage each day is a treat for me. Thank you for sharing your lovely home.

Cheryl B.

Dear Kim, Is it selfish to de-lurk because of a give away? Your blog is an inspiration to me...I love how it's very different from a lot of others I read. Congrats on your one year anniversary! Sincerely, Cheryl


Happy Blogging Anniversary, Kim! You are truly a sweetheart! It's so much fun to know I have a friend way out East on the coast of Florida, in a little yellow cottage. So much like a storybook! I am thrilled for you to have your dream come true. Hopefully one day my house dreams will come true, too. You have the best, classy, and most fun taste, ever! Honestly! Hugs, Laurie~


So glad you are happy at your lovely home. Thanks for your hospitality! Here's to many more blessed years!


Kim ~~ I would be honored and thrilled to win these lovely gifts. Please add me to your lonnnnnnnggg list of friends.

And I want to thank you for sharing Daisy Cottage with us. Your home is such a reflection of true love.




What a wonderfully sweet post -- you are truly a joy to visit! I wish you many more happy years at Daisy Cottage, and I would be honored if you would enter me in your very generous give-away drawing!


Oh Kim was I really the first? What a great memory you have and hasn't a year gone past quickly? I'm still in awe of your photographic abilities, the way you put things together and your definetly a queen of thrifting and one of the nicest bloggers I know. Now that is saying something because they are all so nice. Many congratulations and here's to another year!
Carolyn x
PS Everytime my husband hears Aiker Bilk playing on your site he says "Now there is a lady with taste".

PresentPast Collection

Daisy Cottage is so delightful! Charming, warm and welcoming! Congratulations on your Blogiversary and wishing you many more!
Smiles, Heather

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