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May 01, 2007



Kim, This is tooo cute! I'm glad you didn't pass it up!!! Love the colors here!!!


What do men know!!!!
Love the flower filled wheelbarrow - looks perfect outside your pretty home.
Tracy x


OH MY GOSH!!!...I have 'one' of those!!!...& I think it started out aqua,'s more rust than aqua!!!...&...I think it's been 'runover' a few times, too!!!...still works, though!!...guess I need to find a spot to let it 'rest'...thanks for the inspiration!!!...Lacy


I love it. Aqua is cute.
I would have bought it too.
Happy May Day!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I hope you brought hubby out and showed him the gorgeous wheelbarrow planter with it's flowers and said "I told you so!." It's gorgeous.


Aqua and red are two of my favorite colors together. And the baby quilt that I made my grandson is aqua, red and yellow! Good taste.


I love the aqua! It sets off those red flowers perfectly!

Janet K

Hey Miss Kim, you might not believe this but I did the same thing last weekend!! Only it was an old wheelbarrow of my husbands that he was going to get rid of. I had the same head shaking going on at my house too but he likes the results, I think?! The older I get the more I love the "old" things.Maybe it's because I can sympathize with them! Have a wonderful day. HTH Janet

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I understand completely!


Too funny!! What an adorable sight -- the old aqua wheelbarrow -- and the pretty red and white flowers! LOVE the look!

Jan x


Love it! Actually, I may love aqua as much as red, and as Susan said, I love the two together. Throw a little yellow sunshine in and you have a beautiful bouquet!


I think your DH was wise to walk away lol


Looooooooooooooooove it! Great find!
God bless :)


ahhhhhhh! Kim! That's the SAME one my parents used when I was growing up! They still use it too! And we have a green one just like it (I think it was hubby's grandfather's). Gotta love those old rusty yard companions! =)

charlotte lyons

That is so perfect--aqua is the best color! Great find, Kim- did you put some gravel in the bottom first or were there a few drainage holes? I saw a yard with a planter-convertible-vintage-car once, wanted to do that here and got the big NO WAY. Maybe you could pull it off tho. xoC


Your new (old) wheelbarrow is PERFECT. The shabbier, the better. And that color...I'm addicted to aqua so I love it! (Husbands just don't get it; as it should be.)


Why those are some of my favorite colors too!
and don't think I would not have come home with the same adorable thing myself, or heard the same things come out of my husband's mouth!
Thankfully we are able to just DO what we do, and they can just admire how great it looks when we are done!
Your daughter is beautiful by the way, which means that you yourself are probably a supermodel in addition to the amazing blog-woman-of-the year that you are! :)


Well, of course aqua is perfect! For those red flowers which show it off so well. Any other color just would not have been as good. Hubbies are like that, aren't they. They just don't understand creativity sometimes! Mine shakes his head all the time.

Southern Hospitality


Your impatiens are ten times the size of mine out here in California! That wheelbarrow would have really come in handy this last weekend when I did my marathon "gardening day". It looks so appealing all filled with flowers. The red is such a great contrast with the aqua.


Oh Kim! You have simply out done yourself! What a beautiful combination! Lovely flowers to show off that vintage, faded blue color! You most definitely have an artistic eye with a passion for the past! It's a great combination!!


chris and Laurie

I think it looks great in your front lawn!!


That is sooooo cool!!! Love the color......I want to paint my front door that color. Does hubby like it now that it has flowers in it?


I have an old wheelbarrow filled with flowers in my front yard too!
I love the aqua with your yellow cottage.
Happy May Day Kim!


Lovely! I think Aqua is THE perfect compliment for Red & "Daisy Cottage" Yellow! I've always wanted to do that so I believe that might have to be my new "estate sale" goal! And your impatiens are gorgeous!

Have a nice evening!


What a great idea! When I lived in the city, I used to walk to work and there was this old brownstone that had an old piano out in its front yard. The owners of the building used to plant flowers where the key strings used to be, or decorate the piano for the holidays. It was a fun sight to see on the way to work :) I love the wheelbarrow idea - it reminded me of the piano!


I love it and the flowers look great. Men just don't get the way women think about their "stuff".

Mikki Jo

Love the wheelbarrow. You have a beautiful daughter.

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

oh the head shake.......I know it well.
At least he walked away. Cuz, "if mama aint happy, nobody happy"


We had a rusty old wheelbarrow planted with flowers in our front yard at the farm. Wish I still had that wheelbarrow.

I love the aqua with red and's so pretty!!

Back Porch Musings


I love it! Red door with a red wheel barrel...too matchy matchy...the aqua looks awesome! Some men just don't catch the vision even when it is sitting in their front yard, filled with flowers and looking adorable!


I'm so with you! Husbands just don't get it. Before moving 2600 miles I had 2...yes 2 rusty wheel barrows filled with strawberries. Loving it!

Esther Sunday

After I finish lobbying for a law to prohibit inlaws from living within 300 miles of their children/spouses, I will draft one that will keep men from being involved in decorating decisions... unless it is pertaining to the inlaw's house.

hee, hee


It looks wonderful! And it's easy to push out of the way when your hubby wants to mow the lawn...

T Sheeley

I love it Kim!! Very inspiring for me to get out and do something similar. If only it would get warm enough!! :) Happy May Day!


karla nathan

I have a wheelbarrow that color and love it!! I actually use it, though. My husband bought a brandnew, black one from Home Depot, but I love my aqua, rusted out, chippy paint relic and refuse to give it up! Maybe when it gives out on me, I will follow your lead and fill it with blossoms, that is a fitting end for it.

The Decorated House

It looks so perfect out in your yard! Perfect accessories of the flowers and the wheelbarrow. I've so been craving that color lately!


I LOVE aqua! Especially with red! And wheelbarrows.....what could be better!


The aqua forms a perfect color triad with the red impatience and the yellow house. Aqua is perfect.

And you've been tagged in a 7 Weird Things About You Game. When you get a minute come peek at my blog to see what it's about and how to play.

Vicky G.

Kim, love the wheelbarrow. ESPECIALLY the color. That was the color I used in my wedding...with guess what flower? DAISIES! And with my red hair...well you get the picture. The hubby thing I COMPLETELY get...but once again, YOU DID GOOD!!! VICKY G


He was soooo wrong, it looks LOVELY!!! I have seen it before, but then in a wodden one, but this looks just as beautiful!! I love the aqua colour on it, it fits perfectly with the colours of the flowers, good work!
Greetings from a Norwegian girl who lives in The Netherlands


Only you could really pull that one off and make it all so very delightful, brilliant!


You definitely did the right thing. It's so pretty with your flowers in it. It's a nice little pop of an unexpected color.

Diane Duda

Oh, I'm sure he came around once he saw it filled with flowers...right? I think it's quite lovely!


Who could have seen your vision!? Especially hard for a guy, but wow, it looks amazing!! So glad it's aqua!!

Betty Jo

OMGosh! It is pefrect! The color is awesome and it looks so gorgeous with those beautiful flowers in it. Sometimes, as sweet and wise as they are, husbands simply can't understand! xoxo


Oooooh!! I love it!

One Womans Cottage Life

I LOVE it! You have an eye for color and you know, it really doesn't matter where that color is found - if you love it, it works! And I love it, too! I'm on the hunt for an inexpensive old clawfoot tub to paint in a pretty color (probably red!) to display outside in our side garden as a planter. I thought hubs would call me crazy as he does sometimes, but this time he's going along with the idea. You just never know with hubbies, hehe The wheelbarrow photo is gorgeous - I'm glad you bought it!


oh it is so great in your lawn, with red flowers no less! LOVE that wheelbarrow. Definitely a good purchase!!


OOh I love it!


Love your wheelbarrow. What is it with husbands and that head shake thing?



Love it!! I have a pink one in my backyard, which was faced with the same reaction when I first brought it home. Now it's one of our favorite things! :)


It's beautiful. One morning this week I stopped the car in the road, got out and threw an old rusty green wheel barrel in the back seat. I've got the same plan :)


Men. No vision, whatsoever. I love it!!


Oh Kim I just love the wheelbarrow! It's so pretty with your lovely flowers planted in it. I've been wanting a wheelbarrow, too! My neighbors where I grew up have the wheelbarrow that I want. It's really old, completed rusted with an old metal wheel that I think would look great at my home, but I don't think they'd ever part with it...hey, you never know...a girl can dream can't she???

The Feathered Nest

Well I love all things aqua! It looks great in front of your home!



Perfect addition...

Kathy :)

Sadie Olive

Totally cute! Husband's just never understand that another person's junk is sometimes a great treasure! I hope you showed him your 57 comments on your blog to prove what a great idea everyone thought it was! :)


Southern Heart

I absolutely love it! You certainly had a vision, and knew exactly what to do with it. I also love your ferns...I would give anything to have ferns like that in my yard!


Guess what? We have the exact same wheelbarrow (in aqua) that my husband grandmother gave us years ago!


o.k. o.k. I think we ought to have an aqua wheelbarrow club. i have excatly the same one and i have been thinking of doing the same thing. it seems that a lot of other people have the same aqua, could it be the original color. darlene


I love the idea and I see that you also collect metal watering cans! Another thing we have in common!
I'm just catching up on reading posts as I have been BuSy making mosaics from all my catus photos! Whew!Happy May Day! hugs NG

Cherry Menlove

I LOVE IT! I love shabby, galvanised, old looking garden equipment. And aqua, well it's such a great colour inside or out!

Cherry xx


Oh my too cute! Love Aqua! Again, wonderful pictures.




Love your aqua wheelbarrow Kim and your new blog banner looks fabulous too! xox


I love this colour in the garden. It goes so well with all the green, but is makes up for the lack of aqua elsewhere in the yard :)


I think the aqua POPS perfectly against your sweet Daisy Cottage! Darling idea!! My son has a child size one that his grandfather gave to him (for one of his birthdays) that I'm dying to use. He's only 7 so I might give it a few more years...


Oh...cute!!! I am so jealous that you have a big pot of impatiens out already. Up here in Minnesota we are just getting lilac buds!! I would buy a wheelbarrow like that and my husband would have a similar reaction. In fact 2 summers ago I passed up a more rustic one thinking maybe I DO have too much junk and I regret that choice. Way to go! Laurie

Lisa B.

Kim it looks great! I have a thing for aqua these days. Anybody can do rusty red!! Very pretty!

Lisa B.

Kim it looks great! I have a thing for aqua these days. Anybody can do rusty red!! Very pretty!

Allie from Minneapolis

Kim, I think the aqua offsets the yellow and red just perfectly. It's good to have a third color in there for visual stimulation. Your husband doesn't realize quite what a visionary you are :o) And I can totally see my husband doing the exact same thing! It's looks great!


Everyone, including me, seems to agree with what you already know! It is fabulous and the color is perfect.

Diane Adams

Poor hubby...............he doesn't know what's pretty. I love the whole picture....the aqua wheelbarrow against the yellow house is just gorgeous!

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