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June 25, 2007


karla nathan

If your child is anything like mine, yes, she'll be back. Mine moved in and out so many times, we were never sure who lived here and who didn't!

Did you see that Typepad has you listed as a featured blog today?


Ahhh, how sweet......of course she'll be back to her beautiful blue room! She loves her Maggie and her momma and her blue room! Yes, yes siree! :)


I have heard the statement, "Having a child is like having your heart walk around outside of your body" Which is so true. Hang in there!!
How far from home is the college that she's attending?


You will always be her mom and she will come back, but I do know how you feel. It is very bittersweet being a mom.
Please give Maggie a kiss for me.


Oh, I've been there, too. Yes, she will be back! Hugs for you and Maggie.

Helle Greer

Such cute pictures.
Just got back from Sparkle Bella last night and wanted to wish you happy belated Birthday.
Hope you received your little teapot, and paperpack, and send them seperate.
Have a great day.


Bless your heart. I can't imagine. And your baby too. Of course she'll be back. How could she stay away from such a loving Mom and cozy home?


I stopped by to read the latest and ended up with a good case of teary eyes.
She will be back, as home is where her mom waits for her and she knows how important you are in her life. The downside of being the best possible mom is hurting from that empty feeling as she ventures out into the world. She will never leave you for long...


Oh, no, poor Maggie is sad again! You and she will have to console each other until you can be with Shannon again. I dread the day when my own baby girl (now 13) heads to college. Hugs to you and Maggie...and to Shannon, too.


She'll be back and she'll bring her laundry and then disappear to visit with her friends! When my youngest, our daughter, went to college, on the way home from dropping her off my husband stopped in a bike shop and announced "We're buying bikes"! I think he was afraid of being alone with me after so many years of kids in the house so we bought bikes and had fun. He got used to being alone with me and it eventually feels really good. Now we're on to a new phase with a grandchild. Life has a way of working out. Good luck Kim-I'll be thinking of you.


Awww, that face just gets me every single time, Kim! Of course Shannon will be may not be the same, then again, you may have to push her out after college. You just never know, LOL!



I know exactly how you feel. My youngest left home in January, which left the house feeling so empty. As consolation, though, I made my daughters room into my studio after she left (to get married, so she'd better not be back!), and my sons room into a guest room, so there's always a place to come home to. A little redecorating always makes a mom feel better, yes? xo


I agree with all of the others. She WILL be back. My oldest has been gone (on her own) a year now and she always comes home. She brings her laundry, needs her car fixed, wants food, needs hugs, wants to see and chat with her younger siblings and now thinks that home and mommy are the best things EVER. My second is about to move out (my only son) and he has already informed me that he will be here every weekend to eat.

It is a little heartbreaking, though, isn't it? It's just not the same when they're not there for you to kiss each day.


I know how you are feeling, Kim. Though my girls are all grown up and 2 are mommies. They are still my little girls. They always will be as Shannon will remain your little girl. Even though our babies move away, they're still here with us.

Maggie will probably be like Terrie's Milton. He pined away for her, while she was at college and couldn't wait for her return.

I'm thinking of you, as I know this is a bit of a difficult time for you.



Oh Kim......I have been thinking of you, I remember you telling me she was leaving in June. YES she will be back. You know that mine just graduated and I have to say it was the quickest 4 years EVER. One little tip, every couple of weeks I sent a care package, all sorts of things she loved...she told me those meant the world to her. And another thing I did was mail a card to her every so often with $$. And when she does come home it is so S W E E T. They appreciate home so much more.and it's nice to know we are doing our job.. helping them leave the nest !!!

God Bless
Kathy =)

the feathered nest

Maggie really has the cutest little face - I just love it!

Well, I'm glad everyone is saying that she'll be back. I'm already dreading that moment and I still have 3 years before my daughter is off to college LOL!



I feel your pain and pride. I felt the same way when our son left for college and even though he is through with college, medical school and is now doing his residency 12 hrs away, I still miss him so much. What is wonderful is the day when the child tells you how much he/she appreciates his/her parents and how he/she was raised.

Karen S

I feel your pain. While our son hasn't left yet...we spent today at orientation. I was more emotional today than at either baccalaureate and graduation combined. He is our youngest and we will temporarily be empty-nesters come mid-August.

Good luck to you!


I feel really sad.


OH Kim...Remember the old saying...
A Son is a Son til he takes him a wife...but a Daughter's a daughter the rest of her life!
This is sooooo true! I have two,and the older they get,the closer we get! Dont you worry one bit!!!!


Dear Kim,
I didn't realize that Kim was starting college this June. Guess I am just use to the fall schedule.

I know you will miss her but she will be back many times. Has to love on her Mom and Maggie.

Start a new project - it will help a little.



PS I want to dognap Maggie!!!


Poor puppy! Look at that sweet, lonesome face! She's adorable!


Well brake our hearts Kim...I've never seen anything so sad in my life! I'm going to bed! Just know...that it will be OK! Shannon will be having the time of her life! And so should you! And Maggie! Give Maggie a treat!


Oh My Goodness Kim...... the ballet slippers hanging on the mirror just did me in.....

As I've gotten to "know" you, it's obvious that you've provided Shannon with a loving, stable and supportive environment.

The importance of the values you've instilled in her since she was just toddling around will now enrich and enhance her life as she's spreading those wings.

As other's have said - home and family will be ever so more dear to Shannon now....

My Goodness..... look how we're all so attached to Daisy Cottage...



Kim, I know exactly how you feel. My twin boys just graduated in May. Although they may stay local at Valencian for a year, I know the day is coming just around the bend. It's so heart wrenching, but I know that your girl will be back just like my boys will when they soon go. Keep the faith! :0) Michelle

Shabby Chic Memory

I got married at 19 and I am 24 now. I also am the mother of two beautiful girls. I went to college in my town with my parents, but getting married and leaving almost killed them. I asked my mom not to long ago how she did it with me in college and then getting married and moving to another state. She said by looking at me now. I turned into everything she knew I could be. You will now have that with Shannon. When you miss her most you are even more proud of her.

Shabby Chic Memory

I got married at 19 and I am 24 now. I also am the mother of two beautiful girls. I went to college in my town with my parents, but getting married and leaving almost killed them. I asked my mom not to long ago how she did it with me in college and then getting married and moving to another state. She said by looking at me now. I turned into everything she knew I could be. You will now have that with Shannon. When you miss her most you are even more proud of her.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Awwww...I know just how you feel. I'm helping my daughter and her husband move into their brand new house on Thursday and I couldn't be prouder of her...but, I still miss her sometimes.


Oh how I feel your was only 3 short years ago that I cried all the way home from dropping my daughter off at college, a college that was just a little more than an hour away from home, and wondered if she would miss me, was she finished being "raised", would she still need me, and when the weeks dragged on with hardly any phone calls I was sure she no longer even loved me. I missed her so, and felt so lost. Like I had misplaced something and just couldn't find it. Now that she is back home (in the same town, she has her own apartment) I know that she still needs me as she called me Sunday morning because she had a sore throat and needed her mommy to make it better with tea and lozenges. So I ran right over to take care of my 21 year old baby girl because that is what mommy's, I really can feel for you!!!!


poor puppy!

Ann in Tennessee

My son and only child will be leaving for college in August. We went to orientation last week and he told me that if he could have moved to school that day he would have. :( Not what a mom wants to hear. I just worry already that he will do good in school and live up to his raising.

There should be a support group for parents of (first time?)college students.

Midwest Nest

The old saying is: "A daughter is a daughter for life! A son is a son until he gets a wife!" Don't know if this is totally accurate because my son doesn't have a wife, but my daughter and I continue to be close after college and her marriage. The first year might be sparse contact depending on if she gets homesick or not, but if you give her the space at first, then she'll make the move to reconnect with you. It's hard at first, but it does get better.

Sue Giannotta

One of the reasons I love blogging is that it keeps me in touch with my feelings. Sometimes it is easiest to just keep things bottled up inside in the short run of things. My youngest is 28 and getting married the end of August. Eventhough he hasn't lived at home for years, it still is bittersweet to know that the season of raising my children is over. I feel your pain and sympathize with Maggy. Something all of us Mothers have to go through but it still hurts. Blessings to you as you go through this transition.


I am at the other end of motherhood, wishing someone would like to keep my kids for the day so I could escape for a few hours. Isn't strange the stages of life? I know that for me I couldn't wait to get out of the house and live on my own and after I got married and esp. after the first child I spoke to my mom at least once a day, I wish she were here now!


Personally, I never got out of my mother's hair--I still call her every day!!! :) I think that we both love it that way.

Janet K

Well Miss Kim, this is one of those ironies of life. If we do a good job our "babies" use those wings we gave them and leave the nest.But you both gave her strong roots also. She will be back for sure and appreciate you all the more for letting her "fly". She's not gone, just out there creating more happy memories. May God keep her safe and good luck to her on this new venture. Hugs, Janet


OH MY...for a Mom who will soon be approaching that momentous occasion (soon...being in 3 years!) please tell us how you are holding up and how she is doing as well. Mommy (((hugs)))

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Well, you've made me cry too.

Anna B.

Just found your blog on a feature link... just wanted to comment on how beautiful and cosy your cottage is... must be sooooo nice to come home to.


Poor Maggie. So forelorn. Big hugs from me and Trumpet.

Have you got a washing maching at Daisy Cottage? She'll be back.

I'm not really looking forward to the day my twins leave - at the same time! Conn told me that he wants to be home-colleged, Mark said no way.


Aw Kim - I'm sorry you're sad. :( And those pictures of Maggie about did me in. As you know, mine moves out in August, but is gone for the summer so I'm already dealing with missing her. hang in there!


one blue egg

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! my heart is broken now! she'll be back girls, just you wait and see! xoxox to you both!


That Maggie is really in tune with your feelings too, isn't she?


Ohhhh--you make me feel so sad for you. And Maggie, such a faithful friend she appears to be. Hang on, Momma, I hear this gets easier...but idk. xoxo


We have 4 more years before our oldest goes to college. I'm so not ready - I'm already dreading it.


that's so touching to see the look in Maggie's eyes...knowing you are doing the same beside her. Yes, she'll be back....who could ever stay away from you and Daisy Cottage! and belatedly, happy birthday, dear Kim! xoC


I promise you, she will be back. I have gone through it. It takes some getting use to. I hope she can come home and visit often.
It will get better!
Your friend,


Well, congratulations on your daughter attending college! I hope she excels and is very happy there. But not so happy she doesn't want to come back home to visit, LOL!
My nest isn't empty yet, but soon. My oldest recently graduated and is looking for an apartment. It is going to feel strange here without him. And then it will be my daughter and my two other boys.
Truth be told, if I had a humongous McMansion, I would rent rooms out to my adult kids just to keep them with me forever, LOL! With all future spouses and grandkids!


Oh, a few more things. You'll be mothering her when you're in your 80s. Trust me on 84-year-old mother is and always will be "Mom" to me!
I know mine will at least come back for certain favorite meals!


Kim...and sweet sad little Maggie...I know exactly how you oldest (daughter) and my youngest (son) have both graduated college and now are happily married...however, the first year my daughter left for college was a learning year for both of us. When we dropped her off at school which was only 1 1/2 hours away by car...we went to orientation for parents...they gave us some valuable information...but the thing I remember helping the most was having daughter and I have always been close and were able to talk about anything, however, as you know communicating via the internet helps one to open up even more...when she settled in (time varies on this one) she and I started emailing each other most every day...I bought a sweet little set of books titled "Live and Learn and Pass It On"...and w/every email...I ended it w/ a P.S...entitled LL&PIO...and I would quote a snippet from these books...these ranged from funny, serious, the beginning I think she was a little leary of this oddity from her mom...b/c I've never been to this day...she tells me she always waited for my emails and grew to love those little snippets of information....I agree w/whoever said to send "care packages", students live for them AND cards, too...I remember being told they love going to their little mailboxes in the dorm and actually having something tangible to hold from home...So hang in there...she will do great of course...and you will grow to love this time to re-connect with your life...Thinking of you...and praying for your total peace! She will be back...and often, too...that's what little girls do!! I'll leave you with a sample of the LL&PIO...

I've learned that nothing of value comes without effort....Age 64

I've learned that eating chocolate won't solve your problems, but it doesn't hurt anything either.....Age 28

I've learned thta if you put a June bug down a girl's dress, she goes crazy....Age 6

I believe there is a Vol 1, 2 & 3 of this book maybe even more now....I love them!!



I'm so not looking forward to this when my youngest leaves. It was hard with the first one but... And poor Maggie is breaking my heart. I have a feeling that her look sums up your feelings. I love the toe shoes hanging from her mirror. :)


Oh my goodness those pictures are so sad but you know Kim, Mother's and dogs's ,Maggie always have a very special place in a girl's heart no matter how far away she is.


Oh I love your daisy cottage. I wish I had visited sooner! What a wonderful site. Thank you for sharing.


They do come home. I flew away so fast. And now looking back I can't figure out why I was in such a hurry. I'm so lucky to have my Mom so near by so I can see her often. I miss her a bunch when I am sick in bed and my husband forgets to check on me...I lay there Mom would have brought me my drink by now...she would have made sure that I didn't expire here all alone in this room. I now have two little girls of my own, and I know that one day they too will fly away. But I hope they will come back soon. Take care. I love the pictures.


The Decorated House

Look at sweet Maggie! I know that's about how you are feeling right now, too. It gets better. You know what a wonderful kid Shannon is and she will be calling and emailing all the time. Just to keep her Mommy from getting to lonesome.
xxxx Donna


She'll be back! I know I was. I ended up back home for a year after College. It was one of the best times for my Mum and I. After I'd moved out we seemed to stop being parent and child and became friends. She says that much as she loved the before years she thinks she prefers the grown up relationship we have now even more.


She'll be back girls, bringing her love for you both and her laundery with her. Maggie looks so lovely, bless her. xxx

The Glitter Fairy

Ooooooh!! My heart is breaking...but you'll get through it. Wow, you really captured the bittersweet feeling with your pictures. Thankfully, you have sweet Maggie to keep you company. Don't worry, your prodigy will return, most likely with a huge bag of laundry!

Diane Duda

Don't worry...they always come back. At least you and Maggie have each other in the meantime. :)


Oh Kim, I know your heart is heavy but just know that she will always be your little girl. I am almost 51 and Mom is 80 now but I still need her for guidance and, well just because!
Our son is 25 but still around because he is going to college here. There are days I wish eh DID have his own place! *laugh* But, when he is away (like now...he is away for 4 days) it is difficult. I think the best Moms always miss their children. We may accept it and get used to things that change but are always happiest when the brood is all together.
I always liked Summers and holidays because he was home (and now feel that way with Grace too) so I do understand and wish there was something I could say to ease it all.

It gets easier and then there are the wonderful home visits and fun times together! It is an exciting time for her isn't it? But she will always love her parents and need them around. Always.

Hugs aplenty,


I read somewhere recently in a magazine, "If you love something so much, you have to be willing to let it go, and it will return to you in grace."

Betty Jo

I'm sorry I missed this post before. This one just makes me cry because I so remember the feelings you describe. It's like it was only yesterday when my son left home. You are all going to get through this transition time better than you can even imagine. Trust me on that! xoxo


Oh Kim - I feel your pain! When my son went off to college, we drove halfway to the university and had dinner. We had already been to the school and helped Nate move in a couple days before, so he decided to drive to school by himself that day before classes started. Anyway, after dinner was over and we were driving our separate ways, we were waiting side by side at a stoplight - I was crying (my heart was being torn from my chest, after all), and I look over at my son in his car, only to see him looking over at me, and he is openly sobbing. I will never forget that moment as long as I live. I had a hard time without him for quite awhile, but then I realized it was time to be me, and not "Nate's Mom".
Now he is a 30-year old married man with 2 children, and lives across the country, but I feel very close to him, and I know he feels the same about me. Your children may physically leave home, but in their hearts, they really never move away. Every time I see Nathan now, he turns into that silly 12-year old that I remember so well - much to his wife's chagrin - LOL!

It will get better for you and Maggie. At least you have each other.
xox Nan


Awe............I've got one too!

In fact I have two! Amber and Cricket. Very nice blog. Found you on featured typepad blogs and I'll be back for more!


Dear Kim,
{{{Hugs}}} to you dear one and your sweet Maggie. I can only imagine how you must feel. My own dd who just turned 14 and will be starting 9th grade in the fall keeps talking about college, etc. so I know my time will be coming before you know it!


Okay.....Nan's post is making my cry my eyes out!!!! I always hope my boys will feel that way about me...You always hope that your kids will always want to come back home at some point, even if only for a quick meal! My youngest is going to be gone all day in first grade next year and I am already thinking about things like that....First grade today....and then what about tomorrow!? Keep a smile on your face and a song in your heart. She will be back...and probably often....I know when I moved out at 18 I was always going back to do laundry! Okay....and for mom's good cookin! I would have been back even more if I would have had that lovely blue room to come home to! You realize how enormous your heart really is and how much love you really have once you have children, they just make everything so darn wonderful!


sob, sniff, sniff-these pictures are so sweet.


Okay, my eyes teared up at this post. Poor doggie. Missing her girl. Poor mommy. Missing her girl. My heart goes out to you. BTW, I'm 30 years old and I still get pissed off when my mom moves anything around in my old bedroom. I walk in the back door without knocking and I flop down on the couch like I did when I was 15, so yes, she'll be back. Home ties, you know?


We just took our yountgest daughter to the airport the day before yesterday to go to college in Florida and we are in Kansas . . . I really don't know if I can get through this . . . when she was holding us before she boarded the plane, tears were rolling down her face . . . I did my best to be strong and kept the tears at minimum, but she knew how her Dad and I were feeling . . all the way home I cried (actually sobbed), now it's not as frequent, but just walking by a picture of her or passing her bedroom makes me loose it . . I miss kissing her and just her being here for the fleeting moments before she left with friends. We take so much for granted .. My heart is breaking and the love I feel for her is so immense .. I know it will get better . . .but this is the hardest thing I have ever been through. . .thanks to this website, at least I know I'm not the only one going through this.

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