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September 14, 2009



What a lovely transformation..happy Kelly has her colourful life back...Kim you inspire many women to claim a more loving space in these trying and sad times..thank you from the bottom of my heart..


Kim, thank you so much for sharing this...

Kelly--your home is enchanting, and I looove it! Esp your use of the blue and the yellow! I've got a similar shade of yellow (with splashes of red via the furniture) in my dining room, and am considering painting my living room blue (they are open to each other, but there are enough places to break up the room (corners and such) where I can do it without commiting a cardinal sin, lol).

Anyway, Kelly, if you read this--what shade/company of blue is this? Or did you have it specially mixed for you?

I want to add, that right now I am muddling through decorating our "new" (lived here over a year now) home, and while I've painted the dining room and kitchen, I've not done anything else--five children, homeschooling, and living in the country on a small farm will do that for you, lol--I need all the help/inspiration I can

So, both Kim and Kelly, thank you so much for sharing these parts of your lives with us...It definitely is appreciated!! <3 :-)


GORGEOUS!!!! How did she manage all that in 3 weeks? WOW!

Ann in TN

LOVE IT!!! Want a red and white chair, too!


What a lovely, inspiring space! Kelly, I hope you continue to have a wonderful time working on your space!

Christine Drevo

What a beautiful transformation! It's amazing what a person can do in 3 short weeks. Another fabulous inspiration, thanks for sharing1


Dear Kelly, thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us. The best way to honor your dear mother is to live well. And it looks like you have chosen to do just that. God bless you and your family.

Sheri and Sophee~a

Stopped by Kelly's blog first..what a beautiful environment she has made for herself. I can see the Daisy cottage influence but she has really made it her own.

Thanks for sharing and keep on inspiring, KIM!


Kelly, Your home is amazing! I love color and your choices are gorgeous! I can lways come to Daisy Cottage for inspiration. Kim, thanks for sharing Kelly's story. Love your blog! Lori

Beth Gales

Such a great story! Thanks for sharing. Ilove those candlesticks!

Southern Lady's Vintage

Kelly!! WOW!! What a wonderful and beautiful home you have! I think you have 711 sq ft of total enjoyment! Every picture a joy to behold! I love your style, your color choices, just everything about your beautiful home!! What you have there is your very own little nook of heaven on earth!


I was on twitter and read that you had posted again so I raced right over to find a most adorable home! Kelly did a wonderful job, but the most amazing part is that it only took 3 weeks!! Beautiful! Just Beautiful :)

Oh and Kelly? Kim really IS an angel, don't let her fool you ;)


MJ Smith

Kelly did a wonderful job of making her house a HOME! Blessings to you, Kim, and Kelly!

Janette Ingram

Kim, thanks for such an inspiring story, and even more thanks to Kelly. What an inspiration!!! Seems God led you through your difficult times to season you to be such an inspiration to others...the joy, encouragement and beauty of the simple things you have transformed into beauty are just amazing. God bless you for such a heartwarming story. Goes to show us what we can do, only if we try. I am an avid reader of Kim's Daisy Cottage. The world needs a whole lot more Daisy Cottages.


kim- thank you for being so sweet as to share kelly's story and for being so encouraging.

your home is beautiful. i have emailed my sister (who lives in an apartment) kim's blog so she can see what you have done to your apartment and continue to be blessed by kim's blog. you have amazing style and the love you have for home and the people in it shows. i love that chair.



Kelly your home is AWESOME and gives me such inspiration. Making a house a home isn't about where you are living but more about what you are living in and you are definately living in what makes you happy, the things you love. Your story is an inspiration, thank you!


Kelly,your story touched my soul!!I absolutely love what you did with your home.It makes me happy just to see it.

Richele Drummond @ Studio D

Wow, I am knocked out by the beauty of this home. What a joy to come home to this haven everyday!!


Dear Kelly, such an inspiring story and I love your HOME. So beautiful---such charm :) Thank you Kim for sharing these heart warming stories...they make my day! :) xo


Kelly your transformation gave me chills! Your home is so warm and cheery- so much love in every picture! Thank you for sharing! And Kim, as always, I love you!


Isn't color a miracle worker?
Looks like a happy and loving home!
LOVE the bucket light!!!! AND love the
bottles with candy! Great idea!


Thanks for the inspirational post, I really needed it, I just got an e-mail rejection from a phone interview I had last week, and was having a real pity party, Thank you Kelly and Kim for reminding me to go get some lemons from the backyard and make some lemonade!!


What a beautiful job of turning a vanilla apartment into a cornucopia of deight! Thank you, Kelly, for allowing Kim to share this.


What a beautiful home and now Kelly is an inspiration too!


This is so beautiful! Kelly! You home is so pretty, so welcoming, SO happy!
I love it all, each sweet detail. You have done an amazing job...thank you to you for sharing and to Kim for letting us be a part of it!
Love to you both...


Kelly - what gorgeousness!!!! You have an amazing gift for making a space warm and inviting and beautiful! I am so glad you shared this with Kim and that she included us. Continue to enjoy - and best of luck!



Thanks for sharing this, Kim and Kelly. I was so inspired by your story. You see, my family of six rents a small two and a half bedroom home. I love its cottage potential, but at times I feel we are all going to burst out of it! I have found myself frustrated and looking at other homes longingly, but your post reminded me to be content with the home that I have and inspired me to get moving to make it a little more welcoming for my family and all who enter its doors. Such a beautiful home the both of you have! Thanks for sharing them!


Thanks for sharing! You go girl. I read this quote the other day "Be kinder than necessary. Because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle". It's so true and we need to be kind to ourselves.

Kim your blog is the best!


Oh my Kelly!!!!! What a dream you have created!!!! Along with such a heartwarming story which brought tears to my eyes...oh my...

YOUR HOME SHOULD BE FEATURED IN A MAGAZINE!!!...Kelly, look into inteior design please you have talent!!

Love and the most heartfelt hug


Lady Dorothy

There is so much to love in those pictures! Absolutely gorgeous. I love the red and turquoise together. Great job, Kelly! Thank you for letting us see it, Kim!


Amazing! Your home is absolutely beautiful! I found Kim about a year ago and she has inspired me too.
I am glad to hear you're moving forward. Wishing you the best!


Kelly I hope you are reading this.
You did an amazing job! You should become an interior decorator! I love all the colors you chose (maybe because they are the same colors I have: yellow, blue and green walls) How you managed to put it together in 3 weeks is nothing short of a miracle!
Kim, thanks so much for showing this to us.
My yellow walls are in need of a fresh coat of paint. What color yellow is that?


What a wonderful talent you have. I luke on Daisy Cottage every day and don't post much. But had to say you did a wonderful job. You made part of a dream come true. You truly bloomed where you were planted as Mary Englebright would say. Thanks for the inspiration


Kelly's story put a lump in my throat as I read it. She has done a beautiful job and in such a short time! I'm so happy for her that she's back to being creative. It's true that "things" are just temporary. However, creating and surrounding yourself with your favorite colors can be so restful and healing.

Kelly McMaster

Oh my goodness, sweet ladies! I jumped on my laptop in between work appointments to find ALL of these wonderful comments about my humble apartment abode and am moved to tears! Thank you oh so very much! It means the world to me to do what I love doing and then to have others like it too is just a cherry on top!
The kindness Kim and all of her readers have shown me is indeed a blessing beyond words! Thank you!!!
For those who asked here are the paint colors I used:
Living Room: Valspar Homestead Resort Tea Room Yellow #3004-4B (that's the bright yellow)
The lighter yellow is Valspar Tea Room Cream #3004-4C
The kitchen is Valspar Apple Tree #SR802
The dining area is Valspar Clear Blue Sky #4007-9A
The entry is Valspar Smoldering Coals
The turquoise I used is Valspar Turquoise Tint #5006-10B
I used eggshell finish for everything!
I just signed up for a class to become a "certified home stager" which I've wanted to do for a long, long time and finally am able to do it! Thank you for "egging me on" everyone!
Kelly :-)

Diana Thompson

Kelly, your house is truly a home!! Not only can I tell by looking at your pictures, but I can feel it too. I love your sweet home!!


Darling Kelly has put into words what we all feel!!! Even through the darkest of days, Kim's site is like a glow of comfort. Every time we see a new post, it is like opening a special present from a treasured friend. Never give up, darling, darling Kim xx

Esther Sunday

Ok, so I had to leave my desk at work and go sob in the bathroom over the power of this post!! Pretty speechless over the whole thing, but THE BEST POST EVER!!!! Kelly, your home is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! So happy that you are gettin' your groove back. I am sure your mom (gulp, wiping tears) watched over your work and loves every little bit of it.

Kim, what can I say to you - just that I love you.


Kelly...your Mom would be so proud of you! You've done an excellant job with your home. It's not how big the space is, but whats inside that counts! And you did it!

Many blessings,

Debbie Hooper

Kelly, You definately need to be a home stager!!! Love all the colors and the way you put it all together!! Great job and such a happy, homey place!! Your Mom would be proud!!!

Rita May

That is fantastic!
Cheers! Rita


All I can say is WOW! I can't believe she did all of that in such a short time. Its so cute!!!!


That is truly amazing! That was done on the fly?? What could Kelly do with more time and a bigger budget?! Great story, I'm inspired to paint. Lisa

Lavender Dreams

This is such an inspiring story and now that I live in a condo, I am really looking at each photo to see how she has arranged things. The colors are very cheerful and the blend of old and new works well! I would love walking in the front door each day...wouldn't you? Just beautiful! All the pretty homey touches and the way they are displayed is nice!

The Pleasures of Homemaking

What a cute, cute home she's created! Her's is truly an inspiring story! I love everything about her apartment. I can see your influence! She's amazing to have done this all in three weeks!! Those pillows are so cute! Did you make those Kelly? All I can say is WOW!


Teresa Sheeley

Thanks for sharing Kelly's beautiful home. :) Did I mention how much I love your blog; it's like going to the best magazine to read ever; so full of inspiration and goodness!! :)



Very cute and cozy, bright and cheery! Love the pup!


for Kelly.....
what a story you have to tell, such happiness and heartbreak along the way. So pleased you found Kim and her wonderful blog and got such inspiration from her. Your apartment is just stunning, you have such a flair. I am sure your life will change for the better again now that you have injected colour and happiness into your home. Take care Kelly..... Rachael from New Zealand

Cindy Meguiar

Kim....thanks for sharing. You are an inspiration to many!

Kelly......Wow!! I love your home. The color...the cute touches.........I will be looking at these photos again and again for ideas! Also, thanks for sharing your YOU will become an inspiration to many! Blessings!

Janet (Shabbyfufu)

Read your tweet Kim and had to pop over to see the latest tour. My goodness, your girlfriends have the best taste and show that no matter what the size a home can be cozy! ~xoxo~ Janet

Cindy~My Romantic Home

As someone who also rents a small apartment I LOVED this post! I think so many people that rent think that you can't put your own personality into your place but you can! Kelly's place is adorable! So cute and cozy and I think she could be in a magazine!!


WOW!!!! Kelli's an incredible decorator! Awesome! In only 3 weeks time?!?!


Wow Kelly. What a beautiful, warm home you have. Thank you for sharing.

Alison Gibbs

What a fabulous post.
Kelli has done a wonderful job of picking up her life and making a warm inviting home. When so many things go wrong it is so hard to get back on track and feel positive again. Way to go Kelli

Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage

Kelly, my bags are packed when can I come? I LOVe.....your home! What a wonderful, inspiring, graciouis home...and your dog...precious......Let me know when you want a visit....I could just cuddle in your red stripped chair and blog and read decorating magazines for a week....or longer! PS>...LOVE the galvanized bucket turned lamp shade!!!!! You need to write a tuitorial for that one!

Brenda Kula

It is INDEED amazing! She had the spunk. She just needed the Daisy Cottage push to color! And oh, has she done a magnificent job! Kim, tell her she needs to start a blog and life will look even better.

Elaine Vermette

Dear Kelly,
Your story touched my heart, and your enthusiasm is contagious. I'm just commenting to tell you how lovely your place is.
I thank-you you and Kim both.


What a darling home Kelly has created! It's like a mini Daisy Cottage-- I love it!

That dog is absolutely adorable- and looks right at home in his cozy cottage!

Sue K.

What a fabulous, fabulous APARTMENT. I'm bowled over and in love with every single big of it, but especially the "bucket light." I also want to know what those crystals are hanging from the kitchen ceiling light! I am so incredibly inspired...thanks to both of you ladies for sharing such heartwarming and visual inspiration.


You both, Kim and Kelly have inspired a few today! Thanks to Kim for hosting and Kelly, you've been holding out. Bravo! So cheerful and cozy. Like it all.

Kay - No Richland Hills, TX



Thanks for showcasing a beautiful lady and her rise back to the top. This was a three hankie post!! Kelly is an inspiration for anyone that hasn't learned that less is more! I adore her apartment and great taste. And thank you Kim, for leading Kelly in this wonderful new direction!



Your space is absolutly adorable. Kudo's to you ! I love all the bright colours and all the sweet collectables, you've made your house into a I must get busy while I'm inspired. I have lots and lots of neat things too, but they're just not placed in the perfect spot like yours and Kims. Again, great job! Thanks soooooo much for sharing your beautiful piece of heaven ! :)))


Wow, how awesome is that?!? Kelly you are so creative. I am so glad you are healing and enjoying life again. You have lifted my spirits get you a blog started, I for one know I would enjoy it :)
Kim thanks so much for sharing this!


all i can say is wow!!!!
its beautiful!!
i love the email. i have went through alot in the past few years; abusive relationships, family problems, etc. it all seems to fade into the background when i concentrate on my home. i dont have much more square footage than kelly( i have a mobile home). i would love to make it look as warm and inviting as she has made hers. :)
hugs, kim

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio & The Comforts of Home

Kelly, thank you so much for letting Kim tell your story. It is very inspiring. Your home is beautiful and I know you are too!


Kelly, your home is wonderful! And is that sweet dog a maltipoo? (Maltese and poodle mix) He looks exactly like my daughter's dog who has the cutest personality! I love your use of color. Anne

Donna, The Decorated House

Hello Sweet Kim and to Kelly as well!

This home would have been wonderful and special even without the background story but of course knowing "who" lives in the home makes it even more endearing.
I cannot imagine how many people will be so inspired by you to put their creative energy into where they live, no matter if it is large or small.
Thanks ladies.
Hugs, Donna


Kelly's home is adorable! You can tell she loves your style Kim, but puts her own special touch on things. Both of you are awesome.
Kelly, want to come decorate my apartment???




Kim...thanks for introducing us to Kelly. She is someone I'd like to know. Someone with gumption. Spunk. Style all her own. Perseverance. What big things she can do when she sets her mind to them!

Congratulations, Kelly, on finding your passion again. I'm so proud of you.


It just shows that any house or apartment or space can be a home. Your home, Kelly, is adorable and can tell that you love every inch of it.Thank you for sharing your darling story.I'm glad that you found Daisy Cottage ,Kim is very inspirational.

Kelee Katillac

Hi Kelly and Kim!!!

Kim, thank-you for opening your doors of inspiration for Kelly!!
The Universe is amazing and the Creator is quite the matchmaker!
Bringing you two together.

Design heals, transforms and makes visible our desires for a beautiful life. Kelly YOU have been made visible!

love, kelee

Elaine L.

Kelly is much too modest. Her home is certainly magazine worthy. It's beautiful. To get this done in only three weeks, she must have had wonderful treasures stored away.



Its adorable! What a change!

Teacup Lady (Sandy)

Kim - thank you so much for sharing all these very talented ladies homes with us. Kelly's home is just beautiful and I can't believe she decorated it in just three weeks. I love it all especially the red and white chair and the cute little white doggie! I have to find Kelly's blog to see more!
Kim has the biggest heart in blogland and I love how she encourages us all to do what we love in our homes and not what the designers tell us is in.

Teacup Lady (Sandy)


I love it. Great job.

I know all about the blahs. It definitely helps to like your surroundings. Hugs to ya.


What an amazing letter! I cannot believe the transformation of her apartment! I cannot believe she did all that in three weeks! It looks like it's been a "home" for years. It's beautiful, charming and full of life. I have said it before Kim, you are an inspiration to so many. Thank you for sharing this heartwarming story with us.

Cass at That Old House

Hooray for Kelly, and hooray for Kim for inspiring her! What a fantastic story about renewal and love and caring -- it's inspiring and moving, and MOTIVATING!

Thank you so much -- Kelly, your home looks charming and personal and warm; it's lovely.

I admire your courage and strength!


Thanks Kim and Kelly for sharing this with us.
Kelly, you have done a wonderful job taking your small place and turning it into a charming and cozy home!! It is beautiful and it should be in the pages of a magazine along with your story!!


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

This post has brought me to tears. I know how Kelly was feeling. I have been dreaming of my "dream home" for so long that I am beginning to hate the house I live in. I keep looking at all of your beautiful home tours and I wish I could find the time and inspiration to make mine as pretty. Kelly's home is beautiful and looks so sweet and cheery. Instead of dreaming about my home...I should just get to work like Kelly did!


What a heart warming and inspiring letter. And what a WOW-worthy living space! She did a wonderful job! The bucket lamp shade/chandelier is fabulous!!


Simply adorable! Kelly did a wonderful job! So happy and cheery! I LOVE that red/white striped chair and all those cute pillows! Sweet! I'm inspired!


Mary Bernhagen

Wow! WOW! WOOOOOWWWWW! That is fantastic! What an inspiring story! That is just awesome! :)


Kellys home is charming, playful and her pup is adorable...what an accessory!

:) Jan

Jolie Anne

What a great story of how life hands you some lemons and you make the best lemonade ever! A fantastic colorful "painting" that started out as a blank canvas! You did a great job, Kelly! You have made a nice home for you and your dog who loves the camera, too! I wish you all the best Kelly as you
find you new home all that you want it to be. Thanks Kim for sharing Kelly with us!
Thanks, JolieAnne


What an inspiration!! I just love how pretty her house is. And to have come through everything she has.... that would just make it that much more special. I think I would buy a magazine with her hoe featured. It is very creative. Anyone can make a house look pretty with tons of money, but very few of those houses resemble a home to me. Her house, like Kim's, makes me want to sit down and relax. Not make sure I don't leave wrinkles on the sofa when I get up. Wonderful job, Kelly!! And thank you Kim for featuring her!! ;)


Oh Kelly!!! Look what you have done!!!!

I am absolutely full of joy for you.

And yes, the good Lord works in wonderful and mysterious ways.

May you, your children and KIM continue to be blessed.

Thank you for sharing your tear-inspiring heart-warming story.

Debbie L.

Kim and Kelly,

I just want to thank you both for lifting me up with such inspiration.

Kelly your home is beautiful. I admire you so for your determination and sweet spirit.

And may God bless our good friend Kim who in my book IS an angel.

Tears of joy here:)
Hugs, Debbie L.


Kelly's home is just darling!


It looks like a palace..... Kim's story and the photos brought tears to my eyes. Really. I wish I lived next door to Kim....we would have alot in common! It is amazing what creativity can do to the spirit......


Kelly ~ I am so happy for you! I hope it brings you peace and smiles everytime you walk in the room or sit in that awesome red chair! :)
Thanks Kim for always bringing us great stories, great homes and great inspiration.

Rose - The Center of My Self

Angels all around! What a wonderful, inspiring story! That is one happy-looking home. So many delightful little details; the bucket chandelier is awesome! Like Kelly, I sometimes feel apologetic for my home, too, cuz I prefer very plain and simple for the calmness it gives me. As Kim and Kelly both remind us, though, we should celebrate our homes whatever our style!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Oh Kelly, what a wonderful, inspirational story! I firmly believe that if you surround yourself with the things that you love, you will be a happier person. It must be such a pleasure to walk into your home, and know that YOU did all of that! It is so cheerful, and charming! God Bless you, and God Bless Kim!


Kelly did a fantastic job! With all that has happened it is easy to fall into a hole. Yet life has its way of giving you a nudge. Congratulations to her!

Nancy Hutson Maisenbach

In the complexities of life we are reminded here at Daisy Cottage that peace, joy, love and serenity can be achieved and is our creation in our homes and in our lives.
Thank you Kim and Kelly.
Nancy M

Ann at the Handley Bungalow

What a beautiful story and AMAZING apartment! I loved every picture. So cozy and cute! Kelly is very talented, indeed. Thanks so much for sharing. Very inspiring!


Thanks for sharing Kim and Kelly what an inspiring story your home looks so inviting!God Bless you both.


WOW!!! Thanks Kim and Kelly


Hi,absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!


Amazing? that doesnt begin to describe it! I love this place! The colors, the forms the cute, cute vignettes, Kelly, you need to blog so we can visit your awesome home whenever we need a little pick-me-up inspiration:>) Oh, and I want to see bigger pictures, please?

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